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  1. Missing riders 2021 ! More like missing fans ? As if it's true the government have decided ( news talk ) that 1 of the vaccines has been taking away from the north part of the country to give to the south part so if your a kent Eastbourne fan etc you should see some speedway... !!!

  2. 1 hour ago, enotian said:

    Not sure if Max is allowed/should be allowed now he have a four/five plus CL average and a 2021 CL team place. But I'm sure all the CL #7's will want to ride in the NL.  Alcock averaged 4.36 for Stoke.

    Last winners of NL were Leicester: Perks, Hume, Ruddick, Terry-Daly, Embleton/MacDonald and the Thompson twins (who started as 2 pointers) So you only need 2 or 3 established riders to have a viable team.  With all the comebacks who knows who's next? Maybe that's how you end up with a hernia :blink:

    For the Sapphires wouldn't Archie and Danny step up to the 500's with Owen Booth and A N Other on the 125's? Did I read somewhere that the lad Trigger (no not that one) who rides in the British Youth Champs was connected to the Diamonds?

    Anyways we seem to have hijacked THJ's official thread so apologies for that.

    I think kieran Douglas is probably 1 of the most unluckiest lads to be overlooked for a NL spot especially after  Buxton closed 

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  3. 3 hours ago, Ringitsneck said:

    Hang on, we have Josh, Archie, Danny, and Dean then throw in Alcock and we had Wallinger lined up so that is six to start with , throw in someone like Danny Phillips ( local and without a team ) and you have a team, and that’s without going looking far.

    All products of the TRAINING school apart from alcock wallinger & Phillips & also a lot have forgot about the likes of Liam Carr who came through the school aswell & also jack Flynn who had some got practice sessions last season

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  4. 2 hours ago, Tsunami said:

    It'll cost him more if he doesn't.

    I know it's a cliche but he's been there before & got out a jail by going straight back up  & it wouldn't surprise me if it was in the contract & they go down cabbage heed gets sacked with no compo & if he keeps them up he won't get a bonus.. much easier watching & enjoying a propa rugby game

  5. 46 minutes ago, Diamondboy said:

    He is making the point that the go ahead or restrictions placed by the government make it impossible to hold, same applies to speedway.

    Yes thats exactly the point & now pubs restaurant & theatres have now been told its going to be the middle of may at the earliest for reopening at the moment !! So its probably going to have a massive knock on effect on all other aspects of sport sadly

  6. 1 hour ago, Ringitsneck said:

    Because he who types every third piece on here was given the information in confidence , as a ‘ sponsor ‘ of said rider but couldn’t keep it secret as he always wants to be the centre of attention so he told anyone who would listen.

    You seem to know a lot of THJ'S shinnagins.. you stalking him on hear

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  7. 7 hours ago, Justgotmecpc said:

    Ask his ma 

    Or his sponsors & hopefully they can explain what happened or maybe not ! But at the end of the day let's hope that Archie & our other ASSETS.. DANNY& JOSH &JOE all get a chance to show there skills to us fans in the nash / stroke championship in years to come & with Steve pate & dazza Hartley looking after them it will only be a good thing 

  8. 18 hours ago, Diamond geezer said:

    Anyone with any insight as to what’s happened with Archie? 

    Feels like he isn’t in the 1-7 despite a desire to promote British talent to championship teams. 

    suspect this is linked to Connor leaving / being made surplus. 

    anyone shed any light?

    Ask his ma 

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  9. 3 hours ago, TotallyHonestJohn said:

    The Friends of Workington Speedway who were a group of like minded people who raised money for the club... they became the clubs biggest sponsor... sold the 50/50 tickets held functions raffles and other fund raising activities to support the team... 

    Good people whose names I wont mention to save any embarrassment but they know who they are... if it wasn't for them then there would have been no H18tory and there contibution should not be overlooked... other promoters and clubs were envious of the support and good work they did...



    Also a very good track with some excellent racing

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  10. 1 hour ago, TotallyHonestJohn said:


    All paid up here Biffa VAT, Tax, HMRC, BBC. ITV, Football Pools and Lottery Syndicates owe no one nothing....

    Cheapest year ever last year as my corporate monies that paid for season tickets for 2020 was kindly rolled over to this year 2021 by the new Rob Grant Newcastle promotion.... and with no rider sponsorship I was quids in.... Oh except one little Bolo who got a Christmas treat last Christmas of a 56 sprocket wheel which I don't think he has used yet (have you)

    Through personal sponsorship and company sponsorship I have now weighed over since 2008/9 in excess of £120k (So not quite 10k a year)  however I have not had one enquiry from a prospecrive client in all those years of Speedway sponsorship... it's been a bit of a fools errand really and they do say an idiot and his cash are easily separated however I would be lying if I said I hadn't enjoyed it... especially being at Workington in their H18tory making season involved with some pretty fantastic people across the whole spectrum from management other supporters and sponsors the Worky fans the FOWS and of course the riders...

    There have also been good times at Newcastle and I know I'm not the only sponsor whose never had an enquiry from sponsoring the team but I think we all do it for the love of the sport rather than out of any benefits that may come out of any association with the team... ask Alan Hedley who pumped a lot of his company and personal cash into the club for very little return or respect for all his efforts in running the club or Laura Morgan as another who was pationate about the sport only to find out the tough realities and what it means to run a speedway club...

    Rob Grant and his team need all the help and support people can muster to make his tenure a success however I don't think the governing body are fully supporting and aiding him in his endeavours which means he will need as many fans through the doors as he can get...

    My interest is sadly on the wane but when some one is having a pee down your leg and trying to tell you it's raining what are you supposed to do?




    Once I think on the 56 & it went decent... So hopefully this season we get use it more thanks

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