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  1. Teromaafan


    Without his side kick, I think that Tatum has upped is game in his role on Eurosport (Nige would be proud!). Both Chris Louis and Scotty are well respected and come across well in their Grand Prix roles. I just feel that the Monday night Premiership coverage lacks professionalism. Sam looks anything but comfortable and makes me squirm when stating the obvious. Abi as a presenter is bubbly and enthusiastic but not unfortunately as good as her predecessors Natalie or Charlie. Just my observations and wondered what others think?
  2. Teromaafan

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    That's where I spotted it. The updated GSA page only has that one change, so its unlikely to be an error.
  3. Teromaafan

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    Since Kyle Newman has been dropped by Oxford I guess he is Leicester bound. I think he could do a job for us (assuming the mascot costume will fit him).
  4. Teromaafan

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Not that you'd know it from the club's website or twitter page!
  5. If Worrall hadn’t fallen off in his first ride when comfortably in front you would have been spot on!
  6. Last night’s spanking at Glasgow was a welcome (financial) relief for the promotion apparently!
  7. Proper spanking tonight, fair play to Glasgow. One of the top riders in the league takes a bow after one race and it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference. The points distribution in the Lions team tonight is a true reflection of how this team is built. Top of the league but when second strings and reserves collectively don’t come to the party, this is what happens. An away defeat without points had to come and in terms of play off standings tonight doesn’t mean that much, but Dickson must be looking at the business end of the season and thinking, could we do Glasgow over two legs? Perhaps it’s a much needed realty check after recent fruitful travels. Absorb, learn and move on.
  8. Teromaafan


    There are now 7 former Newcastle riders looking for new team places and the first thing other clubs will be checking is their averages. Are their latest GSAs the most relevant? When Eastbourne recently folded their team results were expunged from the seasons records and associated match points were scrubbed. Rider stats for meetings involving Eastbourne were also discarded I believe. On this basis, if meetings involving Newcastle technically no longer exist, Newcastle have effectively not ridden this season and their riders averages would revert back to the original team building averages in place at the start of the season? Can someone please shed some light?
  9. Teromaafan

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Like everyone else on this thread, I’m saddened by the demise of the Diamonds but wouldn’t shed many tears for the owner. Whilst at the start of the season he was seen as the hero who saved the club and promised to take them forward, it became apparent early doors that this would be one almighty struggle. It has been said that a team that can at least compete at home and provide entertainment was fundamental to attracting the necessary numbers through the gate. Averages don’t always tell you everything but it was clear that the team assembled comfortably below the initial team building limit, was always going to struggle. Perhaps finances dictated the quality of riders that could be attracted. If that’s the case, from a business perspective, what was the revenue strategy unless lucrative sponsorship could be attracted? If you cannot or are not prepared to push the boat out with the best advert for the product you are trying to sell (an attractive team) you are doomed to fail. Why does it have to get to the donating/begging bowl stage? If Mr Grant is happy with the ‘it least he had a go’ crowd and doesn’t mind being out of pocket he may sleep easier tonight.
  10. Teromaafan

    Guest riders

    If Dougie was the only Lion, it was a pity we couldn’t have had seven guests! Nice chap, but so was my Grandad and I wouldn’t have wanted either of them riding for the Lions!
  11. Teromaafan


    What red blooded male doesn’t ! Oops..just checked the Japanese spelling…move on.
  12. Poole will secure a top two position. They will not lose at home again and looking at their remaining away fixtures I think that a point in any of those meetings would be considered a disappointment. This all assumes that Danny King continues to deliver sub standard scores. The Pirates will be able to deal with this scenario. The crunch will be the play offs when a team built top heavy will need to have its top three delivering their averages home and away against the better teams in the league.
  13. Teromaafan

    Poole v Leicester 08/06/22

    That’s cheered me up no end. A life spent fighting the brown stuff only to be buried in it!
  14. Teromaafan

    Poole v Leicester 08/06/22

    Wish I could be so optimistic. I’ll be nice and cosy in the ground by then. I will request to be buried under the centre green area of BP. By 2071 though, I will be most likely be under a housing estate. By then, people will not only hit Google to find out about Leicester Lions but may also be researching a defunct sport. If the sport is still going, I bet the Great Great Grandson of Chris Harris is guesting for every team around!
  15. Teromaafan

    Guest riders

    The number of guests used in the Championship is becoming a farce. They are supposed to be used to cover genuine (yeah, I know not really a word associated with the sport) injuries/absences. The likes of Newcastle and Brum continue to use guests for riders they signed that will never be seen again and almost every guest used makes them stronger due replaced riders on inflated averages that would only fall if they raced. These two teams are therefore stronger than they would be, which means they are not quite as crap as they would otherwise be. Whilst we all want these teams in the sport, this approach is unsustainable and the governing body should intervene. In contrast, Plymouth are milking the system a treat. They have three decent standard heat leaders but are still able to use guests for a number one (on the way down) who is as likely to show up again as Lord Lucan. Don’t know if this has been suggested before, but is it not reasonable to restrict a rider to a certain number of guest appearances per season? A maximum of 5 maybe?

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