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  1. flipper11

    Plymouth 2019

    Good Friday, it will be more than 18hrs by car!
  2. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    If he was responsible the plot thickens as the Kent stadium owner & main promoter of Kent speedway roger Cearns family built Wimbledon stadium!! :)
  3. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    Why would you think that is strange?! It is Kent’s speedway stadium. Roger is the speedway promoter and stadium owner.
  4. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    Google Swale Council Planning, then click on search for or comment on an application, then click on comment or object to a planning application (its in brown) then at the bottom where it says enter keyword reference number or post code you put Central Park and bingo it comes up. Yes very long winded and there may be a quicker way of getting on their planning site but this is the only way i no! I think the 1st meeting is on Easter bank holiday.
  5. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    The application is on Swale council planning site as from 13/12/18. Just go on their planning site & put in Central Park. There is no doubt that Roger would like as many people as possible to write in/email in support of the application even if they reside outside the Sittingbourne area.
  6. flipper11

    NL Cup draw 2019

    Well done Mr Pipe that was a welcome bit of interest for the boring close season. There are lots of ways the draw can be improved for next year but I'm sure Jason no's that.
  7. flipper11

    Mildenhall 2019

    Ledwith maybe old in speedway terms but he is determined to get as far as he can with his chance in the NL, he is as fit as a butchers dog & has been to Denmark to get some bikes off Niki Pedersen so he will be on the best equipment he can possibly be on. Anyone who was at Kent at the end of the season & watched him will no why Len had him signed up pretty quick for this season.
  8. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    Obviously Ledwith is the teams mature rider but the average age of the other 6 riders is under 17, should be an exciting season.
  9. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    So Kent No1 is Drew Kemp. That makes a really strong side.
  10. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    Kent tried to get him as a replacement for Bowen/Boxall when Bowen was injured this season but couldn't agree a deal which was a real shame, as you say he would have been great at Central Park (and at eastbourne at the end of the season!) this may have put Len off asking him again. Not sure about the 4 point average.
  11. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    Yup Jack is at Leicester on sat night so ruled out of Kent plans. When you say young guns don't you mean young guns & 1 slightly ageing cannon.
  12. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    Bowen is definitely out because of his injury & the 4 point rule, at the moment it is looking like his speedway may be over. There is NO way Len would have Baseby in the team after his antics last season. My guess is it is Kemp, although almost all Kent supporters would prefer Jack Thomas at No 1.
  13. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    If Kent put in another 2 point reserve that would leave them 9.70 for the No 1 rider.
  14. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    That would leave Kent 2.35 points under the 36 point limit.
  15. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    Jenkins, bowtell/Kemp

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