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  1. So the public are aware of the track issues, the riders obviously are, but what chance of Buster listening??
  2. Not at all tbh, it's become the norm. Problem is the promotion is completely oblivious to it and they wonder why attendances are down!
  3. Awful meeting. 12 races FTG
  4. Unbelievable. Ht 10 we have 2 passes in one heat.
  5. 8 races gone, not one single pass or overtake after L1 B2. Grippy track is a joke!!
  6. The Stag

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I'm no fan of Buster but all boycotts will do is lead to the closure of Peterborough Speedway!
  7. The Stag

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Broken wrist for Cook then!
  8. Using the right type of shale would be a start!!
  9. When will he realise that grippy tracks are a thing of the past. Cheap clay based material no good for entertaining racing.
  10. The Stag

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Missed opportunity, although to be fair i'm not sure that his average fitted. Hoping to hear news of a signing soon. In Monday nights programme notes, Dale Allitt mentioned that a new rider would be coming in after the Swindon meeting!
  11. The Stag

    Kings Lynn 2019

    After last nights performance i'd snap up Ricky Wells for Simon Lambert. A weak reserve has hindered us all season.
  12. Surely has to be Proctors last meeting. Otherwise we might as well write the season off!! Riss for Proctor and an upgrade on Simon Lambert.
  13. Great debut from Cook. He will turn out to be a terrific signing for sure. Good team performance tonight. Heat 13 and 15 were great but without being negative those heats were the exception. From memory 11 heats were FTG without passes. Stop grading the track every 3-4 heats which basically means there's only one line around the inside.
  14. The Stag

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Riss for Proctor Etheridge or Sedgmen for S.Lambert
  15. The Stag

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If that's the case it would leave 3.84 points to play with or converted Championship average of 5.76. There are so many better options than Simon Lambert!! Am I missing something?? Kyle Newman 5.71 Justin Sedgmen 5.70 Todd Kurtz 5.49 Joel Andersson 5.44 Fernando Garcia 5.20 James Sarjeant 4.88

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