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  1. ColinMills

    Tactical Substitutes Question?

    that's correct, shame its not fully returned, and yes gate positions were more flexible, a manager had way more options in those days
  2. ColinMills


    witches promoter stated today..."the changes made are what the fans wanted, we listened".....his own fans in a newspaper poll voted 84% to move up to the premiership.....still listening??
  3. monster a bigger influence than the bspa
  4. actually think that last post from rob72 isn't far off the mark
  5. oh gavan......your last line...I can already guess the response coming!!
  6. my curiosity on this rob homer lead me to looking up google, but i just read rob homer is dead? so clearly not him then?
  7. with those averages, id like to know the best rider he ever beat? not knocking anyone who has ever ridden, but when he says having ex riders on the terraces is good for PR, yes, if its Anders Michanek, but rob homer? i honestly never heard of that name in speedway
  8. totally honest here, i never heard of rob homer. what team did he ride for?i been going since 1971, but never recalled a rob homer!
  9. ColinMills

    U21 Stream Is Now Live

    excellent live stream. crowd looks poor though
  10. i can put up with rob72 with his views, some points are decent, some are not, but why the secrecy? he says riders going in free to stadiums is good pr, but how if we dont know him? he says he rode, but wont say who he is? id respect him for riding even if he WAS crap, just dont get what hes trying to achieve, but his choice i guess
  11. only just seen you tube clip of tai signing that wall..big respect for that
  12. if speedway was a BIG sport, the pr argument might just be taken into account. unless your a keen fan, lots of people wouldnt reconise a speedway rider with his helmet off, let alone in normal clothes!
  13. 1 ...2 nights racing a week, promotion/relegation, no guest riders, all of a sudden I feel optimistic...could this feeling be the start of a upturn?
  14. finance aside, promotion/relegation is perfect for fans, it makes every match meaningful whether you in top or bottom half.
  15. why should you expect to get in for free rob72? I assume you were paid for your services at the time of riding? I would guess its up to the promoters discretion?

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