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  1. 53 minutes ago, OveFundinFan said:

    But in the uk over 1000 died of COVID-19 on Tuesday, uk, a place with social distancing rules. So are you saying COVID spreads when social distancing, and doesn’t when you mix. It was predicted in their the figures would jump up over the Xmas period on the uk, and they have.

    The opening round of F1 is in Aussie 3rd week in March, Melbourne, and they considering cancelling it. Perhaps Hamilton and co should take up tennis.

    Social distance at 2 meters well I don't think it works !! As I've heard of a number of people people some freinds & some on radio stations who have never been out the house but have still caught it so it's definitely AIR born & if your unlucky enough to catch it lets hope it's not the bad strain ? Let's hope everyone is safe & the speedway season starts in may as if it is to be June or July it could be another write off for the 2nd year in a row fir some riders & clubs & alsi the FANS

  2. 10 hours ago, Najjer said:

    I’ve said this a while back, but what a refreshing change in the world of British speedway Rob Grant is. It’s never going to be a world beating league winning team, but ran to a budget to remain financially viable and complete open and honest communications to the fans.... the paying customers keeping them informed. 

    Some of the silence from other teams is deafening and shows a complete disregard to their paying customers. Fair play to Newcastle.

    Yip even turning me hearing aid up to full monty I could never hear anything & the old Deadwood must have been great poker players as they could keep the cards well close to the chest not to mention the secret hand shake brown envelope club..  Roll on the granty years

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  3. 2 hours ago, mikebv said:

    Sam Allardyce bemoaning the fact that he couldn't bring four players in to WBA due to work permit issues linked to Brexit...

    Lots of 'points scoring' criteria linked to age, capability level etc...

    Presume Speedway riders will face the same kind or similar criteria to be awarded a permit?

    Maybe that is taking the time to announce details for this season?

    So if it's going to be an issue with foreign riders coming over why not go with full british sides whether it's 5 or 7 man teams & run a 13 heat meeting then run a full 8 heat 2nd half for those riders who are looking for team spots .. & see what happens & it will also give riders more track time which is much needed in this country

  4. 10 hours ago, East End Fan said:

    No one could argue against that thought.  With 13 weeks between Jabs, most older people will not get their 2nd dose until March/April.  It then takes a further 3 weeks for the vaccine becoming effective...so June is a realistic time for the vaccination factor to come to force, or even later if the vaccine is to be given to the middle aged to get the herd cover that everyone talks about      Easter start is becoming less likely by the day.

    May at the earliest I reckon but there may be some behind closed door practice sessions for team before hand.. so come the start of the leagues the riders will a lot less rusty on track ! Coz if the paying public turn up to watch good racing & the riders are not race ready it could & probably will turn fans away !! But hope it goes well in2021 for all riders & teams

  5. 13 hours ago, HGould said:

    Very good to see Rob Grant and Newcastle joining the small but increasing list of Clubs who are more independent and open and transparent

    IOW, Belle Vue; Glasgow, Redcar ; Eastbourne; Swindon; Edinburgh probably the most effective of this positive new trend. 

    Yeah it's what has been needed for a long time at Newcastle... A fresh input from a new promotion with new ideas on crowd entertainment & good to that most of the old dead wood have been ousted & it will only be good for Newcastle speedway in the long term hopefully

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  6. 8 hours ago, Ringitsneck said:

    Rumours that Mr.Grant has informed the track staff including Jonathan Swales that there services are no longer required at Newcastle and the tractors have been sold. If true then I wonder who’s taking over the role and why sell the equipment ? Cost cutting or a new signing imminent?

    Personally I think Swales did an unbelievably good job considering all the obstacles in the way at Brough . It’s hardly an ideal shape track to work on , little if any drainage and the time constraints are ridiculous .I’m sure his services would be wanted at Redcar in some capacity, where he has family connections,  if he can fit Friday nights in with his full time work. He is a talented, young track curator and there’s precious few of those around.

    Lets hope we have an outstanding replacement lined up and a new tractor or two!


