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  1. 1969 the year I saw the Lions live for the first time. 2019 the year I saw the Lions win the league for the first time . 50 years! Thank you to everybody for making it happen.
  2. Surely only a four point swing? Lions finished 1&2 so if Cook had won the correct assumption would be a 3 -3 v a 5-1 as Andersen was way behind after lap 1.
  3. It was a great night and fantastic to see so many visiting supporters attending which really did create a superb atmosphere. The last heat 1 - 5 has definitely given Tigers hope in the tie and sets up the second leg perfectly. lets hope that whatever the result fans from both sides should show their support for their respective teams, riders and eventual winners in a manner befitting of the family sport which is speedway.
  4. Yes that was waving with one and two fingers.
  5. Responding back in similar fashion to Various hand gestures from the Glasgow support on Saturday night
  6. with an additional .6 allowed for guests replacing home riders.
  7. 1 valve

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Cost of reasonable industrial strength tarpaulin with eyelets and fastening clips in suffient volume (say 80000m2) to fully cover a track would be circa £17500. Putting aside the length of time it would take for a team (of volunteers?) to erect and then take down and where such a large and weighty mass would be stored, it is questionable if such cost is justifiable v value of saving meetings from being rained off particularly since the cover would need to be fully removed a good number of hours before the meeting to allow for track preperation which would leave it open to the elements anyway.
  8. 1 valve

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Both Redcar & Leicester look set to be subject to heavy rain when the meetings are due to take place which more than likely will mean postponement of both fixtures. With Lions having almost unlimited availability of their track what is the situation at Redcar in terms of contingency dates?
  9. 1 valve

    Leicester 2019

    Good luck to Scott & Ryan for tonight's Championship Pairs meeting at Somerset. Hope Scotty has managed to instill some extra power in his bikes as this season he has appeared to be short of the stuff on larger fast tracks which must be frustrating for the skipper but that's what's needed at the OTA.
  10. 1 valve

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Not so much "cost" more that from the outset of the season, riders were given the incentive of having a better chance of more guest bookings as (if) they arose from Busters three teams by being part of the pool and thus being possible prefered choice before riders from the other four were considered.
  11. 1 valve

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    If he gets a ban then most probably Sam Masters will be drafted in as a guest which will keep Glasgow at full strength. Much better for him to be given a significant fine and warned re future behavior meaning that Tigers can field their true line up and win or lose - no excuses from anybody.
  12. 1 valve

    Leicester 2019

    Stewart Dickson has done a great job this year and we can be sure he will continue to do so in terms of who he selects as semi final opponents. Obviously there are no easy matches come the playoffs but as League Winners the Lions will be the team the other playoff contenders will want to avoid. With SD ensuring zero complacency from within the team a case of respecting all and fearing none will barring a run of bad luck see the Championship come to Leicester. Now off to count my chickens!!
  13. 1 valve

    Leicester 2019

    Congratulations to the Lions riders and management for finishing the regular season fixtures at the top of the pile. Whilst no silverware in the bag yet it has nevertheless been a great performance and such a turnaround v previous years. Looking forward to the playoffs and of course next weekends cup final n
  14. 1 valve

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Masters would be a great replacement for Cook but most probably not better as both would be fancied to go through the card on present form. Whoever comes into the team for Vissing may be better than him around BP but the Lions top order should be able to cope with that particular threat given they have on the whole done so with every other visiting rider this season. So with no reason for excuses from either team for this match up the meeting should be good and competitive to say the least with only the three riders paying the price (no meeting no pay) for their unacceptable behavour at Eastbourne , which is as it should be.
  15. 1 valve

    One League

    Well great in theory but..... BSB has circa 12 meetings a year hosted by a professional series/event organisation who charges the public a fee for attending, attracts event sponsorship, arranges televison which makes the sport atractive to team sponsors, some of whom actually pay riders a full years salary. Sponsorship is also more attractive to sponsors in terms of supporting individuals due to the exposure to the attending (large) crowds and muli media exposure. Standard motorbikes have great appeal to the paying public so the motorcycle trade as a whole sees the benefit in supporting riders from grass roots upwards. Average riders are able work set hours due to the fixed nature of meetings to a maximum of four days of which two are weekends. This leaves 24 days to find which fits nicely into PAID holiday. Now your average speedway rider is going to need 41 days to complete the schedule you have outlined many of which will be during the week. and almost impossible to complete and hold down a regular job given the diiferent days he is away from the role. Being average and not your super performer who scores 10 points a meeting (err how many of them even today?) our hero is likey to earn no more than 10K a year before tax which would not cover his expenses. Given that he also is not recieving great sponsorship v BSB types he would find it impossible to ride/race in the number of meetings you suggest, nor would many others who would find themselves in a similar position. The result would be weekend warriors enjoying their hobby but with fewer skills thus far less teams and fewer meetings of interest to justify a reasonable admission. So ultimately more track closures. Although well meaning, its pretty clear your propsal and those similar to it would actually lead to the rapid and total demise of the sport in the UK with meetings being nothing more than amateurs paying £50 to skid around a track as a hobby with no one watching. Now, if you want a glimpse into the future of what your visionary thinking will deliver, get along to a practice sesion at Buxton or somehwere similar and lets us know how much you would be prepared to pay (its free at the moment) to watch such an event? and then ask where the growth of the sport would come from or more importantly go too? To be clear, I am not advocating that everything in the current UK speedway garden is rosy, far from it, The answer is however for the sport to become more professional in thinking and implementation than current , most probably with less professional riders and teams but far, far better run & promoted thus creating a better run and more appealing sport for would be riders to aspire to as well as being a product which attracts greater number of paying spectators and media coverage and thus significant sponsors and other similar revenue streams.

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