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  1. ColinMills

    Ipswich 2019

    a golden john berry move in 1981 ...but that wont happen....
  2. only last night watched louis beat mauger in 75 run off, never seen such a lead after just half a lap....whilst I enjoyed the old days, those rolling starts were crazy!...back to thread, go woffy...
  3. ColinMills

    Poole 2019

    totally agree, when I "used to go" couldn't care less if there was no passing as long as red and blue were out in front!
  4. ColinMills

    Unfair advantage - starting gates

    turning the clock back again, I happen to think the choice of gates was better in the 70s. don't like fixed gates in league racing...Olsen always grabbed gate one, Morton usually off 4..this gave slightly more tactics (which lack today), to managers, riders
  5. ColinMills

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    whilst this point is very small, if we just take the golden helmet match race...excellent draw in the 70s, it worked well..once a month...the opposing rider wasn't even in the nights meeting, he would travel up/down JUST for the match race..then this got tampered with, where the holder had to defend it every week. this killed it off big time..and with no offence to these (selected names), would Danny King verses Brady Kurtz be as mouth watering as Ole Olsen verses Michael Lee?
  6. ColinMills

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    agreed with virtually all this post. imo, only big names will create big crowds, british speedway is very weak and not very attractive. Its not knocking it, its just fact. Olsen, Collins, Jessup, Lee, etc, were worth admission money, seeing them just once/twice a season was a motive to turn out, you now seeing same riders race for you, and then against you . clearly british clubs are not in the position to afford this, hence we have what we have now. I would guess a lot of people on this forum "used" to go to speedway, in which case the speedway PR have a opportunity to address these people. if you go on a cruise, the company try to entice you back after your holiday. People on hear "could" be persuaded back, some will never return. only my view, but doubling up and not having your own 7 riders has taken away the true team aspect.
  7. ColinMills

    Tactical Substitutes Question?

    that's correct, shame its not fully returned, and yes gate positions were more flexible, a manager had way more options in those days
  8. ColinMills


    witches promoter stated today..."the changes made are what the fans wanted, we listened".....his own fans in a newspaper poll voted 84% to move up to the premiership.....still listening??
  9. monster a bigger influence than the bspa
  10. actually think that last post from rob72 isn't far off the mark
  11. oh gavan......your last line...I can already guess the response coming!!
  12. my curiosity on this rob homer lead me to looking up google, but i just read rob homer is dead? so clearly not him then?
  13. with those averages, id like to know the best rider he ever beat? not knocking anyone who has ever ridden, but when he says having ex riders on the terraces is good for PR, yes, if its Anders Michanek, but rob homer? i honestly never heard of that name in speedway
  14. totally honest here, i never heard of rob homer. what team did he ride for?i been going since 1971, but never recalled a rob homer!
  15. ColinMills

    U21 Stream Is Now Live

    excellent live stream. crowd looks poor though

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