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  1. They always mention the pairs meeting, during one of the gaps in the racing, when discussing what meetings are still to come this year. They definitely give the impression the meeting will be on at Oxford on August 12th.
  2. Riss guesting for Nicholls and Jenkins guesting at 7 for Oxford. Edwards guesting at 6 for Leicester. Oxford have to win to keep the slim chance they have to make the play offs alive.
  3. Anzum

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I would have said there were closer to 50 people there. Interestingly, someone local said first time the gates had been locked at night.
  4. Yes regular shuttle bus. I have seen people with chairs so yes you can. Not tried the food.
  5. To be honest, I think Scott and Troy will have to go almost unbeaten. Hopefully 5-1 in 13 and 15 to nick it 46-44. Will need back up from the others though. Summers first time on the track too. Troy and Scott won’t get a rr ride unless as a Tac Sub.
  6. Young Luke Killeen, hope I spelt that correct since a couple of version on Oxford website, makes his championship debut to guest in place of the unlucky Josh MacDonald who is injured again. Kyle Newman also missing. Going to be tough for the Cheetahs.
  7. Anzum

    Oxford Vs Redcar

    The Heeps Jenkins one, I thought they both went down independently but could see how he may have thought Heeps took Jenkins down. Harris and Wright in heat 15, I thought Harris had passed him. Very similar to the Harris and Ellis incident in the grand final a couple of years ago. Harris got up and cleared track when no red lights came on. Again a 50:50 call. I am possibly looking through Oxford tinted eyes. No idea why Jenkins excluded when Stoneman came down seemed classic first bend incident when rider on outside has nowhere to go. All 4 pretty much reached first bend together with the inside rider slightly ahead of the rider to the outside of him.
  8. Anzum

    Oxford Vs Redcar

    Didn’t go to first 2 meetings but crowd last night seemed similar to previous Redcar visit in the Cup. I saw somewhere that it is still online ticket since they have no turnstiles yet. Not sure if that is true or not. They don’t have turnstiles. Tickets on line were available right up to start time. My tickets QR code got scanned by phone by 1 of two young ladies at the entrance. It may be it is online so no money having to be collected etc. It is easy to get the online tickets and the car parking etc and entry to the track is very easy. Saw some old faces from the Abbey this week and had a chat to another regular Swindon visitor.
  9. Anzum

    Oxford Vs Redcar

    Hats off to Harris Wright and Nicholls, superb action in heats 13 and 15. Great meeting with good action and the odd couple of controversial refereeing decisions. Track was superb with several lines and gates much more even.
  10. Gate 4 Awful. Only got 11 points all night and got 6 after 4 heats. Scotty got 2 more in heat 13 with a good ride from the back. Other gates were even though, gate 3 got most points.
  11. Anzum


    Saw Anneke van Giersbergen last night at the Garage Club Highbury. Heaven for your ears.
  12. So Nichols Harris and Hans all going to have 7 rides tonight. Rob Lyons should buy a lottery ticket tonight.
  13. Depends when the cut off is. It did say 17th on the fixture list until recently. If it is still the 17th or Adam still thinks it is then neither Birmingham nor Kent can catch you before then. Birmingham only have 2 home fixtures before then and Kent 1.
  14. Will have to beat or draw with Wolves at Monmore because I don’t think Kings Lynn will.

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