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  1. Happy Hunter

    May 17th

    Do they have a roe d map out if the pandemic?
  2. Happy Hunter

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Can't be Seemond. He sold all his gardening gear years ago.
  3. Happy Hunter


    I think the turf at Cardiff is in trays that can be slid out of the stadium. Don't think you can do that at Wembly and, of course, Cardiff has a roof.
  4. Happy Hunter


    Did you mean Lemon Sole? Got to keep this fishy tail going.
  5. Happy Hunter


    One new initiative that I have never heard mentioned by the BSPA is the appointment of a Press and Publicity Officer. Perhaps now would be a good time!
  6. Happy Hunter


    Perhaps you can explain then, why the promoters said, in last weeks press release, that the fixtures for the top two leagues would be published this week? Surely they must have known there might be problems with rider availability! Perhaps it's another case of treating fans like mushrooms. Keep them in the dark and feed them manure!
  7. Happy Hunter

    Leicester Lions 2020

    I would be pleased to see Connor back. I have spent many happy hours over the lockdown watching the videos of the 2019 title winning season and he was one of the reasona why it went so well. From the Leicester web site recently it looks as if the other 6 riders will be as planned. Not sure abour Bridger - didn't he sign for the Lions once put then only rode once or something like that before he packed it in again!
  8. Happy Hunter

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Thats about £2,000 according to my reckoning. Will the promotor foot a rider's bill I wonder!
  9. Happy Hunter

    Leicester Lions 2020

    As I said elsewhere I hope not.
  10. Happy Hunter


    I do hope your right that its a coincidence!
  11. Happy Hunter


    So thats Donald Trump's retirement plan then!
  12. Happy Hunter

    Leicester Lions 2020

    7 man teams then for 2021 as SD has previously announced that the other 6 signed for 2020 will ride in 2021. Not sure what the effect of flight restrictions to and from Oz will be. Oz Govt have said some restrictions are likely to be in place until end of 2021.
  13. Happy Hunter


    Leicester have announced that they have someone lined up to replace Ellis Perks. They can't say who until the paperwork is complete. They had previously announced that the other 6 signed up for 2020 would be back for 2021 . So 7 man teams then.
  14. Happy Hunter


    If Plymouth join the championship they could take over Somerset's team or is that too simple?
  15. Happy Hunter


    I suspect that its Plymouth who want to join the Championship and that they will take on the fixtures that had probably been allocated to Somerset. This would make sense as its as difficult to get to Plymouth as Somerset on some days of the week. I have edited this as I realise I have used the word sense! Sorry!

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