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  1. Big Al

    Unattached British Talent ?

    I'm just wondering, if in this new "golden age" where from January 2021 lower-skilled foreigners will no longer be welcome and their replacements will be drawn from among the 8.3 million British idlers and workshy backsliders whom the lovely Ms Patel has identified as the ready source as seamless replacements, that possibly I, as a member of the aforesaid classes, could finally have a chance to be a professional speedway rider? I'm ready, willing, and errrm.....
  2. Big Al

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    The second part of that is spot on, but I'm not so sure about the first part. From the 2019 season, Scott Nicholls was generally good at Leicester, a more technical track where brains can sometimes out-do throttle (and more often since the track changes). And he was good at certain away circuits, suited to his style and physique. But where that wasn''t the case, he was getting beaten by the level of riders you are saying he should beat in heats 2,8,12 and 14 in the PL. If you have younger, less experienced riders in the team who will benefit from his experience and repute that is great, but will that apply at Peterborough, where the team is, on the whole, already very experienced.
  3. Big Al

    Riders to improve in 2020.?

    The.SS report on the second leg of last year's championship final described Ellis Perks as Leicester's "unlikely hero" which I thought was rubbish because he was already a hero. Early part of the season he benefitted from riding with Scott Nicholls but on the occasions when he was put at 3 or 4, or Nicholls was at 5 for a month, Ellis showed he could step up. In fact right at the end, when they occasionally rode as a pairing again, they seemed more like equals. Look at the number of bonus points to his name! If he keeps to the same fitness and health regime that clearly benefitted him greatly last winter, he certainly could be pushing Nick Morris for top dog. And Swindon will be optimistic about him too.
  4. Big Al

    Leicester NDL 2020

    Earlier than expected? Had you taken out a contract hit on him??
  5. Big Al

    Danny Ayres RIP

    What an article. And what a range of feelings it stirs. Sadness, profound sympathy, anger, frustration - the list just goes on. The recurring thought, "if only, if only." A son who was probably still suffering bereavement, picking up the courage to ask for help and perhaps being rebuffed. The loss now being felt by his father, partner and children. MIND is a fantastic charity, Samaritans is another doing life-saving work and they in turn need support.
  6. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Cancel any plans for May and pray for good weather.
  7. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Including better lighting......the rubble dumping will have to come back to pay for it!
  8. Big Al

    Leicester NDL 2020

    So far, three Dans, two Joes. The last signing will have to be called Tom
  9. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Any comment on this please, 1 Valve?
  10. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Isn't it a question of what is reasonable. If the wind blows the roof off, whose fault is it and who is responsible for repair. What sort of things could the tenant be reasonably expected to adopt resposonsibility for maintaining, and which should be sole responsibility of the landlord? I've been telling my landlord for several months that the gutters need to be cleared out and that weather will cause damage if he doesn't, but I am not responsible for getting the job done; it isn't within my powers to prevent the gutters from clogging up. But it absolutely is my responsibility to keep the interior clean and in a good general state.
  11. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    I would be surprised if the Bates's agreed to a lease making them responsible for any of the stadium infrastructure, it would be unusual, but well I suppose that it is possible. However, I also don't think they are stupid.
  12. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    As per others - yes he effectively is, via his company BSC Ltd. However if he is true to reputed past "form", he will be trying to avoid responsibility and cost for the needed improvements and repairs, either by maintaining they should be done and financed by others, or by just doing nothing in response to requests from his tenants. This is somewhat different from the stadium car park, which BSC under the planning requirements of City Council, was supposed to have tarmacked over with parking spaces properly marked. So if anyone incurs an injury by accidentally stepping into a pothole whilst walking across it, you know who is liable. However, the chances of actually getting any compo from BSC are slim, but you could have a better chance with the Council if they've failed to enforce the requirement.
  13. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Mr Godfrey will re-imburse any parking fines incurred. Official announcement any day now.....
  14. Big Al

    Loan Riders

    So what do you think of the Victor Palovaara case last season? Glasgow chose not to employ him, yet they were able to prevent him taking up an offer of work from Leicester.
  15. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Is it the promotion who are responsible for this, or is it the landlord (Hemsley)? Either way, it needs sorting out, as does the track lighting.

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