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  1. If that's the case, why bother awarding any points to those riders who finished in positions 9-16? Just give them all zero!
  2. Almost as confusing as the new cycle lanes on the A6
  3. If they are going to stick with this new points system, then for next year they should think very hard about getting rid of having two semi-finals, and going with seeding the two top scorers direct into the final, and having a race-off for the other two places. Otherwise its leaving things too open for somebody like Freddie going the full 20, or someone like Laguta having his efforts wasted due to a freak occurrence in the semi.
  4. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Good fun. was Henning during his short stint. Announced at signing as being an "out and out number one" by our beloved former promoter Mr Hemsley. By that time, many had become accustomed to his blarney and didn't for one minute believe that, and of course Henning got nowhere near to that status. But along with Kevin Doolan, he knew how to work a crowd.
  5. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Spotted in Speedway Star recently...... Sergei Darkin makes comeback to help out Togliatti, age 47 Ilya Bondarenko returns to action for Vladivostock. Is he still using lawnmower engines? Greg Walasek regularly putting up double figures at No.1 for Opole Who would we see making a comeback for the Lions if any matches take place this year??
  6. Completely understandable, especially if they have an alternative (and reliable) source of income.
  7. The problem is, if the go-ahead were given for resumption of racing on, let's say, 1st August with a limit on attendance of 500, or 750, or 1000, there's going to be even greater uncertainty over how many will turn up and pay to watch than there normally is. Keep in mind the age factor - if speedway were popular among mostly the under 40's there wouldn't be such a lack of certainty. So nobody is going to know, until a few weeks have gone by (presuming reasonable weather), what income the clubs are going to be working with. You never know, it could turn out to be stunningly good, or atrocious. Until thats been resolved more, and as purely a one-off, there's got to be some flexibility on the part of both promoters and riders. We want to ensure the clubs who give things a go don't go bust and stay in existence next season. If some riders decide against going ahead, at least initially for whatever reason, on a flexible basis then fair enough, that decision should be respected and be welcomed back again in 2021. It's not a matter of greed, it's a matter of being realistic and working together.
  8. That is true, but employees of Walkers Crisps and other factories are hardly likely to be trying to gatecrash speedway practice sessions, or anything else in the area including the shopping centre. They disappear off home at end of shift and recently it's been usual for several to pack into one car. Also, if there were consistency, wouldn't Walkers Crisps need to be closed down temporarily. Unfortunately nobody will take that decision as it would mean that millions would starve.
  9. Wasn't referring to speedway racing especially, more the curtailment of the successful practice arrangements which had been organised by the club and which were bringing in much-needed income as well as providing riders with the opportunity. The main impact however has been on businesses in and around Leicester which had got themselves geared up to start up again, in areas away from the Covid surge area.
  10. Along with a great many other businesses in Leicester that were ready to resume, it is grossly unfair that a problem rooted in one area of the city should have such an overall impact. There needs to be some balls to make decisions and put in place measures that would cause offense and produce a strong vocal reaction, but I can't see any local or national politicians growing a pair anytime soon.
  11. Big Al

    Corona virus

    Good for you. Pleased it didn't hit you too hard. Im also over 50, I'm not obese and no underlying health problems. But I was in hospital 5 nights. It's now 5 weeks since I was discharged and still having side effect health problems. For example I still can't walk properly. Very little is yet known about this virus in terms of individual biomedical factors causing it to effect some more badly than others. Broad patterns have emerged, for sure, but at a far more nauanced, micro level there's a long way to go. There's also the possibility that some people are just unfortunate enough to cop a big dose of virus, and that this has an impact on severity. So count your lucky stars!
  12. Big Al

    British Speedway to be reborn?

    I recall David Howe, soon after he'd finished riding, airing his views on this forum and although not remembering the detail, they seem to be similar to much that has been put onto this thread. And that was long before the havoc being caused by a global pandemic. Much of his rational thinking was focused on costs and equipment, and about the UK scene needing to prioritise its own survival by establishing and operating at a realistic level. He also talked about how he did not rely on speedway and other motorcycling to provide him with a living, with HGV driving work as his other income. It's long been something which intrigues me - how do speedway riders get other income, or do they have other sources at all? People like David Howe should be involved in planning and decision-making in the current crisis.
  13. Big Al

    Corona virus

    Will there be a point in time when it becomes unviable for Australian riders (who have returned/remained at home) to come over to the UK? If so, when is that likely to happen?
  14. Big Al

    Dakota North

    Tyburn Gallows is my favourite. Although not his real name of course.
  15. Big Al

    Unattached British Talent ?

    I'm just wondering, if in this new "golden age" where from January 2021 lower-skilled foreigners will no longer be welcome and their replacements will be drawn from among the 8.3 million British idlers and workshy backsliders whom the lovely Ms Patel has identified as the ready source as seamless replacements, that possibly I, as a member of the aforesaid classes, could finally have a chance to be a professional speedway rider? I'm ready, willing, and errrm.....

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