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  1. Cook & Howarth both posted on twitter they are not riding
  2. BBSC

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Think Coty was based in Ipswich during the season.
  3. BBSC

    REDCAR 2019

    Looking forward to seeing all the videos of the remaining 6 riders. . Main thing is your running in 2019
  4. BBSC

    Edinburgh 2019

    Castagna being one. Good luck to Luke at Edinburgh.
  5. BBSC

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Don't panic m8 your team {Berwick} will put together a strong team
  6. Aye definitely weakens them Bomber only scored 12 when he was here 2 weeks ago
  7. BBSC

    Berwick v Glasgow 14/4

    So it was you that pinched all the sandwiches
  8. The covers done wonders last season ensuring we had no rainoffs so fingers crossed for tomorrow night. Yes well done to all involved in getting them down.
  9. BBSC

    Redcar 2018

    Bellego ?
  10. BSPA have apologised for lateness of race format for the Hokey Cokey 4's this Sunday. They forgot to take into consideration that the schools were on holiday, but after lots of emails and frantic phone-calls and the promise of a KFC family bucket, they have managed to get in touch with little Lucy from year 3 who has agreed to sort it out when she returns home from ice skating.
  11. Scott has put on fb that we do not at the moment have paperwork required to sign an Australian rider due to work permit regulations
  12. Another tough meeting on the agenda as Sheffield chasing a playoff place come to town. For the Bandits it will be a home debut for new signing Nickolaj B Jakobsen, with the usual guest required at No 7. Tigers look to be at full strength with Howarth back in the saddle following his recent injury. My Prediction 45-45.

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