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  1. 1 valve


    Apparently shale is the preferred surface for the foreign stars of stock cars which the promoters want to attract to Odsal.
  2. 1 valve


    Not quite fact. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Government enacted the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 on 26 June to provide temporary flexibility to companies as to how and when they hold their AGMs regardless of what is mandated under their articles of association. Under this amendment meetings are permitted to be held, and any votes cast by electronic online means.
  3. 1 valve

    Somerset 2020

    I asked because mot probably the stadium will still be a Nightingale Hospital.
  4. 1 valve

    Somerset 2020

    Do you think Cardiff 2021 will go ahead?
  5. 1 valve

    Swindon Robins 2020

    The point was made that dog racing could survive 2021 without crowds but speedway couldn’t
  6. 1 valve

    Brandon Update

    Was there any further news on this?
  7. 1 valve

    What a difference in stadiums

    A tad over a million pounds. Did that include the cost of the land or just the build?
  8. 1 valve

    No Government Support?

    Remember this money is only a loan and the monies “allocated” for each sport still require individual clubs/organisations (they who will have responsibility for paying back the loan) to apply for their own individual loan. In doing so one of the criteria they will need to meet is to demonstrate the losses they will make from not having crowds in attendance or similar forms of income such as sponsorship I.e. no event/crowd no (reduced) sponsorship money. They will also need to show how the loan will be paid back. The term “winter sport” is a bit of a red herring and only applicable because of the period of time the loans will be available the “winter” months of Dec - March. Clearly some sports operate throughout the year both indoor & outdoors thus this latter element is not a consideration for the eligibility of applying for a loan.
  9. 1 valve

    Corona virus

    Yes It is, But doesn't run during the period the loans are now being made available to apply for.
  10. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Such a shame as he had such a good 2019 season. I see he has had to sell off some of his equipment to balance the books which the troubles caused by Covid as no doubt contributed to. Slightly surprising that the offer from Leicester couldn’t be complimented with a deal from a Prem team that would enable him to more than make ends meet. However this maybe a prime example of just how tight money is for up and coming riders particularly when a significant sponsor has to pull out due to the current economic climate. Good luck to Ellis in his newly chosen career path with hope that if he so wishes he can find a way back onto the track as and when things improve.
  11. 1 valve

    Corona virus

    The money being provided to sporting organisations is as a loan to cover some loss of earnings for sports (for now) operating between Dec 2020 & March of next year. Consequently there is no point in a speedway club applying for a loan to cover a period when no significant income would be expected from live meetings. Cricket would be another example of a sport that does not meet the criteria.
  12. 1 valve

    Stadium Design

    Spot on re orientation although the original intention (& insistence by the council) of having a football facility and BMX biking adjacent to the speedway stadium meant the current location was the only option available if all three were to fit in side by side. as we now know, BMX never arrived (though the space is there) and the ground level of the football area was raised quite a bit to accommodate the dumping of waste soil (which paid for the speedway stadium) At least over the years the race track itself has been greatly improved from the miserable effort first conceived.
  13. 1 valve

    Corona virus

    Yes. The basketball season in uk has just started.
  14. 1 valve

    Corona virus

    The package provides compensation for the sports covered /operating from December to March 2021.
  15. 1 valve

    Stadium Design

    In Leicester’s case placing the pits along the straight would have removed significant spectating opportunity as the space available on both straights is very narrow. Planning permission also required a high degree of cover to reduce noise emissions.

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