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  1. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

  2. I think it will be 3 in/3 out, unless there is a voluntary withdrawal in which case BSI will be tempted to invite Lambert. Along with Pawlicki and Cook, I think that Holder is likely to make up the three departures.
  3. I agree. He has yet to develop a ruthless streak and you cannot hack it in the GP without that.
  4. Big Al

    Sheffield 2018

    On one or two occasions this season, Leicester could have brought in Lasse Bjerre, a rider with an association with the club having been with the Lions during the PL years and having spells in the EL/PL since then. But the opportunities went by, which made me think that for whatever reason he isn't exactly top of the Bateses Christmas cards list. I heard that when he was with the Lions in the PL days he could be a bit frustrating to manage but had thought he'd grown out of it. Maybe not?
  5. Are you referring to the 30th May there? Think you will find that Danny King was Leicester captain at that time.
  6. I guess they phoned him and asked if he was available
  7. The problems with attendances must be more acute during March to May because of weather and football, live or on TV. And if the race night is also wrong, the problem just gets compounded. So would a heavily discounted mini season-ticket covering those months be an answer, then have a more premium-price season ticket to cover June to September but include family concessions for the holders? Obviously the product needs to be got right to match, i.e. run the matches quick in the early season, and keep down the dust during the premium months.
  8. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Yes and Somerset have been around for some while now, got themselves a sound record of success earned over the years and in doing so built up some good relationships with riders. You reap what you sow. One of Leicester's problems is the new owners are still to an extent reaping the results of the previous owner's problems most f which were of his own making. The Vaculik signing was a big attempt to break free from those shackles and I'm sure the work they've put in over the past two seasons has done a lot to repair the reputation of Leicester amongst riders.
  9. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Moving up a league far too soon and doing changes to the track much too late. The decision to move into what was the Elite league came before the club had grown any proper roots and was a personal vanity project which has never been recovered from. The EL said "yes please, we need some new whipping boys," and it's pretty much stayed that way.
  10. Big Al


    More like those left in the (now) PL downshifting a few notches, and some CL teams upshifting by one notch!
  11. Big Al


    So if (as the leaks and rumours are indicating) there is to be amalgamation between the current three leagues into two leagues with the "top" one having around 14 teams, a playoff (for want of a better word) involving the top 8 finishers would be likely. I'm sure there are many other examples around, but Super League and Australian Rules (AFL) come to mind as both of these have an 8 team playoff although the formats differ quite a bit. The problem is what happens to the 8 teams not making the playoffs, their seasons come to a complete halt if there isn't a competition for them, as happens I think with AFL but not Super League. So would we be looking at, in effect, a Second Division being formed by those 8 teams (and maybe decided by playoff system which assures at least 2 further home matches). So you begin the season with two leagues/titles and you end it with three? Or maybe even four, if the original second league also does a similar split? Doubling up would of course still be necessary, and probably a lot of Danish and German riders! ( who should be allowed into the second tier providing of course that the UK hasn't closed it's borders to foreigners by then).
  12. Big Al

    Poole should be docked points and fined

    Good to see that Robert Lambert has a good sense of irony and humour. Shame it seems to have been wasted among those who don't possess these.
  13. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Ironic that the apology issued by the Lions management was made after a meeting which had some of the best racing seen at Beaumont Park, helped by a well prepared track.
  14. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    It was, and did they wait for too long until accepting that Josh Bates would not come back? When it was announced that Kenneth Bjerre had been signed, I knew there was no way he would maintain his Belle Vue average, and it put restrictions on the opportunities for other changes until his average had gone down to his "real" level. Overall, too many cases of riders not fulfilling their average, Andersen notably excepted, and that terrible night in Swindon, a match which should not have been going ahead.
  15. Big Al

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Unfortunately, Auty moving to reserve has probably happened 3 matches too late. If Robbo, Wright and Wells can perform more in line with their CL averages, and possibly James Shanes at 7, it might bring a brighter end to the season.

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