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  1. Whirtzfeld looked very good as did Norris. Sheppard was clear when ef on lap 3.
  2. Reading16 N Laurence did not ride Sam Norris 3222 adam Sheppard 22ef1 rhys Laker 1010 IOW 20 Jamie Sealey 0 2f Chris Watts 131 Ben Ilsney 01 Chad Whirtzfeld 3333 Heat 1 Norris Sheppard Watts Sealey 5-1 70.12 heat 2 Whirtzfeld Sheppard Laker Ilsney 3-3 68.21 heat 3 Whirtzfeld Norris Ilsney Laker 2-4 68.30 heat 4 Watts Sealey Laker Sheppard ef 1-5 71.86 heat 5 Whirtzfeld Norris Watts Laker 2-4 68.71 heat 6 Whirtzfeld Norris Sheppard Sealey F 3-3 70.66 sorry if spelt names wrong.
  3. Anzum

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Zach and James are at Eastbourne Swindon have Berge and Sarjeant riding for them
  4. Are Zach and James here or at Eastbourne for Birmingham?
  5. Anzum

    Premiership Betting

    2019 odds with skybet poole 9/4 now 5/2 belle vue 11/4 now 3/1 swindon 4/1 now 5/1 wolves 4/1 peterborough 8/1 now 5/1 kings Lynn 12/1 now 10/1 ipswich 20/1
  6. Anzum

    Swindon Stadium

    I just hope that Speedway can take place after the first lot of work and isn't relying on the dog track alterations to be done as well.
  7. Anzum

    2019 Odds for World Champion

    Skybet go zmarzlik 9/4 woffinden 9/4 doyle 8/1 laguta 9/1 janowski 10/1 lindgren 12/1 dudek 12/1 madsen 14/1 sayfutdinov 18/1 hancock 20/1 vaculik 22/1 iversen 25/1 zagar 40/1 lindback 50/1 kolodziej 66/1
  8. Anzum

    Swindon Stadium

    If the track isn't right they will struggle to keep Jason quiet.
  9. Anzum

    Swindon 2019

    Seems he didn't last season. Finished 2012 on 4.93 but rode for Coventry for 6 meetings in 2013 which brought his average down to what Poole got him on last year. There was a lot of confusion when Poole signed him as the last end of season figures he appears in was 2012 even though he rode a little bit of 2013
  10. Anzum

    Swindon 2019

    Szczpaniek came back on lower average than he left so it will be interesting to see what average he is on.
  11. Anzum

    Swindon 2019

    So Rasmus Jensen, Mason Campton or Jonas B Andersen fit. Last one averaged nearly 5 for Wolves in his 7 meetings for them last year. Slight worry it seems they aren't going to use him, but then they didn't want Tobi. Also big difference in his home average compared to his away average.
  12. Should Ellis get the 2.5 % reduction?
  13. Anzum

    Swindon 2019

    Relatively new to speedway, only got interested in 2012. So next year will be first time Nick will be riding against us in all likelihood. All I have to say is thanks for the memories.
  14. Good match race between Zengota and Iversen.
  15. Someone on sportowefakty has this list Hancock, Walasek, Zengota, Sunstroem, Berntzon, Gapinski, Curzytek, Iversen, Curylo, Bellego, Pieszczek, Mazur, Tarasienko, Karcmarz, Jamrog and Baran

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