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  1. don't know of anyone in favour of doubling up....ridiculous
  2. whilst it will never happen,would the return of Tai, help turn uk speedway around....slightly!
  3. real sensible post, british speedway isn't worth more than £10 for the standard served up and standard of riders on show
  4. my time watching ko cup, was always decent turnout..anybody remember the first second bend at brandon in 98???
  5. proper speedway....even kings lynn had boyce, leigh, crump, parker and won nothing! people are not thick, they know when they getting short changed, and these riders just no longer attractive. doubling up killed it
  6. and witches the only team to dump Tony Rickardsson!
  7. to answer original question....without doubt in my memory
  8. and I "believe" under 21 brit champion
  9. never been biggest fan of harris, and doubt he can mix it at top level, but as long as HE wants to follow his dream, then go for it
  10. Coventry was superb venue, such a shame its missing, just watching Olsen farewell on youtube shows what speedway is missing..should never of taken british final away either, Eastbourne was disastrous british final venue...cant argue much about NSS though
  11. no offence mate, but its been a while since I seen saddlebow road produce a great meeting...winning the league is more important than good racing IMO, of course it helps, but results in sport matter more. the lower standard of riders these days don't help the matter much
  12. Ermolenko 93 world final, that was there for all to see, could name over 10 instantly, but decisions are made, and always will be made wrongly even with technology..thats sport! when you on the receiving end its not good, but Poole speedway are NOT to blame for that decision!
  13. not short of tractors in that neck of the woods!

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