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  1. pete cc

    Cradley v Belle Vue - 3 June

    If robinson told me it was raining I would go outside to check.
  2. pete cc

    leicester v stoke potters.

    Have you ever quoted your team as having a snow balls chance in hell ? I doubt it. Stoke do have a large hill to climb but, in recent weeks showed that most are willing to start that climb.
  3. pete cc

    Plymouth 2019

    I won't comment matt ford as I know very little about him.
  4. pete cc

    Plymouth 2019

    Negative negative. I applaud any club who can admit that their track is not fit for use. It doesn't show the club in a good light but an honest one.
  5. pete cc

    Pride of the potteries

    Everyone is welcome to their opinion. That is yours. You won't be missed on Saturday, that is mine.
  6. Is anyone going to beat Ben Barker?
  7. pete cc

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Never doubted his good intentions just the bitter swiping at each other. As an outsider looking in all I see is a group of people fighting to become the leader of the gang.
  8. pete cc

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Is Robinson still shouting ? Most people stopped listening to him .
  9. pete cc

    2019 Press & Practice Dates

    April 10th stoke.
  10. pete cc

    revamped Dev League 2019

    I think you missed the joke Barry.
  11. pete cc

    Stoke 2019

    Things are a changing at loomer road.
  12. pete cc


    You have to get them in through the gates first for them to disappear out
  13. pete cc

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Not much room left in the lid of that coffin
  14. pete cc

    Stoke 2019

    Things are a changing a loomer road.

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