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  1. shazza13

    BSF Awards - Championship

    Rasmus Jensen 100%
  2. Totally Agree...he's a character 4 sure!!
  3. shazza13

    BSF Awards - Championship

    Rider of the year - Rasmus Jensen Most impressive team - Workington Team rider of the season - Mason Campton he has been the ultimate team player One to watch - Rasmus Jensen...everyone will want him...frightened of no one! Bulldog award (Best British rider) - Dan Bewley... the next Woffy! Meeting of the season - Workington v Edinburgh KOC semi final to pull back 28 points just WOW! Surprise of the season - Workington Underperformers (Team) - Sheffield Unluckiest rider - Ty Proctor... missed out on premiership championship with KL and missed riding in our finals for us through injury. Newcomer of the season - Kyle Bickley
  4. shazza13

    BSF Awards - Championship

    I have mine where would you like it posted?
  5. shazza13

    2nd leg play off final

    Butterflies... i feel like ive got an albatross i my tummy
  6. shazza13

    Worky v scunny koc leg 2

    Its true... claus for us... TJ for the scorps
  7. shazza13

    Worky v scunny koc leg 2

    Its a take on the wombles theme tune... with the line... 'the witches of Workington Comets are we'
  8. Thursday 25th 7.30 get yer hotel booked
  9. I dont like to upset u but there are a few more than 3 witches.. be very careful as they are in varying different locations ar DP.... little do you know....
  10. Thank you...met your better half tonight..lovely lady.
  11. Mason Campton is the best £10000 you've made and we have spent thank you very much..hes an adopted cumbrian. Thank you for your good wishes for our '3' finals too.
  12. We've run buses to and many other tracks north and south...unfortunately this season has been so hit and miss with meetings getting the buses organised, money collected in to pay for them has been very tricky plus for a lot of us its working out cheaper to fill a car and drive against the cost for 2 people on the bus. So alas this year hasn't been great for the buses but away support has still been the same. This will be my 3rd trip to Ashfield this year in all i have managed 12 away trips this year supporting the lads i dont think that's too shabby really.
  13. Don't have a lot of options really.. there will still be a few from both sides making the journeys north and south...unfortunately I won't be one of them due to a prior engagement..I will be there in spirit tho and my partners in crime will keep me posted. Though I am gutted not to be there these things happen.
  14. Workington haven't changed yet says a decision will be made... its weather dependent.

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