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  1. Estonians were in our 1st div a few years back, now there is a Latvian team involved in the league from Riga. And naturally both of them ride in the Baltic league.
  2. With only one Finn after Säyriö got himself injured a few weeks back at Seinäjoki.
  3. f-s-p

    Howarth cleared to race

    Ice racing legend Per-Olof Serenius was caught using doping a few years back. The substance was part of his blood pressure medication, would have been no problem had he cleared it with a permission at the time of the test. Had bugger all to do with improving HIS performance...
  4. f-s-p

    Howarth cleared to race

    So was this a ACU or BSPA drug test or official WADA antidoping test?
  5. f-s-p

    Speedway Pairs 2019

    Latvia, Czech, Russia as host, Germany and Poland seeded. It was all re-written after Denmark, Sweden, GB and Slovenia pulled out.
  6. f-s-p

    Speedway Pairs 2019

    But they didnt! Five seeded and 2 through. Like I said, been years since we’ve had a similar chance of silverware and then they give it away by falling on their own on a crap track.
  7. f-s-p

    Speedway Pairs 2019

    Rumour has it that the track was rubbish and Finland gave away atleast 3 fiveones with either Tipu or Tepi falling on their own. There was a real chance of Finland getting a medal from this... FFS
  8. f-s-p

    Speedway Pairs 2019

    Streaming cost money. For me to buy a crew to provide a stream from a meeting in Finland with 2-3 cameras in use and possibly interviews it’s about 2000-2500€. It could cost a lot less but this is from a crew thats been doing it for some time now and would not fök up bad doing it. one of the reasons FIM and FIM Europe qualis are becoming less and less is because they cost money to the organisers and have very little value to sponsorship. So add to that 2k for the stream and see 30% of the crowd watch the stream back home. Illegally and for free.
  9. f-s-p

    Speedway Pairs 2019

    The onesport pairs has been scrapped. Speedway European Championship pairs is still on as you say.
  10. If I'm wrong, please say so, but OneSport was created to copy paste the SGP format and run SEC with it. If it was just that, then fine, but all the bullrubbish and politics aimed against FIM and IMG a few years back has not been forgotten. So in away I can't see them taking over SGP, but then again FIM did give WSL to the never heard promoter that was taking it to Berlin and Dubai... It was a longer process than a decision in August, I did read the letter... ...and yes, it's not all bad what OneSport does.
  11. Yeah, I have plans as well... But the track had a new surface a couple of years ago so the only thing I see as an upgrade to the track is to re-do the bends. Move them in 1-2 meters and make the bends 1-2 wide and round and put a twist between bends 3-4. Just a thought... EDIT: and cut the corners inwards. Each one.
  12. Without knowing better, I’d say IMG wants to continue, even on the current deal but no one else is interested.
  13. Has bugger all to do with F1, it’ a fight for power between FIM and PZM.
  14. So no one is interested in buying the SGP rights for a few quid, make everything better compared to the current setup and best of all, NOT KEEP ANY OF THE MONEY MADE but put it back in to the sport. Naturally only in the UK.
  15. Except Tipu rides IN Finland every chance he gets.

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