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  1. Stoke

    Atkin is older than me, good on ya Tony, keep on riding.
  2. Stoke

    At monmore we called him grave rash for obvious reasons
  3. Birmingham 2018

    Are you all sure brum will ride on Wednesdays? If a move to the CL is planned, then a change of race night will have to happen
  4. Nl Agm 14th December.

    All 3. If you don't entertain people don't come. Very few tracks can't run if the people don't come. Older riders should not be discriminated against but should be used to help the younger ones. The points limit could have been higher.
  5. Cradley 2018?

    I think that there is to many toys out of the pram for the trust to be of any use.Time for a major re think !!
  6. The Big Red B

    . he's the future of British speedway ! Thats a heavy burden for one so young to be asked to carry the future of British speedway all on his own.
  7. National League 2018

    There are other supermarket's
  8. National League 2018

    I still don't understand, if I buy a loaf of bread I don't ask the cashier what she earns but that's contributing to the store that pays her wages so why should speedway be different?
  9. Nichols/kennett Rule

    Once we have left the EU riders will have to have a visa which can be used to stop any overseas rider taking the place of a British rider if one is available. If not a visa will be issued
  10. National League 2018

    How much are you paid per hour? That's right, its got nothing to do with me, so why should any riders pay be any of our business?
  11. Winter Open/xmas Meeting

    Is that a little like Buxton in July 💨⛈🌨🌂☔❄ 😁
  12. Stoke

    It's a pity people don't try & sort out the problems of their own clubs, instead of trying to put the boot into others.
  13. All ways said what a good bloke David Mason is. 💕💞💋💋.
  14. I'd like to see a proper rest for the tapes. Watch a match on TV & you will see a traffic cone with a stick stuffed into it holding the tapes when windy.
  15. My mistake was reading about Fridays return leg.Still going to be 60+