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  1. WestGorton1884

    2019 Confirmed Teams - Premiership

    For some strange reason he’s removed the most important part of the thread , namely the actual team line ups for 2019 ???
  2. WestGorton1884

    2019 Premiership Confirmed Signings

    Pieszczek to Ipswich
  3. WestGorton1884

    2019 Premiership Confirmed Signings

    Why delete the 2019 team listings ? , what a strange thing to do ??? Looked at that most days for reference ,
  4. WestGorton1884

    2019 Predictions

    Aces 6th ... Really? , not sure what you're basing that on? But its a prediction thrread , needless to say i hope you're wrong
  5. WestGorton1884

    2019 Predictions

    Very true , Max should firmly establish as out and out number 1 this year, and hopefully a fully fledged GP rider
  6. WestGorton1884

    2019 Predictions

    That wouldn't exactly be a prediction then would it ?
  7. WestGorton1884

    2019 Predictions

    Had the Aces finishing 5th initially , but Max early form down under and with Lydsey also showing promise , Might have to rethink my predictions ?
  8. WestGorton1884

    2019 PL Improvers

    From what I've read about Jaimon Lydsey, should be able to put +2 on his starting average .
  9. WestGorton1884

    Belle Vue 2019

    I agree Max could be slightly ahead of Kurtz and Holder , but I'd also add Poole have a fine spearhead in those two . Should be an exciting season for both Aces and Pirates fans
  10. WestGorton1884

    Belle Vue 2019

    I think its safe to say you know F*** all about Max Fricke !
  11. WestGorton1884

    Wolves 2019

    I agree, Aces could have a great season , a lot will depend on Dan Bewleys fitness and to a lesser extent Steve Worralls Re Wolves . Morris could be one of signings of the season on that average
  12. WestGorton1884

    Wolves 2019

    Just wondering how Wolves will line up this year ? Will Kyle Howarth be at 2 or Nick Morris ... Or neither ?, ... Either way along with Peterborough / Swindon ,Wolves look the team to beat IMO
  13. WestGorton1884

    Belle Vue 2019

    Early impressions are very good , could well be signing of the season
  14. WestGorton1884

    Poole 2019

    I wouldn't say your opinion is unpopular, ? Just cant see whats in BVs line up that makes you think we're a benchmark?.... Far to many question marks ..In my opinion of course Regarding Poole , there's the making of a good team there,especially with Covatti at reserve
  15. WestGorton1884

    Poole 2019

    Isn't this a thread about Poole Pirates prospects in 2019 ?

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