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  1. All the heavy rain is running down the Eastern side of UK,. Be worried if we we're Lynn or P'Boro!!! Dry as a bone in Leicester..!!!!
  2. Thanks PTA. Weather looks better, much better tomorrow, probably have to water by midday!! Such is Speedway track art...
  3. Shale Searcher

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Rider/Club/Fan/Club/Fan/Rider allegiance, just doesn't exist anymore in the UK..
  4. Well, here we go again..... Can the Lions pull off a home win, any sort of a win would be nice..! Do we know if we have a full team? If someone can post line-ups, that would be nice.. With all the weather around today (Sun) the Cov v Brum fixture has been postponed, which will give the track sufficient time to dry out.
  5. Is it still on? Tennis on BT Sport 2 now?
  6. What do the Poles do if its cancelled and ran tomorrow, can't see Polish teams full if guests or R/R's!!
  7. So, that was 4.20 UK time, it starts 18.00hrs UK time, so now 18.30 UK time, yes?
  8. Shale Searcher

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Green helmet colour coming back instead of the white one. Also, R/R will now wear a mauve helmet colour. The yellow and black helmet colour is also now going to be yellow, black, yellow, black.... instead of yellow, black, yellow. Also, rider numbers will now be displayed in Roman Numerals, in Times New Roman Font... Any rider not complying will be fined £100 and a point added to his/her average for each non compliance....
  9. Shale Searcher

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Doubt it....
  10. Shale Searcher

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    I didn't mean instead of Cardiff either! But why would 36,000 to 46,000 go to Cardiff, and only around 9,000 or less to Belle Vue, sure, it would sell out, but would it make any money? Ticket prices would have to increase tremendously to make it viable, plus as "OFF" said, BT would have to make it a PPV event to improve revenue......
  11. Shale Searcher

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Where would all the spectators fit at Belle Vue? What's its capacity? 9,000? I don't know, but someone must.... If 36,000 to 46,000 is roughly Cardiff, it just won't work..
  12. Shale Searcher

    Poole Pirates Vs Leicester Lions 25/7/18

    There was a 40% chance of thunderstorms for Wednesday on the south coast at the time of writing, that chance has diminished over the last 24hrs.. So not inaccurate at the time of writing... As the week progresses, the chances of thunder and lightning increase dramatically.......
  13. Shale Searcher

    Poole Pirates Vs Leicester Lions 25/7/18

    Hmmm, thunderstorms are a distinct possibility tomorrow afternoon/evening down on the south coast, could be quite vicious, and drop a lot of water,, in a very short time.... Awful to forecast their location though.. Very hit and miss.... Catch one, and you'll know about it...
  14. In weather like this, moisture needs to be delivered overnight, between the hours of midnight and 5am, otherwise its got no chance to get into the track.. Then its just top-ups during the day.... Bet anyone that hasn't been done.
  15. Shale Searcher

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Don't do Facebook...... (anymore) been off for nearly a year now...) was driving me nuts!!!

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