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  1. Points make prizes. The fact the GB team are through to the finals is proof those in charge made the right call on the night. I wonder how many people on here would supporting Mr Cook had the management kept faith with him and the team had failed to get through
  2. Jake twitted last night he feel a little bashed up but would be riding. So guessing R/R for Stevie (Rob's got to save some money somewhere with all these big paydays of late)
  3. From what I've heard about Redcar's performance last night it was more like the People's Front of Judea than Free Palestine
  4. hulvik

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    I've just heard a short Interview on Radio Humberside with Ivan's old Hull team mate Ian Drury in which he recounts a story about how Ivan was in the intercontinental Final at white city and wanted not to win it but come 4th as this would give him a better draw at the world final. It was that sort of thing that made him the rider he was RIP Ivan
  5. hulvik

    Edinburgh 2018

    When it comes to visas it's funny how the minority sports like speedway always have trouble when it comes to non EU residents. You never hear of an overseas footballer in the Premier league having a visa application turned down
  6. As you pointed out yourself the the Scunny leg was rained off making them them the STAGING PROMOTION and seeing how Rob as stated his frustration over the mic at Scunny on more than one occasion at the fact this fixture asn't happened sooner makes me think the failiure the meeting as taken so long to put on can be put at Peterbrough's door
  7. I'm sure I recall Rob saying over the mic in the past he wanted this match out of the way, But was having trouble sorting out a date. As Many Scunny fans know Rob tends to be very accommodating when it comes to changing race nights and put double headers on to help out other teams with a back log of fixtures. Something he can do being one of the few tracks in the UK that isn't governed too much by local council red tape such as curfews and limited alternative race nights something that people tend to forget when they moan about rain offs and rearranged fixtures
  8. Dammed if you do dammed if you don't. What was Rob meant to do with the best information at his disposal at the time. How many of us would have wanted to witness another event like last week. Waiting around for over an hour and half only for the match to go ahead half hearted or not at all. Surely it's better to call the match off early and stop fans having the cost of travelling to the EWR only for the match to be called off once they have got through the turnstyles.
  9. I take it your referring to heat 5 where Craig blasted out of start raced faster than a black cat trying to get out of Rob Godfrys way. Only to sudden realise on quickly catching Mason Campton who was in 4th and wearing the black and white helmet cover,he'd proved the track was raceable back off and try and kid everybody watching he was struggling with the condition, only for Mason to stop on the back straight. Then having won Craig rode very quickly and sheepishly to the pits to a barrage of cat calls and boos
  10. Good luck to James if he does race on Thursday if he shows the same spirit as he showed at Scunny on Sunday am sure he'll do ok. Unlike other bigger name in the Workington team who despite being told the track was fit to race by the Ref Mr Phil Griffin And their team captain thought it was ok go to the start and chug to the second bend as if they were on a Honda 90 and give up just to pay lip service to the rules and not to be done for withholding their services which in theory is what they were doing
  11. While we may be supporters and give our opinions on the track and we aren't the experts it should be pointed out that after the work to the track had been finished and before a bike fired up the track was inspected by the ref Mr Phil Griffin and both team captains who decided the track was raceable
  12. One person who does deserve some credit was Mr Griffin the ref who having inspected the track along with the team captains decided that track was raceable made the riders "race", an action that I'm sure will see him been taken off one or two Christmas card lists this morning . As fans we are often quick to knock refs but when they stand up for us it's only right we recognise it and give them credit
  13. that attitude smacks of disrespect for fans and the track staff who worked hard to try and get the meeting on to me
  14. Not being at Working to the night in question I can't comment on it only to say that having been at the Eddie Wright Raceway in Scunny last night James Sarjeant was only one of a couple of riders from both teams who showed any respect to the fans and the track staff and actually tried to race even coming out in 3 races on the trot when some of the "bigger" names in the Workington team theoretically withheld their services by riding around the track for half a lap and stopping showing no interest in racing at all
  15. Common sense really ( some might say a rare thing in speedway these days) If you can use a guest pick on that goes well around the track your visiting and Kyle's recent scores around the EWR make him the ideal choose

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