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  1. What happened to the live streaming we were promised by the BSPA anyway?
  2. Ned Kelly 41

    Ben Fund

    Sounds like crap, mate. I've had several dealing with Mr Ackroyd about the Bonanza over the years and have never, ever not had a prompt, helpful reply. You sure you sent it to the right address?
  3. Ned Kelly 41

    Australian State Titles 2017

    The fourth place was vital for Lidsey's visa needs, he can go all the way to a European career if he maintains progress. He was in the UK a couple of seasons ago for a look-see. Jordan Stewart may need another year to reach the standard required to cut it overseas. Sedgmen is already OK for a 2018 visa and Branford (who has retired from overseas racing anyway) doesn't need one.
  4. Ned Kelly 41


    First two signings are true-blue Aussies, hope you make Jye your third man.
  5. Ned Kelly 41


    Another Aussie should always be welcome. Spud has an average of a whisker under 8, if he'd been at Scunthorpe last year he'd be their No 1. At Berwick, Workington or Redcar his average would have had him as No 2. It was only at Glasgow, with their sky-high ambitions and top-heavy team that supporters were disappointed in his scoring. He was third in averages, and after Riss the best-scoring No 3 in the whole league. Go on, Bandits, fill your boots. He'll not let you down.
  6. The all-important State Titles (in terms of the riders finishing in the top four of each State's event gaining a UK visa for 2018, if they need one) will all be held next month. NSW (at Kurri) SA (Gillman) and WA (Pinjar) are all on the same night -- being Saturday, Dec 2nd. The Queensland title will be on Dec 9 and Victoria's "last chance saloon"-- at Albury -- is Dec 16th.
  7. Ned Kelly 41

    Melbourne Gp Saturday 28th October 2017

    Too true. In this year's Aussie series about nine months ago David Watt out-rode and out-scored Batchelor, Morris, Fricke, Kurtz, Tungate and Holder over four meetings on four different tracks. Just because he dropped off the European scene this summer doesn't mean he didn't qualify to the Etihad.
  8. That's a funny post -- against you now, Mr Baldy.......
  9. Ned Kelly 41

    Melbourne Gp Saturday 28th October 2017

    After sticking to the promise of their Australian Championship winner and runners-up getting to the Etihad as wild card and reserves, MA (presumably, or maybe BSI/IMG) have disregarded Troy Batchelor and Nick Morris (the next finishers in the 2017 Title series) to pick 7th placed Brady Kurtz as second reserve for the GP.
  10. The topic is: What Would I change in speedway next season? The answer is: The Chairman. End of.
  11. Ned Kelly 41

    Bandits V Monarchs 9-9-17 @7pm

    Until the AGM sorts out the structure of the speedway (to totally suit what Saturday's programme called the soft southern underbelly of the sport) for next year, no point in even speculating about team make-up.
  12. Ned Kelly 41

    Ko Cup Draw

    My friend the rider assures me the semi is at Wolves on 20th, Rebels have 2nd leg on 22nd. Good enough for me!
  13. Ned Kelly 41

    Neil Macfarlane

    Not a chance of that, mate!
  14. Ned Kelly 41

    Rebels V Wolves.

    The M5 seems to keep itself clearish on other days than Friday. So I'm looking forward to a fairly brisk run down from Bristol tonight, and again for the television match on Monday.
  15. Ned Kelly 41

    Somerset V Belle Vue. 4.8.17.

    I think you'll find his mentor is the great Steve Lawson, mate!

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