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  1. pugwash

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Michael Green stated in 'The Art of Coarse Golf';- "If you're cheating and still losing, then your opponent is cheating more than you".
  2. probably more people attend speedway meetings 'week in week out' than athletics.
  3. pugwash

    Where has my thread gone?

    Please let him join. if he's on there he can't be on here at the same time, or can he.
  4. pugwash

    Another Saturday night

    No need to try and be a smart arse. mondays and thursdays are not 'night out' days for the majority of families. saturday is. just basing this on my siblings and entertainment patterns.
  5. pugwash

    Another Saturday night

    Too much entertainment competition for speedway on saturdays and bank holidays. TV, pizza houses, cinemas etc.
  6. pugwash

    10 favourite British riders

    Peter craven, mort, PC, Joe screen, Andy Smith, Mark loram, Kenny Carter, Mike Lee, Stoney, Gary Stead.
  7. pugwash

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Saddening news. RIP
  8. premier sports is a waste of time. subscripted to it for a few years but now seems to be a mickey mouse channel.
  9. pugwash

    SBP best pairs 2018 live on Eurosport

    It's just that the teams seem so unrepresentative. I watched 8 or 10 heats then turned off thinking this is going nowhere. Obviously lots more fans thinking on same lines as crowd was crap.
  10. pugwash

    SBP best pairs 2018 live on Eurosport

    turn on, tune in, turn off. zzzzzzzzzzzz pointless.
  11. pugwash

    Bt Sport Coverage

    I was wondering the same.
  12. pugwash

    No TV deal?

    UFC? Never heard of it. I need to stay in more.
  13. pugwash

    Umbrella girls

    mix em up. 1 girl, 1 boy, couple transvestites. Everybody's happy.
  14. pugwash

    Speedway Music

    Round and Round - New Order.

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