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  1. 1 valve

    Brandon Update

    Talbot Samba.
  2. I have recently acquired a house as a renovation project and with it came a dilapidated garage containing a wreck of a car. Within the car I have come across a collection of Coventry programmes from the early 90's. mainly home meetings but also some away fixtures too as well as individual meetings where Cov riders were competing. Although I have not had the time to look at them in depth I have seen one from Cradley where a certain Greg Hancock scored 11 points from the reserve berth for the Heathens and then in the return fixture he scored 5. If I remember correctly the young lad made quite good progress in the sport and scored many points at Brandon and elsewhere If anybody is interested in having the programmes then let me know ASAP otherwise I'm afraid this piece of history will need to follow the car and garage into oblivion.
  3. 1 valve

    Brandon Update

    First, can I immediately apologise for posting something off topic but hopefully what follows makes senses as I wanted to reach out to as many Coventry fans as possible and figured this is the best place to do so. The reason being that I have recently purchased a house as a renovation project and in the dilapidated garage there was a (wreck) of car and within it a large box of speedway programmes. I have not looked through them in any great detail but can say they are from the early 90's maybe earlier and basically cover Bees meetings home and away as well as some individual meetings where Cov riders were taking part - There is even a hat signed by Tommy Knudsen. Interestingly I flicked through a Heathens v Bees programme and noticed that a certain Greg Hancock was riding at reserve for Cradley scoring 11 points...the return fixture at Brandon he scored 5...I wonder what happened to that young lad!! The car and garage went last week, but if anybody is interested in the programmes let me know otherwise I'm sorry to say they will have to go too.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to upload. Most appreciated.
  5. 1 valve

    Brandon Update

    Considerably less than it will take to make good the current facility.
  6. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Seems perfect proof that the club was/is and will remain bigger and more important than any individual. Perhaps those previously offended in the past and thus continue to stay away from race nights need to understand their ego/pride is the reason they are now staying away which is a shame because if last season is anything to go by they are missing exactly what they wanted in the first place. i.e. many good nights of speedway and an incredible season of success.
  7. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Is that so any sun breaks can be accommodated by the interval?
  8. 1 valve

    Poole Pirates 2020

    True that the TM has limited input that influences results. However in addition to tac sub they can (to some extent) select rider pairings for programmed rides plus for last heat. Also choice of guest riders which is important in terms of which riders ride best on the track in question. And yes there is the overall style of management adopted, not just during the meeting but for communication in between fixtures. Such actions all add up and was something SD did so very well at Leicester last season. For the Pirates there must be a question mark on the job share will indeed affect the overall team performance given the lack of consistency in style of management from meeting to meeting.
  9. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    The previous track alterations were significant and resulted in considerable improvement in racing and passing opportunities for faster riders not having made the gate. Unfortunately towards the latter stages of the season due to wear and tear the track surface became damaged and bumpy in key areas which from reports are in the process of being properly addressed. So have no fear that for 2020 the fours will have a great venue both on & off the track which hopefully a large crowd will enjoy Although the nonsensical clash of dates with the pairs and Cardiff may play a larger part than concerns about the track in reducing attendance.
  10. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    On the matter of the repairs. As I said in my first post on the subject it will depend on the appropriate clause in the lease. It appears that the landlord has not passed on the responsibility in the agreement so it would be down to the lessee to ask for the repairs to be done and the landlord to comply. However, if this is indeed the case there is a question as to why (as reported by Happy Hunter) the supporters clubs donation was accepted by the promoter (assuming it was the Bates led promotion?) Regarding extra turn styles/entrances. Excellent news as clearly the current limit of two have proven on a number of occasions to be woefully inadequate. Car parking...well a charge for parking will of course be new to attendees at the Lions unless it is proposed that an agreed fixed fee will be paid by the organisers and not charged to the speedway fan. Also not clear is if there will be a section of the car park cordoned off for speedway "parkers" as the shoppers will not be expected to pay for parking so there is a need to clearly identify whos/who. Hopefully all three of the above will get sorted with a positive outcome in a timely manner.
  11. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    There are significant differences between domestic & commercial leases. As a landlord of domestic properties I am responsible for covering the cost of repairing everything other than general wear and tear which is (supposedly) covered by the tenants deposit. As a tenant of an industrial unit I am responsible for maintaining the property to the standard it was handed to me on the basis of a full repairing lease. If the roof blows off then i would need to make it good (arrange repairs) which is why I have suitable insurance in place to cover such risks. With regards to the missing roof covering at Leicester, the repair is more than likely down to the promoters who clearly for now do not see it as a priority to do so. If the lease ends without it being adequately addressed then the landlord would charge them a dilapidation cost.
  12. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    If (say) a business leased an industrial unit in which the roof developed a leak or worse blew off, then the lease holder not the landlord would be responsible for the repairs. This approach is to ensure the lessee treats the property with appropriate care rather than let the landlords property fall into disrepair and thus reduction in value. As it appears the promotion owned by the Bates have sole use (management) of the stadium then it would be reasonable to hold them responsible for all repairs & maintenance of the property.
  13. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Who’s responsibility it is will depend on the appropriate clause in the lease where it is common place to adopt a “fully repairing” condition meaning the lease holder is responsible for all maintenance, repairs and (approved) alterations not the landlord. this may not be the case for the car park if a specific clause in the original agreement binds the landlord to address specific matters.
  14. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    The subject of the 4’s is also discussed in the shared events section of the forum which is most probably the most appropriate place rather than this topic which is regarding Lions team issues for 2020.
  15. By name only. Not owned by the sporting body and title is quite miss leading. But a great race track none the less.

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