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  1. Sings4Speedway

    Transfer Window

    Providing the window closes before X percent of that teams matches remain to be completed would it not be best to be the team having the most matches to complete and therefore having the pick of the available riders who have been on the merry go round prior to the window closing?
  2. Sings4Speedway

    Ipswich 2020

    In terms of rider numbers it probably would help several if they were a little larger. I also concede that under lights helmet colours can be a bit tricky to pick out (especially when faded/stained and this should be stamped out on its white no grey/blue tint). Maybe the away side should have yellow and black quarters and black and white stripes? As for the pink troy lee gloves i hope they have plenty of stock in......beautiful idea
  3. Sings4Speedway

    Unattached British Talent ?

    In all other sports opportunities are grabbed, gained and lost by either being good or not good enough along with a bit of fortune. All sports persons at the top of their game got there through dedication, hard work and because they did what it took to get to the top. In contrast Speedway can at times reward mediocrity and potential whilst genuine steady improvers can be frozen out. The numbers game is a harsh game and there has been a massive list throughout the years of good riders who never made it and it will grow year on year. The only way to guarantee a team place is to be so good that everyone wants to sign you.
  4. Sings4Speedway

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    It was proposed to switch to the boring NJL format (same 4 riders racing 3 times yawn) but there were too few takers for the smaller engine class. As for the future unless the standard is driven up, the support from the top increased and entertainment increased there wont be one.
  5. Sings4Speedway

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Fingers crossed Jacob has a decent season, would be handy for the headlines if he dishes out a Royal Clouting.......
  6. Sings4Speedway

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Whilst i admire fans devotion to a chosen side it still baffles me. I likewise am a supporter of the sport rather than any specific team.
  7. Sings4Speedway

    Possible Odsal news

    I guess its possible to run a Swindon Based side who were "sponsored" by Reading becoming the Swindon "Reading" Racers ? But why should they, there is nothing wrong with the current situation other than the over lords wanting to muscle in.
  8. Sings4Speedway

    Possible Odsal news

    Dreadful, shocking, immoral the list goes on. The sooner the mafia are outed / a break away from the BSPA the better. Better let Coventry know as their challenge against Leicester cannot morally continue now......
  9. Sings4Speedway

    Jason Pipe resigns

    The difference is that the breakaway needs to be from the BSPA not the SCB. The sport needs to remain Speedway and be sanctioned as such under the SCB and therefore the ACU but be organised and run by a body of people who have the interests of the league and its participants at the forefront. The BSPA would only stand a chance of 'black listing' sides that ran teams in multiple divisions (if the top 2 tiers remain under the current tyranny) but even then Belle Vue Colts (for example) could operate under a different promotion and therefore its a shared use track that the bspa has no say over in the same way as they have no control over dog/stox etc. This of course would require SCB buy in though but nothing is impossible.
  10. Sings4Speedway

    Jason Pipe resigns

    Sadly i fear Pipe can see the way the NL is heading and wisely took the chance to move on. The league does need to break away from the BSPA and be allowed to function for the benefit of all clubs and the riders within. Never agree with age limits though, being good enough is all that matters and is all that is required to drive the standard up.
  11. Sings4Speedway

    Possible Odsal news

    Sadly the BSPA are currently taking a dim view of nomad teams (having just shut down Reading, Weymouth, MK Knights & Exeter) so at best i fear the hopes are a few challenge matches unless some serious funding can be found.
  12. Sings4Speedway

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    Firstly the above was prior to todays fanfare. Second why did there have to destroy one league and create another? Surely all these teams could have just entered the existing setup? The opportunities are at best equal to what was exisiting. Why any NL or CL would want to enter the premiership junior league sounds unlikely. There are plenty of riders who have spent thousands preparing for a season, licences purchased and now potentially face an anxious few weeks/months to discover if they will be competing this season.
  13. Sings4Speedway

    Premiership Junior League

    Always reassuring to see the Prem sides step in and run development sides for the benefit of long term British Speedway, shame they couldn't have done so in the existing league oh wait they did. Kings Lynn, Wolverhampton, Belle Vue, P'boro and Sheffield have all had dev league sides before and for various reasons have not continued to run them. Swindon were happy for Reading to stay so doesn't strike me as being that enthused by the new league. Ipswich have boasted about the swift running of meetings and spare time after and have never considered running a dev league side until now. Certainly makes me wonder how long this "new" venture will last hopefully longer than the last one, the whole of 1992 according to the press release.
  14. Sings4Speedway

    Premiership Junior League

    Or "adding value" to the entry prices. How many actual local riders are there? Its all about big clubs playing the hero (whilst likely treating them like dirt)
  15. Sings4Speedway

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    The truth is out, MSDL crushed by Prem clubs to run a second half league for a season or so until they get bored. Promoting local riders to each club despite the vast majority of riders being spread far and wide and unlikely to even be remotely local. Enter teams in the league great, maybe even split the M & SDL's back up, no problem with that as more rides and more competition will always benefit the sport but don't hail yourself heroes BSPA when you have directly replaced an established product and cast good honest hard working volunteers side without so much of an acknowledgement.

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