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  1. Fenway Bleachers

    'the Donald' Trump

    The Don not always helpful it seems! Still November should see the Republicans take control of both houses, and 2024 the White House again. Captain Alzheimer neutered politically as well as cognitively. Meantime….here is Zebedee, time for bed Joe. Kamala has the bedtime story…..
  2. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Thank You. This illustrates my point of selective blindness. Only the official figures are correct?? Really?? Do you mean the ones that UKHSA and Public Health Scotland now refuse to publish?? Now...misinformation about a vaccine.....we had that before …..10 years or so ago with the SwineFlu shot containing mercury.... Now some people may wish to accept everything and blindly trust the government and the experts in Public health and MHRA. However given their record and past medical changes in opinion and advice once products were in wide clinical use, I prefer to question everything and seek advice from other scientific sources, just for comparison. The fact that the authorities are cancelling dissent rather than debate it, well respected scientists and clinicians are being smeared. Even the GMC are threatening dissent from medics who stray from the official narrative with disciplinary action. This suggests being sceptical is justified. Giving up freedom of speech and thought is what went on in Nazi Germany. If we do not hold these jokers who removed our civil liberties for over 2 years and panicked the public with their nudge units and hysteria to account, then we are no better and have not "learned from history" (Though to be honest we never ever do)
  3. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Alas the tyranny of figures, lies, damn lies and statistics. I think we have reached the point where selective blindness has been reached, at least to Covid and vaccine cases, deaths etc. There are sources for both sides to back up their choice as the correct one. If the vaccine is dodgy....those who have not taken it have nothing to fear, those who have I`m sure are willing to take any risk, however rare, as part and parcel of being jabbed. There is no point pointing fingers at the stupidity of the other side. Me??, My view in all this mess is that I`m not frightened of dying (it`s coming) but I am exasperated at not being able to live...and having that dependant on taking a chemical jab I neither want nor need.
  4. Fenway Bleachers

    Glasgow Vs Edinburgh 01st May 6pm

    Southerness…..right in the middle of nowhere, even mobiles get no signal there….gorgeous place with the sun out, gave you guys at Silloth a wave too.
  5. Fenway Bleachers

    Glasgow Vs Edinburgh 01st May 6pm

    There is an historical reason for some not to come. Travel and traffic in Glasgow not easy after events at Parkhead earlier, plus golf on the beautiful Solway Coast too tempting. Pleased with the point, Sam back on his own bike after playing around with the Lawson mobile on Friday.
  6. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Would that be the same “ safety” process that took over 3 years to realise thalidomide had a problem, and 5 to discover the rofecoxib issue. They do inspire confidence with their speed of questioning side effects….
  7. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    I note that the Scottish NHS is on its backside again, Covid prevalence is 1 in 11, by lateral flow estimation. In patient numbers, 2300 + are above figures recorded back in Jan 2021. That was when travel outside local authority area was banned. School absences are leaving many kids having lessons from home, or in huge gatherings. The masks and jibby jabs are having a “ limited” effect. Therefore why is Elsie McSelfie not calling for a lockdown? Surely in the name of consistency, that is the logical policy? Or, have I missed something? Why are the media hysterics quiet? Where is Devil Sridar this time ? Has sense dawned,or more likely the money tin run dry ? Is the NHS beyond protecting this time ? ( tongue firmly in cheek )
  8. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Nice colours, but remember the definition of vaxxed, and fully vaxxed, is 2 weeks after the latest deemed necessary booster. Therefore if you take a bullet in the skull, you have not been “ shot” until 14 days later. Public Health Scotland are no longer presenting data by vaccination status, lest it’s interpreted wrongly. ( for that, read , shows that vaxx is poor, and the more shots you get, the more likely you are to catch the virus. ) I will concede that the elderly, who are most vaxxed, have higher death rates, as you would expect. Nicola is trying to cancel death , but she’s not there yet. Government data and charts need greater scrutiny, they have much skin in the game. They are fearful that the public might question their strategy, and in future, perhaps ignore everything they spout. There are similar criticisms of scientists, and medics, especially those tied to big pharma. It’s difficult to be sure who is truthful…you pays your money…as they say.
  9. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Check Goldbergs team from Tel Aviv , they report differently. Depends what figures and medics you prefer to believe…. medrxiv.org. Looked at health care workers with low immunity, the latter increased but since the virus has moved on, the immunological reaction “ stimulated” made no difference to illness or severity…
  10. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Meanwhile back at Stupidity Central Control, a 4 th dose is planned this Spring for the over 75s and “ vulnerable” over 12s, with a wider role out in the Autumn. The Covicold jab is the gift that keeps on giving. Now assuming these are the 114 million shots ordered by Savage Jabheid, they have mRNA to the original Wuhan variant of Coronavirus. Now in a world first, I hate to tell the Health Secretary, but the virus has moved on, changed its spike, and his little clot shot is now obsolete, not that it did very much anyway, and as Israel are now reporting 4 jabs ain’t doing diddly squat. However it will help keep the Vaccine passport/ obedience card in operation for longer, now that omnitesting is about to hit the skids in England, and not before time, though I dare say your granny will be able to get hands on LFTs until the cows come home……to keep “ safe” after all. Got to keep the friends with profits happy.
  11. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Looks like a bad reaction to his jibby jab booster….
  12. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Not the Bundestag though.... That bastion of democracy and freedom has decided to prohibit any member who is not fully jibby jabbed, in an attempt to exclude the AfD contingent. This is no longer about public health but a deliberate attempt to deny elected members access to the chamber. Now, didn`t the Nazis try that with the communists ?? looks like history repeating........
  13. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Agreed. Remember back in those days weddings were cancelled, family members dying were forbidden from comfort. Women in Labour denied company. Those making such grim instructions, clearly ignoring them whilst the general public were , at times forced to endure emotional torture. That is where the anger comes from, and why the politicians might squirm, but it is a very big deal for those who suffered whilst the charlatans clinked their glasses.
  14. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Indeed. The reason that he was deported was Alex Hawke’s judgement that he was a risk to public health and order. The Chief Justice made that clear whilst making no comment on the “wisdom” of the decision. The visa issue was overthrown by the first legal opinion, Judge Kelly I believe, who ordered release from the internment hotel. Hawke felt he would be a lightning rod for anti vaxxers and thus a problem, forgetting that this decision reinforces that position, indeed gives it greater prominence. Using the court of public opinion to justify this scandalous abuse of authority, will I hope backfire in the coming elections, and discourage future tourists. The Aussie people have been under the jackboots of these clowns too long, punished too much, vengeance is possible at the ballot box.
  15. Fenway Bleachers

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    He did. Visa completed, medical exemption secured with Tennis Australia and the State of Victoria. Visa blocked by squirming politician with spurious justification, given public frustration and upcoming federal election. No one bigger than their sport……but this decision is not sport. Poor decision by a kangaroo court….

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