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  1. No im not dissapointed at all , its two meetings at the beginning of the season ! , and he's had mechanical problems . Also cant remember any Belle Vue fans "shouting for weeks about his average "? Dan Bewley is the kind of talent British speedway has been crying out for for years, but he's still only 18 , we have to be patient certainly comments like "so much for the Bewley hype" are uncalled-for, especially after 2 meetings
  2. Never really understood why rival fans seemed to dislike Poole so much? But after being a member on this forum for a number of years , its becoming a lot clearer. Pathetic comment,
  3. ' Performance'? , he didnt finish a race ?
  4. It was the very first meeting of the season , and bad luck like Tungate suffered last night CAN happen to the best of riders, no matter how well prepared
  5. " boy wonder Bewley " beat Swindon number 1 in heat 5, then seemed to suffer bike problems the rest of the night Also Tungate didnt show any form as he was plagued by mechanical problems all night, Other than that .... your analysis of the meeting (all the way from the south coast) is spot on
  6. Unbelievable comments on here regarding Tungate from people who probably didn't even attend the meeting. Bike problems all night , didnt finish a race , it happens to the best of riders especially so early in the season
  7. Agreed, i thought 2 would have been better position for the lad? Snow today but forecast sunny intervals Monday? Hopefully the melting snow won't have to much effect on the track
  8. Looking forward to seeing the young Pole, though not expecting too much this early in the season Riding at number 3 is certainly a tough start
  9. Poole 2018

    Shanes - not captain? .... Do you think so ?
  10. If the photographs from BVs P&P day are anything to go off , it looks like Drozdz will line up at 4 with Tungate ? Its possible Drozdz and Etheridge may struggle initially, so im going for a narrow Aces win
  11. Belle Vue 2018

    This week alone ,we've been informed ..... Fricke is under performing / Kurtz is better prospect The NSS track is "to big" Drozdz will never reach Milik or Lebedevs standards
  12. Belle Vue 2018

    Think it must be something in the water in Dorset ?,
  13. Belle Vue 2018

    I've no idea what you're talking about now ?, i didn't say i wouldn't have those guys? I said they have no relevance to this BV / Wroclaw deal. And how do you know what level Drozdz will reach ???, Ridiculous comments as usual , anything not attached to Poole Speedway always treated negatively
  14. Belle Vue 2018

    I agree , but i still don't understand why you say "its a pity two of their top riders are Poole assets" ? It as no relevance regarding this deal , unless of course we were after signing Lebedevs or Milik?,
  15. Belle Vue 2018

    What effect willl that have on the partnership ?, Absolutely none !