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  1. It's down to the ref to do his job properly, grow a pair and not be influenced by anyone?
  2. GiveusaB

    Brummies v Buxton Wed 15th Aug NL

    Only a couple of points worth mentioning from this meeting? The referee was a TOP-HAT to insist on, not 1, but 2 re-runs in Heat 8 ? making 2 Brum riders ride round for 5-0 is a complete joke! And as much as I'm not a fan....Danny Ayres rode brilliantly and supplied the 'only' entertainment of note! (apart from the 'small and mighty' James Shanes in Heat 13) what a great race that was ! Track was almost back to its best.....
  3. GiveusaB

    Brummies v Buxton Wed 15th Aug NL

    So....what's the betting that a few of our boys will see tonight as a chance to win the meeting whilst lowering their averages ? Shame that the BSPA have encouraged this sort of embarrassment, with their poxy rules!
  4. GiveusaB

    Brummies v Buxton Wed 15th Aug NL

    I think we all know that Callum has kept his place because of his history/friendship with the manager....it's definitely not on merit ! It's also the reason we ended up with Dan Greenwood.? Whom I'm glad to say has now been relinquished of his duties! I can understand that managers have their favourites, but I'd be embarrassed if it was me!
  5. GiveusaB

    Brummies v Buxton Wed 15th Aug NL

    We all know it was tactical and I think we were right to do it ! Argos is entitled to express his/her opinion....I see it as a dig at the team manager and as much as I don't support Mr Rogers, this is one move that I do/did give backing to. I think our hands were tied and you only have to look at our dreadful injury hit season to see why? Imo.... As much as I think Callum is a smashing lad, he hasn't been good enough all season tbf (hasn't improved in the slightest), the manager should've replaced him and Layne well before the first set of averages came out! But hey-ho, that's history!
  6. Most meetings across the country are low value for entertainment due to an unsuitable race surface? The bikes have become quicker and more high powered, but the tracks have either stayed the same or degenerated. That's the problem with our beloved sport these days! It will only get worse in this country!
  7. I think the end of September for all League meetings.....giving all of October to arrange Play Offs and Final ! Sounds reasonable. Yes we've had a great summer, but a very poor first 2 months....this should reflect in an extension of the season...imo
  8. GiveusaB

    Brummies v Buxton Wed 15th Aug NL

    Danny Ayres guesting for Buxton, which should add a bit of spice!?
  9. May be that needs addressing? Shame for the 'away' team to miss out on a play off spot through no fault of their own?
  10. If a fixture isn't fulfilled by the home team......through no fault of the opposition.....are the league points awarded ?
  11. GiveusaB

    Brummies v Buxton Wed 15th Aug NL

    I feel for Buxton and their owners/promoters....I've had my moan about the way things unfolded when our meeting at Buxton was unexpectedly called off...but I have to say that I have a lot of respect for Jayne who comes on here and answers our queries as and when we ask. Decent, transparent promoters are few and far between these days. As for tonight? obviously I want to see my team win, but I don't want to see Buxton get hammered. Most importantly, I just want to see a 'safe' meeting and wish Danyon/Leon a successful comeback.
  12. Class act this season at NL Level. Bet you Wolves will have one eye on him for a reserve spot next season?
  13. GiveusaB

    How to sack a rider

    Strange ? Argos.....is there a reason for wanting to know? Personally, I'd agree with 'shaggy' ! depending of the nature of the sacking ?
  14. Fair play to you pal......you called it ! I need a drink of whatever you're having Well done.....great shout!

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