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  1. therefused


    Just subscribed for a 13 week subscription, should keep me occupied for a few hours stuck in the house.
  2. i have heard nothing yet. Dont think i am going to bother now, cant see it running in August so will try and recoup as much as i can.
  3. therefused

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    I would say though, that a lot of things under 16's like are probably not actually aimed at them, being aimed at 18+. The youngsters then think its probably a bit cooler and would want to go, especially over something that is promoted as 'funsy'.
  4. confirmed in an email. flights look a bit more expensive now
  5. therefused

    Sky and Bt sports

    there part of a different package. So you can suspend sport for now, but it wont affect anything else, you would still receive other channels.
  6. chinese virus listening to too much donald
  7. No, although I see Poland have today announced a lot of cancellation of events, still two months away yet though
  8. therefused

    Prediction thread

    he has ridden over here before, for ipswich.
  9. therefused


    is it possible to order just one edition online? would quite like this one.
  10. therefused

    Prediction thread

    i swear people cant criticise the wolves team without you jumping on them...
  11. therefused

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Nicklas Porsing
  12. therefused

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    agreed, i dont think theres much on them both to be honest.
  13. therefused

    Jason Crump

    I reckon Lambert will have a higher average than Pedersen at the end of the season. Doyle Lambert Iversen Pedersen Kurtz is my top 5 for end averages...
  14. therefused

    Prediction thread

    1 Swindon 2 Kings Lynn 3 Sheffield 4 Belle Vue 5 Peterborough 6 Wolves 7 Ipswich In truth it all looks quite tight. With only 7 teams it is pretty hard to predict what will happen, actually looks quite an exciting league to be honest!
  15. Most overrated rider ever

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