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  1. Old Crusader

    Kent 2022

    Jack I see has signed for Mildenhall.
  2. Old Crusader

    Kent 2022

    E Ok thanks for that. I wonder if others will do the same? Mind you it could all get changed before then.
  3. Old Crusader

    Kent 2022

    How do you know that Kent are at Plymouth 29th March then?
  4. Old Crusader

    Kent 2022

    Has a fixture list been published for NDL Racing then?
  5. Old Crusader

    Kent 2022

    Unable to to get the SS. Any news on team building as it's gone very quiet. Other teams seem to be signing daily. Who will be left for Kent?
  6. Old Crusader

    Kent 2022

    Also Iwade would run meetings every two weeks so less clashes hopefully.
  7. Old Crusader

    Kent kings are no more ??

    Where did you see that please?
  8. Old Crusader

    17/09/21 1930 Armadale v Kent

    Ok but where was Jake Mulford please?
  9. Old Crusader

    17/09/21 1930 Armadale v Kent

    Where was Jake Mulford? He didn't Ride at Scunthorpe in the under 19s.
  10. Ndl racing recommences for Kent after a long gap. However almost half the side are missing!! Joke sport comes to mind. But this league is to bring on the juniors I suppose. And as long as entry is sensibly priced you get your fix.
  11. Should be a good match with Simon Lambert returning to his former club/track.
  12. Any chance of some points for the Kings?
  13. Old Crusader

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Do Kent have a chance of being 6th in the table and get into the play offs? Not sure how many meetings are left although it looks like 5 for Kent.
  14. Not just 1st timers. I Ve been going to Kent since it started but won't be going again. Expensive rubbish experience.
  15. Old Crusader

    22/08/21 1600 Newcastle v Kent (Champ)

    Not a lot of interest is there.

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