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  1. Kingy comes across as a decent guy but my memories of him as a Lions rider are of someone who lacked steel in pressure situations. He frequently came up short in crunch heats (heat 15 if selected) when he often only had to deliver individually and not team ride. This opinion is based on observations at Premiership and not Championship level but there isn't exactly a gulf between the two leagues since many of the riders are the same! (This could only happen in speedway. Been meaning to check if Jamie Vardy isn't sneekely turning out for the Forest or Derby occassionly).
  2. ......And the criticism of the track/racing goes on....(yawn). This is the ninth season of the new LIons era and whilst the track is obviously the worst in the universe (designed by somebody no longer having an interest in the running of the club), at least there have been attempts to try and improve the circuit, within the obvious constraints. It appears quite often that riders (of a lesser ability) are taken in by the plethora of negative comments made on social media about the quality of the track. If they don't make the gate they can be excused for not making up ground because its a crap track. It has been proved, that top riders (and lesser but brave ones) can make passes on the track. Is it because of their ability or mindset though? Gating is the most fundamental part of a rider's skill set and the vast majority of races, even at every other wonderful UK track are won from the gate. Better riders refer to Leicester as a technical track. Having witnessed the home meetings against Redcar and Scunthorpe, I have to admit that the huge winning margins were boring (although a bit of a novelty for us) but that was largely down to the opposition appearing not to be up for it and for some riders embarrassingly so.
  3. Reading posts by others it seems it was a very entertaining evening. Looking at the scorers, even a slightly below average points return from Scotty would have got the Lions over the line tonight. A point is nothing to be sniffed at though and if we can remain competitive away, we will surely be right up there when it comes to the league. (This prediction is as certain as the outcome of Brexit).
  4. Teromaafan

    Ipswich V Leicester Challenge 28.03.19

    Yet another example of why this sport cannot be taken seriously is the introduction of Schlein for this meeting. Nothing against Rory, but why? This is a challenge match supposedly set up for riders to get laps under their belt before the serious business starts, but we bring in a guest (ignore the the No.8 cover up) to try and avoid losing face at the expense of rides for our own team members. Regardless of the incoming rider's ability, how would you feel if you were being replaced in a race at this stage of the season by an outsider? Nice too that the Lions will be paying for Rory to deprive their own riders of laps. Win, lose or draw the outcome will be forgotten by the weekend so what is the point?
  5. Teromaafan

    Leicester 2019

    According to the Speedway GB website Worrell's average is 8.00. Based on that we have 3.38 left for the last rider. Connor Mountain's average is 3.57 who we were led to believe by the team manager would be one of the strongest reserves in the league. With only 3.38 left he would not be riding at reserve. Am I missing something?
  6. Teromaafan

    Leicester 2019

    Whilst there is an opinion that we have a strong pairing at reserve, which is important, I feel that teams challenging for honours need a top two that can provide clout in heats 13 & 15. I would therefore hope that one of the remaining riders to be announced is a proven 7+ rider at this level.
  7. Teromaafan

    Leicester 2019

    With the points limit imposed for next year I think that any team that can produce a decent points return from reserve berths will do well. Although only a few riders have been named so far, it seems that many teams are fielding a 2 pointer at reserve. Connor Mountain ought to be looking to clean up against such opposition. If we could accommodate Sarjeant at reserve, we really could do the business in this department. Get this pair's confidence up and the team will benefit from the extra rides they could take. A decent top end pair (Scotty will do nicely) would put is in a good position come heats 13 & 15 where we have come unstuck in recent times during matches where scores have been tight. I have a feeling that a big top two and strong reserves could be the way to approach team building for next year, the risk of course being choices for the middle order. When it all goes pear shaped of course (mid May?) you can just change riders at will and see what happens!
  8. Teromaafan

