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  1. The Observer

    Poole v Leicester Prem A. 30/5/18

    Am I the only one that was slightly relieved the fixture didn't go ahead, because I don't believe having Chris Harris at No. 1 would have brought the Lions many points? I take no pride in saying that as he's been a marvelous servant to British Speedway, however he just doesn't appear to be on it this season.
  2. The Observer

    Leicester Lions 2018

    This afternoon’s result has unfortunately shown that changes are necessary. Losing MV along with a number of injuries and absentees due to other commitments has completely disrailed the team. We are vunerable at reserve more than ever when the top 5 fail to score as hoped. Kyle is struggling in the No. 2 berth & should be back at 6. Kurtz is ok at 7, but Sarg should be doing better and has to go (sorry). Concerns still remain with the Captain, even though he’s just returned from injury.
  3. The Observer

    Premiership 23/04/18 - Leicester v Swindon

    Have to give credit where credit's due. Perfect Team Managership by Roscoe, knowing exactly who to use & when to use r/r's and t/s. The additional rides for Troy & Tobias helped tremendously.. I personally expected more from Kenneth but very early days to be fair to him, an encouraging debut from Todd, but I've huge concerns over Sarg. With Kyle moving to No.2 it's now really exposed the Lion's reserves should the top order not perform.
  4. I thoroughly agree. After all these delays & false starts the Lions now have a weakened team, not through Vaculik's injury but from MPT's, therefore unless Newman and particularly Sarj score heavily I can see a Rebels win.
  5. The Observer

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Has anyone heard who the Team Manger will be for the forth coming season? I'd personally love it if Steady would be prepared to double-up and travel down the M1 to us every Monday. He was a huge fans favourite as a rider.
  6. The Observer

    Swindon 2018

    Really? I feel the Lion's Vaculik, Andersen, King & Pieszczek once dialed-in to the UK tracks are at least their equal. All obviously hypothetical at this juncture of course.
  7. The Observer

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Top final signing by the Lions. This is easily the most balanced lineup we've ever assembled so huge credit must go out to the management and with many of the riders knowing each other I'm hopeful team spirit will be really good. "Give us a L". If anyone should be dissatisfied at this lineup, then there's really no hope.
  8. The Observer

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I read that all seven rider suits are available for sponsorship and to own at the end of the season for a fee of £500. I only hope this season there isn't the usual merry go round of riders trying to squeeze into the same 7 kevlars.
  9. The Observer

    Leicester Lions 2018

    If Han's is confirmed then this is the strongest line-up the Lions have had in years, plus with the influx again of ex-bees riders there should be a lot of Coventry fans willing to come and see some top racing at Beaumont Park. (Shrewd move by the management & marketing Team imo).
  10. The Observer

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Totally agree, and is more than cable of mixing it up with the very best i.e. Jason Doyle etc. in Heats 13 & 15.
  11. The Observer

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Great news about Josh, just have to hope he comes to tapes with a clear head. If Hans is the final rider then the Lions have a strong lineup 1-7, all we then need is confirmation of who'll be 2018 Team Manger.
  12. The Observer

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Never imagined Hans ever wearing the kevlars of the Lions, but I'd settle for him if that's the case. He'd be an ideal 2nd heat leader.
  13. The Observer

    Workington 2018 .

    Having witnessed Klindt as team captain of the Leicester Lions, I'd suggest you have a good signing. If nothing else, he's a team player and will pass on a huge amount of experience to the 2-youngsters, but he should score well for the Comets home & away.
  14. The Observer

    Leicester Lions 2018

    If the Lions can get certain reassurances from KK, I'd take a punt on him. Likes BP and when dialled in would be a good 2/3rd heat leader.
  15. The Observer

    Leicester Lions 2018

    That suggests he's simply coming for the money or his preferred club can't fit him in, rather than him having a liking for the track. I'd doubt we'd get the best out of him under those circumstances, unless he's fired up and out to prove a point of course.

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