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  1. Those 6 riders contracted to ride in Poland and not being allowed to attend GP practice
  2. 1 valve

    Leicester v Birmingham 25/5/19

    Well done Lions. Some great examples of team riding and not always from the gate. Scotty proving to be a great captain. Hope Josh’s ribs not too bad and he makes it back fit sooner rather than later.
  3. 1 valve

    Newcastle V Leicester 19/5/19

    Well done Lions. Another valuable away win.
  4. Given that the surface of a speedway track changes pretty quickly over a few laps there is a fair chance that those riders who go out after a track prep will gain more often than not some advantage. The purpose of the slowest from practice being first out was an an attempt to even things up but maybe this needs to be re thought so as to avoid deliberate slow laps laps. May also be worth considering grading after every four rides.
  5. Tonight’s qualifying added something worthwhile to the GP weekend and the reward of skill/speed to determine gate positions during the main event is favourable to the random draw. That said it is a shame three riders were unavailable (not their choice) and clearly there was an advantage to those who went out first and after the mid session grading. There are most probably better ways qualifying can be formatted to create a fairer scenario but it’s s start.
  6. 1 valve

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Will Busters restrictive pay structure be able to attract Scotty?
  7. 1 valve

    Leicester v Newcastle 27.04.19

    Don’t think the promotion justified it by saying it was cold. But those who were able to go on Sunday benefited from the warm weather. So like me (who would have gone on Saturday) was grateful it had been called off due to the forecasted heavy rain. Is it forecast to rain this Saturday?
  8. 1 valve

    Leicester v Newcastle 27.04.19

    Just got home from a very enjoyable meeting. Sunny, relatively warm and all done well inside 2 hours. last night was near to stadium and it was freezing. Those who were able to attend today definitely benefited from the decision to reschedule The meeting Finally, congratulations To Ellis Perks on his 4 programmed ride maximum.
  9. Fair to say that by anybody’s standards he has acted somewhat unprofessional & childish in a number of instances. That said, this year his riding had been very good and his demeanour appears to be that of a fast maturing young man. With a caring manager keeping him in check and focussed on learning his trade Josh could really step up this season. Good luck to the lad. Hope he stays fit and goes from strength to strength.
  10. You are spot on especially as the NSS is based on the old Hyde Road track and to prove the point, the last time Woffy rode there he made quite a good fist of it v some pretty good competition in the speedway of nations with enough time in hand to help out his younger team mate.
  11. The Aces of 1972 had a good spread of talent across the team who performed in depth v other sides in that year. However, at that time only Mauger was world class and if it was today he would be the only rider from that team who would be in the GP's (Note:he was the only "Ace" who made it past the British final with PC (the only other Ace there) finishing 14th on 3 pts, . Woffinden (given all things being equal) would have easily made the Aces team as like it or not, he is (and would have been then) worlds class.
  12. Yes I was. Saw every world final from 1975 live. Yes including trips to Poland when Ivan won his 6th title. Today Poland has replaced UK as the home of the most competitive speedway. And different rules apply as well as formats tracks & equipment Do I think Woffy would have been as good as Ole or Ivan. Briggs or Ove? Back then? Frankly I don’t know. Similarly I don’t know how they would have coped with today’s competition. But I am pretty sure Tai would have given them a real run for their money because he actually is “that good” and do too are a number of today’s riders.
  13. Guess your proving the point of the topic. Namely that it is indeed "an unpopular opinion".
  14. 1 valve

    MCN vote now live. Vote for Woofy?

    Done. Hope everybody on this forum does the same so that as in previous times when Tai has been voted number 1 in this poll, speedway gets greater regular coverage in MCN during the year.

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