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  1. therefused

    King's Lynn v Sheffield 23/06

    Unfortunately it will always be the same at Lynn every season while Allitt has a say in things
  2. Doyle 100 more holder 100 more
  3. therefused

    King's Lynn v Ipswich 09/06

    Doesn’t sound good for Thomas by all accounts
  4. therefused

    Wolverhampton 2022

    Can someone pm me?
  5. Dudek 100 more woffinden 100 less
  6. Can you go watch the qualifying? Is it free?
  7. Doyle 100 more bewley 100 more
  8. Doesn’t look like it, tennis is on instead
  9. therefused

    Stars v Aces 19/05/22

    Wasn’t there but from the pictures I’ve seen I actually thought it looked like a decent attendance
  10. Will be there for this, first time going to Prague. Not sure if we are going to go to the u21 meeting on the Friday, I’m guessing we will be able to get tickets on the day?
  11. Lindgren 100 more Holder 100 more
  12. therefused

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Ridiculous comment, why bother with a track walk at all if that is the case
  13. Holder 100 more Thomsen 100 More
  14. Thank you, will admit I’m unfamiliar with majority of these riders, chances of Gilkes getting through?
  15. How many go through from each round?
  16. Think it was the right decision, about 12 miles away and its been miserable here all day.
  17. It does look a fairly good lineup, but is there a reason Kerr isn’t riding? Seems a bit strange to me…
  18. Are Emil and Laguta in said tanks?
  19. I doubt Putin knows who Laguta or Saifutinov even are, ridiculous to suggest removing them from competitions, it is not their fault
  20. Prague tickets are on sale
  21. therefused

    Poole 2022

    Pleased we don’t have to put up with shovlars sh*te over on the premiership part of the forum anymore, what a total moron
  22. therefused

    Kings Lynn 2022

    A lot of Sheffield fans wanted Pickering back, he scored well at Lynn last season and I imagine Sheffield would have probably wanted him back. Team is solid compared to last year, i think the team could lineup with the top 7 GP riders and you still would find something to complain about.
  23. therefused

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Looks a solid team to me, the engine room especially should be strong all year but I have my doubts in heat 13 and 15 if there are must win races

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