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  1. Injuries at the wrong time have cost us any chance in the league and the cup. Two guest reserves tonight scored 2 same as at home to Somerset in the league.
  2. My son has gone to this and says they have run out of programmes, so hopefully means a large crowd
  3. Not going to be able to watch this until tomorrow, so thanks to R and R for competition and if I don't hold on in front congratulations to the winner.
  4. Batch beating Shamek Kildemand and Magic back in 2014 in a heat 15 v Poole . Nothing between all 4 for 4 laps. Pawlicki's second won the meeting for Poole which wasn't good but best race. Best ride which made my jaw drop, Paul Starke 2016 for Somerset vs Glasgow.Ride which made me most happy Nick Morris heat 13 last year v Wolves in play off final second leg.
  5. Announcer said Jack had oil leak dripping on his exhaust. Gary May said he couldn't use Holder in heat 15. Also said Doyle should be ok for Monday.
  6. Definitely the best meeting of the season racing wise. Can't believe Tobi wasn't Robins rider of the night. Perhaps it was decided before heat 15. Very honest interview by Nick saying he has lost a bit of confidence in the track. Not surprising considering the number of crashes he has had at home.
  7. Anzum

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    On the BSPA website the rolling averages show Covatti below Summers. I don't think the playoff matches count towards the averages nor the cup matches. If I am correct then they shouldn't change and he will be below Summers. I left a get out clause by saying likely in case the semi scores do count towards the averages.
  8. Anzum

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    Also likely Covatti will be at reserve with the second leg in October. He scored better than Summers in both Poole meetings. Garry May is normally one step ahead.
  9. Anzum

    Swindon 2018

    So play off hopes hanging by a thread and we need help from other teams but while there is a chance you never know. We need Wolves to not get a point at either Somerset or Poole. We need Wolves to get 3 points and Belle Vue no more than 4 points from their 2 matches on Monday. We need to beat both Poole and Belle Vue. If Belle Vue get 4 points from the Wolves meetings we would also have to send them home pointless. Finally we Belle Vue to lose at home to Somerset. A draw would be good enough to send us through if Belle Vue didn't get any points from their trips to Wolves and Swindon
  10. Anzum

    Betting in 2018

    If he had staked 110 pounds on Poole to win -4 he couldn't have lost any money whatever the score and have 210 profit ie doubling his money if Poole win between 5-9. Seems a clever bet to me. Take that back a free bet to win 210 pounds on Poole to win between 5-9
  11. Think you might be trying a double bluff. Can't find it unlike last time but based on Cardiff me finding it last round was a fluke. Michelsen 100 less
  12. Anzum

    Swindon 2018

    Maybe so but personally think they won't get 4 points at Leicester.

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