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  1. You put in a pairing in heat 15, who don't ride together, and possibly in the wrong gate positions, it's going to give a few percentage to the opposition. Looked like the Lions pair left half the track open for Vissing and he took the open goal especially with the dirt having gone to the outside by then. You can't beat having two riders who are used to each other in that situation, or if not then two who have the experience to make the first turns difficult for their oppoenents.
  2. Didn't just win it but worked his balls off to do it with an overtake on the last lap, on a track which wasn't allowing much chance.
  3. Heat 15 was a killer, and it will probably prove to be when the final was won and lost
  4. A taste of things to come next season perhaps? A team or even teams made up of freelancers taking part in the league with no home track, to try to keep the league going? I think something similar happened in one-day cricket some years ago, seem to recall the team was called Unicorns. In fact that could be a very apposite name.
  5. Big Al

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Couldn't agree more, and with a track they could race on and under (albeit a bit underpowered) lights, it had all the best ingredients including some incidents, and of course it wouldn't have been complete without another howler from the ref, who failed to notice that Joe Lawlor had taken third place off the last bend. Even the Redcar supporters couldn't believe that one. The near-calamity in heat 15 brought back chilling memories of July 1976 and Doug Underwood lifting on the city bend at Blackie Road and clattering into Ray Wilson, with both leaving the stadium by ambulance. Scott Nicholls performed a miracle in not only getting back under control and avoiding a similar accident by a fag-paper, but also retaining third place. I saw him on the BT coverage from Ipswich last night and I'm sure his hair looked to have gone a bit more white since his previous appearance on TV
  6. From a Lions perspective, choice of guest is a vital one to get right. Is Steve Worrall already booked, or could it be Jake Allen who on the evidence of yesterday could be more likely to win races.
  7. Big Al

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Maybe someone who is into stats can produce the combined CMA by Leicester's Worrall guests so far this season. I wouldn't even like to make a guess whether the figure would be above or below 8.25. But I'd also wonder if Worrall's CMA would have stayed at or around 8.25. - more likely it would have gone down from that as the season went on?
  8. Big Al

    Leicester NL 2019

    Yes, I'd put my shirt on it
  9. Big Al

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    We dodged a big bullet there, and with unpredictability of weather and track conditions its a one-off match coming up on the 12th with Redcar up by 8 points at the start, and anything can happen in these far from normal circumstances to cause a decisive shift to one side or the other. Not over by any means!!
  10. Big Al

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Ideally it would have made sense to bring it forward to an even earlier time, but with today's rain (another downpour about an hour ago, but blue skies now) I guess it's going to need every minute available to get the track ready, and staff & stewards can't all make a big change to their day very easily to accommodate more than an hour alteration. So it's going to be a case of keep fingers crossed and just hope there are no delays, unpredicted downpours, and that Josh Bates doesn't make a surprise comeback.
  11. Big Al

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    The BBC forecast for today is light showers, but what we've just had is a heavy downpour and from the looks of the skies there's more to come. Tomorrow's forecast is better than it was 24 hours ago, but if what's just happened is anything to go by, it can't be relied on to turn out that way. Main problem must be getting saturated tracks dried, even without any rain falling.
  12. When the going gets tough, Iversen disappears
  13. Big Al

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    There's a forecast of rain coming in on Saturday evening from 6pm with it getting worse as the evening goes on. Bringing the start time forward to something like 5pm could give a better chance of completing the match, but that might not be possible to do at this stage, and there's no guarantee the weather will do as predicted!
  14. Big Al

    Leicester 2019

    Small item in today's SS, states that S. Worrall is booked for the second leg by Leicester.
  15. Scotty showed over those two matches that he can raise his game when he needs to, and help to get better performances from team mates. A real captains performance and let's hope he can replicate it for the playoffs. Just one thing to sort out, though, Dougy and him have a tendency to both go for the same piece of track at the same time, they need to sort that out asap! The post-match presentation would have been much improved if the track lights had been switched on for it, even just those on the home straight. It was a bit difficult to pick them out of the fading daylight. And yes, that first bend problem also needs sorting.

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