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  1. Newcastle 2018

    Not been announced anywhere yet and Stoke cannot fit him i with the points left. Must be either Belle Vue or Coventry although with Cov running on a sunday also i guess he is Manchester bound.......
  2. Confirmed Signings For 2018

    Must be signed somewhere as its been far too quiet about him. Im guessing Belle Vue would be a bit too far so i guess Brum or Cov.......unless he want another unattached season?
  3. Stoke

    Wouldn't have fitted at Stoke anyway (not that you were implying that) with another 3 pointer at reserve it leaves 5.4 to finish the side. Luke Ruddick on 5.31? Nice to see a fresher approach at Stoke this year.
  4. Birmingham 2018

    There is absolutely nothing that says Layne cannot be a good speedway rider and a music star however In My Opinion to succeed at something and to truly reach your full potential takes dedication and full commitment. Even at solely NL level riders need to find 1/2 days a week to work on bikes, plus hold down a job and include some level of fitness regime all of which prove very time consuming but are required if a rider wishes to achieve their potential. As for annoying you that's your concern. This is a forum for opinions, often peppered with rumours, insider information and gossip. It's certainly not to be taken too seriously or forming personal vendetta's.
  5. Ditch the Family Tag??

    Presentation is huge and speedway have it very wrong (although many new attempts appear faddy). The other issue is Speedway & its fans don't know what they want it to be? Is it supposed to be an afternoon/evening out with excellent entertainment like a social event or is it supposed to be a quick fix and hammered through as quick as possible with a few thrills like an illicit rendezvous ?

    Exactly why not make a night of it, offer further entertainment. You have juniors & second halfers who turn up all over the country and ride for free just to be rushed through and treated like dirt. Providing the curfews are not in danger why not run another 15 heat match with second half riders? No money to pay out just track time. Or invite the sidecars? Anything extra to present a better value evening. If you can prevent the current culture of everyone streaming out of the stadium immediately it might create a more unified atmosphere
  7. Ditch the Family Tag??

    Problem is as stated by some already Speedway is neither family friendly or extreme for the modern generation. Family friendly means clean well kept stadiums, good viewing for adults and children alike and toilets that do not disgust people. You then need a team that is prepared to interact with the fans, be around pre-meeting and not rush off after like all do now. For the extreme side things are just not that dramatic to the instant generation. They want to see the thrills & spills, ideally in a 2 minute clip max and then move onto something else. Attention spans are short, anticipation is unnecessary technology has created an instant society and minority sports will continue to struggle. There are plenty of grand ideas that could be used to promote the sport, demo's that could be put on with almost rehearsed racing which will have short term gains but all the while everyone is focused on saving the immediate the future is slipping further away.
  8. Poole 2018

    Not sure where all the no interest in Speedway has come from? Shanes has been riding NL since 2013 so covering plenty of UK miles along with his Grasstrack & Longtrack commitments. Poole obviously would be a benefit to him as it would make local sponsorship easier to come by but with new bikes being built & 10 engines on his work bench id say its likely he knows he has a Premiership berth somewhere.
  9. Birmingham 2018

    Fair point probably more valid to compare Zmarzlik with Kelsey Dugard.....oh wait Layne could easily up his average if Speedway is his first priority and not trying to become a music star but if he continues to spread himself thinly over several fads he will remain a 4 point something rider. As for why are the Poles so good......thats a whole other topic
  10. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Ties with Holder? Either way its not a positive start from Lynn or Lambert. He is going to really have to deliver this year otherwise there will be serious questions asked about his commitment and the promotions decision making.
  11. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Much depends if he used his bikes in the Prem & Champ last season or had separate? If he used the same bikes they will be 80? meetings old and in need of decent investment to refresh them. If they have only done one season in the Prem then with a little TLC they should be fine for another year. Im surprised that promoters don't have conditions regarding the amount / quality of machinery that a rider uses at the top level? Either way it doesn't sound like he is a happy camper so id expect this saga to continue along with some dubious sick notes.
  12. Cradley 2018?

    I personally like the approach of picking 7 riders up front rather than picking the form riders at the time that fit under the points limit. I guess it kind of works to Cradleys advantage if they name a team up front built to 39 points and then they all up their averages before the NT matches are completed? That said if a rider is unavailable for any reason Cradley had better be able to use a guest as if a team that can pick from a large pool of riders still has to use RR then there is little hope left for the sport.
  13. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Trevor Heath? In fairness his replacement only lasted a little bit longer and was then replaced with a Mr James Shanes.......
  14. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    "Notable" riders without a released team place include Dwyer, Halder, Greenwood, Halsey, Armstrong, Hunter, Bowtell, Knight, Wilson & Harris although not sure any combination would keep pace with the teams already announced.

    From my perspective its all about value for money and being entertained. Even following NL at the cheaper end of the scale i picked my meetings this year at Kent as i was becoming bored of big home wins with limited entertainment. Im not going to visit every week just because a meeting is on i want to be entertained. Its also down to false economy as i didn't think twice about the fuel in the car going to Peterborough just the entry fee but i did receive good entertainment with the racing in return however i couldn't justify it every week. Speedway fans are no longer happy to blindly hand over money whenever any team visits they want a two sides of equal quality on a track that can produce decent racing and they will be happy. The formula is simple and yet its still often messed up.