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  1. Fenway Bleachers

    Edinburgh 2019

    A few haggis suppers should give him the boak instead. Monarchs have a good record of keeping riders sweet, and part of the extended blue and gold family. Hopefully the other Aussies take him under their wing. I wonder if he might ride at 4 with Josh, or get the 5 jacket ?
  2. Fenway Bleachers

    Edinburgh 2019

    Welcome back blobs, hang over settled? Pragmatic reassuring sense as always !
  3. Fenway Bleachers

    Edinburgh 2019

    I take your views, since you have been watching him more often. However we do have a decent track record of improving riders once in the Monarchs family. Here’s hoping we do so again.
  4. Fenway Bleachers

    Edinburgh 2019

    Luke comes from Melrose, so a local lad , and he has some experience of the dale. That will help since home advantage here can be huge. As long as he puts in the effort, and takes advantage of extra laps post meetings, all he needs to do is beat his opposite 2 pointer more often than not, and the blue and gold will embrace him, because that’s what we do. Anything more will be a bonus, but a few points in heats 2 and 4 will be job done.
  5. Fenway Bleachers

    Edinburgh 2019

    Skippy is one Aussie not allowed on this team. Must fish out my baggy green for the new season
  6. Fenway Bleachers

    Edinburgh 2019

    Smashing news, Jock Sedgmen back in the blue and gold, should be the ideal partner for Josh in the engine room of the team. Sedgy on the white line, Josh along the air fence. Perfect team riding! He should add a bit to the 6 average especially at home, where he is much loved. Welcome home....the bar has been polished for your next performance.
  7. Dreadful capitulation..... No more cold nights in the coo shed.....
  8. Many happy returns indeed. Some Buckfast repellent spray on its way in the birthday parcel
  9. If Worky make it all the way in all 3 competitions......they have 11 more home fixtures to organise , and if they don`t then at least 8 I reckon. Looks like plenty of double headers to come depending on rain. Geeeezzz
  10. We have to qualify first and that is no certainty. worky gave up before the second corner, Ty the biggest culprit. Well done to Klindt for having a go. Looking forward to the cup semi........eventually. Now we need away points
  11. Depends on which Rene Bach turns up. no dan (get fit soon ) definitely weakens the comics Embra by 10-15 and no points dropped. Saturday looks better weather wise. Bach back in body of team so possible away point me hopes. Just don`t allow any of the cumbrian medics to go daft with the morphine again.
  12. Monarchs by around 20 me thinks and a full max for Richie. Lets hope the track has lots of dirt again and the sky taps stay off
  13. Fenway Bleachers

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    How was the attendance?? The annual fight with the M6 &5 was lost this year.Absolutely no chance getting there leaving the central belt at 9 am. I suspect others were in same boat and just headed to Cardiff. Well done the Sheffield Tiggers.
  14. No flies on you Jenga.........well spotted. Its over 20 years since I did any gynaecology, but I was a dab hand in labour suite with retained placenta, nice small mitts me. Well done Comics, after the 1/5 in heat 5 they had a sense a win was on and thoroughly deserved it. Wee Dan looks a man on the up and very stylish. Go on and win it.......Lakeside the biggest hurdle perhaps.
  15. Well Wee Dan , Proctor and Bach on a going day have Armadale form and Mason Tampon should score from reserve. Come on Marra`s the draw is there for you.......with a bit of help.

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