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  1. Shale Searcher

    Speedway on the BBC

    What's happened to the original poster, and his question? We've been hoodwinked!!!!!
  2. Shale Searcher

    Thread Sabotaged - Mods Please Delete

    Don't know, ask Shakespeares Sister..
  3. Shale Searcher

    Tracks around football pitches

    I think I watched a charity football match in the 70's at Leicesters Blackbird Rd Track, think there were a few Radio One DJ's, and other celebs playing, can't remember the year, but I'm sure it happened and was not a dream!!!
  4. Shale Searcher

    Ipswich v Swindon Prem Lge 13th June 2019

    Gotta be a donner!!! Full of vitamins!!!
  5. Seat bracket I believe, very uncomfortable, even though you're out of it alot, it's a fulcrum point for body parts, mostly, but not exclusively the right leg!!!
  6. Shale Searcher

    Leicester v Edinburgh 8/6/19

    It's stopped, (14.20) clear rest of day/evening)
  7. Shale Searcher

    Leicester v Edinburgh 8/6/19

    The rain will stop at around 14.30, then its clear until the early hours of Sunday..
  8. Shale Searcher


    A few years ago at the Cardiff GP, you could purchase earpieces like you get at test match cricket, which is a commentary feed. I actually quite enjoyed it, the only downside for me is, I don't like earpieces!! Not sure if it was a regular thing, as I have been a flag Marshall at the last 6 or 7 Cardiff GP's.
  9. Shale Searcher

    Leicester Vs Sheffield CS 20th April

    Sun sets at 12 minutes past 8.
  10. Shale Searcher

    Redcar v Leicester

    Why don't do some posters not add date and start times to meeting preview/discussion threads?
  11. Shale Searcher

    Redcar v Leicester

    Did this take place? Can't find anything on updates, it's as if this meeting doesn't exist!! (Thursday 18th April 2019)
  12. Shale Searcher

    Leicester Vs Sheffield CS 20th April

    Weather forecast is as good as it gets for late April.. Beaumont Park will be bathed in Sunshine, with temps topping out at a respectable 24c, maybe even 26c!! No rain, or any wind to speak of. Come tapes up, the temperature will have dropped back to a pleasant 16c to 17c.. Perfect Speedway weather..!!
  13. Shale Searcher

    Darcy in Twitter rant

    I think he may be looking through Rose tinted glasses, I remember in the past, some races never got the 2 minute klaxon, riders came straight out, little or no digging, lined up and that was that.. The 2 minute klaxon only seemed to sound if riders were in trouble with bikes etc...
  14. Shale Searcher

    Unfair advantage - starting gates

    The whole sport has been sanitised.

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