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  1. Justgotmecpc


    Crashed with our former number 1 & world cham Mr p
  2. Justgotmecpc


    Also got a race win
  3. Justgotmecpc

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    He got well paid for riding in a set of Glasgow Kevlars at the British GP a few years back
  4. Justgotmecpc

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    I remember about 8 years back our former promoter/manager George English asked me to go to the 3rd&4th bend to dig some of the grass out that was growing over the kerb and spreading onto the track which was done & we ( the track team at the time went all the way around the track cleaning up the kerb area which was just below in some parts & level with track in other parts which at the moment yeah it's a bit worse but not what some of the people who have took it to the extreme on being dangerous on SOCIAL MEDIA..& even when Martin Phillips joined the promotion we even tried sorting out the drainage on the 1st bend then but as rob grant has stated in his update on track work ( in some part the drain is blocked which probably would need some of the centre green to be dug up to repair & how much would that cost) so let's give the promotion a chance to do there best for Newcastle speedway & hopefully get some more good racing at Newcastle this season
  5. They may have 2 weeks but haven't got 14 days tho that's our problem.. I just hope the landlords give rob & the rest of the staff more time to sort out the track
  6. What about super glue
  7. Justgotmecpc


    Good knowledge has Pickering
  8. So what's your excuse for the massive score that the aces racked up against your lot on Monday night then !! Just pointing out to some of the knackers on the page ( TTT ) who called our club & team crap but your point I agree with
  9. So that's 3 blown engines for Newcastle in the last 2 weeks with lee complin last Sunday cleggy has had 2 blow ups since the start of the season & now Starkey tonight.. surly lady luck has to shine soon on the diamonds
  10. Think not as clegg & stark both had off nights so Newcastle may have got owa the 35 points mark has those 2 performed a bit better...
  11. But but but your wrong on your predicament of the score tho & how can you call a club crap when the 7 lads sorry 6 plus a guest are risking there lives to entertain the public...
  12. 2 points short
  13. You were saying
  14. Justgotmecpc

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Not having a go at Glasgow as they helped out my boy out last season... I just stated that most promoters / owners will struggle to make money at speedway unlike Glasgow & Poole who have very successful businesses outside speedway & if needed they could easy bail out the speedway side of things if needed
  15. Justgotmecpc

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    I think nearly every speedway promoters are out of pocket with the exception of money bags Glasgow & poole

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