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  1. Poole Quay 7

    Ipswich v Poole Prem. 11/6/19

    Well for lots of reasons I thoroughly enjoyed that win!
  2. Absolutely delighted Poole are the Champions. Well done to everyone connected with Poole Speedway. A close second is seeing the usual Poole haters unable to hide their feelings towards Poole and posting the usual bile Commiserations to Kings Lynn you fought all the way through the 2 legs. I'd like to see you actually become champions one day that's of course unless it's Poole!?
  3. It's only half-time and still plenty to do. Now is not the time to get cocky so let's give Somerset the respect they deserve and treat the next leg with the same 100% effort. But great effort so far guys just keep it up!
  4. Kurtz's form is a real concern for me as you shouldn't go into a meeting not knowing if he will be very good because he can be or poor because he is having another bad night? Over two legs the meeting could be close therefore his form becomes an even more important factor so good luck Brady and the Pirate boys. As always, may the best team win and here's hoping for some exciting and safe racing.
  5. Poole Quay 7

    Where is SCB

    Not as clever then as he tried to imply on here and no doubt away from this forum as well attempting to hide such depraved actions. Good riddance to a horrible sicko.
  6. Poole Quay 7

    Poole v Somerset. Prem B. 13/8/18 BT Sports.

    From the bottom to the top of the league now the hard part is staying there. It's great having Bomber riding for Poole rather than against us! Well done Somerset who deserved a hard-earned point.
  7. Poole Quay 7

    Poole 2018

    What you mean like this when you replied to SS last month. "You’ve got to be careful with dementia at your age. I’d advise you get yourself straight to your surgery " Pot, Kettle, Black or just sheer hypocrisy? Take your pick.
  8. Poole Quay 7

    Poole Pirates Vs Belle Vue Aces 4/7/18

    I'm looking forward to this meeting and it could be very tight. However, some of the Poole team need to vastly improve getting away from the gate a lot quicker.
  9. Poole Quay 7

    Poole 2018

    It does look like a bad case of Schizophrenia with poor Lilly getting his/her? knickers in a twist not knowing if he is a she - or he is Gavan - or even this latest twisted invention Trackrat although Prat would be more appropriate. Whoever it is or whatever identity it hides behind it is clearly one sick person that needs medical help
  10. Poole Quay 7

    Wolverhampton v Poole Prem B. 28/5/18

    I see the resident troll is still spouting his/her? poison in the pathetic attempt to gain attention and unfortunately, it continues to work. I can't see us getting much if anything out of this meeting until some changes are made but I still remain confident we will be in the playoffs then we will see what happens!?
  11. Poole Quay 7

    Poole vs Rye House Weds 16/05/18

    A home win is expected and essential to team confidence and important points to hopefully start going up the league!
  12. Poole Quay 7

    Poole 2018

    Being a troll, of course, we know how much you post to effect against Poole Speedway even if it's so juvenile....But please haven't you got a family to look after even a life? Give it a rest man you are now beyond boring
  13. Poole Quay 7

    Poole 2018

    This of all seasons Matt Ford called this wrong They look a shambles and not together- Still time to change it Matt so go on and admit it was a mistake!?
  14. Poole Quay 7

    Poole 2018

    Love us or hate us we are the club you can't stop talking about!! I Love The Poole Pirates and always will regardless.
  15. Poole Quay 7

    Poole 2018

    Oh please get over your own self-importance

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