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  1. Fundinfan

    Wolves v Leicester 6/8/18

    The usual collapse of the Lions team last night. Having watched this meeting, the start was impressive. To be fair five of the guys did make a fist of it. Howe did his job well. Wells, Wright and the unlucky Robbo certainly made good contributions. Connor Mountain took a well earned point in his reserve ride and possibly would have done even more if he had not bowed out to his more senior partners in heats with Wells and Nicholls. . The two other 'stars' of the Leicester set up are unbelievable poor. They seem to turn up for their wage packets without a thought for the supporters or team . Perhaps they realise that they are both no where near heat leaders anymore and take the soft option in all the teams they turn up to take money from in the uk and abroad. Lastly, the support there last night, seem to take this for granted in a very subdued fashion. Come on Leicester, you're better than serving this up on a weekly basis.youve made so many changes, see where the real problem lies.
  2. Idiot! Cancelled through heave rain and waterlogged track!
  3. Fundinfan

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Nice to see five ex Bees riders, one current Bees rider and Charles Wright making up a Leicester team. ,you could say two Coventry teams now ride at Baumont Park. Wonder what the stay away Bees fans will make of that!
  4. Fundinfan

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    The last couple of pages show what a load of clowns suggest they are Coventry supporters. The real fans go to Leicester or show with some dignity why they have other views. This forum helps nobody .
  5. Fundinfan

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    With cov v Buxton postponed with an excuse of electrical fault at the stadium or Buxton unable to field a tean, then postponement of the Fours the following week, bells started to ring. Cov v Belle vue went ahead with no show from Mick Horton, now Cov v Stoke postponed through lack of availability of stadium, although this fixture, like the others , has been on the agenda all season. There needs to be more clarity on these regular postponments or maybe more truth in the reasons given by this promotion. They plead for more support then treat the faithful fan base, as small as it may be, with blunt statements.
  6. Fundinfan

    Kent v Coventry

    Time must have arrived for Coventry to look further than Ryan Macdonald. The last few matches must have broken his confidence in this league. The main problem seems to be in his gating ability or rather lack of it. To say he is worse than Bomber Harris says it all. Apart from giving everyone a start from the tapes he shows promise, but I do think Coventry need to try someone else in this current six man team his performance tonight is just not acceptable.
  7. Fundinfan

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    Well Mr Horton, that was not acceptable tonight for a Coventry team even at a stronghold like Perry Barr. It was obvious that your number seven was not competitive from his last outing at Birmingham and for an established rider and captain to boot, to score four points is putting two fingers up to your travelling supporters. There are no excuses for tonight and I'm sure that once again another loss will damage what you are trying to achieve with the Bees. Make changes before it's too late , a winning team is the only answer to your predicament. More thought is needed in what you need to do in bringing more supporters back to support this team.
  8. Fundinfan

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    Historically Bees have always come up short in sorting out replacement cover, things don't change unfortunately. When you're trying to impress the supporters you need to dig deeper to survive.
  9. Fundinfan

    Coventry v Birmingham 27-05-2018

    Good meeting today with more old faces reappearing from the Brandon scene. Nice to meet up with Leon and Jeff from the top bar and of course a pleasure to see Colin Pratt who had travelled over from the Kings Lynn area to enjoy the meeting. Birmingham have assembled a good team for this league and it showed with the number of heat winners. Cov entry's weeknesses showed against one of the leagues top teams and should be addressed to keep the upsurge of fans attending. A free scoring reserve is needed, just look what the opposition had and the difference it makes,,especially on the away tracks. We are too weak here as too in the body of the team where apart from Mountain, we are packed with middle order riders who can raise their game against the lower teams but are found lacking that little bit of experience against the bigger riders. I do hope things improve with the majority of the boys as they do give their all but a little tinkering could prove vital to ensure the fans remain and increase through this important season. Having said all that, well done to both teams for a very entertaining afternoon. Roll on Wednesday!
  10. Fundinfan

    Cradley v Coventry 21-05-18

    Listened to WM for this match as away in Denia, Spain. Great win. This is what is needed to bring more fans back on board. roll on Sunday!
  11. Fundinfan

    Redcar v Glasgow 17/5/18

    Think Sargeant with all his retirements should make it permanent!
  12. Fundinfan

    IOW v Coventry 10-05-2018 NL

    Well that was a surprise,. Well done the Warriors and B.B.!,
  13. Fundinfan

    IOW v Coventry 10-05-2018 NL

    sorry Barry(Bishop) but I see a comfortable win for the Bees here! Hope to see u at Leicester on Sunday.
  14. Good result for the Bees at Buxton though expected. Pity so few supporters for Coventry were there for reasons well publicised in the past. Buxton is a place at the roots of the sport and even so, have a strong support in the hills of Derbyshire. They lost heavily but the fans will be back I'm sure for the next meeting. It's friendly and unpretentious and a good afternoon out, especially on a sunny day! Now come on you supposedly true Bees fans , get behind this team, it's all you have at the present time. Start turning up at Beaumont Park, you still have a team to support you know.
  15. A few weeks ago Bomber was urging Coventry fans to boycott going to see them ride at Leicester. For the old fans who went to see him last night many would think that he would have trouble getting into the N l Bees team any way! He's been going downhill for more years than most. Perhaps now , after this pathetic performance he will keep his comments to himself. The Bees are fine without him!

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