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  1. As expected the guests were decisive and favoured Sheffield.
  2. Somerset significantly weakened by the loss of Covatti he was flying - with the greatest of respect to Nielsen he’s unlikely to get anywhere near Nico’s scoring. Sheffield stronger with Allen for Howarth assuming Jake is now fully fit IMO. This should be a comfortable home win.
  3. RebelDan

    Somerset Vs Scunthorpe 29/5/19

    Most Rebels fans would prefer to see Jake in action IMO.
  4. RebelDan

    Somerset Vs Scunthorpe 29/5/19

    The weather forecast looks poor - rain all day
  5. Mate no Reading fan would want Swindon to do well and vice versa - there was always intense rivalry between the two teams, so there is no way Dave Robinson would support Swindon. As a true Reading Racer at heart (followed them for over 30 years), you’d have to get Paul McKenna to do a job on me to support the old enemy(And even then I reckon my default position would be to support whoever the opposition were!) I hope all the riders recover from this morning.
  6. RebelDan

    Somerset v Redcar 15th May

    Thanks for the update. The crowds seem quite a bit down on last year. I think it’s a combination of the wrong race night (they should have reverted back to Fridays in the lower league it kick started the weekend and had a feel good factor) and the wrong team - no crowd favourites - Wright Allen or BWD . I understand they have also removed or capped the OAP concession (there were always a lot of seniors at Somerset) and this may have turned away quite a few away who are now maybe picking their meetings. Add in the woeful presentation and it’s no surprise the crowds are down. The only thing constant is it’s still a cracking race track and regularly produced excellent speedway races. I had been a regular for 6 years up to the change in race nights to Weds which due to work commitments now means I can’t attend (we used to go as a family of 5) we can now only attend the odd meeting when I’m on leave. It’s also very quiet on the forum from Rebels fans this season - where has everyone gone ???
  7. RebelDan

    Rebels vs Pirates

    I’ts unfortunate it’s on the same night as Barca vs Liverpool - stay at home night for me. I hope it’s a decent crowd for the club and the weather plays ball.
  8. It’s very quiet on here post meeting. How was the meeting ? Decent crowd ?
  9. He was Armando Castagna’s mechanic for a while at Reading (I think). Good news on the new track - to be fair it can’t have been any worse than the old one!
  10. RebelDan

    Brummies v Rebels 17.04.19

    Was Rowe competitive ? To be fair he won’t come up against as strong reserves in most meetings.
  11. I was going to go - glad I didn’t !!!
  12. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    It sounds like we have been shopping in a well known German budget store. Good luck to the lad.
  13. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    With the greatest of respect all of the options mentioned so far will make us a lot weaker. As others have mentioned Berge’s reason for quitting seems a bit odd.
  14. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    I do the same journey and have done for 5 years without any real issues. Granted coming west bound in July/Aug can be problematic but fixtures can be planned around that. As I said IMO Weds seem pretty flat compared to Fridays and the club will have far less youngsters in attendance which can’t be a good thing.
  15. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    The thing is though most of the teams in the league are Northern based so there will be very few away supporters at most home meetings so I don’t really get the argument about the traffic, the club managed ok for over a decade on Fridays (noting traffic will always be worse on a Fri compared to a Wed). Its simply not the same on a Weds the feel good factor of starting the weekend on a Friday night at the Racing cannot be replicated on a Weds night plus less kids will be in attendance as it’s a school night.

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