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  1. Anzum

    Transfer Window

    I am reading this that you can change as many riders as you like each time you make a change, but you can only change the team twice. Can see more r/r and guests while teams get all their ducks in a row before making a change.
  2. Anzum

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Tom Brennan?
  3. Anzum

    Swindon 2019

    Brilliant season probably better than 2017. Racing at the track definitely better. Well done to all involved. One point to improve on next year, try to get a straighter white line down the home straight last night it reminded me of the ones I did for my kids football team. Or better still a kerb.
  4. Have to agree with that. I remember a couple of weeks before the end of the league season. Tobi being interviewed,at the end of a meeting, thanking Claus for his advice after his first couple of rides that night hadn't gone well. Brilliant atmosphere last night, like a football match with the chanting and singing.
  5. Anzum

    Ipswich 2019

    Not completely true see the premiership betting thread. Though I do wonder if I should cash out. Still well done.
  6. Told you the spreads were too good
  7. Even worse this year. Well done Panthers 89 I think you have won. Thanks R and R. I will have to try again next year.
  8. Yes but bookies can lose their licence if they encourage people to gamble more than they should. Don't want to get R and R banned.
  9. Spreads too good. But will change bet
  10. Bellego 300 more Good luck to everyone.
  11. I have message that my tickets which say gate 3 are wrong and I need to go to gate 7.
  12. France beat Czech 8-7 in final. Updates on baansportfansite.nl
  13. Pete Adams has said in the past that he likes having the first leg at home. Therefore Wolves at home on the first Monday. Ipswich have accepted they are likely to finish fourth so will not have a choice so ride at home on the first Thursday. Poole have agreed to ride at home on the second Monday. They aren't choosing Swindon nor Swindon them. Poole will have second leg either v Wolves or Ipswich depending on whether they get the choice or not. Swindon are at home on the second Thursday. Swindon would have the second leg at home. So dates and venues agreed but who plays who still to be decided.
  14. Heat 1 O'Keefe Laurence Woodward Phillips 69.58 5-1 Heat 2 Colley Laker Meadows Fielding 72.21 3-3 Heat 3 Laurence O'Keefe Colley Fielding 69.42 5-1 Heat 4 Woodward Laker Meadows Phillips 71.27 3-3 Heat 5 O'Keefe Laker Fielding Phillips 71.96 5-1 Heat 6 Laurence Colley Meadows Woodward frem 69.67 4-2

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