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  1. Happy Hunter

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Being a bit paranoid after the Rye House fiasco I noticed at the box office last night that the list of admission prices had been removed. Will there be a new one soon with higher prices? Someone has got to pay for all the smartening up (grass cutting etc.), the erection of the Sheffield gantry over the start/finish line, and the electronic scoreboard that was on display last night
  2. Happy Hunter

    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    I am afraid that, over the years, a good meeting at Leicester is defined as one where the home team win by a narrow margin. The excitement level depends on how often the overall points lead changes over the 15 heats!
  3. Happy Hunter

    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    No you can't blame Glyn for the Leicester track!
  4. Happy Hunter

    Poole 2018

    It was probably the nearest he could get from his local Charity Shop.
  5. Happy Hunter

    Poole 2018

    Nicholls wearing a Pirates shirt on BT Sport tonight!
  6. Happy Hunter

    Rye House 2018

    The last time something like this happened people were surprised by the number of retired riders (of various ages and for various reasons) who came back to ride.
  7. Happy Hunter

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Charles Wright injured last night. Not riding for Sheffield at Scunthorpe tonight!
  8. Happy Hunter

    27•06•18 - Premiership - Rye House v Swindon

    Having read various comments about Poole on here over the years I thought they were already in a league of their own!
  9. Happy Hunter

    Leicester - Swindon 13.06.18

    I think that the track was better prepared when Glyn was curator. It's got worse since they got rid of him and he was the one who did his best to improve the racing by carrying out the alterations to all four bends. As far as the pits are concerned I agree that it would be better to be able to see what's going on but planning and environmental concerns meant that the City Council insisted on the current layout. If funds ran to it an alternative would be a big screen on the 3/4th bends (back to sun) showing what is going on in the pits and, possibly, a re-run of each race.
  10. Happy Hunter

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Further to my post a few days ago a bit more information for those interested. First the figures are for league and cup meetings. Second you need to bear in mind that the winning percentages are likely to go down as the Lions have only ridden 3 away matches compared to 6 at home. Third a bit more information: Winning percentages home & away: Andersen H 50% A 20% T 32% Bjerre H 33% A 17% T 27% Pieszczek H 48% A 7% T 34% King H 25% A 13% T 21% Newman H 16% A 13% T 15% Serjeant H 14% A 0% T 9% Kurtz H 12% A 10% T 11% Last place percentages home & away Andersen H 0% A 20% T 6% Bjerre H 25% A 33% T 27% Pieszczek H 19% A 29% T 24% King H 13% A 50% T 25% Newman H 20% A 40% T 28% Serjeant H 36% A 64% T 45% Kurtz H 36% A 60% T 43%
  11. Happy Hunter

    Leicester Lions 2018

    One of the Lion's problems is that the no.1 and no.5 riders are not winning as many races as they should. Bjerre has only won 30% and Andersen 41%. I think you should expect them to win at least 50%. Pieszczek has won 34% of his. In addition there are problems at the other end of the team that others have mentioned. Has anyone any idea when or if Bates will ride?
  12. Happy Hunter

    Leicester Lions 2018

    On a completely different tack - does anyone know what gizmo Hans Andersen was using on his bike on Monday? On the left hand side underneath the saddle I could see two orange lights on some sort of box. Never seen anything like that on any other rider's bike. Looked a bit like Blackpool Illuminations! Do the lights come in different colours - could they be the same as the helmet colours?
  13. Happy Hunter

    Gardening Back !!!!!

    They didn't when they started on concrete! Anyone else remember that?.

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