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  1. Turns 28 in a couple of weeks. He’s been ”good” since he started riding 500cc, also internationally and in the leagues he’s done.
  2. Think Lahti has done well in these two meetings. A bit bummed he’s not in the semis, but he shown he’s in the right company.
  3. Mechanics not allowed to cross it when entering the track for their heat. Maybe.
  4. f-s-p

    Antti Pajari - Coventry "Bee"

    Probably a good story, but the pic is a bit warped. Don't think he was that fat when riding
  5. f-s-p

    Zlata Prilba 2020

    If all the covid crap stays in order, I feel that FIM needs the weekend to happen. U21 final and I’m told that the flat track joke is on the saturday ATM. Would be good if ZP was ridden and I hear there is no plans of cancellation as we speak today. I’m invited and I WANT IT TO HAPPEN!!!
  6. Ridden or not, current thoughts?
  7. Think he was in Poland practising in March, again a few weeks back and did a six ride max in SMliiga two weeks ago. So yes, a bit...
  8. So Lahti in. Good. Pretty hectic month coming up as his partner is giving birth soon and he has his chance to prove everyone that he’s good enough to mix it with the best. Hope he makes it count.
  9. Think he said he would not blame Lambert for the red mist falling... But keep on, this is developing nicely!
  10. Fatalny is never good, hope it’s not too bad for Lebedev.
  11. It would be better for the sport to have new up and coming names in the Euro's as wild cards. Cant see much benefits in this other than Zmarzlik should a have a relatively easy pay day by riding in the final heat... May be this is just me. And I wasn't after Lahti's inclusion. The organisers have him where they want him...
  12. Was actually say something quite else, like what a stupid pick.
  13. f-s-p

    World U21 championships 2020

    Normally yes, I think covid makes it a bit different. They dont normally ask SoN nations for names either...
  14. f-s-p

    World U21 championships 2020

    Two things are certain with this one: 1) He cant make an Italian win it, 2) He cant make a Finn win it. Tsukunov has made a decision to change his nationality. Things like these come with a price, live with it. Gleb would probably win it, but if the Poles have not named him...

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