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  1. Best solution I've come across is two equal standard "conferences" of 9 or 10 teams each and they can run their home race nights so as not to clash spread from Thursday to Monday. Doubling up should be plentiful and unconflicting! The two conference winners (however arrived at) meet in a grand final. Would probably mean no Bewley and Lambert for example as they would likely take the "Poland" option along with 20+ others currently in the PL. But better collaboration between UK and Denmark would be desriable in the best interests of both in terms of rider opportunities and development. Helped of course by UK not using Wednesdays!!
  2. I half suspected this would get "local" responses. Never mind your own club to start with, it's a hypothetical question. There have been some voices on BSF calling for the UK to ditch the International Leagues agreement and just run on race nights that suit the UK best instead. Many of those are highly anti-Mondays although if a club wanted/needed to run on Monday well why not if it decided that's best for them. So to start with, how many riders would the UK league be left with, if the UK were to declare UDI and for the most part go head to head with Poland?
  3. You must have missed "occasionally Mondays will be used"
  4. 103 riders across the PL and EL at the moment, give or take a couple. If BSPA were to write now to each of them, stating "Our intention is that from 2020 the UK will run meetings only on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Occasionally Mondays will be used, but Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be set aside for those riders who wish to ride in Sweden and Denmark. Therefore UK clubs will not be able to engage the services of any rider who has contractual commitments to a Polish club, which could prevent him from fulfilling UK commitments. Please let us know, by return, if you would be prepared to remain competing in the UK under those conditions." How many of the 103 would say yes. And what assurances would they need?
  5. Big Al

    Leon Madsen

    He isn't related to Peter Madsen is he? (guy who was recently convicted of murdering a journalist on his home-made submarine near Copenhagen)
  6. Big Al

    Swindon 2018

    James? His brother Charles rides for Sheffield btw
  7. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Wait till Friday!
  8. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I thought he wasn't given very long to settle and seemed a bit left out in a team spirit sense. He was very young then and perhaps not given enough encouragement. Still, Leicester reserves in those days were not generally treated very well, there was a long list of short tenures. The track was difficult for less experienced riders to master and so they tended to lose confidence.
  9. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I see that Charles Wright who has just been sacked by Somerset has an average of 6.36 but of course that will soon change whether up or down I don't know. But if he has become a troublemaker I'm not sure he'd be worth it anyway. The Bateses will know best of course with him being at Sheffield this year. I thought Leicester actually treated him quite badly in 2011.
  10. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Amazing innit? Three totally different reasons. NL has probably saved itself from a bore/dust fest though. Good opportunity to do some work on the track?
  11. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Coventry v Buxton tomorrow is off due to an electrical problem. National League 4's cancelled due to "a combination of circumstances". Leicester v Wolves (apparently) put back to 2 July. Is something going on?? (apart from the footy)
  12. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    And less likely - Paddy Hougaard , Krys Buczkowski, Simon Wozniak and Greg Walasek
  13. Woffinden was obviously making sure that GB got the silver medal and celebrated his success afterwards.
  14. Quite so. And it sounds as if that's fixable. But I'm curious to know how the shape could be changed including to what extent.
  15. Yes - would you be looking at keeping within the current boundaries, or expanding them?

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