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  1. Big Al

    Glasgow 2020

    Leicesters stadium not owned by the owners of the club, it's leased from a company owned by a Mr Hemsley, which in turn leases the land from Leicester City Council. (or at least it used to be but that's not changed as far as I know). But I think the lease of the stadium provides plenty of access for the club.
  2. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Actually I think a match or a meeting that is a celebration of the 2019 successes would be a good way to help start things off - show off all the silverware on one occasion, and have as many as possible of the 2019 riders involved. Maybe a Lions team of Nicholls, Perks, Douglas, Proctor, R.Worrall, Mountain, Bates against a Cubs side that includes Morris, Howarth, Hume, and a few tasty guests? Would also be a chance to bid a proper farewell to Scott Nicholls.
  3. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Woffinden and Nicholls guesting at 6 and 7 for Leicester?
  4. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    There's been a history of the Lions binning young reserves in the second tier, but this year Jack Thomas binned himself, that was all. But overall there's been a stong tendency for younger riders to underperform at Beaumont Park for the Lions, I think that's because they've struggled to master the track and then get discouraged. Joe and Dan will not have that problem, and so they start out with an advantage over many who have trodden this path.
  5. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Air Fridge = Average
  6. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    The Thompsons are going to need a translator to help them understand what the rest of their team mates are saying.
  7. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Suffered from a dearth of racing opportunity last season especially towards the end. He's in that no-mans land; over-qualified for the NDL and not yet good enough to get any interest from PL. Hopefully with a suitable team next year with the increase in league matches to help boost confidence, he can come back to Leicester in 2021 "oven-ready" as someone says.
  8. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    I think they need to be in the higher level now. Both have a style of riding which is neat and controlled (mostly!), the mishaps, and the near-mishaps, they have suffered have been caused in the main by other NL riders of lesser ability losing control or making misjudgements, together with Joe and Dan trying to make manoevres which have left them at times susceptible. Hopefully this will not be so much of a factor at the CL level. Having said that I am a bit disappointed that Danyon Hume has not moved into the CL side.
  9. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    I hope that Proctor can get his shoulder properly fixed this winter
  10. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Presumably on a nice little deal!
  11. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    If I've got my sums right, the new Championship format will mean 16 home league matches, as compared with 10 in 2019. And what about the Shield, KO Cup, playoffs? So if a club has a successful season, getting everything done by end of October could be a bit of a stretch. No surprise that one reason given for SN's departure was that Leicester's need to run home matches on GP Saturdays will be likely to increase. At one stage of the season (July?) there is a GP on three successive Saturdays, which can't exactly be a very welcome thing for Saturday GB clubs. But doesn't it also bring into question the feasibility of also running a third tier side in 2020? I suppose that could depend to an extent on how big the third tier is, next season. And could there be the possibility of the number of Shield fixtures being reduced a bit, going with four groups of 3 teams for example, or even opting out of the Shield altogether in order to leave enough dates for the Cubs to operate.
  12. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Heres a long shot: Dakota Ballantyne
  13. Big Al

    Speedway's future IMO

    Looks like it's just a case of two main leagues evolving side by side, increasingly indistinguishable, apart from which evenings they operate on, and the number of teams taking part. I think that Poole's decision underlines that, and over time I would expect further such adjustments to happen as the difference disappears. It solves all kinds of problems, not least that of the supply of riders which prohibits the One Big League from being feasible.
  14. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Maybe one of them will be brought into the side part way through the season, if team changes are needed.
  15. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    They should take Sam Masters' recent experience into account and be wary of thinking that the door is open for them in Poland, I think it's a hard nut to crack and with the quantity of riders their system is producing now, will only get even more difficult to break into. Maybe better opportunities will crop up in Sweden during the season especially with top riders staying away from their top tier? On the question of replacing Scott Nicholls, who is there to bring in the same level of know-how to the team, be a captain, is available and can fit within the points limit? (and increase his average).

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