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  1. Mikebendone

    Plymouth vs Berwick CH 08/06/21

    Fantastic turn around by Plymouth (manager) was a great help in doing this. A night of two half's! once again two very good guest riders, when they started attacking the track and getting out of the gate ,what a turn around, did not see this coming. Just one point from me quite a lot of fine dust flying around, difficult to see bend three from bend one at times. But a first class night of speedway (well done).
  2. King in for Crump (first class guest) both guest rode well, slow start for Plymouth but they all worked hard. Pity about the sound system, but all worked out in the end. The standard of racing was first class, the meeting started off flat but ended on a high. It can only get better. Well worth the money. A very big thank you to all who helped in putting the meeting on. See you all next week.
  3. Mikebendone

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Nathan Stoneman would be my first choice if available! I did think this season was the break through season for Henry ,just hope he comes back stronger when the time comes. Like many others I wish him all the very best with the treatment and wish him all the very best with his recovery. Look forward to your return.
  4. Mikebendone

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    A few of us travelled up from Plymouth, well worth all the rain just to watch Bjarne and Jason (Bjarne was out standing) the rest of the Gladiators put a lot of effort in but could not get off the line! A lot more yet to come from Jason, still a very polished rider (every Scunthorpe rider was giving 110 % to try and beat him)!! First away meeting, first meeting as a team. Flint put 110 % effort in well done and thank you for standing in. The Scunthorpe team had there set up right plus had track time in so had the edge. Fingers crossed the young riders in the Plymouth team get a fair chance to show what they can do. Yes the track been better.
  5. Mikebendone

    Plymouth speedway

    I think the points now are 39 so plenty to play with if that is correct.
  6. Mikebendone

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Thank you. But when false accusations have been made you have to say something , all this finger pointing with out facts! plus what they have said is on the point of defamation. Those that started this vented attack should be ashamed.
  7. Mikebendone

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Just meet up with a few speedway supporters ( It now seems the bad language came from the end of bend two and the back straight stand)? this came from a lady how stands there!. Plus like I have stated if you or the promoter would just ask this group of speedway supporters plus the 3 lady's who sat close by them ,plus the group of supports standing behind them in the stand,plus those sitting around them. This would be cleared up and then the truth would be out there for one and all. The pointing of fingers with out the true facts, the many inaccuracies and accusations being made against them are unfounded. Yes some of them have been quite vocal over the seasons and on the night about the track conditions. But have supported speedway at the new site (good and bad times). I plus quite a few others, would willing meet with Mat or Mark over this matter.
  8. Mikebendone

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    To Falcon 50, No doubt you were there and have clear evidence of who said what? I can inform you that one Lady in front and two Lady's close by up in the stand plus many others around this group of speedway fans would tell you that at no time did these fans make any foul language or sexiest remarks ( yes myself plus quite a few others raised are voices about the state of the track ) some one said he heard plus another I hear. These accusations now are on the point of defamation, these accusations are unfounded and could have so easily been cleared up on the night. If Mark or some one else from the promotion would of asked the supports there and then this would have been cleared up and put to bed! but instead a few launched an intensified attack on a group of very loyal speedway supports. There have been so many inaccuracies and false accusations made . At Stoke on Sat/I wished Mat and the team all the very best when they were on there track walk ,unfortunately it was not a good for the Gladiators . I feel very strongly about how these accusation's have been made over forums with out any one contacting any of the accused and supporters who were there at the time. I hold no malaise towards Mark and the Plymouth Gladiators and wish them all the very best for the rest of the season and the future. But please in the future get the truth and correct facts first before acting on them.
  9. Sorry to butt in, a group of us travelled up from Plymouth for the home leg, a first rate atmosphere and very good racing plus a good win. One of are group had a bad turn just after heat 8,the St johns medical team looked after him . This is a very big thank you to the medical team plus the Somerset staff, plus a very big thank you D/H the promoter for popping into the medical room to check on Len. We did all get to see the last three heats. WE are back in Plymouth now, and Len is ok after the scare he gave us, Once again a very big thank you to all the medical staff and Somerset speedway. It turned out to be a very good night of speedway, I wish Somerset all the very best for the second leg and for next season. Very best whishes' Mike Bend one.
  10. Mikebendone

    Plymouth 2018

    The only rider I see stepping up once again should be young Atkins, Roynon + Cockle will be the back bone of this team at home and away. I lost a lot of interest last year, so I'm fingers crossed for a better season this year. It is good to have speedway in PLymouth for another season.
  11. Mikebendone

    Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    Godfrey Spargo did so much for many riders, plus helped Plymouth Devils over the early years. He was involved with bringing back speedway in Cornwall, and keeping speedway in PLymouth! He came away with the Devils on tour team a few times, I recall a time taking an engine up in the mini bus to Sheffield for a rider. A very genuine gentleman he would always be giving the riders something to help them. Sitting down with him, one could go back over the years of speedway. A very true friend to Speedway, plus many of the riders that took part in are local teams. RIP Godfrey.
  12. Mikebendone

    Plymouth V Lakeside 1st September

    After seeing the track on the forum plus hearing from hard time speedway followers,I'm glad i took the chance a went up to Somerset for that meeting. Plenty of Poole fans there,turned out to be a good nights speedway well worth the effort.Poole won on the very last race. For me it is the commentary on the last lap and the shrill of the announcers voice that stopped me from going back to Plymouth speedway. I've been going from day one at the SBA plus many years a Plymouth and Exeter follower. There is some thing about speedway at the SBA at the moment. Best of luck to them for what left of the season.
  13. Mikebendone

    Plymouth Track

    The SBA is good for about 5 races,then the blue lines and dust start,watering heavy at this stage is just not possible due the lack of depth of shale. The point about having shale/dirt down gives more grip more racing lines and better racing. All up and coming riders have to master this art if they wish to progress forward. Like Claret73 said speedway is about riding on shale not tarmac!.
  14. Mikebendone

    Plymouth Track

    Under 19 British final at Plymouth,a first class line up of stars to come,first 5 races were excellent to watch. Track had plenty of watering over 24 hours,but the lack of dirt/shale on the track made the track become a dust pit. Wide blue lines on the both bends and straights! It is only my opinion but it is this lack of shale on the track which is causing most of the problems with the racing at the SBA. I can not fault the 110% effort put in by the track staff, but you can only work with what you have! Once again a good night of speedway,with it being the under 19 British final I did not under stand the poor turn out. This was a night to watch the up and coming young riders of the future. A 100% effort from young Henry of Plymouth Devils his day will come. 99% stayed right to the very end ,for an outlay of just £10 a good nights entertainment .
  15. Mikebendone

    Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    I speak for myself after a few weeks of dust in my eyes plus last Friday the loud commentary going on while they were racing! A few of us had a speedway break away at the week end,first to see Ben Barker at Berwick,what a meeting and what a performance from him (track was watered 3 times ).speeds of over 80mph!! On Sunday back down to Peterborough to see Jack Holder,once again what a performance from him,once again track watered 3 times! A first class week end of speedway this is what the sport is all about (both these riders ex devils). We meet up with supporters from each of these clubs at each meeting ,even going back into the club house bar at Berwick for a snack and drink we were made very welcome. Getting back to Plymouth speedway the lack of a main sponsor is a big factor,plus you have only got to look around down at the track sponsorship is quite thin on the ground. Plymouth needs sponsorship in what ever form it comes in,being at these other two clubs over the week end showed this. It was the best week end of speedway for me for quite a few years.

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