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  1. Sings4Speedway

    17/09/21 1930 Armadale v Kent

    Whilst its all about development a loss tonight could affectively end Kents league winning hopes. Tough and technical track for Foord and Warren on their first looks at it and whilst the Millars are certainly not world beaters i would expect them to pack out enough minor placings to keep the Royals from getting any points here
  2. Sings4Speedway

    Belle Vue Colts v Mildenhall. 3 Sept

    So rider not sacked or mind changed?
  3. Sings4Speedway

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Turns out that the old people weren't paying enough though so if you wouldn't mind all paying the back dated 1.25% for the last X years that would be greatly appreciated
  4. Sings4Speedway

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    That would scupper it, Royals would still be running fixtures next year at that rate. Put a mark in your calendar 28th Sept. Day NDL title is decided.....
  5. Sings4Speedway

    07/09/21 1830 Kent v Scunthorpe (Champ)

    I thought the rule was intended to assist away teams keep it a closer contest. It clearly suits Kent and indeed any side with a very strong 1&5. I can see many teams being built that way next year (if the rules remain) as teams can allow an visiting team to build a lead, claw it back with a tactical then dominate in the final few heats. Great for drama but is it sending away teams off without points they perhaps deserve / earned if it wasn't for the tactical switches?
  6. Sings4Speedway

    07/09/21 1830 Kent v Scunthorpe (Champ)

    Only issue that arises for me again is should a home side be able to use a Tactical Sub?
  7. Sings4Speedway

    New Junior League 2021

    Certainly makes sense. Just thought it was billed as NL lite level rather than operating at exactly the same level (or lower) than the competition that was squashed to make way for it.
  8. Sings4Speedway

    New Junior League 2021

    Any idea of the scoresheet / race format? Looks an awful lot like MSDL level.......
  9. Sings4Speedway

    Belle Vue Colts v Mildenhall. 3 Sept

    Seems a bit daft as signing date has passed so guests or RR only available options? Scorecard has who had off nights and with Muff technically being a guest as Ablitt already replacing him it can realistically be Bebee or Kelly. Of the two one is a liability and the other has zero confidence but can occasionally win races.
  10. Dictated pay rates, prize monies, BSPL fees, 16 rider field etc. Running the mickey mouse cup could be done with a 12 rider field, own decided rates of pay and entrance fees. Wise decision by the Mildenhall promotion given how the season is heading and lack of fixtures any that incur a loss will be left in a dangerous position.
  11. Sings4Speedway

    Why speedway is failing

    Perhaps pre season every club can pick two riders from a division lower up to a combined average to be thier guests that season. Usual rules apply so can only cover riders averaged above them. Bit like a mini squad system. Obviously 100's of flaws to be considered (although normally not) but least it would give a bit of affiliations to the stand in riders.
  12. Sings4Speedway


    Maybe Oxford will be sensible and join a league with other like minded clubs who are sick of having thier own destiny decided for them......a destiny that is proving time and time again to be closure
  13. Sings4Speedway

    Belle Vue Colts v Mildenhall. 3 Sept

    Definitely no arguments there both more than doubled their averages, hopefully there is a decent league next year and the team building is reconsidered so assets like these don't end up getting frozen out of British speedway.
  14. Sings4Speedway

    King's Lynn v Wolves 26/08/21

    What was the crowd size like?
  15. Sings4Speedway

    Eastbourne 2020

    But its proven that a not enough people are interested in a 'better' product. Back in 2018 the NDL was at its peak but Eastbourne had a spectacularly good side that was battering teams at home and for the causal fan sadly the dominance didn't offer a great amount of entertainment.

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