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  1. If anyone ever wants any Bees music or jingles that we used feel free to drop me a message and I'll send you an mp3 link
  2. ChrisSimpson

    Tommy Knudsen Auction

    Following. I can't see a list of items or pics anywhere but would be very interested to bid.
  3. ChrisSimpson

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I appreciate what you're saying mate, so to give a more specific example and this is only in my case. IF...…. Tommy Knudsen came out of retirement and signed for a team in the UK, lets say Belle Vue, I'd immediately buy a season ticket to go and watch him race. However if he didn't end up racing at all for the Aces I'd have no interest whatsoever in going.
  4. ChrisSimpson

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    If and that's a big IF.… Bomber and Cookie were your 2 fav riders and lets say for example you lived in Coventry and decided to buy a Peterborough Season Ticket, now the team has changed significantly would you have grounds to receive a full refund bearing in mind no matches have taken place yet? To put it into perspective, if you went to a restaurant where you pay upon ordering and order a fillet steak and when you waiter delivers it, it's turned into a vegetarian lasagne, would you not be a little pi$$ed off?
  5. ChrisSimpson

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I totally agree with Craig Cook, being told where to put the clubs sponsors on his racesuit, bikes and even his cap takes the pi$$. And to be told his sponsors have to be in black and white !! Craig was well within his rights to ask Peterborough to make up the shortfall he'd be losing. A Mickey Mouse attitude by what's become a Mickey Mouse sport with one of the smallest followings in the UK.
  6. ChrisSimpson

    Black Midi

    Why do all the links on this forum get removed? I've seen it on a few threads in particular youtube links?
  7. ChrisSimpson

    Birmingham 2018

    Smoli at 1 and BB at 5
  8. ChrisSimpson

    NL AGM 2018

    Any idea of an approx. cost to run a NL meeting including 14 riders wages, medical etc? Plus % of other costs like shale, fire extinguishers, tapes, chalk, air bags, electric etc...........
  9. ChrisSimpson

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    And if it works out that way you can say you were there for the final Bees match I think you're probably right. I'm pleased I got back involved this year, I've enjoyed the Sundays with the family and if that's goodbye its finished on a happier note for me x
  10. ChrisSimpson

    Sheffield 2019

    If Sheffield go Thursdays in the top division with Nicki Pedersen as their Number 1 in 2019 I'll buy a Season Ticket
  11. ChrisSimpson

    Celebrity fans

    Carl Foggerty has had a few spins most recently with Ride and Skid It at Buxton Speedway
  12. ChrisSimpson

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    Just sitting on my lunch browsing this at work. I asked around the office and nobody could think of any other sports where competitors are graded or given averages and then penalised at the end of the year for winning by having to lose half their team. In other sports eg football a colleague suggested the leagues were sorted by who people could afford to have play for them, hence why Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea etc are usually high top league finishers. Equality doesn't come into it you usually just support your local or favourite team because you want to and you can get to see them frequently. I've no solutions to offer, you can't make speedway work in the UK like it does in Poland with a younger audience. In its current guise its doomed to die, its never going to work again like it did in the past, the whole product, rules, etc have to change or it'll have disappeared within 10 years.
  13. ChrisSimpson


    In my opinion, which is not that highly regarded..... Speedway needs to become staged and treated as a form of entertainment more so than a sport. Not necessarily from a results point of view but definitely from a rivalry point of view with staged banter, fights between riders / team managers, pre match enticing, after match aggro etc. Virtually the same as wrestling which is thriving all over the world packing the likes of Cardiff on a weekly basis in the USA. Most importantly new fans need to be found to support speedway. If you say the average age of a speedway fan is about 50, then the life of the sport here in the UK is 30 years max. Without new fans flocking in, and I do mean flocking in then the sport is doomed. If we can't compete with what's on offer entertainment wise in 2018 what hope do we have in another 5 or 10 years. Time for big changes or time to accept the best days are behind us and thank the lord that we have the memories of better times, when we were kids etc and went to busy stadiums with atmospheres and craved the next visit. Nothing else to add, but nice to be slightly involved again this year and I've actually booked the day off next year to take the family to Cardiff to show them what speedway used to be like and the buzz it gave you.
  14. ChrisSimpson

    Rye House 2018

    Yeah we never got paid up, so I'm sure new people coming in don't clear all the debts.

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