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  1. Bt Sport Coverage

    Anyone who wants access to BT Sports plus lots more for £45 a year drop me a personal message.
  2. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    YouTube link to the interview is here folks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hfKqiAIbEQ&feature=youtu.be
  3. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Listen back to tonight’s Facebook Live via this link. The session lasted 90 mins until we exhausted all the questions https://www.facebook.com/360250631121927/videos/363492237464433/
  4. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Questions received so far include...... Did Mick email the council to save the stadium? How well does he think the team will do this year? Is there any chance of a student rate or young adult rate as a few people have expressed disappointment that there isn't one especially as children are expected to stay in some sort of education until 18? Why wasn’t someone speedway orientated offered the opportunity to purchase Coventry as opposed to Brandon Estates. Would Mick admit that things could've been handled better regarding the situation at Brandon? Can the club put transport links to Leicester on the website? When is a new co promoter being announced? Does Mick really believe us running at Leicester can help the club in the long run and if so why? Will there be an opportunity to have a face to face meeting with the fans and could Counsellor Stokes and Sandhu be involved? Email any others to speedwayshout@hotmail.co.uk or direct message me
  5. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    FACEBOOK LIVE WITH MICK HORTON - TUES @ 7PM Sunday March 04, 2018COVENTRY supporters are invited to join promoter Mick Horton and presenter Chris Simpson in the first Facebook Live session of the season this Tuesday (March 6) at 7pm.The online video session will take place via the Speedway Shout Facebook page:https://m.facebook.com/SpeedwayShout-360250631121927/?ref=bookmarksThis will be an opportunity for fans to throw any questions regarding the Bees to Mick, and he's happy to answer anything you have to ask.There will be fans of all age ranges potentially tuning in, so please bear this in mind with any questions you wish to pose.Both Mick and Chris will appear on video, and there is a messaging facility to type your questions in.If you would prefer to send your question in beforehand, please email them to speedwayshout@hotmail.co.uk . http://www.coventrybees.co/_mobile/news.php?extend.3843
  6. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I’ve had a lot of messages and calls since the news broke and just wanted to say thanks for the support. This is just my way of giving a little back to something I’ve enjoyed since being a nipper. Many of you will know I lost my mum a few years ago and this will be a chance to enjoy a bit more speedway with my Dad, my son and the rest of the family. I’ve left the past behind and it’s really just a thank you to all the fans who’ve supported me in the past. And although Leicester isn’t everyone’s ideal it keep the great name alive for now and then who knows what the future holds. For starers I doubt many people saw me and Mick burying the hatchet. But this is bigger than a fall out between us, it’s about so many peoples memories and emotions over the last 90 years. So I’ll look forward to the fans who support the coming venture, I’m delighted to be a part of it. It’s good to BEE BACK
  7. Presenters And Announcers

    Yeah unfortunately not mate, still onwards and upwards and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all fans out there across the globe. Enjoy your racing in 2018, new rules and new chances. A big shout out to my old mate Barry Bishop who's doing some excellent work at my old stomping ground the Isle Of Wight. Might even try and squeeze in a visit in 2018 before I'm too old and past it lol.
  8. Presenters And Announcers

    I heard I'd been getting a few comments lol. Cheers for the compliment Flagrag. At the final I was actually banned so wasn't working that night, I think Rob Sensicall was on the mic and my brother was doing the music up in the box. Shame how it all ended as I'd put a lot into speedway both riding, assisting riders with sponsorship, doing the music for years, the BIKERfm Speedway Show (which was hugely popular but not BSPA approved) and then finally doing the centre green announcing. Seeing the inner workings of speedway was probably a mistake for me as I now haven't been to more than a handful of matches in the last 3 years. I think its best to remember my love for the sport in my younger years and when I was racing. I met a lot of lovely people through speedway and a few scoundrels too, I wouldn't change a thing though and have some amazing memories to take forward with me. I always tried to ensure people were entertained from the minute they entered the stadium to the minute they left as there's a lot of time to fill with 15 mins of racing. Hope everyone's enjoying the sport still, try not to take it too seriously, enjoy the racing and the friendships you make along the way.
  9. How Do We Attract A New Young Audience?

