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  1. Sings4Speedway

    KENT 2019

    Surprised this doesn't exist already. Interesting series of events around the Kent side this year. 3 riders announced and only one returning face. With Stoneman turning into a devil & Thomas signing at Saturday night Leicester it feels like the Kings could be unusually different this year? Suspect Hurry, Spooner & Edwards are 3 of the remaining 4 leaving a Hampshire sized hole although for the club i would be hoping Brooks (or for comedy value Powell)
  2. Sings4Speedway

    Stoke vs Kent.

    Still a bit surprised that Ledwith is being run at 5. With Jenkins and Rowe who are consistent at most tracks and in the side i figure it would make mire sense to protect Rob at 3 or 4 until he is fully settled? That said solid win away with issues shows the strength of Kent and weaknesses of Stoke.
  3. All signs look good for another Island victory tonight as despite a few riders familiar with the Island i think the strength overall rests with the Warriors especially with RR for Richard Andrews (Malc Vasey take note how the Gladiators place their riders). Nathan Stoneman looks the major danger man for the visitors but with mixed backup. Certainly interesting to see how Bursill vs King ends up and who has the first retirement of the night Widman or Shappard?
  4. Sings4Speedway

    IOW vs Plymouth NT 02/05/2019

    If not improve the team at least show signs of improvement themselves. Id rather see another 2 pointer get the chance to improve than a rider block a team place and go backwards
  5. Sings4Speedway

    Newcastle 2019

    Yep 100% purely my opinion throughout (it would be a messed up sport if all my opinions became reality). All hats off to Danny for his recovery from injury and i do accept that has slowed his progression but riders are generally judged upon results regardless of the situations behind the scenes. Danny had 2016 & 2018 where he didn't improve upon his 2.00 average ( i accept i as on the rise after a few meetings prior to his crash but can't really judge that). Bickley didn't increase is during 2018 and if he has not shown and increase by the end of 2019 i suspect the same questions will be being asked about him too.
  6. Sings4Speedway

    Newcastle 2019

    Certainly not a fair comparison between Danny & Kyle as one rider has been around several years and been afforded more opportunities at Championship level than many riders of increased ability have received in the past. In contrast Bickley has progressed year on year, benefited from local loyalty although that works both ways and of course is a rider with GP level backing and equipment so is likely to continue his rise and become prominent figure in the sport rather than a do you remember rider that Phillips is destined for.
  7. Sings4Speedway

    IOW vs Plymouth NT 02/05/2019

    Fair play Gladiators i definitely got that wrong. Campos still has it, a delight to see Wilson rolling back the years with a fine display and expected Stoneman to go very well but still not that well. IOW had the power scoring reserves running out 12-4 winners and Danno Verge getting over his ave and still lose. Morley can have an off night but not many with the way the team is built whilst a night on for Widman would be a plus. Finally best wishes to Jamie Bursill hope it was a precaution and nothing serious.
  8. Sings4Speedway

    IOW vs Plymouth NT 02/05/2019

    Blast someone spotted it before i fixed it. Cannot see Campos, Extance and the reserves getting what Andrews would have. I hope Wilson rolls back the years and really mixes it with the IOW heat leaders but should be another Warriors confidence booster.
  9. Sings4Speedway

    Stoke 2019

    More damage from the Bangers last weekend than expected? Hasn't been that wet up in Stoke this week has it?
  10. Sings4Speedway

    Newcastle 2019

    As ever the rules are loose. End of 2017 would be 3.61 - any reduction? Or latest current average is 50% of his NL ave at Stoke so 4.03? There will be somebody far smarter than me who knows but with the greatest of respect to Tom is he a step forward for the club/sport? He has ridden at higher levels and whilst well tipped never delivered upon the potential then so wonder if the hunger is there to do so now?
  11. Sings4Speedway

    Eastbourne v Leicester

    Certainly got the potential to be a really good match. Perks at reserve will certainly boost the Lions chances and they have a top 4 that ll know how to get out the gate. The Eagles side is clearly hot at home and the top 3 have already put at least half a point on their averages each. Fingers crossed the cooler forecast helps keep the moisture in the track and good racing is produced because of it.
  12. Sings4Speedway

