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  1. I've noticed that Iversen has been regularly dropping clangers lately, and seems to lose his rag a bit too easily. Maybe KL won't be all that much at a disadvantage.
  2. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    If you go to a thread called The Way Ahead in the General Discussions section, there's a post titled Pathfinder Report 2018. I've absolutely no idea where this has come from, or how genuine it is. It's been there a couple of weeks now, but still hasn't been met with any response. So I'll stay skeptical about it's authenticity. It has the look of some kind of commissioned report with proposals for the future leagues and teams structure. Any clues??
  3. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Says the club and fans need stability, riders they can relate to. Does that conflict with his (self proclaimed) Tinkerman reputation?
  4. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    More a case of the whole of the current Premier league will "drop down" I think. Statement from Damien Bates stressing the separation between Sheffield and Leicester, so I very much doubt that Steady would have carried on. Hopefully at last the Lions have someone with the right set of skills to steer the club. If only he could build a replacement track...
  5. Big Al

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    The Freesport commentator seems a bit stuck when it comes to Pawel Prezpelski. "Former Leicester Lion" he says whenever said rider comes to the tapes. Well, yes, if you count taking part in three heats. The latter one entailing him ballsing up bend three, flying through the air and ending up buried under the airfence with a broken leg. Surely he can get hold of some more interesting information? Like he is a fully qualified painter & decorator, and helps out with his family business renovating old properties during the off-season. Where's Motty when you need him?
  6. Big Al

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    The Prime Minister of Swidden resigned yesterday, which probably put a dampener on things. Apparently he is a big Dackarna fan, and often gives riders, officials and supporters free massages at home matches. But probably not yesterday.
  7. Big Al

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    It amazes me how often and for how long Hans Andersen has been getting away with it
  8. Big Al

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    BT Sport could always produce their own rival programme. But would Woffinden & Speedway get much of a chance? More than with Auntie, but they would just kowtow to those sports they pay the highest fees to! It's all a pointless irrelevance
  9. Big Al

    Swindon 2019

    Building the new track shouldn't be a problem I guess, sounds like a makeover job. But the rest of it??? Those permissions need to come in pretty quick because it sounds a bit tight, if they don't. Wrecking balls would need to start work on Friday, wouldn't they??
  10. Big Al

    Swindon 2019

    So, by next March there will be a new speedway track with a racy pacy shape. The pits will have been moved (hopefully). That's the good news. But, going by the brief statement, it will probably be surrounded by cleared ground at best. No mention of spectator facilities, parking!!
  11. Big Al

    Swindon 2019

    Oooh, you bitch!!!!
  12. Big Al

    Wolves 2019

    Wouldn't that mean even smaller difference between PL and CL especially if some current riders don't, for whatever reasons, return for the 2019 PL? Also I know IOW is highly regarded but would they be wise to leave their current level? Maybe it's Plymouth and/or Mildenhall more likely to make the jump.
  13. Big Al

    Where is SCB

    Depends which institution he's in. Just a lottery. That's post-crash UK for you. The places should have more bankers in them, paying large board and lodgings fees.
  14. Big Al

    Where is SCB

    That sort of forensic, computer-like brain mixed with a certain level of obsessiveness and certainty of being "correct" in any argument, is sadly susceptible to taking a short but out of control walk over to the dark side. ScB could have been put to very good use by the BSPA but it turns out it was as well they didn't. I can only say that a couple of times I asked him to explain the background to contentious issues in the sport which I was lacking understanding of, and he provided full and detailed answers. Mental health problems are no trivial matter with someone who does what he has.
  15. The restrained comment by Woffinden "It is what it is".....so what was "it"? Probably something he would get into trouble for, had he said it. In which case the missing word is probably "bent".

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