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  1. hulvik

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    It's the old pub debate "Who's the greatest...." It will always be hard to compare riders of different generations. Bikes, tracks and formats have all changed over the years and while everybody as their own views, each of them valid how is it possible to compare Woffy to the likes of Colins and Mauger when the circumstances they raced are so very different. And how do you class greatness. Number of titles, points scored, length career. The only fair way is to look at those riders of the same generation. Woffy is one of a small group of the current British riders who as ridden in the GP series and as certainly done the best out of those so it would be fair to say he is the best British rider of this generation
  2. Drunken Scotsmen surely there isn't such a thing
  3. hulvik

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Hull did something similar in the Boulevard days with Egon Muller
  4. hulvik

    William Dunlop

    James Cowton A young lad from East Yorkshire lost his life yesterday while practicing for the southern 100 in the Isle of Man Brings home how dangerous any form of motorsport is and while there are some riders we see as pantomime villains when we see them racing it shouldn't be forgotten they are putting their lives on the line every time for out entertainment and we should never wish misfortune on any rider
  5. Back in the 80’s when nobody had heard of the internet and Gary Lineker didn’t know what a bag of crisps looked like. Football was mainly played on a Saturday afternoon and kicked off at 3pm. Rugby league was traditionally played on a Sunday. With Speedway raced most nights of the week with each club having their own race night and all was well in the world of sport. Then on 5th February 1989 a little known company called Sky launched its Television network onto the TV airwaves and the decline of British sport began. To begin with things didn’t go well for this young broadcaster and by the end of 1990 it had been forced to merge with its main rival BSB who were also struggling in a bid to survive. But this set back didn’t put Sky off its ambitions of ruling the TV airwaves when it came to sport. When the top flight of English football broke away from the Football League thanks in part to the promise of higher TV payments From Greg Dyke and ITV Sky saw its chance and took it. Bidding a massive £304 million, it beat ITV and in doing so football was removed from free to air TV and put on Sky Sports which promptly became a subscription channel. But in taking the money football forgot the golden rule “Those with the gold make the rules” With a large TV schedule to fill Sky soon began demanding value for its money and the result was the weekly ritual of Saturday afternoon football through out the country became a thing of the past as games began to be played at other nights of the week. Kick off times were moved to fit Sky’s needs, and with the promise of even bigger payments for TV rights every 5 years the top flight of football lost political control of the game. But the decline didn’t stop there. With player power growing ever stronger since the mid 70’s thanks to Jimmy Hill,the top sportsmen began to demand even bigger salaries until it came to a point the top clubs have to make sure they reach the later rounds of the big tournaments and the TV rights money that comes with it just to pay the wage bill of the players that get them there. At the same time those clubs that fall out of the top tier end up struggling finically and selling their best players just to stay in business Having witnessed this downward spiral you’d have thought other sports would have been more careful in their dealings with Sky. But no the promise of instant wealth for the big clubs is too tempting and one by one sports have queued up to take Sky’s money. All giving up on their traditions, lower league clubs and fan base just to pander to Sky Rugby league’s top division went from being a winter sport to a summer sport (How anybody can call February and March summer is beyond me) and changed club names to give them more razzmatazz in an attempt please the broadcaster. Just so Sky had something to show during footballs closed season. Sky even proposed that some clubs merged to form regional teams with the result that clubs like Hull, Hull K R , Castleford, Wakefield trinity, Warrington and Widnes would be lost forever. But this idea was so unpopular with the fans it was dropped. But as you witness the sceptical of a largely empty stadium on the televised Thursday night match, you have to ask yourself what good did taking Sky’s money do for the sport as a whole. So when it came speedways turn to suckle at Sky’s teat you’d have thought the powers that be would have been a little more careful. But no once again the lure of Sky’s money was too much and speedway as made the same mistakes as every other sport that signed the deal with the devil that is Sky. The top clubs braking away to form their own league, tradition nights changed, top sportsmen demanding even higher wages. These things sound all too familiar? Speedway is facing major problems yet the proof that these woes faced the sport if they signed the deal with Sky was there for all to see. I accept that speedway was in decline long before Sky came onto the scene and this decline can be traced back to the 50’s and the advent of the Entertainment tax. But it can’t be denied that the situation as got worst since the TV deal was signed. And as we moan the closure of yet another track we have to ask ourselves 2 questions How many other sports in this country will go the same way as speedway thanks to the lure of big money from Sky and BT Sports? And looking back was the original deal really worth it?
  6. Would just like to add my congratulations to Redcar for their staging of the fours considering was the first time the promotion had put on such a major event from a spectators point of view it all seemed to go very smoothly and Redcar have silenced any critics how said the event would be a flop because of the move from its traditional home. With BSPA vice chairman Rob Godfrey stating in the program that in future they intend to move some major events around year on year I can't see Redcar getting the event next year ( Though in my opinion they put up a good argument they should) the Redcar promotion have set the bar very high for who ever does host the fours next year
  7. hulvik

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    After last year's injury hit season I didn't think there could be any black cats left in Scunthorpe for Rob to run over but looks like I was wrong
  8. Points make prizes. The fact the GB team are through to the finals is proof those in charge made the right call on the night. I wonder how many people on here would supporting Mr Cook had the management kept faith with him and the team had failed to get through
  9. Jake twitted last night he feel a little bashed up but would be riding. So guessing R/R for Stevie (Rob's got to save some money somewhere with all these big paydays of late)
  10. From what I've heard about Redcar's performance last night it was more like the People's Front of Judea than Free Palestine
  11. hulvik

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    I've just heard a short Interview on Radio Humberside with Ivan's old Hull team mate Ian Drury in which he recounts a story about how Ivan was in the intercontinental Final at white city and wanted not to win it but come 4th as this would give him a better draw at the world final. It was that sort of thing that made him the rider he was RIP Ivan
  12. hulvik

    Edinburgh 2018

    When it comes to visas it's funny how the minority sports like speedway always have trouble when it comes to non EU residents. You never hear of an overseas footballer in the Premier league having a visa application turned down
  13. As you pointed out yourself the the Scunny leg was rained off making them them the STAGING PROMOTION and seeing how Rob as stated his frustration over the mic at Scunny on more than one occasion at the fact this fixture asn't happened sooner makes me think the failiure the meeting as taken so long to put on can be put at Peterbrough's door
  14. I'm sure I recall Rob saying over the mic in the past he wanted this match out of the way, But was having trouble sorting out a date. As Many Scunny fans know Rob tends to be very accommodating when it comes to changing race nights and put double headers on to help out other teams with a back log of fixtures. Something he can do being one of the few tracks in the UK that isn't governed too much by local council red tape such as curfews and limited alternative race nights something that people tend to forget when they moan about rain offs and rearranged fixtures
  15. Dammed if you do dammed if you don't. What was Rob meant to do with the best information at his disposal at the time. How many of us would have wanted to witness another event like last week. Waiting around for over an hour and half only for the match to go ahead half hearted or not at all. Surely it's better to call the match off early and stop fans having the cost of travelling to the EWR only for the match to be called off once they have got through the turnstyles.

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