    Until it's in black & white don't believe it

  7. Just now, Justgotmecpc said:

    Jab in time for the 2022 season & i wonder how many straines we will have by then ! The whole country will probably put in tier 4 after new years day at midnight 

    I wonder how many illegals made it into the uk at Christmas time & yet the lorry drivers couldn't get home !  & How many of the illegals will have brought covid in ? That's how bad things are getting

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  8. On 12/13/2020 at 3:15 PM, East End Fan said:

    I think the plans for all of us in 2021 will be to get back into our stadiums to watch our favourite teams....Hope we all get the jab in time.

    Jab in time for the 2022 season & i wonder how many straines we will have by then ! The whole country will probably put in tier 4 after new years day at midnight 

  9. 2 minutes ago, TotallyHonestJohn said:

    I'm not sure the promotion even know yet... ask Dandelion who she fancies that's always good for a laugh... and I'm keeping Mum as I was the Panto Villain this time last year and definitely not spilling the beans with who it could be but his name is an anagram of Ben Reach...



    That's going to get plenty heeds scratching... Best stop chewing me nails 

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  10. 37 minutes ago, Fromafar said:

    It’s been proved many times averages don’t lie.There have been a few exceptions but mainly from up and coming riders.IMO

    If adam can stay free from injury he will be 1 of the best 6 or 7's in the championship !! Even in the past when he has struggled around Newcastle I think ( & hope ) when he rides it week in week out he will settle down as he has had some good laps around the place in the past... Definitely a shrewd move by the promotion if he does the job... 

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  11. 6 hours ago, Fromafar said:

    agree ,and at his age and with previous injuries not a great decision to race again IMO. Wish him the best of luck though.

    Considering he comes in on a 4 ave it's a gamble worth taking ( well done to the promotion ) if he can keep fit he could end up with a 5 plus average

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  12. 5 hours ago, Argos said:

    I have followed Adams Career from is time at Mildenhall, So when I heard he had signed for Newcastle I thought I would look on the forum to see what supporters thoughts were, and of course it was all about is Bad luck over many Seasons, But I really believe he will do an excellent job for Newcastle.However looking at the Newcastle thread I didn’t know about the Problems the previous Promotion Financial problems, So out of interest I went on Company House Website were I had a hell of a shock seeing they owe the tax man in excess of £150K must be very worrying times for the previous owners.
    I hope Adam as a great Season for the Diamonds and as a injury free season as boy does he deserve it.

    He's on a steal of an average aswell him & james should be worth at home at least 8 to 12 points between them

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  13. 31 minutes ago, Arson fire said:

    Ahh Royno man just call it a day, its going to be one big bang too many one of these days. Working with Brain injury i really worry about the ‘next time’.

    The last time I spoke to him he said that he has nowt but bad memories off brough park 

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  14. 4 hours ago, arnieg said:

    Toft and Anderson may not qualify for work permits and it wouldn't surprise me if Riss has other fish to fry. So if they are all ruled out what then for Redcar?

    Toft will be ok if he wants to stay on as he's based in the uk I would think but could be wrong 

  15. 4 hours ago, Ringitsneck said:

    What Redcar do is up to them, they have already announced the same 1-7 so , unless the rules change to suit the ones who cant have the same 7, why change?

    Just because Newcastle have parted with two riders already, one by their choice, doesn’t mean others should be penalised by changing the speedway rules.

    Now visas are whole different ball game.

    I only asked the question ( I hope they can keep the same 7 as all other teams can hopefully & make a decent season of it with some good close meetings ) so smoke that pipe 

  16. On 9/29/2020 at 10:11 AM, Janice Jackson said:

    2021 TEAM NEWS
    Redcar Agilia Bears can confirm we will track the same 1-7 next season!
    Visit our website for full story and thoughts from promoter Jitendra Duffill https://buff.ly/30jhxcr

    Will Redcar be able to track the same 7 next season due to the possibility of points limit dropping & also the work permit or visa issues that could arise due to brexit


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