    Brummies v Eagles 1.5.19

    Aww poor Rogers im sure he had some tissues in his glove box........just on top of Gary Flints licence and next to the scrabble mans UK passport
  13. Sings4Speedway

    Swindon 2019

    Thanks difficult level of injury as clearly not preventing him riding or being safe to do so but by accounts given hampering his ability to be competitive in the top flight.
  14. Sings4Speedway

    Rebels vs Pirates

    Must be another meeting as Red and Yellow have the Rebels bibs on
  15. Sings4Speedway

    Brummies v Eagles 1.5.19

    Completely agree and Tom's ability to switch and succeed on various tracks will see him progress steadily in the sport. Must say i was equally shocked the Hume was not in the side but perhaps Paco was a better business move for the club?
  16. Sings4Speedway

    Swindon 2019

    What is the current injury James is carrying? Not seen any news of that anywhere. My bigger fear with Shanes as you stated is that he is a racer and is at a track where racing can be an asset and yet points are still not coming. What he is not is a gater or a rider who can carry good speed around a bend. In comparison as a strong gater Tom Bacon has beaten Steve Worrall, Scott Nicholls & Josh Auty already this season along with regularly bettering MPT in heat 1's. No particular skin off my nose what the Robins choose to do this season however my hair brained opinion is no less valid than yours.
  17. Sings4Speedway

    Brummies v Eagles 1.5.19

    In fairness i said about racing quality and i have no real allegiance to any side so just prefer entertaining speedway to watch rather than boring home side wins. However i am in the minority of fans and spread my visits around tracks so i am not the target audience. As for the above IF it is true that the Promotion was considering sanctions against anyone who complained then they will have a very short and painful lesson in promotion as its often those who complain the most are actually those who have the most passion for a team.
  18. Sings4Speedway

    Brummies v Eagles 1.5.19

    Whilst i agree that he is certainly a talent that will hit the top league personally i think its Brennan's arrogance / self belief that helps him succeed. He does have a hot headed streak that could hold him back but equally those who achieve big things often have those traits too. The opinions that winners are nice guys is often nonsense.
  19. Sings4Speedway

    Brummies v Eagles 1.5.19

    Apologies i had been following his Swindon form closer than his Brum form which has been slower to start however i do believe that Zach will go on to a world class level and certainly would never be considered in the firing line.
  20. Sings4Speedway

    Brummies v Eagles 1.5.19

    Im really starting to feel for the Brum supporters as the poorly built team is really starting to bite. Winning sides are built on riders with bargain averages or who have been improving steadily year on year, this team has been built on sentiment and there is little place for that in the sport if you want success. Zach Waj has stalled at the start of the season and should really be performing better but is likely to come good, Ash Morris is the best value signing in the side but asking him to bust a gut as 3rd heat leader in a losing side is a big ask every week. Oyster card will be considered a success this season if he treads water but is likely to continue his downward slide and Newman looks to be having the same season he has for the past 4 (i thought he would finally kick on but thats been said before). I assume Thomsen is paying for his rides as he would have been dropped from every other team in this league and possibly below it. Im not really sure what is the way back though as breaking the bank on signings that just aren't there won't work, sticking with the same side and hoping is costing matches and supporters. Perhaps sort the track so that the poor gaters can at least come through the pack and offer up a side of crazy entertainers? Im not sure of the answer but its clear one needs to be found sooner rather than later.
  21. Sings4Speedway

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Well if they were included in the purchase price at least Buster is getting every pennies worth.
  22. Sings4Speedway

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    Certainly makes the Panthers look like they now have the best reserve pairing in the league and should be good for plenty each. Wright will battle hard but the rest looks like a huge miss match. The reserve differences should stop it being a total riot but still Robins by 10+
  23. Sings4Speedway

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Crikey things have got serious if they have started enforcing wristbands.....that tyrannical Chapman
  24. Sings4Speedway

    Young lions

    Great to see such a large number in the 125 class. The 250 numbers look a little alarming and adds to the fear that more and more riders are looking to make the jump from 125's straight onto 500's.
  25. Sings4Speedway

    Swindon 2019

    Good spot. I was working on his 4.55 which he started the year on. So basically he would have fitted until today. Often the difference between winners and losers is the winners do not hesitate when an opportunity arises.

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