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  1. 1 valve

    Predictions thread

    SG was "allowed" to build last seasons Lions team which turned out a long way off from being a folly.
  2. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Hopefully the boys will stay injury free but if a stand in is required then as long as it is not immediately after the start of the season their averages could well be up at the 4 point mark thus providing a wider choice of guest?
  3. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Nick Morris it is. Well done to all concerned for getting this strong team assembled quickly. Looks like it will become the benchmark for all others in preparation for 2020.
  4. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    When considering the overall average for the season you should take into account: - The boys started in the reserve berths and for the first four matches excluding bonus points their averages were Dan 4.79 Joe 5.39 - For the last four fixtures where the twins were in the main body of the team and again ignoring bonus points their averages were: Dan 6.08 (8.1 including BP) Joe 8.69 (9.8 including BP) Clearly as the season progressed the boys made measurable progress despite the oppositon in their heats becoming tougher thus it is fair to say that looking at their closing averages they fully desreve the chance to continue their improvements and the Lions management have yet again made a smart call re team selection and makeup. Although it has not been made clear if the club will continue in the National League next year, If they do then it would make sense for the twins to double up with the Cubs thereby continuing to help with their develoment as well as being a positive attraction for those clubs the Cubs will visit during the season. Just hope everybody stays fit so that the Lions success of 2019 can continue into next season - good luck to all concerned
  5. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Are Torun in the second tier of Polish speedway in 2020? if so does this offer better chances of UK based riders being able to ride Saturday nights in the UK or would this still be a "no no" as per the top tier?
  6. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Has Ryan indicated he will be available for next season or will he be looking at opportunities in Poland?
  7. 1 valve

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Shame if that turns out that way for the Lions but good luck to Ryan no matter what. if so then hope the averages allow Scotty back for both on track and off track contributions. great team guy who although perhaps in the twilight of his career in terms of top scoring he would be more than useful to the team overall team overall.
  8. Well. What thoughts regarding the 2019 Champions as they set about defending their title? For me the number one priority is to get Stewart Dickson onboard with Perks & Douglas not far behind and assume Mountain given he is a Lion's asset. All three capable of increasing their averages next season which will be needed as it is safe to presume current team average total will fall well above what will be allowed for 2020?
  9. 1 valve

    Sheffield 2020

    Could be a good idea but you can have too much of a good thing. Maybe 2 home & 2 away fixtures v 1 club is more than enough?
  10. I agree too! And to prove it I have edited original post. thanks for pointing it out. my apologies to Stewart - no offence intended.
  11. Stewart Dickson is most probably the best team manager in UK speedway. The line up of the Lions at the start of the season was a mixture of known tried and tested riders complimented by those with something to prove or potential improvers. AKA the returning Douglas and the promising Perks. Then as injuries began to hit the line up, the guest he brought in did a great job as did the adjustments in the team line ups which not only took into account how riders rode together as a pair but also as a match up to the opposition none more so than in the final where the effect of the Tigers big guns was reduced by the more balanced Lions pairings ensuring fewer last places. Besides the management the tactical aspects he clearly can clearly build a great team ethic and the way he has got the best out of Ty Proctor (which SD admitted the "how to" had him perplexed when TP joined the Lions) is testomony tohis man managemnt skills. Maybe UK speedway missed a trick by not appointing him to lead the GB squad. Meanwhile lets hope he can be persueded to stay with the Lions for next year and beyond.
  12. Nobody can surely dissagree that from a spectator and overall entertainment perspective the two legs of the Championship final were head and shoulders above that of the Premiership? Even though both Championship legs had clear winners at both meetings, the lower tier version produced far far more drama, tension and dare I say it hope on either side. A great advert for the sport and one which the large crowds definately enjoyed. Well done to both sets of riders and management for making it possible.
  13. 1969 the year I saw the Lions live for the first time. 2019 the year I saw the Lions win the league for the first time . 50 years! Thank you to everybody for making it happen.
  14. Surely only a four point swing? Lions finished 1&2 so if Cook had won the correct assumption would be a 3 -3 v a 5-1 as Andersen was way behind after lap 1.
  15. It was a great night and fantastic to see so many visiting supporters attending which really did create a superb atmosphere. The last heat 1 - 5 has definitely given Tigers hope in the tie and sets up the second leg perfectly. lets hope that whatever the result fans from both sides should show their support for their respective teams, riders and eventual winners in a manner befitting of the family sport which is speedway.

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