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  1. Leicester Lions 2018

    On a completely different tack - does anyone know what gizmo Hans Andersen was using on his bike on Monday? On the left hand side underneath the saddle I could see two orange lights on some sort of box. Never seen anything like that on any other rider's bike. Looked a bit like Blackpool Illuminations! Do the lights come in different colours - could they be the same as the helmet colours?
  2. Gardening Back !!!!!

    They didn't when they started on concrete! Anyone else remember that?.
  3. Always been known as a family sport.
  4. We really should not have to rely on another club's web site to find out the make up of the Lion's team!
  5. Leicester Lions 2018

    Over the Easter Holiday weekend tens of thousands of people will visit the Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre. I bet that only a tiny proportion knows that there is a speedway track virtually next door. If I was the promoter I would ask the Supporters Club to ask members if they could spend a few hours over next weekend giving out flyers giving brief details about speedway, the Lion’s fixture list, a map of where the track is and an offer of a couple of quid off the admission price on production of a flyer. If the Thompson Twins in their gear could help out that would be even better. No doubt the owners of the Centre would need to give permission but I would not think that would be a problem as Speedway fans must generate some extra income for their tenants even if it’s just visiting MacDonalds or the pub or filling up with cheap petrol like I do. If the owners do not give permission then I would arrange for cars plastered with speedway posters to be parked in the car park for the permitted four hours whilst the car drivers did their shopping or had something to eat and drink. Two four hour sessions a day over the four days of the holiday would only need eight different cars and drivers. What are the chances of something like this happening? Zilch!
  6. Leicester Lions 2018

    Couldn't agree more! The promotion must have decided ages ago what they are going to do. On Monday the sensible thing would be rider replacement so that those riders who can take the extra rides get a bit more track time. Then they should come out and say if they are going to replace Josh or use guests/RR (not sure which they can do) until he is fit. One thing that promoters should do is try to build a good relationship with their fans. Not letting them know until the last minute who will be in the team doesn't help to do that!
  7. 2018 Regulations

    Not every track has a pit gate that can be closed!
  8. 2018 Regulations

    Calling all anoraks - these have now been published - http://www.britishspeedway.co/2018_speedway_regulations_online.pdf
  9. Leicester Lions 2018

    Before 12 noon?
  10. Leicester Lions 2018

    Yes. You would think he would know better.
  11. Coventry 2017

    Because, like it or not, the Bees are not in the Premiership League this season!
  12. Leicester Lions 2018

    Well at least he won't be managing both teams in a relegation/promotion play off!
  13. 2018 Fixtures

    Does anyone know when the fixtures are due to be published?
  14. Leicester Lions 2018

    Like most people I think that the Lions have put together a good team but I don't think we should be over optimistic. According to the rider's profiles on the Lion's web site Vaculik and Pieszczek have never ridden in Britain so we can expect that it will take some time for them to become accustomed to British tracks. Look at Wosniak for example - after two seasons he was ok at Beaumont Park but did not do as well away from home and Lions will need to pick up some away points if they are to get into the playoffs. There must also be a question mark over Bates - the last rider we signed who had had/was having personal problems was Davy Watt and look what happened to him. I think that, after the first set of Green Sheet averages come out, there could well be a change or two. Perhaps even a return of others from last season. To sum up - I am cautiously optimistic!
  15. Leicester Lions 2018

    Come on flagrag - stop teasing!