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  1. Yes, a highly professional way to run a struggling business. I am as desperate as anyone to see the Eagles succeed in the Championship but when you do get a top team, with a genuine top rider (I went to the league meeting and Cookie was immense) turning up, is that really how you want to sell the entertainment? Sounds like something from Blantyre 1978...........
  2. As a lifelong Tigers fan, but long term Sussex resident , and Eagles fan, I’ve stayed out so far, letting those without any evidence have their say/opinion/speculation. I wasn’t at the meeting. However that longer video tells a contradictory story to what the previous 29 pages have alleged. A man walking in front of a bike with no brakes, that is not designed to turn RIGHT. A headbutt that turns out to be a shoulder charge. I can fully understand from other angles it may look like a headbutt. But it wasn’t...... I’m not sure how many of us would instantly react to nearly being knocked off. Punches thrown by more than one person, from both teams, and now we see Kennett wading in too. Oh, and by the way, when the dust settles, can you all go out and race your 500cc bike, no hard feelings eh? So far, on the evidence actually shown, neither side has anything to be proud of. In the face of what that video shows, Mr Facenna can be very proud of his decision to apologise for his side’s part in that ruck. That longer video would suggest that Cook (and Dugard) need to reflect both on their team’s part in it, and also what was said on the PA to exacerbate the situation.
  3. You sometimes have to ask what you need to do to get excluded? Football is always criticised for the play acting but if Fricke had gone there, Madsen would have been excluded. It’s the sort of think that Pedersen would have been castigated for, or a habit Lingren seems to be comfortable with lately Ive been delighted at Madsen’s progress this year but very disappointed in that sort of life threatening behaviour.
  4. As a long term Sussex resident, but from Glasgow, it was great to finally see my team at Arlington. I haven’t been since the Elite days. The win was a bonus, but having seen Cook here with Belle Vue a few years ago, I figured with a bit of backup we might get close. The Eagles do have a reasonable team and will miss Tom Brennan, who was outstanding last night. I was also impressed with Connor Coles, who rode a great line in beating Edward Kennett. The Eagles seem too top heavy to me (normally a Glasgow speciality! ) , as Kennett and Lawson do not offer the consistency that their averages suggest. It is a tricky track, and Lawson in particular needs to find the best way round it. 7 points is just not enough from a top heat leader. I thought Lewis Kerr rode well and if these three find consistency as the season progesses, they will come good. At the moment poor Bowtell is struggling at number 3, although tbh I had never even heard of him when I looked at the program. My main worry was the size of the crowd. Having not been since the Holder/Ward/Woffinden days, it looked about half the numbers. Not sure how this will support Championship wages so more home wins is a necessity to bring in the crowd.
  5. Doesn’t matter what Harris does if one reserve is scoring ONE THIRD of a team’s points total over two legs.
  6. Lost by one point. Looks like one reserve made all the difference........
  7. Jonimac

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    I have to say that it was one of the best GPs I have ever seen on TV. Plenty of racing and incidents, and BT’s coverage was top notch. The camera angles gave the impression that it was absolutely rammed. Closing the roof doesnt help the ventilation but boy does it look like the only place to be on a Saturday night! Was surprised to see Suzy with Scott, but Natalie seems to know speedway inside out and was perfectly placed in the pits. Can’t tell you how proud I was to see the British guys all supporting each other. Tai has become a real class act in the last few years, doing the job on AND OFF the track. And I bloody love Craig Cook. Just hope he’s okay for Galsgow today. ‘Mon the Tigers.
  8. That’s fine. I understand if english isn’t your first language.
  9. I think it is the “at all costs” I was objecting to.
  10. Yes, that’s right. Winning at all costs. A universally admired quality in any sporting endeavour. Especially speedway.
  11. Don’t be silly? How very polite! I think we can just agree to disagree. Lingren’s not daft. He know’s where it is coming from and who it is. No one who has watched speedway for years can disagree with killing someone’s momentum but fencing someone is different. Lingren has been on the decline for years, but has now started to get his act together and looks like he might be a real,challenger. He just needs to remember there’s more to being a champion than coming first.
  12. Fencing someone deliberately is no way to win a final. Regardless of the last bend swoop.
  13. I also predict gate 3 to win, and no more than 3 passes at the front all night. Woffy building up points so far to make the gate his? Dont think I will feel guilty about turning on the footie at 745pm and having Speedway Updates on phone! I would have to say hats off to Nigel & Kelvin for making a GP at the most boring circuit on the tour seem semi- exciting. Turn off the sound. I guarantee you’d want to turn off after a few races!
  14. Jonimac

    Glasgow 2018

    Didn't Glasgow legend Steve Lawson double up at Hyde Road? Derek Richardson too? And no doubt Merv Janke & Mick McKeon would have ridden there when visiting with Halifax? I'm showing my age now !
  15. Jonimac

    Glasgow 2018

    Is the assumption that the manager will stay? Is he the one that has procured the team for the last few years? Have the Facenna brothers simply bankrolled it,while leaving the selections up to him? I have no idea, just thinking out loud, in the face of what has been a pretty underacheiving season given the resources we apparently have. And what's the thoughts on Greg Hancock redesigning the track?

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