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  1. Wiseguy

    2019 NL Season

    I heard a rumour Kent would run as a championship side next year but after seeing Len has said Ledwith will be part of his team next season that now looks exactly what it was... a rumour Sorry, just read the Kent Laurels thread where this was covered
  2. As a neutral I definitely think Poole have the best guest. just a massive shame Brady and Niels are unfit, I would say Morris is around the same level as Kurtz so Poole have done well, but no way (and no disrespect to Adam) is he on the same level as Niels hope both meetings are tight and competitive and we see some decent racing
  3. Regardless of who wins this, both teams are too weak for this league and the winner will need to make a big overhaul just to stay up next season Even with Dudek back, Gora are weak, need to lose 2 of Pepe, Zengi, Thorsell and a stronger reserve and Rybniks top 4 have been there and failed before, Lebedevs can do better but too inconsistent, Woryna maybe as a number 2 but he is not a heat leader
  4. Wiseguy

    Betting in 2018

    My least favourite GP of the season tonight but interesting to see that at Teterow, a track which is so favourable to gate 1&2, Bet365 dont have 1 rider worse than evens to win in the red or blue helmet tonight
  5. Wiseguy

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    Big crash for Dudek at Dackarna
  6. Wiseguy

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    Dackarna up and running again after rain break
  7. Drabik not being used enough so far, should have taken 1 of Milik's rides and the last reserve ride
  8. batchelor going backwards in heat 7 after gating well, time for the 2nd bike I think
  9. looks like a big crowd, what's the stadium capacity?
  10. Wiseguy

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2018

    may have said it already in this thread, but massive thanks to R&R for updating this every week, now I know where to look, I use this page religiously and also don't have to bother you every week on the other threads to ask where stuff is being shown
  11. He was 17 when an article was written on 10 August 2017 17-year-old Anton drove 6 + 1 points in the away game against Mariestad since Anton responded to several good heat. "It was not so great for the match. I had gone through that process once before, so it was pretty calm, Anton Karlsson replied after the eagles were defeated by 54-36
  12. Anton Karlson looks a decent rider beat me to it, saw he had a big win last night too
  13. If Zmarslik could only transfer league form to the GP series, I love his style of leaving turns to the very last opportunity and gaining maximum speed on the straights longer than his opponents, amount of times he literally rides the fence wouldn't work at Lakeside
  14. Just out of interest, why do premier/free sports always have the production starting at 6-15, yet it's always live from 6pm? missed quite a few starts as when my reminder comes on its already started

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