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  1. flipper11

    2019 NL Season

    Nothing that has come out of Kent since the end of the season points to them going up. The crowd levels are very healthy in the NL & they are one of the few teams to make a profit so why change, for me it has to be Brum & Eastie going up.
  2. flipper11

    2019 NL Season

    If the averages are taken at the finish of the season (end of October) then i would think Clegg would have put another point on his average.
  3. flipper11

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    You would need someone who can mix it against the Eagles, i would go for Clegg or Stoneman. R/R for Jenkins. Hope Beebee is fit?
  4. flipper11

    2019 NL Season

    Sounds a good idea, certainly for the Bewleys, Kemp, Flints etc but the vast majority of 3 point riders are not of that pedigree, reassessing their average after 4 cup matches etc could mean that a 3 point rider who meets weak reserves home & away in the cup & a couple of home meetings then gets a high average & then finds himself stuck at number 2 being totally outclassed until the new averages come out a third of the way into the season, not good for his confidence. I think things are fine as they are, if a team is lucky enough to get a Kemp they will be in the play offs whatever.
  5. flipper11

    Birmingham 2018

    They will have to be quick to book their guests before Cradley book riders as their guests!
  6. flipper11


    Take Brennan away from the comfort of Arlington & he is not that impressive, in fact his away average is only 6.88 against Kinsley's 7.78.
  7. flipper11


    NO. Now if it was Cradley that would be different!
  8. flipper11

    Play Off Run In

    I assume the new averages come out 1st October, if thats the case then its another reason for Mild to pick Kent. Hurry will be 4th in the averages so Kent will effectively lose their No1 & only be able to use r/r to cover for Hurry (Rowe, Hampshire & reserves). Makes them sitting ducks in the play offs & 2nd leg of the KO cup.
  9. flipper11

    Play Off Run In

    The only way Eastbourne won't qualify is if Birmingham win at Mildenhall (no chance). So they may as well go to Buxton when they have a full team & not ride a double header the night before.
  10. flipper11

    Eastbourne 2018

    Buxton offered Eastbourne this sunday (16th) to have their meeting but Eastbourne said they couldn't make it.
  11. flipper11

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    I really don't see anything wrong with Cradley entering a team in the NT this year & if it keeps the club running thats good, but by allowing them to cherry pick any riders they want from all the other teams (to get under the points limit) means they were guaranteed to at least reach the final. This is what has caused unnecessary friction with the rest of the league and pretty much made the trophy a non event for the other teams, which must have affected their crowds. There were plenty of riders without team places to make up a competitive team, why were they not told to make up a team from these riders. Fair play to Mildenhall this year & good luck in the 2nd leg.
  12. flipper11

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    Im surprised 'Cradley' are not allowed a guest for Taylor.
  13. flipper11

    Colts vs Kings

    There is only 1 reason Wood or Morley would get a ride at Kent & that is if Bowens injury does not allow him to return, as I'm sure he will want to do another season if fit. I would pick Bowen at No1 over any other rider in the league.
  14. flipper11

    Colts vs Kings

    O right. William O'Keefe is named in the Kent 1-7 so is our usual reserve, Couzins replaced him at Kent on Monday because O'Keefe was on holiday.
  15. flipper11

    Colts vs Kings

    Wilson is for Bickley, Morley for Hurry, Wood for Thomas but i don't no who the 4th guest is? I no what you mean people like to see the same team (myself included) & it gets really frustrating when a series of guests show up, but this is a development league (yes i no its now a 3rd division) thats why I am actually in favour of the reason Thomas & Bickley are missing, its a natural progression to ride in the next league up & beyond & to improve they have to ride against stronger opposition. At Kent we have noticed a big improvement in Thomas since he started riding at Glasgow.

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