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  1. Isle Of Wight 2018

    Great to hear there has been a positive outcome to this and hope you enjoy many entertaining matches on the Island. As for runners up definitely a success plus you can only truly appreciate winning after you have tasted defeat.
  2. Colts v Hitmen - KOC - 20/4/18

    Think the Colts will be looking for 60+ here. Smith, Bickley & Lawlor all had several rides early on and should be enough to do some damage. Normally the opposition tail would cause some problems for the home side but Buxton also lack punch in that area so im expecting 2 races in one mentioned a lot in the updates. Douglas turned Dicken over in the U21's last night so if the kid has is to do something he needs to get a few points on home turf.
  3. Coventry v Eastbourne 15-04-18

    If current form is anything to go by then it will definitely weaken Eastbourne however i suspect Kelsey will get a confidence boost being at reserve and hammer in the points and when it clicks for Brookes he will really show what he can do as ive seen him ride several times and he is extremely talented. From reports smaller tracks might take a bit of work for him but i suspect one good meeting is all it will take for him to start flying.
  4. Stoke v Coventry 14-04-18

    Stoke bowl just holds water and surely better than riders arriving and then decision made to not race in a swamp. Early signs have Stoke struggling to get all the fixtures in again
  5. Berwickbandits2018

    Yup lucky its not £25. Wasn't the U19's held a Berwick a couple of years back? How well was that supported out of interest?
  6. Kent 2018

    Can't disagree with the above. Brum will bring Davey & Bacon who are both excellent at Central Park. Flint should walk all over the Kent reserve pairing but Cupitt hates the place so evens it up a little. Bowen & Thomas will have to be on top form to get much out of these and id put Rowe as key to any joy the Kings may or may not get.
  7. Birmingham v Stoke - 11/04/18 -1930 - (NT)

    Crikey.....well that about finishes it then with Stoke being notoriously tight at booking guests despite options a plenty. No pre match write up from either club on their websites.....bit poor tbh
  8. Bit surprised there is no thread for this given the strong Brum support on the forum? Has to be said looks like a home banker but should give the Brum tail a few pounds in their pockets. Sadly i can only see Clegg offering much resistance from Stoke atm
  9. Birmingham 2018

    Definitely no accusations against Flint or Roberts
  10. Birmingham 2018

    I believe he is not taking up his SDL place so unlikely to feature in the MDL too. Speedway is a family and ripping people off is poor form
  11. Was Tony Atkin riding? (Joking love you Tony)
  12. New Godden Engine

    Whilst its very clear that costs need cutting perhaps a new engine on the market that is a competitive all rounder might be the answer to this? For those that do give a fig does anyone know anything additional about these Godden development motors or what then end goal is?
  13. Stoke

    You make a very fair case and there are probably just enough riders out of work in the wings that could have swapped in for one of the 3 pointers per side if teams had chosen to build that way? There is also a very strong possibility that promotions would have spread the additional points over the 1-5 and still named newbies at reserve and potentially put 5 pointers out of work? Lets not forget some sides still struggled to build to the limit. Averages will continue to be false until the BSPA agree a limit and stick to it for a set number of years rather than continually fluctuating.
  14. Stoke

    and therefore increasing the averages of the genuine main body members meaning a glut of 9-10 point riders that are either discarded at team building the following year or included creating the need for 2 x new 3.00 riders at the tail and so the circle continues. Riders are no longer given the time to hone their skills as any rider aged 15-17 with bike is deemed ready to be gambled on in the NL. For every success there will be 5 times as many failures who may have made it if they were given longer to progress. Ive seen riders who are unable to lay a bike down or make the decision to do it quick enough in the NL and fortunately no major injuries thus far but i do feel its if rather than when it will happen and yet the promotions will still take no accountability when that dreaded day comes.
  15. Stoke

    For far too long promotions have taken no responsibility for the riders they are tracking or the safety of those around them. There have been many riders who are simply not up to the standard of NL racing but placed on the line with others despite their questionable competence. Others of course have been hauled along with the speed and initially given the appearance of being capable only to have a big off at a later date. As you mention there are then the riders like Liam Millar who get dragged into a NL team (and can't always blame the rider if a NL team thinks you are ready then you are ready right?) does a couple of meetings, scores duck eggs then is dropped and tarred forever as a NL failure despite being introduced too early to stand any fair chance. Many NL clubs do very little to generate the next riders to the sport yet are happy to moan like crazy when the standard of suitable 3 pointers just isn't there.