    Leicester Lions 2019

    Dropping down a league would only, I think, upset the minority of Lions supporters. With so many riders doubling up in the GB leagues, only a handful of current top tier league riders would be missed. As good as some of them are (GP level), most people are not interested in races won by half a lap margins. In its most popular (team) format, speedway is about close, competitive racing. Most of us would pay to watch that over individual rider ability. How I long for the glory days of just a few years ago when we had the same 1-7 riders for weeks on end and nearly (once) got close to a mid table finish in the second tier of the sport.
  9. Here we go again, but the Referee's decision regarding the Heat 12 exclusion really is totally embarrassing for Haemorrhoid/Ackroyd (however it is spelt/pronounced). BT Sport provided sufficient camera angles for there to be absolutely no doubt that MPT was in front and was knocked off by his opponent attempting to come under him as they entered bend 3. It wasn't malicious, but the race has to be stopped and someone is responsible for that and has to be excluded. With enough camera angles and opportunities to replay the incident how on earth can MPT be at fault? Incidents like this are not even down to opinion, it is surely fact. If the Ref gets that wrong, what does it say about his decisions without the benefit of TV cameras at meetings? Apparently he was not available for interviewing as the cameras could not film that far up Matt Ford's a*se.
  10. Teromaafan

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Managing two teams having the strength to prop up their respective leagues and avoid end of season fixture congestion/rider injuries associated with play offs, are probably things that Steady feels may be difficult to sustain and therefore deliver to that standard again. (Believe it or not, I actually liked Simon as a person).
  11. Teromaafan

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Triple celebration on Monday according to the Lions website. Fans will expect that whatever is planned will be bettered at the end of next season (hopefully there is one) if we can kick on and finish bottom but one.
  12. Teromaafan

    Leicester Lions 2018

    We'll never know what impact Vaculik would have had, but the unavailability of Bates & King sound like convenient management excuses. The recent changes have taken us back even further. Mountain is only there because of his very low average, which is all well and good if the team is stronger over all with the other riders brought in. Auty and Robson? I rest my case, their averages will only drop. Let's face it, David Howe has probably doubled what Auty would have scored in the last two meetings, which has prevented the opposition from reaching the 60 point mark. I wouldn't have minded a trip down to Poole tomorrow, but money has put a stop to that, Bates Co have politely refused to pay me. As a Lions supporter, my enthusiasm for the season end is as strong as ever.
  13. Teromaafan

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Having followed the Lions since the mid 70s I cannot recall a season where a team with realistic hopes/expectations have nose dived towards the familiar wooden spoon within a couple of months. It seems like consecutive 5-1s against have become something of an ailment that we cannot shake off. The most encouraging thing I have read lately is Simon Stead's reference to performances and team places for next season. The fact that there may be a next season in the current speedway climate is something to look forward to. I say draw a line under 2018 and do whatever is necessary between now and September to keep the club on a sound financial footing. I have admired the management's efforts to change fortunes with rider changes, but I think that they have to hold their hand up and admit that the current line up is the weaker than ever. Most supporters are now waiting for next season and are not that bothered about further changes (although the season is probably now at cut off point for changes) in a desperate attempt to avoid the basement position.
  14. Teromaafan

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Not so sure about the green helmet colour but I think the yellow black yellow idea as opposed to the current black yellow black may be the right marketing strategy to catapult the sport from minority to mainstream status and bring the missing thousands back through the gate. Perhaps mauve for R/R and guests, keeping the red, blue, white, Y/B colours in case riders in a teams official 1 to 7 declaration are by chance available and not riding in Poland/Sweden/Denmark on that night.
  15. Yes, the track was pants and any non speedway follower accidently tuning in last night will surely never bother again, which is another shot in any part of the foot that remains. As a Lions supporter though, I do not think that too much can be blamed last night's track where the racing matched BP on a bad day (now that is saying something). The track was slick and riders simply had to trap, which (as you supposedly have to do at Leicester) was something that the Lions could not get to grips with. With the (experienced) rider changes brought in, I would have expected them to adapt better (set up changes etc). Swindon had their problems last night with injuries and riders moaning about conditions, but we still failed to take advantage of the situation. With the recent downturn in home form and need for collecting points on the road, where are these away points going to come from based on last night?

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