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  1. Plenty of strong contenders in the list and it will be the silly mistakes that seperate podium and blown chances. Brennan, Palin and Edwards top 3 for me.
  2. Sings4Speedway

    British Youth Championship

    Darn good question. Not sure where he would stand travelling through countries on the list to get home ? He could fly direct i assume and be ok but the van and drivers will have to come back via France...
  3. Sings4Speedway

    Who are the future stars of British Speedway?

    The difference with Poland protecting the under 21's is that they take an interest in the riders at a much earlier stage, offer them junior team places, sponsorship's, guidance etc the whole package to make them feel involved with the parent clubs. There is then a bond created and a two way respect generated. In the UK the instant smash hits are snapped up, thrown in at the deep and and thrown to the Wolves if it is too early for them. There is a whole lot more than talent required to make it as a speedway rider even to a decent level, determination and funding play a major factor and is where a lot of potential good riders fall by the wayside.
  4. Sings4Speedway

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I think Kent are blessed with numerous avenues for supporters as mentioned like defunct club fans, the county is also lucky to have a couple of training tracks os attracts a decent amount of amateur followers and families, there has been a strong (stronger in the past) grasstrack scene in Kent which also adds to the numbers who follow track racing hence crowds of 700+ for a midweek National League side.
  5. Sings4Speedway

    Kent Kings 2020?

    As much as the temptation is there to douse you in emulsion its highly unlikely i would join the band of volunteers. I would respect any who do but with the prices at Kent i was unlikely to attend more than a couple of meetings this season anyway.
  6. Sings4Speedway

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I don't reserve my criticism for Kent as unlike you i have an unbiased view of things. The stadium could be one of the jewels of british speedway however everywhere is a little tatty looking and the toilets in the main stand area are functional but grim (and reports regarding the ladies are worse). I do understand that there isn't a bottomless pot of funds to improve every single detail but with a bigger selection of visitors due to visit Central Park over the coming seasons a little spruce up certainly wouldn't hurt.
  7. Sings4Speedway

    Kent Kings 2020?

    In comparison does anybody know if there have been any updates to central park? Whilst an excellent viewing venue the whole place could definitely benefit form a good coat of paint and the toilets are disgusting.
  8. Sings4Speedway

    Premiership Junior League

    why not have something to look forward to? If the Prem starts and i do know its if then the PJL will be running alongside it despite no squads being announced
  9. Sings4Speedway

    Premiership Junior League

    Plenty of time to get the provisional squads sorted now so whats the hold up?
  10. Sings4Speedway

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    No rent not sure about that? Season tickets will need refunding yet riders advances will still have been paid out. Vans booked, race suits made etc. There are sizable pre season costs that if not recoupable could sink a club......oh and bspa fees which im sure will be returned immediately.
  11. Sings4Speedway

    Premiership Junior League

    Disgusting that other teams have been driven from the sport whilst the rules can be bent to suit the PL clubs. Hang your heads in shame Bspa
  12. Sings4Speedway

    IOW 2020

    What a waste of an opportunity both for Leek and for the rider coming in who has little time to prepare. Leek knew what was required when he signed so blaming lack of sponsorship is poor in my view although probably better now thsn the first few weeks of the season
  13. Sings4Speedway

    Armadale Devils 2020

    Never seen the lad ride but results & reputation suggest he is due his chance. Unfortunately after the first set of averages he is likely to end up riding at 4 even if he gets a few spins at reserve to start the year. Leaves Armadale quite a bit under the limit but i suspect that isnt the purpose of the project
  14. Sings4Speedway

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Huge dent to Brums chances this season. I saw THJ as the real difference maker if he showed up as his average is at bargain levels however sadly so is his commitment to UK speedway. No slight on VG but a big ask to come in as third HL.
  15. Sings4Speedway

    Premiership Junior League

    I also have a sneaky suspicion it will be out of work NL riders posing as juniors. I would also be very surprised if riders actually ride at their local tracks geographically and just end up where they want/get picked. I fear it has a season at best before the plug is pulled just like last time.

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