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  1. For or against team suits

    10 suits a year is about 7k £. Someone said Swindon had 7 team sponsors. Thats 1k a logo. Is it that cheap to advertise on British tv? I helped a friend with his suit for a Swedish club. Copypasted logos on it before it went to print. Top half of the suit was off limits as it was sold by the team. Not doing team suits for a British Premiership club is just stupid and lazy. Someone already said that not only was it possible for the suits to pay for themselves, they could have paid for a commercial manager as well...
  2. For or against team suits

    Thats a good laugh every year!
  3. For or against team suits

    Smederna won it wearing team suits! and Rospiggarna the year before.
  4. For or against team suits

    But is the actual suit any better nowadays? They do look better, but thats just an opinion.
  5. Should have kept to JD with his coke and it would have been only a slap on the wrists...
  6. Jannick de Jong out for 4 years having tested positive for Amphetamine after a doping test carried out early last season. Seems he drank from the wrong Coke bottle at a student party. With google translate from Polish, this was his excuse with two of his friends testifying to this.
  7. Funny thing that the ice racing nordics has been cancelled 3 times in Övik of all places!
  8. For or against team suits

    If there is any sort of text or rules that all teams should have team suits, any team without one should be fined 5k a meeting if they don't have one. What a stupid debate to have this one...
  9. Speculation, not information. Euros. And honestly, for the very limited information I have over the past decade on rider sponsorship, I’m not that bothered about it. It most certainly can be correct, or even more. My point was that Bauhaus is putting money in to speedway, thats a good thing...
  10. Warsaw info

    There are plenty tickets for sale in viagogo for example... has been each time.
  11. And its different being paid money to ride compared to receiving sponsorship.
  12. Bauhaus was their main sponsor last season, think they had Jonssons bike and kevlars all to themselves. I’m not talking about just sbp here....
  13. Andreas Jonsson and Jacob Thorssel. Over 100k a year has been speculated.
  14. Warsaw info

    You’ll eat and drink like a king in Warsaw and still have some money left when back home.