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  1. Big Al

    Leicester 2019

    Stewart Dickson in Speedway Star talking about having some work done to the track this month, getting rid of the bumps that he says had got quite bad last season. There was also an item about a 35-rider practice session having took place recently. Surprised there wasn't carnage!
  2. Would not be surprised if Harris is on the same deal as he had with Boro, and Tungates deal is similar. Rider control, East Anglia style! If the BSPA was properly governed with an independent Executive in control, it would impose strong limitations and conditions on all proposed team changes during the season by Chapman's three clubs where riders would be moving from one club to another. For consistency the same should apply to Leicester and Sheffield, by the way!
  3. Maybe more like a bit of re-distribution of riders among the three teams. Iversen's decision, Tungate's destination, Ipswich struggling to put a side together...... If Chapman had not bought out the two clubs, and put them into the PL thereby keeping it in existence, would anyone else have? So I'm not too convinced it's about trying to dominate the league. Out of the 21 riders which eventually comprise the 3 teams, how many of them will actually be Chapman "assets"? Again, that's still to be known.
  4. So it's Rider Control back again then? But just for 3 clubs of course. And if there has been no response by Harris, then more likely he has been fixed-up with a team place elsewhere already? The stuff about financial operating model causing the change has the strong whiff of smokescreen.
  5. Big Al

    Ipswich 2019

    Nothing by BSPA today in the way of the daily news updates. Is there a meeting going on? Could this be one of the subjects under discussion......??
  6. Big Al

    Ipswich 2019

    Form and confidence seemed to fall off a cliff after looking like a potential heat leader early doors. Started to be a bit of a hazard to team mates. Probably true that cost-cutting was also a factor. But he does really need to work on his English.
  7. Big Al

    Swindon 2019

    Surely, the land and stadium owners can just play the long game now, as long as the developers have sold enough houses to satisfy their shareholders for the time being. Is the local council under pressure from Central government to build more homes in the area? - it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case. If the council does pass a requirement for the developer to carry out the work on the stadium ( track included) until further houses can be built, could the landowners & developers then decide to just take their own sweet time and focus their efforts on other projects ( not in Swindon) and hinder the council's hitting their targets?
  8. Big Al

    Leicester 2019

    Yes, I should have added "in 2011"
  9. Big Al

    Moderators: are you there?

    Fully agree. Just interested in seeing what, for example, Wolves fans think about their team, but it turns into scrolls of Donald Trump impersonators. Never mind.
  10. Big Al

    Moderators: are you there?

    Well fair enough, when you know it's futile, then you stop - that's about making an intelligent choice. Part of the problem seems to be that some don't know when to stop!
  11. Big Al

    Moderators: are you there?

    It's just a bit sad really, dragging down the sport
  12. Big Al

    Moderators: are you there?

    Yes but it would take me all day
  13. Big Al

    Moderators: are you there?

    Arguing requires skill and intelligence!!
  14. It seems as if a few threads have been taken over (more than is normally the case) by contributirs whose sole aim is to wind-up and throw personal abuse around. Its become ridiculous. Are you going to take some decisive action??
  15. Big Al

    Ipswich 2019

    This is sounding all too reminiscent of Leicester's recent dabble in the top flight. At least your promotors are not telling you whoppers about supposedly having world class stars queueing up to sign (and I don't mean Damien Bates). Hope it turns out better for you and that all of the fears prove to be groundless.

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