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  1. Shale Searcher

    Leicester Vs Sheffield CS 20th April

    Sun sets at 12 minutes past 8.
  2. Shale Searcher

    Redcar v Leicester

    Why don't do some posters not add date and start times to meeting preview/discussion threads?
  3. Shale Searcher

    Redcar v Leicester

    Did this take place? Can't find anything on updates, it's as if this meeting doesn't exist!! (Thursday 18th April 2019)
  4. Shale Searcher

    Leicester Vs Sheffield CS 20th April

    Weather forecast is as good as it gets for late April.. Beaumont Park will be bathed in Sunshine, with temps topping out at a respectable 24c, maybe even 26c!! No rain, or any wind to speak of. Come tapes up, the temperature will have dropped back to a pleasant 16c to 17c.. Perfect Speedway weather..!!
  5. Shale Searcher

    Darcy in Twitter rant

    I think he may be looking through Rose tinted glasses, I remember in the past, some races never got the 2 minute klaxon, riders came straight out, little or no digging, lined up and that was that.. The 2 minute klaxon only seemed to sound if riders were in trouble with bikes etc...
  6. Shale Searcher

    Unfair advantage - starting gates

    The whole sport has been sanitised.
  7. Shale Searcher

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    Meeting is rained off (09.20) tipping it down since 05.00, not gonna stop till after 1pm...
  8. Shale Searcher

    One Big League - Problem Solved

    Ade Hoole!! That was at Leicester, wasn't it!!!
  9. Shale Searcher

    Swedish Final Live

    Funny that, I checked the rain radar and it looked like they'd had a good soaking, but I thought they'd probably still get it on....!!
  10. Shale Searcher

    Swedish Final Live

    What happened to the 2nd leg on FS? Doesn't appear to have been shown..?
  11. Shale Searcher

    Leicester Lions 2018

    It's Connor Mountain... Did really well this evening, think he got 9 paid 13..!! Good prospect..
  12. Shale Searcher

    Leicester V Somerset 03.09.18

    The convective rain threat has now just about passed through Leicester, cold front next, nowt really wet on that now either.... Should be fine for racing and the fireworks!!
  13. Think Google maps is a track version or 2 out still.....
  14. Shale Searcher

    Belle Vue V's Wolves 27/08/18

    Any news on the injured riders...?

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