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  1. He was 17 when an article was written on 10 August 2017 17-year-old Anton drove 6 + 1 points in the away game against Mariestad since Anton responded to several good heat. "It was not so great for the match. I had gone through that process once before, so it was pretty calm, Anton Karlsson replied after the eagles were defeated by 54-36
  2. Anton Karlson looks a decent rider beat me to it, saw he had a big win last night too
  3. If Zmarslik could only transfer league form to the GP series, I love his style of leaving turns to the very last opportunity and gaining maximum speed on the straights longer than his opponents, amount of times he literally rides the fence wouldn't work at Lakeside
  4. Just out of interest, why do premier/free sports always have the production starting at 6-15, yet it's always live from 6pm? missed quite a few starts as when my reminder comes on its already started
  5. Wiseguy

    Betting in 2018

    Who can take Kerr's and Bellego's R/R rides?
  6. Wiseguy

    Betting in 2018

    Some mad prices, got 5/2 on Bjerre to win heat 1 as well
  7. Wiseguy

    Betting in 2018

    Klindt to win heat 2 - 2/1 on skybet
  8. Do you have any interest in football Dave? Must be a tough night to be working if you do
  9. Would usually watch any speedway over football but think I'll give it a miss tonight
  10. Wiseguy

    European U21 championship (IMEJ)

    Absolutely nothing wrong with young Connor, watched him ride a few times, just don't put him in the same bracket as Bewley and other young riders and feel he will struggle in this field, results will tell at the end of the day and as a young Brit I really do hope he does well
  11. Wiseguy

    European U21 championship (IMEJ)

    what was the criteria or qualification process for this? seems a bit of a strange field with the likes of Kubera, Czuganow, Czerniawski, Bewley, Trofimow jr.……..and Connor Mountain
  12. Not sure about riders not giving it their all but just checked the scorecard and Ljung scored 0, Bech scored 2, Thomson scored 3 and Lahti scored 5 and Anderson withdrew,and they are all riding, Norbert won it and he's only a reserve Just seems a bit strange edit- reading your edited post, maybe it was Bogdanovs who scored lowly and not Bech , (my scorecard just said MB ), i'll still watch it
  13. Wiseguy

    Betting in 2018

    Stewart Robson +2 v Dan Bewley looks good to me, we all know Bewley is a great young prospect, but not known for his gating at this level, not a great passing track, against home stalwart Robson. not gonna go mad though as Bewley could be on fire
  14. Didn't Norbert Kosciusz win it last year? would have thought we was a shoe in, and THJ been on good form, the other 3 you mention worthy of a place too
  15. fair enough if he is a local kid, would have thought a reserve place as it is supposed to be the league riders championship and not a Gdansk open meeting but no doubt the locals will be happy

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