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  1. Count me in please Kev. Cheers Gareth
  2. I was advised last year that a rider was limited to how many day licences he could have per year, after this they were obliged to get a SCB licence. Not sure if this was correct information or not?
  3. Are you going to run every Saturday through the year for practice?
  4. ManxGaz

    Dragons Amateur Meeting

    Next meeting scheduled for Sat 8th Nov at Kings Lynn. I believe it is a 4 pm start. This is the last Dragons meeting for the season. Contact Julie Tutton for details
  5. What a brilliant day, very well organised and lots of encouragement given to every rider. Just want to say a big thank you to Kev, all his helpers and the track staff for what was a truly memorable day. Looking forward to the next one!
  6. ManxGaz

    Engine Service

    Just wanted to say that I recently received excellent service from Guy Allott Motorcycles in Buxton. Friendly, helpfully advice from people who are genuinely interested in speedway providing good old fashioned service. Bear them in mind next time you need an engine service etc.
  7. Could you confirm your practice date for September ? I was hoping to come over again for a ride. Cheers Gareth
  8. ManxGaz


    You can try motorise industries, they have a web site. I got mine made to measure and posted to me for £300. They are also on facebook. Quality is not bad for the money, they are just quite hot in the warm weather but I have found them very comfy. They accept PayPal so you have some payment protection. Don't forget to allow for your body armour etc when taking your measurements. Cheers.
  9. Do you need to book for the practice day or just turn up? Cheers
  10. ManxGaz

    Northside Training Facility

    Thanks Mac.
  11. ManxGaz

    Northside Training Facility

    Hi. Yes tried that last week but go no response. Will try again, just wanted info on their practise days. Many thanks.
  12. Does anyone have a contact number for Northside please?
  13. ManxGaz

    Dragons Dates For 2014

    I have recently joined the Dragons but rode on a day licence last year, so I assume you can still do this. Normally you are allocated to group or team of similar riding ability so no one is out of their comfort zone. Not 100% sure about the silencer regs but recommend you speak to Julie Tutton on the number above. Meetings are very well run and you will be made welcome, always a friendly atmosphere. Hope this helps.
  14. ManxGaz

    Methanol In Engine Oil

    It's quite substantial. I use the choke for starting but turn it off immediately the engine is running. I am stripping and cleaning the carb to see if this makes any difference. Have been advised that it may be over fuelling if the floats are not closing off the inlet to the bowl? Thanks,
  15. ManxGaz

    Methanol In Engine Oil

    Hello. Jet is 215

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