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  1. Surely it’s exactly because the rider chose to leave the club (rather than the club released the rider) that the club is allowed a guest Given they they are the “injured” party by an act beyond their control?
  2. or get t to the stadium early and park in the stadium car park for free?
  3. 1 valve

    Leicester vs Oxford 7 May 2022

    The blade did its job perfectly well smoothing out the base to the desired objective. Problem was that the material had been put down in unequal amounts meaning the riders were in & out of grippy areas but relatively easy matter to fix especially if good/dry weather remains.
  4. 1 valve

    Leicester vs Oxford 7 May 2022

    Nevertheless, despite heavy rain disrupting the track refurbishment this week meaning more than usual tractor work needed between races, the meeting was completed by 8.45 & Nick Morris set a new track record!
  5. 1 valve

    Redcar v Leicester

    Transponders do not relay speeds, They relay the time taken between each time it passes the receiving device. Similarly, speedway bikes do not follow an exact route each lap so the speed cannot be calculated as it is not known how far the bike has travelled (speed = distance/time) On MotoGP bikes (as an example) speed and other similar types of data are recorded "on bike" and downloaded/extracted when the rider returns to the pit as "live" telemetry is not allowed in MotoGp (it is in F1 and the cost of such equipment would furnish the speedway GP paddock with a new bike for each meeting) To get that data collected and sorted into quick to read format for each bike the following is the approx numbers required for the "on bike tech" Number of sensors = 50 Number of channels circa 1000, 600 managed by the ECU & 400 managed by the software. Amount of data managed 60GB Length of cables on a bike 150m Just put a camera on the line - then the winner is there for all to see - as per Moto GP & F1 A
  6. 1 valve

    Redcar v Leicester

    Moto GP and World Superbikes use transponders to determine lap times not race results. This means that a transponder can be placed in different places on bikes but still provide accurate lap times. in the event of a "dead heat" the result is determined by "photo finish" technology because as per speedway the winner is the rider who's front wheel crosses the line first.
  7. 1 valve

    Redcar v Leicester

    Is it correct that the winner of a race is the rider who's front wheel crosses the line first (not his body or some other part of the bike)? If it is, then this would mean when the leading edge of the front tyre crosses the finishing line. In which case how do you fit a transponder to rotating object? An alternative suggestion would be for referees to have their own (approved) field monitor equipment (digital camera tech plus application kit) set up on the finishing line to provide a sufficient photo-finish type of "scan" for any close finishes that may come along. The reason the referee should provide it is because by doing so the kit would be used each and every time he/she referees a match as opposed to a club providing it for a maximum of 1 meeting per week. Cost would be circa £300.00
  8. Your assumption is incorrect. The local authority allocated an area of land for the speedway stadium which is clearly not large enough to accommodate a BV or Bydgoszcz size of track. However, instead of fitting a compact track into the available space the promoter went for total length of track resulting in straights too long for the size of bends which were possible to fit into the area. FYI the area that remains outside of the stadium were earmarked for BMX & football but were never developed.
  9. No. There’s room (& time) for sufficient improvement.
  10. Your observations are out of date. The changes made to both shape & size since it was laid out now produce comparable racing to almost every other uk track (a few exceptions) The issue now is the inconsistency of surface - too many bumps and holes in key areas which need to be addressed.
  11. 1 valve

    Plymouth v Leicester

    The whole team performed below what is expected. Twins & Rowe 12 points from 13 rides meant the “top four” (who apart from RW were pathetic) needed to score 33 points to get a draw. No excuses & no hiding place very poor performance and SD will no doubt react accordingly, even if behind closed doors.
  12. 1 valve

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Nigel’s love of the sport, his enthusiasm and overall personality made him a lovely man & a great speedway commentator. RIP Nigel & my condolences to his family & close friends. You will be missed.
  13. 1 valve


    Saw Kenny Carter blast underneath Bruce Penhall coming out of bend four - brilliant piece of riding - think it was a match race thing (silver/golden helmet - not sure of the metal)

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