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  1. skippy

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    If memory serves me right Sam Simota was a higher 5 average and would be a good home track rider capable of scoring points at the coleseum, had reliable equipment and was popular with the fans (well most of them)
  2. Zagar £30 more Lindback £30 more
  3. Kolodziej 50 more Lambert 50 more
  4. Can I add Zagar £50 more to my already placed bet of £50 Lambert more
  5. Woffinden 20 less Iversen 20 more
  6. £50 spreadsharer fricke more
  7. Mine should be now NKI 50 more spreadsharer Lindback 50 more Lambert 50 more
  8. Spreadstretcher on iversen then please
  9. NKI 50 more spreadsaver Lindback 50 more spreadsaver Lambert 50 more
  10. Lambert 30 more Laguta 30 more Zagar 30 less
  11. Can I still enter enter. If so then I will go with Lindgren 50 more Lambert 50 more
  12. I will try my luck again. Sayfutinov £30 more Pawlicki £20 less

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