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  1. 1 valve

    Belle Vue 2022

    Does anyone know/care/guess why the anticipated announcement this past Monday at 6pm as indicated by Tai W of who his 2nd team will be for 2022 didn't happen? - or have I missed it?
  2. 1 valve

    Belle Vue 2022

    Highest average at BV
  3. Although the programmed 1-7 would still be required to take their minimum number of rides unless injured. In which case using IRR would also be an option alongside using the no. 8
  4. Unfortunately your admission pricing model doesn't make good business sense. A family ticket at £20 for two adults and unlimited number of kids actually means adults at £10.00 each kids free. And absolutely no way would two adults (no kids) happily pay "full price" for tickets meaning that the actual admission price for adults would need to be £10.00 Given that £10.00 would yield only £8.33 after Vat the promotion would need to attract double the number of adults just to make the same income if they charged for the normal going rate for adults and kids. Much better that the promotions charges something along the lines of full price for adults and allow 2 children per adult in for free and charge "young adults" between 16 & 18 half price.
  5. Well that's true enough. But as this is a forum for discussion, folk are allowed to contribute their views are they not? And similarly question statements made by others (ambiguous or not)
  6. The better riders in speedway as per other classes of two wheel motor sport agree their financial deals and then get on with their job of racing in an attempt to win. Those speedway riders who “need” significant guarantees either doubt their own ability to deliver what is expected of them or smell fear in a desperate promoter. (or both).
  7. 1 valve

    Belle Vue 2022

    Top boys can only ride in Poland & one other league. So although the rest in-between meetings may appear beneficial some riders (as per Jason D) prefer to be busier than that on their bikes racing. which of course the UK can provide for.
  8. 1 valve

    Belle Vue 2022

    Highly unlikely that a sponsor could be found to provide £2k+ per point aka Poland. However matching Swedish pay rates (& paying them) is far more likely.
  9. 1 valve

    25 years next year 2022

    It did move on for a short while when the Sky money rolled in. But unfortunately the money rolled out of the sport via riders pay instead of some being retained and reinvested in it and thus ultimately it dropped back to what we have had for a number of years Depressingly, the same folk are leading the sport and by example they are unable to move away from continually doing what they have always done in the way they run the sport. Sadly with too many clubs & too few riders being available alongside insufficient vision by promoters who refuse to seek & accept external help if it means giving up some (not all) of their control the future doesn’t bode well for any significant improvement on the current scenario.
  10. 1 valve

    Meeting Formula/Team Lineup

    Your idea whilst imaginative unfortunately falls at the first hurdle as There are insufficient riders available for squads of 10 which, even if there was the clubs would not have the money to pay for them - given those not riding would still need an income.
  11. Yes they can walk away. However, in the case of the previous Birmingham promotion, by selling the assets of the company to the new promotion, the old company generated some funds which together with the "bond" was most probably sufficient to pay off creditors which would have included the riders. Only after the creditors have been settled would the shareholders have been able to receive anything albeit, any money they had lent the company would also have been included in the creditor settlement on an equal basis.
  12. Maybe, but whether solely pay per point or involve guarantees it seems that when outgoings become higher than income then the riders are the ones who are not paid what’s owing to them by folk not running their business properly.
  13. Does Polish rules limiting those riders competing in Poland to one other league (not country ) mean a rider can only ride in the UK in either the Prem or championship?

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