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  1. You are spot on especially as the NSS is based on the old Hyde Road track and to prove the point, the last time Woffy rode there he made quite a good fist of it v some pretty good competition in the speedway of nations with enough time in hand to help out his younger team mate.
  2. The Aces of 1972 had a good spread of talent across the team who performed in depth v other sides in that year. However, at that time only Mauger was world class and if it was today he would be the only rider from that team who would be in the GP's (Note:he was the only "Ace" who made it past the British final with PC (the only other Ace there) finishing 14th on 3 pts, . Woffinden (given all things being equal) would have easily made the Aces team as like it or not, he is (and would have been then) worlds class.
  3. Yes I was. Saw every world final from 1975 live. Yes including trips to Poland when Ivan won his 6th title. Today Poland has replaced UK as the home of the most competitive speedway. And different rules apply as well as formats tracks & equipment Do I think Woffy would have been as good as Ole or Ivan. Briggs or Ove? Back then? Frankly I don’t know. Similarly I don’t know how they would have coped with today’s competition. But I am pretty sure Tai would have given them a real run for their money because he actually is “that good” and do too are a number of today’s riders.
  4. Guess your proving the point of the topic. Namely that it is indeed "an unpopular opinion".
  5. 1 valve

    MCN vote now live. Vote for Woofy?

    Done. Hope everybody on this forum does the same so that as in previous times when Tai has been voted number 1 in this poll, speedway gets greater regular coverage in MCN during the year.
  6. 1 valve

    Leicester 2019

    Absolutely correct. Having good reserves means Lions beat other reserves, but there is no certainty that they will get similar outcomes v opposition riders from the main body of the team hence a big need to anchor the top end and another high 7+ points rider is a prerequisite otherwise it will be a struggle to consistently gain an overall points advantage out of the last four heats.
  7. No . Because his average at the time of being signed by Poole was the correct (current) average to use. It would have been incorrect to revert to a previous average.
  8. 1 valve

    Leicester 2019

    Not sure what your basing the nearly all English team on, but since the owner has now sorted his Sheffield team out, Lions supporters will hopefully soon find out what is left to actually come out of the pipeline which the manager has previously said fans will be excited about.
  9. 1 valve

    Leicester 2019

    Named on NL pages of SGB website "NL Teams" as the Leicester Cubs (not Lion Cubs)
  10. 1 valve

    Leicester NL 2019

    Named as Leicester Cubs on the NL section of SGB website
  11. 1 valve

    Leicester NL 2019

    Well looks like Leicester will have a team in the NL next year. A league that looks good for giving Championship reserves meetings where they will have the chance to perform well as heat leaders and other members of the team to be up and comers. So Connor Mountain to lead and the Thompson Twins to be given team slots? - Might be a good start to team building. Would be good if Lions season ticket holders receive some form of discount on admission prices too.
  12. 1 valve

    Sheffield 2019

    Not sure which manager of the Bates owned teams feel they have the best deal here. Leicester for getting his signature or Sheffield for not doing so.
  13. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2019

    He did that 2 years ago. Must have been a practice run.
  14. 1 valve

    Leicester 2019

    Well that's two signings from opposite ends of the skill/experience/age spectrums. But a good balance start to 2019 team building. Any chance they failed to mention to Scott that the Lions are racing on Saturdays in 2019

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