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  1. They had a really good setup in everyway and had they been able or wanted to, it was an easy task to develop the stadium even more. Only thing missing was paying public.
  2. First Gp at ullevi was a success with about 41k people. Correct me if I’m wrong. Second one rained off without any rain, then Kaparna died and slowly the GP as well...
  3. Malmö went bellyup in Allsvenskan only a couple of years ago.
  4. Made you look'em up! = ) Add Varkaus (our only one with an APD and a FIM Europe license) to the active tracks and take Tampere (Kaanaa) out. Kuusankoski and Kauhajoki could also stage a meeting if they wanted to. 15 meetings a season is about right. I read with interest the Across the pond series in Spar last winter and actually corresponded with Steve Evans who wrote them. So I had an idea whats it all about over there.
  5. Z The problem is not eu laws or banning riders from one series to another. The problem is why it was allowed to happen, take that path probably 2 years before the war on riders began. I’m not talking about BSI or OneSport. The main problem were the people in FIM CCP and FIM Europe TRC. With atleast one person in both so some info had to be available. But maybe it wasnt.
  6. It was also crap politics by FIM and FIM Europe (with one particular German in both who more or less allowed it to happen) to allow OneSport copypaste a competition that was the SGP and call it SEC. It’s all in the past and nothing has been learned. Just wait and see.
  7. Not even looked in to it but there is a scorecard involving 13 riders and have been for about 15 years. Its not ideal but its there. As for it being ”official” its been approved by DMU and SML for instance.
  8. Lahti out with a twisted knee. Translate his website for accurate info. this meeting is happening, not quite like it said in Spar 6 or so months ago but but credit to Nowacki for giving me the finger and making it happen.
  9. Any idea on the ticket sales? Wasn't it over 20k months ago already?
  10. Sorry but me thinks that the nations should get their own act together at home before thinking about another international anything. Just my opinion.
  11. https://www.speedwaylive.eu/startovni-listiny-pro-pardubice/ First lineup draft out today. I’d call it decent atleast
  12. Alive and in one piece... Been collecting bottles to get money for U know what!

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