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  1. 46-44 either way at NSS , followed by easy Wolves victory at Monmore Wells early season form is a worry
  2. Strange to read 'some' Ipswich fans completely ignoring the fact its only Dan Bewley's 3rd competitive outing Since sustaining serious injuries ?,
  3. WestGorton1884

    Peterborough v Belle Vue PSC - Mon 1st April

    I’m sorry but Craig having CRS ( for example) wrote in white as opposed to yellow or blue would have no effect on how professional the Panthers looked on TV, im not taking sides in this argument, I just can’t believe with the problems facing this sport , a promoter and a top British rider would find the colour of the font on Kevlars this important !!
  4. WestGorton1884

    Peterborough v Belle Vue PSC - Mon 1st April

    Well switching it around , why is Buster so adamant riders individual sponsors have to be in plain white ? For the life of me I can’t understand either party’s stance on this ???
  5. WestGorton1884

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Surely a rider should be allowed to get maximum coverage for his sponsors , as long as it doesn’t interfere with the official team sponsor of course, I’m sure some compromise could have been reached here? , Strange how Cook never had problems like this at BV though?
  6. WestGorton1884

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Christ almighty... riders need individual sponsorship to earn a living in the sport ! this “ f*** you get a another part time job” attitude is exactly why British Speedway is on its knees , Belle Vue ‘ RENTRUCK ‘ Aces have never had this problem telling their riders what they can or can’t have on their Kevlars , so why are Peterborough? .....
  7. WestGorton1884

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Fail to see why any of this is Craig Cooks fault ?, without individual sponsorship, riders like Cook wouldn’t be able to make a living in the sport , ..... The priority over sponsor name placement was never an issue at Belle Vue and I’m sure it isn’t at most other teams ? ...
  8. WestGorton1884

    Belle Vue 2019

    You're not stating 'true facts' though are you ? you're just giving your opinion on the people who run BV , which is fine by the way. The reason BV crowds are down and we're working on a shoestring is nothing to do with Adrian Smiths perceived shortcomings as a businessman But because the sport in general is in such a perilous position ,
  9. WestGorton1884

    Who has the strongest top 3 riders??

    Ipswich all round double winning team from 84 deserves a mention , Sanders and Knight 1-2 Cook and Doncaster 5-4 But Kai Niemi ( replacing Siggy ) was a revelation at the number 3 position Great team !. ..Back on topic, I'd say Wolves have the strongest 3 on paper
  10. WestGorton1884

    Poole 2019

    Brilliant , absolutely brilliant ! Thanks for posting SS
  11. WestGorton1884

    Poole 2019

    Makes you wonder how speedway survived during the 70s / 80s without 'team kevlars' ? I'd much prefer it if every team went back to race jackets TBH
  12. WestGorton1884

    Belle Vue 2019

    If Belle Vue can't make a success of things with that race track and those facilities , then the sport in this country really is in trouble ...
  13. WestGorton1884

    2019 Confirmed Teams - Premiership

    For some strange reason he’s removed the most important part of the thread , namely the actual team line ups for 2019 ???
  14. WestGorton1884

    2019 Premiership Confirmed Signings

    Pieszczek to Ipswich
  15. WestGorton1884

    2019 Premiership Confirmed Signings

    Why delete the 2019 team listings ? , what a strange thing to do ??? Looked at that most days for reference ,

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