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  1. Fundinfan

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    Well Mr Horton, that was not acceptable tonight for a Coventry team even at a stronghold like Perry Barr. It was obvious that your number seven was not competitive from his last outing at Birmingham and for an established rider and captain to boot, to score four points is putting two fingers up to your travelling supporters. There are no excuses for tonight and I'm sure that once again another loss will damage what you are trying to achieve with the Bees. Make changes before it's too late , a winning team is the only answer to your predicament. More thought is needed in what you need to do in bringing more supporters back to support this team.
  2. Fundinfan

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    Historically Bees have always come up short in sorting out replacement cover, things don't change unfortunately. When you're trying to impress the supporters you need to dig deeper to survive.
  3. Fundinfan

    Coventry v Birmingham 27-05-2018

    Good meeting today with more old faces reappearing from the Brandon scene. Nice to meet up with Leon and Jeff from the top bar and of course a pleasure to see Colin Pratt who had travelled over from the Kings Lynn area to enjoy the meeting. Birmingham have assembled a good team for this league and it showed with the number of heat winners. Cov entry's weeknesses showed against one of the leagues top teams and should be addressed to keep the upsurge of fans attending. A free scoring reserve is needed, just look what the opposition had and the difference it makes,,especially on the away tracks. We are too weak here as too in the body of the team where apart from Mountain, we are packed with middle order riders who can raise their game against the lower teams but are found lacking that little bit of experience against the bigger riders. I do hope things improve with the majority of the boys as they do give their all but a little tinkering could prove vital to ensure the fans remain and increase through this important season. Having said all that, well done to both teams for a very entertaining afternoon. Roll on Wednesday!
  4. Fundinfan

    Cradley v Coventry 21-05-18

    Listened to WM for this match as away in Denia, Spain. Great win. This is what is needed to bring more fans back on board. roll on Sunday!
  5. Fundinfan

    Redcar v Glasgow 17/5/18

    Think Sargeant with all his retirements should make it permanent!
  6. Fundinfan

    IOW v Coventry 10-05-2018 NL

    Well that was a surprise,. Well done the Warriors and B.B.!,
  7. Fundinfan

    IOW v Coventry 10-05-2018 NL

    sorry Barry(Bishop) but I see a comfortable win for the Bees here! Hope to see u at Leicester on Sunday.
  8. Good result for the Bees at Buxton though expected. Pity so few supporters for Coventry were there for reasons well publicised in the past. Buxton is a place at the roots of the sport and even so, have a strong support in the hills of Derbyshire. They lost heavily but the fans will be back I'm sure for the next meeting. It's friendly and unpretentious and a good afternoon out, especially on a sunny day! Now come on you supposedly true Bees fans , get behind this team, it's all you have at the present time. Start turning up at Beaumont Park, you still have a team to support you know.
  9. A few weeks ago Bomber was urging Coventry fans to boycott going to see them ride at Leicester. For the old fans who went to see him last night many would think that he would have trouble getting into the N l Bees team any way! He's been going downhill for more years than most. Perhaps now , after this pathetic performance he will keep his comments to himself. The Bees are fine without him!
  10. As the Bes match yesterday was called off for waterlogged track, what's changed?
  11. Fundinfan

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Coventry fans would go to Leicester to watch Premiership speedway, but not kids riding round. The names have to mean something to the fans after all these years. The fact that Horton is at the helm also is a big no no to the majority of fans in the know. Let's wait and see what the Save Coventry Committee come up with for next season. The challenge matches of this year were a good start and should continue this next season on a more regular basis, with as before, names that relate to the past Coventry teams being involved I still believe that Brandon will return in the future if everyone involved pulls together and the Council stick to their principals. Until then, Merry Christmas to all friends from Brandon.
  12. Should be a great night with the return of the Bees to Birmingham and appearances from old favourites B.B. And smolinski. Apparently a return is also being made by your old Centre green Presenter , only as a spectator I may add,who will have split support for both teams! Regrettably the old music team are overseas on the night so will miss this special meeting and wish all a good nights racing and wish Tony a very special final night at Perry Barr.
  13. Fundinfan

    Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Should be a great evening with the Bees in town and return of BB and Smolinski. I hear on the grapevine that your favourite Centre Green man will be back with the visiting supporters. Sorry that the music presentation team of old will be overseas on the night, but wish all the best for a great evening and send off for Tony.
  14. Great to see the EX BEES doing the business for the Wolves tonight!
  15. A good day out ar Leicester for the travelling Bees fans.Chris Bart Simpson, brother Rich and myself were pleased to meet up with so many old friends from Brandon and for a 'four rider' team we did pretty well in the final reckoning. Pleased to see Kenneth Hansen who had made the trip over to ride for us was enjoying the acknowledgement of the fans on first bend after his final ride. Nice also to see Colin and Peter taking charge once again. Having been to all of the challenge matches this season, it is evident that the belief is with all of the fans that we will be back. Let's hope it's sooner rather than later and with good people who have the best interests of both club and fans at heart.

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