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  1. Exeter - A Glimmer Of Hope?

    https://www.devonlive.com/sport/other-sport/speedway-could-return-exeter-after-1462602 Lets hope it's successful this time, so many false hopes in the past
  2. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Indeed very sad news, was not old enough to watch Ivan in his best years but my father used to tell me all about him, I did see him ride a season for my beloved falcons in 1984 and even though he was past his best and only riding home meetings at the county ground, he was still a class act
  3. I'm a big fan of Zmarslik, another future world champion, has everything....including a voice that sounds like a speeded up woman
  4. That only names 1-7 so that's why i asked
  5. Does anyone know if krystian pieszczek is no8 for Grudz today?
  6. They can award races can't they? There was a race awarded in the Pila v Gdansk meeting (heat 1) unless it's different in the nice league
  7. Max Fricke is going to be some rider, he's brilliant now, future world champion in my opinion
  8. never seen anything like that hook up before
  9. Zielona Gora v rest of the world this afternoon, what's that all about, has Grudz v Gora on sunday been postponed?
  10. Glasgow 2018

    So I see, but coming from the south east it's similar to London or any other European city so have found a couple reasonable deals, but they are based on 2 night's hence not really wanting to stay in Glasgow although will spend the day there Friday to see the sights
  11. Glasgow 2018

    Thanks, I'll have to have a think about it, really wanted to stay in Edinburgh both night's but will perhaps look into staying in Glasgow
  12. Glasgow 2018

    Appreciate the info Gazc, 10 minutes seems ok, +1 hour from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and thanks for the message It will be Friday 1st June v Scunthorpe, I will message you a bit nearer the time The cab querie was getting a taxi from Ashfield back to Edinburgh if no trains were unavailable Coming to the speedway was not my reason to come to Scotland, but would love to catch a meeting while I'm there
  13. Glasgow 2018

    Thanks for that, I've not booked a hotel yet but was looking in Edinburgh old town centre so wouldn't be too far from Waverley, would a taxi be ridiculously expensive? How easy is it to get from Ashfield to Queen Street station?