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  1. You should do what I do. Turn the sound off. You don't get a commentary if you are there! Also am I the only one who noticed that the Union Jack and the Australian flag in the BT studio had the red X on the middle missing?
  2. If the Lions lose by 20 or less then they will count that as a win! I suspect that Connor Mountain will be the key rider and I also expect that he will be very tired by the end of the afternoon having featured in just about every other race!
  3. Happy Hunter

    Plymouth 2019

    I can't understand why the Gladiator fans are not up in arms about last night's debacle. The Plymouth promotion have a good record for calling matches off early when there is the slightest possibility that a match might have to be off due to rain, either recent or forecast. From Monday to Friday this week Plymouth had about 37 mm of rain including 28.4 mm on Monday and 3.6mm on Thursday and 0.6 mm on Friday. The track is situated at March Mills - a clue there as to why matches get called off because of the weather. In addition the promotion have been trying to get new shale/clay onto the track in the last couple of weeks. It must have been clear by Thursday evening that there was no chance to get the track ready for Friday and it should have been called off then. I can find nothing on the Gladiator's web site about why it wasn't called of earlier. I can't even find out from the website how much it costs to get in to see the Gladiator's this season.
  4. Happy Hunter

    Plymouth 2019

    In the absence of any reply from a Gladiators fan the nearest hotel, which is within easy walking distance of the track, is the Premier Inn at 300 Plymouth Road, Plymouth PL3 6RW, There is also an Ibis a little bit further away at Marsh Mills, Forder Valley, Longbridge Road, Plymouth PL6 8LR. The track itself is situated at Marsh Mills, just off the A38 Devon Expressway, and, if you need it, there is free parking at the Coypool Park and Ride car park (3/4 minutes walk from the track). Both the car park and track are signposted. I don't know what the admission cost is as I have not been this season (the Gladiators website is silent on this and not much good at all!). As you probably know there are problems with the track at the moment which I hope they can get sorted. There is a history of rain offs (the name Marsh Mills might give you a clue as to why!). If there should be a rain off there are plenty of things to see and do in Plymouth. Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip - at least you don't get any strung out races at Plymouth and the racing is usually o.k.
  5. Happy Hunter

    Leicester 2019

    If he has had a poorly hand why has he been in the dustbin? https://twitter.com/josh96bates?lang=en (see group of photos at left hand side of account) . I thought he had hurt his back.
  6. Happy Hunter

    Leicester v Edinburgh 8/6/19

    Very sensible. Like the Cubs last week they might have got the track fit to ride on but not race on.
  7. Happy Hunter

    Leicester v Edinburgh 8/6/19

    Forecast for Leicester is rain stopping in an hour or so and then fine.
  8. Happy Hunter

    leicester v stoke potters.

    I must confess that I went more in hope than expectation! I saw my first meeting in 1949 at Blackbird Road and can well remember going to Brandon on Leicester Corporation double decker buses. One thing that I did like at Coventry was the hot dogs - I reckon the Bees outscored the Hunters in that respect!
  9. Happy Hunter

    leicester v stoke potters.

    Hard to tell but I reckon I saw about 20/30.
  10. Happy Hunter

    leicester v stoke potters.

    I imagine that the terms of the lease of the stadium at Beaumont Park allow the Lion’s promoters to run as many meetings/events as they like for a set fee. So, unlike the Bees last season, who I assume paid some sort of fee every time they rode at Beaumont Park, there are no such fees when the Cubs ride at home. The Lions have a great bunch of volunteers who act as co-team manager, track and start marshals, crowd stewards and who staff the box office and track shop etc. The major items of expenditure are, therefore, medical cover and payments to the riders. I have no idea what National League riders are getting but I can’t imagine that anyone is making a fortune out of speedway at this level.
  11. Happy Hunter

    leicester v stoke potters.

    I used to go to Brandon but only when I thought the Bees would lose!
  12. Happy Hunter

    Shield semi-final

    Leicester v Glasgow final? No need to draw that out!
  13. Happy Hunter

    leicester v stoke potters.

    At the meeting against Belle Vue Colts I reckon there might have been 3/400 fans there.
  14. Happy Hunter

    leicester v stoke potters.

    I can understand why the Lion's promotion wanted to get this meeting on because of fixture congestion but it was a bit of a farce despite the efforts of the riders etc. Because of the weather the crowd was poor - I would estimate that it was not much more than 200 and it was a wonder that there were not more falls and injuries as, especially early on, anyone behind after the second bend had no chance of overtaking.
  15. Happy Hunter

    Leicester v Birmingham 25/5/19

    I am not sure how Stewart Dickson can say the Lions are through to the next stage of the K.O. Cup when they got a bye in the first round and haven't ridden a race in the cup yet!

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