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  1. hulvik

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    I'm surprised that nobody as mentioned the late Tony Childs yet But why stick to riders there have been a few promoters that have done naughty things over the years Ian Thomas for one ( Anybody got a doctored tape measure I can borrow)
  2. hulvik

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Danny was a great entertainer on the track and from the few times I spoke to him in the pits a gentleman off it. I only hope that his family can find some comfort in the heart felt tributes that are coming from all corners of the speedway family
  3. hulvik

    Sheffield 2020

    One man's hard racer is another man's dirty rider and for this reason along it is certain Nicki will certainly put bums on seats at Sheffield. However I do have one question will fans have to pay extra to watch the weekly punch up between Nicki and another ride or will that spetical be covered by the normal admission fee
  4. hulvik

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    My team prodictions Auty Allen Tommy the Gun Danny Ayres Simon Lambert Ryan Kingsley Jordan Palin
  5. hulvik

    End of Season Nominations.

    I'd like to nominate Mr Peter Clarke who in my opinion couldn't organise an orgy in a brothel. This was clear by his performance at the EWR last night. Not only did he first exclude Simon Lambert in Heat 6 when it was Joe lawlor who was behind him that fell he then went on to exclude Josh Auty for bringing off Rayn Douglas in heat 9 (a rare correct decision by Mr Clarke) but forget to exclude Joe Lawlor from the rerun as he wasn't under power and on the centre green at the time of Ryan's tumble. Both these incidents were eventually corrected after loud protests from the crowd .However Mr Clarke didn't stop there he then awarded the heat10 win to Scott Nicholls who I'm sure was very happy with this considering he came a distant 3rd . I fully accept that being a referee can be a hard and thankless task especially when incidents can happen so quickly in speedway. But to keep getting the basics like how many rides are still on the track wrong or the order the riders finish on a spread out race is inexcusable Unfortunately this was one of Peter Clarke's better nights at the EWR and a clear reason for why the basic standards have to improve
  6. hulvik

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Big blow for Danny and not the way he'd have wanted to end the season. And from what I seen of Danny he'll feel he's letting both Scunthorpe and Mildenhall down which couldn't be further from the truth he as been a pleasure to watch and always gives his all. I look forward to seeing him race again at the EWR hopefully in sunny colours but if not I'm sure he'll get a very warm welcome back
  7. Like others on here I'd first like to say well done Somerset we were beaten by the better team on the night despite some in the crowd moaning about the state of the track which was the same for both teams and the rebels rode it better ,end of However the referee was diabolical and should not be allowed anywhere near a speedway track again. As a long time speedway fan I accept that you win some you lose some where refs decisions go. But last night was just mistake after mistake with BOTH SIDES losing points to decisions that where clearly wrong Leaving aside the mistakes in the finishing order of certain races after all in a tight race both sets of fans and riders are going to see the result differently it was the simple things Mr Greame Hunter kept getting wrong Leaving the 2min lights on for an entire race is bad enough especially when track staff starting marshals ,the crowd and riders are trying to draw your attention only turning them off after a comment over the p.a at the end of the race but to do the same thing again in the next race and the subsequent rerun (the riders had completed 2 laps before the lights went out) is just poor This poor standard when on throughout the meeting at one point with 11 seconds left on the 2 minute timer (which was correct having started as the 2 minute lights came on) it was announced there was actually 60 seconds left lucky this mix up didn't result in an exclusion but could have By the end of the night the general feeling was while there had been some good racing the whole evening had been spoiled by some very poor decisions
  8. Is this the same van that Jason brought towards the end of last season from Rob Godfrey
  9. This meeting as now been called off due to the weather
  10. Heat 1 58.18 Heat 2 59,43 Heat 3 59,56 Heat 4 58.56 Heat 5 58.94 Heat 6 58.72 Heat 7 59.40 Heat 8 59.50 Heat 9 60.00 Heat 10 59.89 Heat 11 59.40 Heat 12 59.00 Heat 13 59.80 Heat 14 60.21 Heat 15 59.44 Hope that helps
  11. While it is good to see there will be some TV coverage of British speedway this year it's a pity that it's on BT with the extra cost this entails. While I'm not against this wouldn't it be possible to have a weekly highlights show which covers news from all the British tracks, on freeview either on freesports which already shows polish speedway or ITV4 .So giving those how can't (or won't )pay for BT the chance to see what is happening
  12. hulvik

    Scunthorpe 2019

    While Rob Godfrey as many faults as it as already been stated disloyalty to riders doesn’t seem to be one of them. You only have to look at the situation last season. When both Steve Worrall and Stefan Nielsen returned after breaking their legs the subsequent drop in form would have seen them dropped from many teams, and let’s not forget Danny Phillips Over past seasons Rob as continually stood by riders when other promoters would have dropped them. And this isn’t first time Rob as given young Aussies their first chance in British speedway either Ryan Douglas was in Jedd List’s shoes not that long ago. So for Rob to have taken this step isn’t something he would have done lightly and it is quite likely there are other factors behind the scenes that have influenced the decision that we the general fans are unaware of. The problem here is 2 fold firstly the drop in the team average meaning teams can no longer afford to carry a low scoring rider for too long and combined this with the accessed average which now forces riders such as Jedd straight into the main team were the pressures of scoring are a lot higher. While it can be argued there are no easy races even at reserve, the old team average did mean any team wishing to take a chance on a young overseas rider could at least strengthen in other areas to accommodate allowing time to settle in Yes Rob took a gamble with Jedd List and it didn’t work out much to the hilarity of many on here. But had Jedd come over and scored highly straight away how many of those laughing at the current situation would have been on here posting comments on how once more Rob had somehow bent the rules to his favour
  13. Last night at the ewr was as good as ever an early contender for race of the year was heat 7 with Jake Allen and Ryan Douglas passing and repassing for fun. Then heat 13 saw 4 abreast on the back straight going into the 3rd bend on lap 2. Totally commitment from all 4 riders. A great advert for the sport . Hard fast racing all night with all 14 riders leaving in one piece. Ryan Kinsley's 2 heat wins on the bounce beating Scott Nicholls as if the 7 times British champion was stood still will do lots for the lads confidence and I'm sure it won't be long before Jedd List is scoring points
  14. hulvik

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    It's the old pub debate "Who's the greatest...." It will always be hard to compare riders of different generations. Bikes, tracks and formats have all changed over the years and while everybody as their own views, each of them valid how is it possible to compare Woffy to the likes of Colins and Mauger when the circumstances they raced are so very different. And how do you class greatness. Number of titles, points scored, length career. The only fair way is to look at those riders of the same generation. Woffy is one of a small group of the current British riders who as ridden in the GP series and as certainly done the best out of those so it would be fair to say he is the best British rider of this generation
  15. Drunken Scotsmen surely there isn't such a thing

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