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  1. shazza13

    Ipswich 2018

    Wow jenga mind you dont overstep the mark lol youll be having tea next
  2. shazza13

    Ipswich 2018

    In the tweets bit top right corner... Glasgow site says subject to bspa approval speedway gb tweeted it
  3. shazza13

    Ipswich 2018

    Its on speedway gb site in the tweets bit
  4. shazza13

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    He will want to come now his Star man is back this week!!!!!
  5. Perhaps you need to talk to the riders and people associated regarding payments!!!!
  6. He was indeed at speedway last night I saw a hand shake between him and Steve. IMO... issue closed!!
  7. Well said... it annoys the life out of me!
  8. shazza13

    Workington 2018 .

    Well said Cometbaz... seems your either in favour or not.... yet again the Comets bare the brunt...
  9. I never saw or heard Ricky's name mentioned in any line up for the fours... just like Rene or Nickolai were never listed in Workingtons line up for the same reasons... Poland took precedence.
  10. Err what about the workington fans???? Plenty of us there!!!
  11. shazza13

    Workington 2018 .

    Are they not Friday dates? We have been asked to rearrange to saturdays I believe..and reliably informed that 2 clubs wont agree to saturdays for whatever reason....
  12. Glasgow fans asked us if we would like Sarj back to which TaylorJ and i both politely declined... we did however thank them for our fab reserve they were oh so cocky about offloading to us once upon a time.... oh hows things change... one even said hindsight is a funny thing.... ;)
  13. Was a good fun trip as always Jenga even in defeat we still have fun
  14. I dont feel you have any reason to apologise.. As you say you are governed by the Ref... Keep on doing what you do Hoggy!
  15. Yes it's true 9th june... was posted on comets website

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