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  1. From where did you qualify to the final? From where have you qualified to any of the finals since SWC and now SoN was introduced? The answer... from home soil. (Didnt check though... ) I admit I posted what I posted to stir the pot. I’ve made a similar remark before without any feedback. It’s about 50/60 like Matti the Great would say, about the fact that currently you dont have a strong enough team to do the job abroad.
  2. Woffy this woffy that, Team GB is a ”one rider pony”. If they put you to qualify abroad, that would be it... They wont though, it’s all politics!
  3. It’s about the same with SoN. Without an event in the UK, youd never qualify for the final...
  4. f-s-p

    TV new deal?

    Are you lot talking of Kiri Bloore, the blonde that has a bigger mic than she is?
  5. In Russia is no problem. To and from on a weekly basis is a different matter and a different expense. This is a debate that will go on forever...:lol:
  6. Yes but no... Speedway is a European sport from March to October. Russians are already here. Also the Russian border is a bit iffy with checks and riders have been denied access to Russia with their bikes. Last season many riders flew to the GP challenge and rode with rented bikes because the logistics are difficult mid season when you need to ride in France the day after... And no, its not the same in ice racing. I understand but I dont... Finland is in Europe but we dont normally want to travel to Macon, Manchester or Krsko for the qualifiers because of the cost involved. Thats where our allocations usually are...
  7. f-s-p

    AJ retires

    His name was already in one of the SR’s for the international meetings arranged at Hallstavik this season... It’s been about 20 years since I first saw him ride at Pori in the Nordic final...
  8. f-s-p

    SGP 2020

    Why would Lambert get a full season wild card? Only reason for that is to fill the GB quota and U already have TW.
  9. Think it was the Golden Helmet final that was supposed to determine the qp quali riders. With the meeting in Poznan never happening due to a safety issue with the track, the PZM allocated the top semi finalists to the qualies. Most top riders were seeded to the final, never rode so didnt get slots either...
  10. Winning a meeting with 11 points dont happen everyday. Anyone remember a winning total less than 11?
  11. f-s-p

    Speedway Pairs 2019

    But did they know? Preliminary calendars havent been published for years now, because there arent organisers to choose from but they need to be tracked\bought if needed. I dont have the papers here with me now so cant check.
  12. f-s-p

    Speedway Pairs 2019

    who you EDIT: needed a dictionary for that fancy word. Finland was asked but we declined. Back last september when this needed to be decided we had a good team with Lahti, Aarnio, Lunna and JMustonen. Realistically speaking it was about the colour of the medal we would get from the final. Then the final was put on a mid week date to Balakovo to clash with Elit playoffs, Lunna quit the sport, Aarnio out with injury and not that it matters anymore but I believe Mustonen declined the trip now. Had they qualified, I believe we’d be there. But now to send u21’s to the other side of the world to eat dirt dont sound sensible.
  13. The answer is that it’s a 21,5 hour drive from Tallinn EE to the track. But then again... According to the rules Timo is only fourth reserve and the only reason we are having this discussion is because you posted the line-up and I found out about it. Then the Finnish team manager found out about it and then Timo found out about it... Thats how CCP runs speedway.

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