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  1. Thats a bit difficult when the team that cause the protest don't mention the issue until the day of the meeting though?
  2. Confirmed by Edinburgh tonight the 2018 Scottish Open will be Friday the 11th of May.
  3. MonarchsMitchy

    NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    #1 Jack Smith 8.20 #2 Kyle Bickley 6.67 #3 Danny Phillips 6.25 #4 Richard Andrews 4.45 #5 Jack Thomas 7.43 #6 Jason Edwards 3.00 #7 Leon Flint 3.00 Total: 39.00
  4. Think its all down to the individual battles between opposite numbers. (Winner in bold) S. Worrall vs R. Wells (Think it will be close but Stevie will just edge it) J. Allen vs M. Ruml (First time visit for MR i think so Allen should score more, but Max may like Scunny and keep it close) J. Auty vs M. Riss (Again very close but Auty is always good around his home track and has that HL experience) S. Neilsen vs J. Andersson (Don't think Andersson will take all 4 programmed rides unless he happens to take to Scunny.) J. Garrity vs E. Riss (Riss to win this battle comfortably. Garrity will throw a fall in somewhere and Erik has started well.) D. Phillips vs M. Williamson (Matt looked quick at Glasgow last week and looks like a steal on that average. Id expect Phillips to struggle on previous times ive seen him.) G. Manzares vs J. Pickering (Depends if Gino can ride like he did last time he was here and which JP turns up.) Overall i think it will be a close battle, which the scorpions should just edge. Scorpions 48 Monarchs 42.
  5. Looking forward to heading through for this. Hopefully our new guys hit the ground running and we keep it tight, though I don't think that will be the case. Glasgow 51-39 Edinburgh is my prediction.
  6. MonarchsMitchy

    Edinburgh 2018

    So going on the riders signed, I'm guessing we will line up intially as follows: 1. Ricky Wells 2. Max Ruml 3. Mark Riss 4. Joel Andersson 5. Erik Riss 6. Josh Pickering 7. Matt Williamson Would also expect Erik to be named captain going by last season when Sam was missing, with Ricky getting the nod should ER be unavailable for any reason.
  7. MonarchsMitchy

    Edinburgh 2018

    5 guys under 5.80 worked in 2014....
  8. MonarchsMitchy

    Edinburgh 2018

    Maybe the question we should be asking Is whether Haertel is definitely a 5.00, or have we all just assumed this due to previous rules? The Ipswich press release about him signing doesn't mention an average as far as i can see, and with the witches having 0.30 left (assuming MH is a 5.00) then its possible that he is maybe also on a 5.20?
  9. MonarchsMitchy

    Future Gp Riders In The Past

    I'm sure Max Fricke will be counted soon
  10. MonarchsMitchy

    Edinburgh 2018

    1. Ricky Wells (8.85) 2. JUSTIN SEDGMEN (6.17) 3. THOMAS JORGENSEN (7.10) 4. Mark Riss (5.68) 5. Erik Riss (8.05) 6. Josh Pickering (4.62) 7. ANY 2.00 RIDER (SHUTTLEWORTH?) I'd take that!
  11. MonarchsMitchy

    Edinburgh 2018

    They would come under "Category 2 - Riders not riding in a professional league (Ie Denmark, Poland and Sweden)" so I don't see why not. Fox and Manzares were both 5.00 when they came over in recent times.
  12. MonarchsMitchy

    Edinburgh 2018

    Edinburgh 1. Ricky Wells (8.85) 2. LUKE BECKER (5.00) 3. JUSTIN SEDGMEN (6.16) 4. Mark Riss (5.68) 5. Eric Riss (8.05) 6. Josh Pickering (4.62) 7. ROB BRANFORD (3.94) / JACOB BUKHAVE (4.00) Total: 42.30 / 42.36 If we replaced BECKER with someone 4.91 or under (ASHLEY MORRIS 4.88 or MATT WILLIAMSON 4.85 for example) then THEO PIJPER (4.23) would slot in nicely at #7.
  13. MonarchsMitchy


    Payne only started speedway around 2013 or 1014, so only had 2/3 years NL experience before stepping up to ride for Redcar in the 2016 season.
  14. MonarchsMitchy

    Edinburgh 2018

  15. MonarchsMitchy

    Edinburgh 2018

    I would think these would be unrealistic, but hey its silly season haha! 1. Sam Masters (8.57) 2. Mason Campton (5.73) 3. Ludvig Lindgren (7.21) 4. Mark Riss (5.68) 5. Thomas Jorgensen (7.10) 6. Josh Pickering (4.62) 7. James Sarjeant (3.33) TOTAL: 42.24 Could also replace Campton and Lindgren with Sedgeman and Palm Toft and i think it will fit.

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