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  1. No tactical sub ride in heat 14 ?, no Brady Kurtz in heat 15 ?.... very strange Thought Lambert was unnecessarily agressive in both his last rides , could have wiped his own team mate out in heat 15 !!!
  2. Yes Drozdz could be a match winner at the NSS , Morris had a off night by his standards, and Batch seemed to lack his usual speed ? Otherwise it would have been a lot closer .... Still believe the Robins will be the team to beat come the play offs
  3. Me too, thought the Aces did well to beat a very impressive Robins outfit by 10, think our reserves swung it in the end ?
  4. Most people have commented on a throughly enjoyable meeting , on a great track with plenty of passing from both teams Especially from young Dan Bewley with Musielak and Bellego also impressive ....But you saw something different ???, And your comment "where was all the passing on this super duper track ?" was ridiculous . No mention of BVs promotors 'doing more' BTW Perhaps you should read your posts ?
  5. Thought it was an extremely enjoyable meeting , two strong teams going for it ! To call it a 'farce' was a ridiculous statement, ... The kind of sh***e I've come to expect from certain posters
  6. "Farce" ?.... Plenty of passing, especially from Tungate / Bewley you really do have a personal grudge against BVs new track don't you ....And possibly the Aces themselves ? .. Jealousy ? Pathetic really
  7. Great afternoons Speedway , young Bewley seems to improve every week a minor gripe , but sold out of programmes 10 minutes before racing started ! . A major part of the sport, the race card .
  8. Ok , sorry Ive personally seen Thorsell , Schlein , and Masters 'fly' round BV, but maybe not so much Kyle ..... Although he does seem to go well there ? it'll be a close meeting IMO,
  9. Should be a great meeting this . Thorsell ,Schlein,Howarth and Masters all fly around the NSS Aces reserves and choice of guest could be deciding factors
  10. Belle Vue 2018

    What average would Wozniak / Riss be on ?
  11. Belle Vue 2018

    Jye Etheridge bad crash at Edinburgh tonight , had to withdraw from meeting Hope its nothing serious ?
  12. Belle Vue v Somerset - 30/04/2018

    Weather not looking good for Monday
  13. Poole 2018

    Quite accurate summing-up ...However, not sure about blaming Shanes ? He's a 2 pointer, he's doing his job
  14. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Personally , or as a speedway rider ?
  15. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    So much for all that Bewley hype ......