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  1. Anzum

    Ipswich 2019

    Correct. Understand Ipswich fans point of view but this move may have cost you the chance of winning the title.
  2. Anzum

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Because he came in on his converted PL average which was 9+. Now he is on a rolling average which uses last year's CL average which was 7+.
  3. Anzum

    Swindon 2019

    Looks like Rasmus has just finished third in Danish Championship behind Kenneth Bjerre and NKI but ahead of Nicki Pedersen and MJJ
  4. Not sure why Poole went for 2-4 in heat 15 stats prior to heat 15. Gate 1 Wins 4 pts 22 Gate 2 Wins 3 pts 18 Gate 3 Wins 7 pts 30 Gate 4 Wins 0 pts 14
  5. Reading 20 Nick Laurence 2 2 Sam Norris fex 3 3 William O'Keefe 3 2 Rhys Laker 2 1 2 Weymouth 10 James Laker 3 3 Sam Peters 101 James Jessop 11 Francesca Kirtley-Paine 000 Heat 1 rerun J Laker Laurence Peters Norris Fex in initial heat 74.24 2-4 Heat 2 O'Keefe R Laker Jessop Kirtley-Paine 80.24 5-1 Heat 3 Norris Laurence Jessop Kirtley-Paine 73.55 5-1 Heat 4 J Laker O'Keefe R Laker Peters 84.60 3-3 Heat 5 Norris R Laker Peters Kirtley- Paine 75.08 5-1 Heat 6 did not happen rain
  6. Anzum

    Ipswich 2019

    Bellego just finished second in the SEC challenge.
  7. Zagar 30 more Doyle 30 more Dudek 40 less
  8. Anzum

    Premiership Betting

    Well at the mo quite happy I took the 20/1 Ipswich
  9. Announced at the track on Monday it had been postponed until Thursday after Swindon Kings Lynn but that is now off.
  10. Anzum

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Thank you for the reply. So it makes sense for Premiership teams to not sign riders who's averages between the two leagues are closer to 1:1 than 1:1.5 at the start of the season but wait until a month or so in. Assuming the rider has signed for a championship side.
  11. Anzum

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    62.36 63.59 62.15 62.39 awarded 61.42 TR 61.49 awarded 62.08 62.33 63.21 63.24 62.39 63.93 62.71
  12. Anzum

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    But he isn't really a new rider to the league. I could understand this applying to say Dawid Lampart or Tobiasz Musielak who have never ridden in the Championship. Does this mean Kyle Newman's average for any Premiership team who wants him is now his CL leaving average divided by 1.5 not his last seasons Premiership average?
  13. Interesting. I wasn't sure what the rules were/are. Though if he hadn't ridden in the last heat most likely have ended 18-18. Reading were likely to get a 5-1 based on the the original IOW line up for heat 6 and what had happened in the earlier heats.
  14. Thomsen and Kudriashov through in run off over Borodulin and Musielak. Then Bellego won final so think Bellego Smektala Thomsen and Kudriashov through. Though not very sure.

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