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  1. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    It sounds like we have been shopping in a well known German budget store. Good luck to the lad.
  2. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    With the greatest of respect all of the options mentioned so far will make us a lot weaker. As others have mentioned Berge’s reason for quitting seems a bit odd.
  3. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    I do the same journey and have done for 5 years without any real issues. Granted coming west bound in July/Aug can be problematic but fixtures can be planned around that. As I said IMO Weds seem pretty flat compared to Fridays and the club will have far less youngsters in attendance which can’t be a good thing.
  4. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    The thing is though most of the teams in the league are Northern based so there will be very few away supporters at most home meetings so I don’t really get the argument about the traffic, the club managed ok for over a decade on Fridays (noting traffic will always be worse on a Fri compared to a Wed). Its simply not the same on a Weds the feel good factor of starting the weekend on a Friday night at the Racing cannot be replicated on a Weds night plus less kids will be in attendance as it’s a school night.
  5. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    Reading did it in about 2005 and it was a case of “after the lords mayors show”, having a meeting the day before Cardiff is a much better call IMO rather than the day after as it will always be an anti climax.
  6. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    It seems a bit odd there are only 2 home fixtures in May which are 4 weeks apart. At least we have Speedway to watch I guess considering Workingtons plight.
  7. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    The Track was well below par for at least the first half of the season, Jake and any other rider had every reason to be vocal considering they are the ones taking all the risks . Naturally it depends on how professionally you voice your concerns.Didnt Jake lodge with Debbie Hancock last season ?
  8. RebelDan

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    It’s a v poor looking team IMO. It was already a brave move stepping up, I assume the business plan only works with increased attendances as costs will be much higher. The future viability of the club is at stake as after a while attendances will tumble if they start to lose at home consistently- nobody wants to watch a losing team every week- only the die hard fans will turn up in time. I really hope for the brummies sake they surprise everyone and click.
  9. RebelDan

    REDCAR 2019

    3 inconsistent heat leaders, they can beat anyone on their day but also have the odd shocker. Charles is a great signing. I’m think the team looks ok but it doesn’t stand out for me.
  10. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    Redcar probably offered No 1 status money to Wrighty whereas the Rebels has probably already spent big on Harris/Schlien and offered Charles far less.
  11. RebelDan

    Poole 2019

    As a Somerset fan I am delighted Brady is back in the U.K. what a top bloke and entertaining rider. I remember watching his U.K. debut meeting in April 2014 when he got a 15 point max, winning from the gate and the back.At that point I knew he was a special talent. He may have had a few tough years but I’m convinced he has what it takes to progress to the top of the sport, he is so stylish and quick when in front. Enjoy him Poole fans and give the lad a little slack he’s still a very young man and will have ups and downs. I look forward to the odd visit to Poole now you have a different race night to Somerset and watching him rip it up.
  12. RebelDan

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Your point hasn’t been debated about junior pricing if indeed it is £10 for a 12 year old to attend, that’s way too much and discouraging the next generation to fall in love with the sport, many simply won’t come as parents won’t be able to afford it. I have 3 kids who come to Somerset with me most weeks (2 are aged over 12) and if it was £10 per 12 year old, I simply couldn’t justify bringing them and would then have to justify attending myself, as we attend as a family and it simply wouldn’t be the same on my own without them. £10 for a student who can potentially earn some money - maybe at a push - but a tenner for a 12 year old sorry that’s simply not viable for most families and is short sighted by promoters. It will hurt them in the long run as a generation will be lost to the sport. Like most of you out there we were hooked as kids!
  13. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    I agree I think Somerset have a much better top 5 than Scunny, I don’t know enough about the respective reserves.
  14. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    Why was BWD not signed ? What was the issue? Todd is a top guy and great team man but I think BWD will have an higher average at the end of the season.
  15. RebelDan

    Somerset 2019

    Todd Kurtz confirmed

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