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  1. Well said!!!! C'mon the COMETS
  2. Oh and the quote from George English is 100% about Workington. this little snippet from GMM says different... Bias...really for supporting your own team?
  3. And as someone 'in the know' you think its the correct thing to do... go on a public forum and air 'your teams' dirty laundry? What goes on between riders and management is their business! And other promoters airing other clubs business is very poor taste. This team is the best we have had for years and are doing the job they are asked. Leave them to get on with it and unless they have done something personal and disgusting to you may I politely suggest you 'butt out' !
  4. I was led to believe that after initially being told we could only have NL guests for polish league 2 fixtures it was reviewed and agreed that a facility would be allowed but this was not done until after the original away meeting had been postponed... not from persons connected to workington but from someone genuinely passionate about the future of British Speedway. Whats done is done! We had no choice originally as Rene n Nicolai were in Poland however that is not the same as Newcastle turning up with the team they did. People who have jobs outside od speedway I can understand perhaps there can be issues with short notice rearrangements... others who were a No Show I cannot.. i know its end of season but to let their team down like that IMO they dont deserve a team place. Well done James n Josh for having a go and allowing Newcastle to field 7 riders. Goodbye and Good luck to Stuart for his future away from Riding... IMO its guys like him Stoney Garry Stead who should be involved in the running of the sport.. guys with no vested interest in a team just the survival and love of the sport in this country... the sport that no matter which team we support we are all passionate about!!!! Have a nice day!
  5. shazza13

    Derwent Park

    Ive heard from someone connected to the rugby 18months n DP will be demolished... its scary that thought!
  6. shazza13

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Oooh I would like to see that... perhaps on the centre green too.
  7. 3 meetings usually given for a claim
  8. Do you have the matching section???
  9. Last nights 5050 is unclaimed ticket no 7036
  10. Last nights 5050 is unclaimed ticket no 7036.....
  11. Quite happy with R/R for Ty all the boys can take a ride for him and a guest for Dan is sorted thanks for your concern tho.....
  12. We have got a guest for Dan thanks and R/R for Ty is ok too as all the lads can have a ride for him...
  13. Last weeks 5050 was drawn tonight ticket 6227 was the number if you have it please send me a dm or bring it to next weeks meeting

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