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  1. Yikes

    Darcy Ward

    Blokes a pillock. Hope the final outcome is he is sent packing for a year or two to learn his lesson.
  2. Worked well last year. Hope to see it back and improved.
  3. Great meeting format. Should be good. Will try to get to this one
  4. Yikes

    Birmingham Brummies 2015

    The Drury double act should have been put down long ago. I genuinely think this is the worst news since the fear of Brummies closing for good. What a terrible shame, old Tony Mole really didn't put much thought into the future there did he.
  5. Yikes

    Barker & Worrall In Argentina

    Maybe they watched Top Gear
  6. Yikes

    Chris Simpson

    Shows the mentality of some people Phil. It's beyond belief lol I think PT Preece has an axe to grind by the title and comments. Good to know he knows how much or little the Centre green man has on before tapes up. Chris you are being too fair and polite I think. If someone isn't happy where they are, they should move. At coventry moving about 10 metres makes a whole lot of difference, particularly as the pa speakers are very directional. In front they are loud, slightly to the side not so loud. Half way between 2 even quieter still. If enough people went to stadiums, maybe the promoters or owners would invest in a up to date system. Never going to happen though. Its not rocket science!!!
  7. Yikes

    Chris Simpson

    Was really pleased to see you both back at Coventry this year after the dreadful start to the season. The volumes around the stadium need sorting, I went around and saw some friends on both bends and on the back straight and it was like someone turns the volume up and down, why can't it just be consistent. Appreciate it's not your doing though if you simply turn up and plug in. I have done a few meetings at Perry Barr this year too and some parts of the outside are really quiet. The bar was nice and loud I thought, not overpowering at all. Mind you the bar has it's own volume control and can turn it up or down if they wish or if people ask. The main bar in Coventry on Friday was a bit too quiet so you didn't really get the announcements too well. I guess if the volume is too quiet or loud where you stand or sit, you can always move somewhere else, it's not like many stadiums are so full they are turning people away at the moment.
  8. If someone was still in gate 4 and flipped the bike or just lost power the rider off 15 could go straight through them, also have to have clear sight of the tapes?
  9. Finally figured out how to get this to work on iPad, using app called photon, also got the wiziwig feed of tonight's sky meeting to play too
  10. I thought that just Hans coming around at the end was disgraceful, what was wrong with the team . They ought to have more respect, or was that down to the stadium wanting to rush to the end. Also sorry for the poor second halfers who turn up on a dry night to a meeting that had already been rushed through, only to be sent packing. Particularly as there was plenty of time for the interval. Coventry Speedway - come on...
  11. Yikes

    Coventry Bees 2014

    It's Jepsen Jenson!!!!
  12. When I said theBarker decision was down to him, I meant the ref. As in he didn't have the decision of the pace of the meeting but that potential howler of a call was his work! And I explained his [the refs] logic. Being at the track and not seeing it on sky yet I can't say if it was right or not but suspect probably not!! It was the same ref wasn't it SCB on Friday
  13. Was a bit disappointing but as soon as Wolves was off it was obvious that Brum would be next. To be fair to the ref, at a Sky meeting they have minimal input. The pace, 2mins are all under instruction of Sky. The Barker decision was down to him completely though. I asked him why he excluded Barker and apparently Barker didn't react or change his line because of Morris. So was always going down. Would need to see the replay to confirm if that's right or not though.
  14. Yikes

    Coventry Bees 2014

    Well no matter what we get tonight (weather dependant) it's a step in the right direction it seems. Refreshing to get a club that takes the feedback and does something with it. Thumbs up from me, well done Mick and co.

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