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  1. therefused

    Sheffield 2019

    All he does is post stupid stories on here with no substance behind him, not the first time. Just ignore him.
  2. therefused

    Sheffield 2019

    Poolebolton doesnt have a clue as usual. Just continue to ignore him.
  3. therefused

    Kings Lynn 2019

    but there are loads of places you can read about other clubs, other matches, other riders and other countries quicker and easier than the speedway star?
  4. therefused

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Team looks piss poor in my opinion.
  5. therefused

    Kings Lynn 2019

    reading around, i dont think many others have been impressed by the way the team has been announced this year. Hopefully they take it on board and try something else next year.
  6. therefused

    Kings Lynn 2019

    take your blinkers off Steve, just because your'e in the pits or on the centre concrete every week doesn't mean everything is rosey.
  7. therefused

    Kings Lynn 2019

    http://www.kingslynn-speedway.com/_mobile/news.php?extend.30775 you can see it here
  8. therefused

    Kings Lynn 2019

    He will be reserve again
  9. therefused

    Wolves 2019

    The guys a complete ‘creep’. His obsession with Stevebrum is pretty worrying
  10. therefused

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Robert Lambert announced.
  11. therefused

    Poole 2019

    I dont think its a bad team by any means, only behind Peterborough and Wolves in the teams announced so far. Lets face it, you would have to be extremely poor to not make the play offs, and then its just a lottery.
  12. therefused

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    my opinion is the peterborough team is far superior to the belle vue team. You seem to be in the minority im afraid.
  13. therefused

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    thats terrific. thanks for sharing
  14. therefused

    Kings Lynn 2019

    You can put as many laughing respones as you want Scott, but its the truth. Dont be blinded because youre in the pits every week.

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