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  1. flipper11

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Check out the Chicken curry, its spot on mmmmm.
  2. flipper11

    Kent 2018

    To be fair to Clouting, he had 1 ride at the beginning of the season when he fell while leading & broke his ankle, then he had 2 matches recently when he was fit again these were home & away against Eastbourne so hardly an easy route back to racing again after an injury.
  3. flipper11

    Plymouth 2018

    Why didn't Plymouth use Boxall when Roynon got injured?
  4. flipper11

    Kent v Stoke

    Just been told this match is off.
  5. flipper11

    Eagles v Brummies 30th JUNE NL

    Like against Birmingham last week.
  6. Not so bad for the Kent fans if Morley was riding but he's not, (nor is Bowtell), so no reason for Kent supporters to hang around & watch IOW, makes for a REALLY expensive day out.
  7. flipper11

    Kent v Coventry

    The stand has over 2000 seats. Who knows how many people are in the stadium but even on a bad night it looks as if at least 1/4 of the seats are occupied thats over 500 people. There must be 150 people that stand on the balcony between the 2 layers of seats, plus at least 70 around the track and If its a local derby/no football/bank holiday attendance goes up considerably. There are a lot of clubs would love to have the support that Kent get. Financially the stadium is owned by the speedway/dogs promoter so there is no massive rent to pay.
  8. flipper11

    Kent 2018

    To fit Bowtell, Hunter, Halsey or Shanes in the team one of the 3 heat leaders or Rowe would have to go, that would achieve nothing as they have all been performing well.
  9. flipper11

    Kent 2018

    £16 at Brum, £15.50 at Buxton inc prog so all NL tracks are much the same. Come on what can you buy with £1, half a bag of chips, a can of coke, 3/4 litre of petrol. I would suggest that an increase of £1 would not put someone off going, all it would do is give someone who does not want to go an excuse. £16 for a live event is still really good value. As EEF says everything is going up in price so why shouldn't speedway.
  10. flipper11

    Kent 2018

    Not quite right, both Kent riders did not fall in the last heat, yes Brum were on a 5-1 when Luke came off. Bacon was nowhere near overtaking either Luke or Anders in the first heat and he did not fall off!
  11. flipper11

    No job

    Plus on a higher average, Steve boxall
  12. flipper11

    Kent 2018

    I think they would be talking about Luke Clifton and not Luke Bowen.
  13. flipper11

    Greenwood At Kent

    Has Dan Greenwood signed for Kent? That could be a great replacement for Nathan if he can find some of his previous form around CP.
  14. flipper11

    Eastbourne V Kent 1-7-2017

    Jack is a much improved rider now he is back to gm rather than the gerhard engine
  15. flipper11

    This Must Be A First If True.....

    I wonder if Mr Carr would have said anything if he had been riding for Birmingham and not Kent and was going to continue to ride in the meeting? Hope both he & Mr Dugard are OK.

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