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  1. Somerset 2018

    Early to say with so many teams still to announce their line ups but on paper that team could win the league in my opinion Great signing pulling Doyle off as number 1, well done to all at the OTA
  2. Denmark Try To Move Forward

    I met Nick Agertoft in Horsens, he's only 15 (16 in March) he is desperate to try a few tracks in uk any ideas on how he can get some track time?
  3. Leicester Lions 2018

    Hope its Zmarslik, would be good to see him in uk
  4. Far from over this series, Lebedevs was on great form early rounds but he's not on such good form now, Milik and Laguta still in with a big chance Can see one of them winning tonight, just not sure if by enough points
  5. Rye House 2018

    I attended every meeting that was on a Saturday but can't make weekdays meetings due to time restraints/work. I felt a bit short changed after supporting them every week until about June, then only seeing 1 more meeting How were the crowds for the weekday meetings, anything like the Saturday crowds? If I'm honest I wouldn't travel to Rye to watch National league with both Kent and Lakeside closer
  6. Lublin causing a few shocks here considering they were +14 on the handicap
  7. Betting For Whole Season

    was wondering the same, they settled my Worrall bet before they took away the Bewley one, I hadn't mentioned they got that wrong but they obviously noticed when they were re checking the scores, if I had been quick I could have withdrawn my whole balance before they reclaimed their bewley money don't suppose there is anything they could do bar deduct it next time you put money in
  8. Betting For Whole Season

    Sorry about that, only fair that bets are settled correctly though, Worrall was 13/2
  9. Betting For Whole Season

    I bet on Worrall exactly 7 and Bewley over 8 They settled the Bewley bet as a winner and the Worrall bet as a loser Just been on to them and they've changed it now
  10. Got to say Lukas Fienhage has gonly mostly unnoticed by me until tonight, looks good, got to say i like this track as well shame Lambert hasn't got off to the best of starts but hope Max Fricke wins, a lot to ask and a big heat 8 coming up, he seems a nice lad and is riding all 3 big leagues, hope he doesn't drop Britain next year
  11. Smaderna were 16/1 to win the league before tonights meeting Dave
  12. I will if Madsen scores exactly 10 (currently 8) I've never seem Zmarslik this bad Congratulations Ghostwalker, and Smaderna
  13. What a comeback this is, Ghostwalker must be doing somersaults Hope they see it out but there's a long way to go
  14. Going one way then the other, advantage Wroclaw, nailbiting stuff
  15. they all heard me, 3 in a row and Leszno back in the driving seat, great meeting