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  1. SpeedwayTShirts

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I don't think many Bees or Cradley fans will still have a programme board to be honest, I certainly haven't I always had individual rider one's but it's a good gesture and hopefully will bring in some additional fans. I do hope things start looking up for the Brummies asap.
  2. SpeedwayTShirts

    Championship Streaming Channel

    Perhaps just go with a graphic of eg Paul B and the Rider who he's chatting to in the pits or waiting to go on track, whilst you show background image of the whole track waiting for the riders to come out. Also when you hand off from main commentary to the pits, could be a bit cleaner so they know instantly when they are live as opposed to the 4-5 secs lull where they're not sure. Excellent work though so far and already had my money's worth.
  3. SpeedwayTShirts

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Not a great start to the season for Brum, regardless of fault I hope it's not the start of the end again as it's been a tough season so far for the new promotion. Fingers crossed for some sunshine in the next few weeks and nice busy terraces.
  4. SpeedwayTShirts

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Nigel is 'one' of the reasons I don't have much to do with Speedway Presentation anymore and also why I finished at Birmingham so as a bloke I didn't care for him that much. Having said that if the opportunity had ever arose and we'd buried the hatchet as per me and Mick Horton, then I'd probably have let bygone's be bygone's as I'm not one to bear a grudge. And.... being out of speedway has allowed me the time to enjoy other things in life which are far more important like friends and family. However as a commentator and a family man I have the utmost respect for him and my thoughts are with his friends, co-workers and loved one's at this time. You can't fault his love for our great sport and speedway will definitely be worse off without his enthusiasm. RIP Mr Speedway
  5. SpeedwayTShirts

    Championship Streaming Channel

    Firestick is Android isn't it?
  6. SpeedwayTShirts


    Riders heartbeat rate, reaction times and funky shizzle like that. Also no adverts.
  7. No, profit's are split between the photographer and the artwork designer on this design.
  8. SpeedwayTShirts

    Championship Streaming Channel

    Some of the graphics could do with being a lot smaller eg at the start line, and be off the screen a lot quicker, like at the end of the race as the winner goes off track and is met by mechanics etc. Either that or use transparent png files so you can still see what is going on behind. Paul and Haley's audio could be improved too, and Paul is the main entertainer out of all the presenters so it would be good to see him on a roving mic in the pits between races, he was a little wasted on the few bits that he did and could be used a lot more. Maybe a bit like Kelvin on track pre meeting and maybe even doing laps mic'd up like on his vlogs. Overall though great idea and looking forward to seeing it improve as they season moves on, well done to everyone involved.
  9. SpeedwayTShirts

    Speedway T-Shirts & Canvases

    New designs for 2022 available. Teams and Riders already available for Berwick, Belle Vue, Sheffield canvases or tshirts. Get in touch for a bespoke design.
  10. SpeedwayTShirts


    Well 2 days till the opening home meeting and not a single post since Sunday, Either this forum ain't what it used to be or a lot of Diamonds fans mustn't use it anymore. Anyone local heard a forecast for the day yet?
  11. SpeedwayTShirts

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    It's a complete waste of money renewing equipment every year, it's a trend thing and nothing to do with performance. Covers, fair enough if your sponsors have changed massively due to moving to a new area of the country. Josh has always had the same colour scheme, lots of riders do eg NKI, Nicki P.
  12. Todd Kurtz - Sheffield Tigers Speedway Canvas - Limited Edition - Taylor Lanning Photography £99.99 for this massive 1 metre square canvas. A Taylor Lanning Photography Exclusive Piece Of Art. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203886472735?mkevt=1&mkcid=16&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  13. SpeedwayTShirts

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Any weather updates for tonight Brummies?
  14. SpeedwayTShirts

    British Speedway Website

    Yeah but there was a lot of visitors, sometimes as many as double figures lol
  15. SpeedwayTShirts


    Lee Complin - The Comeback Begins Here........

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