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  1. Eric

    Poole 2018

    Richie, Josh and Klindt you mean lol. If Matt has the money then he should go for it.
  2. Fair play. Now we can all move on. Water under the bridge now.
  3. I stuck up for Starman2006 when people were siding with Phil. I was alerted to Phil's comments on twitter. So I posted those tweets for 3 reasons. 1. To give Starman a break from having to defend himself against the select group of people who were siding with Phil. 2. I wanted to show the select group of people who were defending Phil's earlier comments about Starman's illness to make them realise that Phil mentioned the illness deliberately as part of an attacking reply to Starman. 3. I felt the need to step in personally as I felt very uncomfortable with people sticking up for PhilTheAce because I knew about the tweets Phil posted about Starman on twitter. Anyway case closed now. Best wishes to Starman.
  4. Sorry mods. Forgot to edit the foul language on the earlier posts.
  5. Just thought I would share a few extra's. Phillip Mullard‏ @PhilTheAce Jul 4 Replying to @_MAP78 @thestevecook The guy should have died mo the ago after his brain hemorage. He's a tool. He's a Poole fan Mark. Spouts rubbish and just gets into arguments all the time Nick Wellstead‏ @NickWellstead 23h23 hours ago Replying to @PhilTheAce @_MAP78 @thestevecook That’s a bit strong, crossed the line there Phillip Mullard‏ @PhilTheAce 23h23 hours ago Replying to @NickWellstead @_MAP78 @thestevecook Guys A c**t. Not sorry Nick Wellstead‏ @NickWellstead 21h21 hours ago Replying to @PhilTheAce @_MAP78 @thestevecook Says more about you than him Phillip Mullard‏ @PhilTheAce 21h21 hours ago Replying to @NickWellstead @_MAP78 @thestevecook Do I give a f**k. NO
  6. Phil could have called Starman an idiot and left it at that. Phil didn't. Phil decided to bring up Starman's illness which was uncalled for. BSF stepped in and showed Phillip a red card and rightly so. No place on here for people like Phillip Mullard.
  7. So give Starman2006 a break. Don't sink to Phillip Mullard's level.
  8. THIS ONE TOO! Phil didn't use the word idiot when attacking Starman he used the C word. BSF edited the tweet. Phillip Mullard‏ @PhilTheAce 23h23 hours ago More Guys A idiot. Not sorry
  9. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE STICKING UP FOR PHIL THE ACE. CHECK HIS TWEETS OUT! Phillip Mullard‏ @PhilTheAce Jul 4 More The guy should have died mo the ago after his brain hemorage. He's a tool. He's a Poole fan Mark. Spouts rubbish and just gets into arguments all the time Reply Retweet Like
  10. Eric

    Poole 2018

    What a team. I knew Matt would come up trumps this year. BS but that PTW is also an idiot looking for a bite. All I said about Iversen was that I think he would go to KL. I never said anything about signing for Poole. As for Hampel he always rides in Sweden and it doesn't look like he's going to get a contract next year also he's not in the GP's next year. Poole are on the lookout for a No.1 so I said maybe it could happen. Nothing wrong with that. Its called silly season for a reason. People speculate and if certain others don't like that then they shouldn't come on this forum until the start of the 2018 season. Are they? I thought you said Holder is going to sign for Somerset. Run along to the Championship section fella.
  11. Eric

    Poole 2018

    Where did I say signing for Poole. I said maybe it could happen due to no contract in Sweden. Nothing wrong with that so why don't you take a walk fella.
  12. Could Hampel be on his way to the UK. No deal in Vetlanda and I don't see any team place for him in Sweden.
  13. Eric

    Poole 2018

    Artem Laguta has signed for Vetlanda which could rule out a return for Jarek Hampel. Maybe just maybe Hampel to Poole could happen.
  14. Eric

    Poole 2018

    No.1 hopefully. Hancock is still my guess.
  15. Eric

    Poole 2018

    Fingers crossed. Cant see us getting NKI tbh as he would be eager to join KL. Janowski always chooses between Sweden and Britain. Think its going to be C. Holder, B. Kurtz & H. Andersen as a top 3

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