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  1. Hi

    Not sure what I wrote to warrant a "thanks" from you  - but thanks for the response :)

  2. WestGorton1884

    AGM November 2018

    So out of a 7 team competition Chapman owns 3 of them ? Never thought it would come this , but after watching speedway for best part of 45 years I'm done .....Absolute joke of a sport
  3. WestGorton1884

    Poole 2019

    Grow up ... I'm concerned about the very future of British speedway , nothing to do with Belle Vue or Poole
  4. WestGorton1884

    BSF Awards - Premiership

    Robert Lambert / Dan Bewley Kings Lynn Robert Lambert Dan Bewley Robert Lambert Belle Vue v Somerset Poole Swindon Steve Worrall Frederick Jacobsen
  5. WestGorton1884

    Poole 2019

    The farcical 2018 'grand' final was probably the final nail in British speedways coffin . so, no it doesn't sound good .... At the moment it sounds irrelevant , and thats no slant on the Pirates BTW
  6. WestGorton1884


    I remember the days at Hyde road , Booey in his blue leathers , Ole in black , Tiger Louis etc etc Great days , and all looked ultra professional
  7. WestGorton1884


    There was a time when nobody wore team suits, you identified the riders by their individual leathers / Kevlars I actually thought the Pirates looked good with the 'old fashioned' race jackets on . Just my opinion
  8. What a farcical end to the season , what a complete joke / laughing stock British speedway has become .
  9. "Banned " ?..... You do realise any contribution to these kind of funds is purely voluntary ??? This one is basically an on-line 'whip round' so Belle Vue fans can aid (financially) one of their stricken riders
  10. WestGorton1884

    Belle Vue V's Wolves 27/08/18

    Tthere's secure parking on pink bank lane , which is off kirkmanshulme lane , or alternatively you could park On the gala bingo or showcase cinema car parks facing the NSS The view from the grandstand is fantastic and has food and drink at each end of the concourse Unfortunately you're not allowed to take your own food and drink into the stadium, Hope the weather holds off and you enjoy your visit , it really is a fantastic venue for Speedway
  11. WestGorton1884

    Belle Vue V's Wolves 27/08/18

    Over the last 3 years we've witnessed teams chop and change their starting line ups and even bring in GP riders just for the play offs, All within the rules i may add, but come the end of season PO chase the Aces chances are yet again ruined by injuries ( Fricke / Bjerre ) This isnt sour grapes BTW, as i know Wolves suffered similar fate last year , but the rule is a joke. why should teams be punished When a rider is genuinely injured ?? Main thing is Dan makes a speedy recovery, he's worth the admission fee alone
  12. WestGorton1884

    Swindon v Belle Vue 16 August

    Great result for the Aces, is top 4 back on ?
  13. WestGorton1884

    Somerset vs Belle Vue Premiership 15/08/18

    I think the play off places are more or less settled , which makes BVs run of form prior to tonight even more frustrating Still maintain not replacing S Worrall for the remainder of the season as cost the Aces
  14. WestGorton1884

    Somerset vs Belle Vue Premiership 15/08/18

    Fantastic result from the Aces , and a personal apology from me to Craig Cook, The guys a fighter,
  15. WestGorton1884

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    Desperately sad news , remember his all action style around the dog track at BV Rest in peace Tomasz

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