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  1. f-s-p

    European U 23 team championship 2022

    I hope your FMN has good writers, as there WILL be an inquiry to this threatening with all the possible sanctions that the rulebook allows. I know this from experience and since all FMN's are treated equal, there's no escaping it.
  2. 50k for prize money and 50 for the tractor man?
  3. It was a failure as well... EDIT: I'm not trying to be negative about everything. This "new" UEM competition is just another example of top-end development that basically is just a chance for someone to TRY and make a quick buck. It does not help IMO grassroots, from where there are no riders coming to take part in this competition in five to ten years time.
  4. 1. Was always gonna be poor and personally I think it's a stupid idea to have an U21 final at that (expensive) venue. 2. There will be a ACU licensed wild card and two reserves for the meeting 3. They were riding in a track they had no or little experince from. Gislaved especially is rubbish. Just because you can ride Wolves or Berwick dont mean you can qualify from a continental track. 4. Dont think so, U just need to get out more to ride the tracks that host the qualifiers.
  5. Now if someone said it was to lure German fans to stay the weekend, I’d believe it… Cos they did the exact same thing about 20 years ago when Gerd Riss was the wild card in a gp.
  6. They tried that as well in Berlin of all places and no one cared…
  7. Not that far off and with riding like that I see a WC coming Times way.
  8. After 5 heats he's un beaten. I need a lie down...
  9. But it's not a new event is it? There was a Euro team event about ten years ago that got scrapped because no one cared...
  10. ANY FAITH YET!?? And just in case I'll fall and land on my own sword... I've done it plenty before and still here...
  11. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/u24-ekstraliga/statystyki Any faith discovered yet?
  12. f-s-p


    SML ruled out Russian and Belarussian riders fairly quickly behind FIM, so not gonna happen even in theory.

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