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  1. May change again next year after brexit
  2. pete cc

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Bet that's a relief to see the back of Wallinger.
  3. When Wilson dean was allowed to ride in the NL he also said he was committed to GB. However as soon as he had progressed beyond NL he didn't want to be from GB anymore. Just a loop hole I don't like.
  4. Heard that before. Bradley Wilson dean comes to mind. Committed to GB?
  5. pete cc


    A little unfair to blame the unattached riders at reserve. They are were doing there best. Maybe elsewhere in the team were off the pace. Leicester were that good.
  6. pete cc

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Not surprised
  7. pete cc

    Leicester NL 2019

    Somewhere in the mists of forum time I asked what was going to happen when the big boys started bullying the Thompson. They both have talent but only know one way to turn the throttle and no experience. Not surprised they are now getting hurt.
  8. pete cc

    Cradley vs Stoke 29th July

    Have to say I was not very impressed with the Monmore track on Monday. It rutted in places & totally bald in others & dusty. Not what it was. Let's hope the injured riders ain't out for to long. Never seen a rider (joe alcock) fly through the air that high before.
  9. Does anybody else think that the final next year could be in Argentina or some other far flung place
  10. pete cc

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Wallinger !!. Don't hold your breath
  11. pete cc

    Brummies v Bears

    With all these injured riders she may get some work.
  12. pete cc

    15/7/19 Kent v Cradley

    Straws clutching . If at first you can't find a solution, blame stoke!!
  13. pete cc

    plymouth v stoke koc 12 07

    Have to say that it's along way from Plymouth to Berwick .
  14. pete cc

    NL Fours 7th July (now 13th)

    If you read through all this thread there were a lot of doubters calmed that this meeting would be a disaster at Stoke. Well they were all wrong. The ref got on with it, the track held up (a little wet to start with) the track staff worked wonders fixing the back straight fence when broken, the generator worked all night & a last heat decider all within curfew.
  15. pete cc

    Kent v IoW mon 8th july 6-30pm

    Widman 8 That takes about 4 meetings these days.

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