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  1. Edinburgh 2018

    Minutes silence for the Chatzone / Chatroom. Wonderful service run by ML and Dekker and a sad loss. Definitely enjoyed the banter there during a magnificent run, and all the texting from Monarchs fans up and down the country. Have a graceful retirement Caroline, and a few beaujolais
  2. Edinburgh 2018

    But Dek if you re- apply your blue and gold specs you will remember many double figure hauls at home and away. Multiple 5-1s with Cookie . 7 wins out of 8 in Grand finals (against Somerset and Weegies) at the dale, and a stellar performance winning the 4s at the STMP. I`m sure there were more. No doubt away from the blue and gold vest he was inferior, but I think the harsh handling at BV might have accelerated that, mibees aye mibees naw, but his ego was well nurtured by the Monarchs management team and we certainly saw the best of him. In Sport , going back rarely succeeds I grant you but this was one option I would have been happy with. Anyway moving on , it will be interesting to see how this team develops during the year. Like 2012 we may struggle in heats 13 and 15, but I hope Erik will quickly sort that out. The bottom of the team is built to improve averages and on big away tracks Josh and Matt will score much better than last years fellows who really struggled, so that will compensate. This team will end stronger than it starts me-thinks
  3. Edinburgh 2018

    Improving averages is the idea, which makes me wonder why Sedgy at 6.2 and Theo at 4.3 were not obvious improvers especially with their skill at the dale. Remember Sedgy reached an average of 8 with us at the end and would be a more than capable 3rd HL if we could coax him back to form.
  4. Edinburgh 2018

    Agreed...2014 was an annus mirabilis. Alex and John have a good track record in team building. They rarely get it wrong...2011 maybe the only time in recent seasons when waiting for WL left us handicapped at reserve all season. This team is certainly built with lots of promise. Bring it on.
  5. 2000

    As a monarch 2014 was by far the best .....the invincibles won lots of bling and made the season memorable, especially the Pairs. I first watched speedway at Coatbridge in `73, Dave Gifford, Pogo Collins and Trapper Wilson to name a few, but 76 was my favourite a certain Mitch Shirra lit up the shale that year, and a few later the Monarchs rose from the Ashes back at Powderhall.........happy days
  6. Edinburgh 2018

    No surprise there . Max needs more exposure to big tracks to progress, still he should do fine at Lakeside if he traps well. Thanks for all your efforts in blue and gold, but a change of scene is needed.
  7. Agreed, need a good stat. Think Roo might be out in heat 1, cos that`s our weakest pairing.....
  8. Championship Play Offs

    We have had a slick track most of the year......lets hope the heavens open and we get some mud, that will give us some real home advantage.
  9. don`t think this will be a ticket event. The Glasgow promo and paper handouts have a bad recored
  10. Redcar V Edinburgh 24/8/17

    Enjoyed visit to STMP as always, great track. Long tail again caught us out, Bears strength in depth won thru, Ricky a class apart. Max low on confidence and after briefly showing in heat 2, reverted to type, sad to watch and probably needs a rest and to think where he goes next. maybe we need to get Theo to get a Uk passport........Carrie can sort that, after all with a surname of Pijper, he must have Scottish ancestry. Either that or Jock Sedgmen for next year....???? 4th place still up for grabs, whoever loses least at home between these two will claim it , but be cannon fodder for Sheffield in the play off semi.
  11. Good start to the days sport for the Low-bees. Maybe minor miracles can happen at the Stade de la weegie....
  12. Weegies could hit 60 here, MLB a better attraction.
  13. Edinburgh V Sheffield Ch 4/8/17 @7.30pm

    Well done Sheffield, sharper from Hatthe traps and Bomber sublime team riding in heat 11. Howarth unrecognisable from the 2011 wobbler. Bad injury for sam and his season probably over, worse luck. Guests from here on in likely. we might make top 4 but will be lambs to the slaughter in current form. Ippo, glasgow could win at the dale and the Panties next week will fancy their luck too. Not sure why max had 4 rides tonight, very slow every race, Josh in heat 8 12 and14 seemed sensible with Mitch in heat 9 for max,still best team won. Harris and R/R made Sheff stronger but they were more determined especially at the end. 9-27 from heat 10 says it all. We collapsed big time.
  14. Agree with above....masters ad Erik in 15 off gates 2 and 4. gate 1 was slick and furthest to the dirt, with choice in 15 we erred picking 1 and 3. Cookie looked obvious winner, he rarely misses start twice , but giving Tommy gun 4 again was silly. Hats off to TJ and, Williamson. who rode well, and to Mitch davey his heat 14 was fantastic. As for max Clegg, more on the pace tonight but rides too tight and easily passed. His struggles on the bigger tracks continues.
  15. big away wins with lots of 5-1`s dont you just love it ??