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  1. Probably the first time ever! Think one year we had three in series direct with Flyktman, Lehtinen and Aakko. But what can you do, our best in the qualis this year said before the meeting he doesnt want to get in. Him being Kankkunen.
  2. Nice of you to share their names... I looked from FIM website and my email, the two places that they should be in when any announcement is made. I’ll be thinking of you Doug during the next litre of Sangria while sitting here on the beach...
  3. Do we know series reserves for ISGWC?
  4. Spoke with Haarah and Ledström before the meeting yesterday and they were both quite nervous as it was only five heats and tour season was either ISGWC or swedish Isracingserien... Never spoken with Ledström before, is he always that quiet? EDIT: fever broke out yet Jesper?
  5. So looking at the results my earlier post seems to have gathered momemtum... Iwema being 7th at Ylitornio gives him the right for one. He wasnt the fastest but rode clever and bold lines and wasnt afraid to mix it. Also he's the kind of rider that the series need, being young, athletic looking and from a "new" yet traditional ice racing country.
  6. Jasper Iwema for a wild card!
  7. Watched the weather for the first time in 4 months. Looking good for Ytornio. Temp has been -3 to -15 or so and from now on between -5 to -10. So the ice should hold. First year they had problems with lack of snow, now they’ve been swimming in it. But no new snow anymore so shouldnt be a problem. Looking forward for the drive ... EDIT Should have stayed quiet. Sunny -19 for the meeting. EDIT2 ...and to the reason I dont follow forecasts anymore: its now cloudy -15 for the meeting.
  8. Is that 120k spread over the weekend, or are there 120k people when the green lights go out on sunday afternoon?
  9. Swc 2018

    Exactly. A friend is in a similar situation and I dont envy him. Six? weeks now since the Spar interview and all the info we are getting is coming out via sportowefakty...
  10. Sec Events 1,2 & 3.

    Think you’re the useless in this one. First we have to get all the FIM dates. If SEC announces dates and the FIM later wants them, it’s theirs to take. So no point in going public at this point, blame on the FIM. FIRMLY!
  11. They've had really good ones for the past few decades, World and Olympic champions like Adam Malysz and currently Kamil Stoch. We also have had some really good ones over here, but just reading today that it's a possibility that no Finnish jumpers to the Olympics as they are no good ATM.
  12. Nordic individual at Varkaus on March 10th according to their own site.
  13. http://www.svemo.se/sv/Grenar/Isracing/Tavling/Tavlingskalender/
  14. 2018 Grand Prix Venues

    It's only about 50k € to buy a new one, that cant be a reason*. Or even in the list of reasons. * = we talking about SGP here, not a national quali of a quali meeting at Nokia.
  15. Maybe once every two months my copy is delayed over the weekend. Friday is the usual day if delivery. And must ad, not blaming any delays towards Spar.