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  1. Wiseguy

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Lol all of them sign for other clubs within the space of an hour except Ben
  2. Wiseguy

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I'd take Kyle Howarth if he's free, not sure if he's got a club after moving up with Sheffield, would love Danny Ayres and Ben Morley back. Forget Boxall, maybe Simon Lambert again not seen if he has a club
  3. Wiseguy

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    Too many down the years to name one Keith Millard, John Barker, Richard Green, Steve Regeling, Chris Harris, Emil Saifutdinov, Hans Niellson, Sam Ermelenko, Phil Crump, Mark Loram to name a few
  4. Wiseguy

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I met Nick Agertoft at the Horsens GP a few years back when he was Danish under 15 champion, he's a fantastic kid and hope he does well for the Brummies. I followed his career since and he's hopefully heading to the top, so really hope it works out for him
  5. I'm in, usually forget half way through, will try and remember this time - 100 - Zagar - more - 100 Lindback - less
  6. I like aliez, always a good link with no pop ups, will use this one
  7. i'm scared to click either link as I always get a lot of trouble, what do you do to avoid it? for example when I click on the link I get a media player with a triangle in the middle, I leave it for a couple minutes and nothing happens so I click the triangle, then about 12 windows open and it crashes /infects my computer. or I cant get rid of ads that block the screen so can only hear polish commentary quite fancy watching as I haven't seen hardly any speedway yet this season
  8. Can anyone recommend a way of watching polish tv for the upcoming season? I'm not keen on trying to watch the matches through links as I always seem to stuggle to avoid the ads and pop ups and my wizja tv expired at the end of last season, doesn't seem to be around at the moment but I may need to try and update my kodi but I hardly use it anymore I'm happy to pay a subscription if its a reliable source, think it was around £50 for 6 months previously and I could watch all leagues Thanks in advance, sorry if this has been discussed in another thread
  9. Wiseguy

    2019 NL Season

    I heard a rumour Kent would run as a championship side next year but after seeing Len has said Ledwith will be part of his team next season that now looks exactly what it was... a rumour Sorry, just read the Kent Laurels thread where this was covered
  10. As a neutral I definitely think Poole have the best guest. just a massive shame Brady and Niels are unfit, I would say Morris is around the same level as Kurtz so Poole have done well, but no way (and no disrespect to Adam) is he on the same level as Niels hope both meetings are tight and competitive and we see some decent racing

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