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  1. British Under 21

    I personally feel that Leon made a big mistake by pushing his bike home....I know of the count back situation etc....but at the age of 15, it wasted a lot of energy and stamina and I think he would of been better saving that for his final ride ? just my opinion!
  2. British Under 21

    Thanks for that offer Bilbo....I missed your offer as I couldn't get on the forum till now ? Cost me £3 for a programme ! Dohhhhh Disappointing meeting in all fairness.....poor attendance....poor racing ! The recent weather took it's toll on the track and it certainly showed. I think the riders struggled. It was very patchy and unusually, inconsistent. Joe Lawlor and Jack Thomas were the riders that impressed me most .... or should I say 'surprised' me. Joe can certainly fly when he makes the gate! As for disappointments....or 'negative' surprises ? I expected more from Kyle Bickley ?
  3. British Under 21

    Can anyone kindly post a link so that I can print off a blank racecard for tonight's meeting please?
  4. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    R.I.P greatest rider ever ! The master ! My dad bought me a book in 1974 written by Ivan Mauger (How to become a speedway rider) I've still got it!
  5. British Under 21

    Sad news. What a legend!
  6. British Under 21

    We can host on a Tuesday...it's just that we cant run 2 meetings (on different days) in the same week ? (poxy rule imo) Anyway, we have to settle for the consolation prize (unfortunately) which in hindsight, is a bonus for the Midland based riders. Weather is looking very promising ! It looks like a very open meeting as there are no obvious choice winners in there for me?
  7. British Under 21

    I was meaning the BSPA.... (unless you're being sarcastic ? ) I'm right behind anyone that puts their own money in to Birmingham speedway.
  8. British Under 21

    I dont understand why UK M cant have a moan about what he wants? He's just passionate about the sport he loves imo ? He's probably just peed off with the BSPA for taking the Under 21 Final off the Brummies (like most bham fans are) We were built up to be let down by a bunch of .........ers !
  9. British Under 21

    Are we meant to be grateful to the BSPA for this ??? Bunch of ....... !
  10. British Under 21

    Brummies can ride on a Tuesday (FACT) they just can't stage a meeting twice in the same week!
  11. British Under 21

    BSPA are a bunch of t\ss\rs !!!
  12. British Under 21

    Surely it has to say provisional, because it cant be confirmed without the semis being completed first ? If both semis are completed this weekend then it will be 17th as per fixture list ! (weather permitting)
  13. British Under 21

    ??? It says Tuesday 17th April
  14. Birmingham 2018

    what's the news ? I dont do facebook ?
  15. Brummies v Bees - 28/03/2018

    We're lucky to have him! Cant wait to see his progression!