    Having attended 2 meetings in 2 years one at Wolverhampton and one at Belle Vue (both thoroughly enjoyable), it's time to realise that the sports an open wound, the powers that be aren't interested in improving the image to attract a younger audience. And many people know the passion I had for the sport in the past and the lengths I was willing to go to to make an evening at the track more entertaining. 2 meetings in 2 years, you'd never have believed it 3 or 4 years ago......
  10. Coventry 2016

    From the Official Coventry Bees Website Change On The Cards - http://www.coventrybees.co/news.php?extend.1943 This Monday sees an entertainment extravaganza for the Coventry Buildbase Bees as the good news just keeps coming and coming, arriving like buses one after each other. Firstly Popular Ex Bee Martin Smolinski makes a surprise return to Brandon to strengthen the Bees in a final push in this our swan song season. Bees Promoter Mick Horton said "Smoli had been in our plans for this season from the offset and now seems the right time to make changes, the fans are demanding it and we are listening and making the necessary alterations". Monday see's the introduction of our new Co Team Manager in the shape of ex Bees No.1 Tommy Knudsen. Tommy has heard about the Bees start to the season and knowing its our final year here he is joining the management team immediately. To have a bit of Danish flair back at our prestigious club after so many of our Nordic brothers have donned the fighting Bee over the years seems a fitting finale. Another popular returnee is Centre Green Presenter Chris Simpson who arrives hand in hand with brother Richard with all the jingles, fanfares etc which used to make the hive such a buzzing place to be. Again, fans have been asking for this for over 12 months and we're in the entertainment business so entertain we shall. You want more? After all remaining meetings in 2016 all of our riders will be in the understand bar for a meet and greet, photo opportunities and a disco till midnight. And the cherry on top......... as this is our first home Sky Meeting of the season, the gates are open to all, free of charge. Many fans have been lost along the way but in this the final season at Coventry Stadium it's time to give a little something back and we'd love to show the world how important speedway is to the people of Coventry and how important Coventry is to the world of speedway. This may be our final season at Brandon and mistakes may have been made along the way, but it's time to unite, re-ignite those old memories, dig out your old yellow and black scarves, air horns and whistles and turn this season around to make more fantastic memories our future can build upon. And then I woke up and it had all been a magical dream...............
  11. Coventry 2016

    A lot of a little is better than a little of a lot. More people spending more money in the stadium will benefit the Bees in their final year of trading and create a better atmosphere assuming of course that the team is competitive. I'm more than happy to pay full price at the closing fixture of the 2016 season and say farewell to Brandon where I have many many memories however I doubt I'll be attending inbetween.
  12. Coventry 2016

    If people are an OAP they are an OAP regardless of wealth. If they are a student and qualify for an NUS card then they are a student regardless of time spent in college / university. Look at all the other clubs that are happy with this set up! Discussions with local colleges will do nothing to help fans travelling from further afield which obviously applies to away fans and some home fans. As an example we live 90 mins away, are Coventry Speedway going to be speaking to educational establishments in Stoke On Trent. And comically how the hell would Manchester United police this when the majority of their fans aren't local lol. If an NUS card is good enough for other tracks and also the likes of Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Frankie and Benny's etc etc you'd think it would suffice for Coventry Speedway.
  13. Periscope. A Promoters Nightmare App.

    This is easily bypassed if people want to stream with a new Twitter account which doesn't reveal their identity 👍
  14. Speedway On Tv 2016

    If you type Polski into search in Navi X you get a full list including the regional TVP channels which as someone mentioned are all the same. I watched today's match on TVP Wroclaw I think but there were about 7 to choose from