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  1. Big Al

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Maybe NL matches should not be over15 heats anyway, perhaps 12 heats is enough with, if time and circumstances allows, a couple of additional races for the highest scorers with points earned accumulating over the season to an individual award? If the extra heats don't take place, it's a shame but it doesn't mess up the match result. Also it's ridiculous that Leicester, for example, can use r/r at this level for almost the full season. This is another delayer to matches and it should only be allowed in limited circumstances.
  2. Big Al

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    When Tom Spencer lay on the track and didn't move, it was obviously a serious and worrying situation but it was reassuring that he seemed able, eventually, to get into the ambulance with some assistance. I went to the loo as soon as the ambulance had left the track, and returned to the sight of a tractor going around, so immediately decided that was enough and left. So I don't know what announcements were made if any to explain what the situation was. But the whole episode has shown that attempting to start a second match at 8.30, especially an NDL match is not a good idea, especially as I think these matches are sadly more prone to long delays due to accidents. And of course that inadvisability includes the possibility that substantial track remedial work will be necessary in order to produce as safe a racetrack as possible for these inexpreienced riders. It was therefore ironic and annoying that, after the lengthy work done following the Glasgow match, the first heat of Cubs v Cradley revealed a lethal fault on the racing line on bend 3 which required yet more time to fix. And if the availability of additional medical cover is problematic when attempting to stage a double header, for whatever reasons whether that is cost or availability, then it's a no-brainer to just not attempt it in the first place.
  3. Big Al

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Not sure if our three Australian team members would appreciate that too much (four if you count Perks)
  4. Big Al

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Pure speculation here, but possibly Cook had access to corporate lawyers via the Glasgow club to put his case forward, but they didn't, for some reason, put quite such a persuasive case on behalf of Vissing? And maybe Eastbourne/Ipswich have already made satisfactory alternative arrangements for Kennett?
  5. Big Al

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    So are you really saying these "backers" would chip in to make up riders' reduction/ loss of earnings over a number of meetings, if that were to be the sanction instead of a ban?
  6. Big Al

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    I think some balance and sanity would mean either r/r, or a replacement rider with an average 50% lower than the "banned" rider, but really this shouldn't have come about at all if the matter had been dealt with properly. But probably there are no rules in place to properly cater for this situation I thought there was a resolve by BSPA to reduce the number of guests riders, well that seems to have been scrapped to judge by this fiasco.
  7. Big Al

    Belle Vue v Leicester 8/8/19

    Crazy situation, taking the Perks case, Leicester have Connor Mountain who is riding in just the CL - with an average lower than that of Ellis Perks - yet Perks carries on riding for Leicester Cubs whilst Mountain would probably benefit from having more matches, if he's available of course.
  8. Big Al

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Completely and utterly absurd situation, this is the sort of thing which makes the sport a shambles and laughing stock. Giving these riders bans instead of fining them from earnings was so obviously going to create these issues, I hope the goons who made the decisions realise what they have done, but I doubt it somehow.
  9. Big Al

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Does this mean Glasgow using Sam Masters as a guest for Cook on Saturday, and r/r for Claus Vissing?
  10. Big Al

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Do I detect from this, that Cook's susceptibility to getting easily wound-up (as recently stated by T. Woffinden) may lead to opposition clubs to deliberately get at him? He is the top rider, in the top team, and as such vulnerable to this. Up to Glasgow and him to wise up to this
  11. Big Al

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Autocorrection, I take no credit
  12. Big Al

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    So it looks like Craig Cook and Claus Missing will be banned!
  13. Big Al

    Leicester 2019

    Decision time fast approaching with the return of RW, from what I think he said last month? In the perfect world he will get straight back into the scoring groove but that can't be presumed and even more tricky with him having to return at No.1. But he's also going to need track time, so the two home matches v Gla and Som, plus two away, and Poole matches would be important for him to get that track time ahead of playoffs/finals in September. Trying to come back straight into playoffs & finals wouldnt be too good.
  14. Big Al

    Sheffield 2019

    I would question whether some of the team changes made at Leicester in 2018, especially towards the end of the season and which had the outcome of the team plummeting to the bottom of the league, were "in the best interests of the sport"
  15. Big Al

    Leicester 2019

    Who's the stand-in for Worrall on Saturday? New British Champ possible if he's avsilable? Maybe need to try and avoid giving Somerset and Eastbourne riders any more track time at BP from now.

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