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  1. flipper11

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Len has always said, if he applies to go into a higher league he will want to keep a NL team. So Kent will run a NL team along side a CL team whether it is compulsory or not won't make any difference. His idea is he would like to see the riders progress with the club. Kent run every week so dates would not be a problem, if it does become a problem there might also be an option of running a couple of NL matches up the road at Iwade. Im sure Len & Chris have approached riders for the CL team already so I don't see getting a team together as a problem, I would be surprised if Kennett is not the 1st to be signed. I think a lot will be revealed this Saturday at the end of season do.
  2. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    Kent already have planning for Wednesdays. Maybe it has to be rubber stamped by the council 1st but I don't see why. I guess the impossible task of getting a later start/finish time for the nights tv cameras are in town has scuppered plans for the premier league. It would be good if Kent can apply to get an extension of time in the event of an ambulance on track (maybe 15mins) for next season.
  3. flipper11

    2020 NL Season

    The stand holds over 2000. You say a 1/3rd full (there are considerably more for bank holidays) & other spectators around the ground that is not bad average attendance for NL, I'm sure a lot of CL teams would like an attendance like that. Central Park has concrete viewing areas all the way around the track & is designed for over 5000 spectators, so its not about 1 stand. As for access issues, there is a motorway & dual carriageway up to a couple of miles from the track what could be better than that. The only problem with the track as I can see is the exit from bend 2 could do with being wider & I understand there are plans for that. There used to be a big flat spot (Rye House style) on bend 3, this has now mostly been built up.
  4. flipper11

    Play-off final

    Not sure Len could do much else. I can't see there is anyone who can guest & potentially score more than the Kent 2-5.
  5. flipper11

    Play-off final

    Fortunately one of the 2 riders I knew had booked a holiday has postponed it.
  6. flipper11

    2020 NL Season

    Very true but reading the planning permission Kent have, they can race on a Friday up to 9.10pm or if there is an accident/s they can extend racing to 9.30pm, but, only for Elite/PL racing not NL or CL. I am only guessing, but it is possible Kent may apply for the same permission on a Monday if they are accepted into the PL when the TV cameras are at C Park based on the fact they already have permission to 9.30 on Fridays. I would also guess they would not get permission to extend to 9.30 every Monday for the reasons you pointed out.
  7. flipper11

    2020 NL Season

    If Matt Ford says costs in CL are around 25% less than PL then they must be.
  8. flipper11

    Play-off final

    I wonder how many riders have booked holidays & won't make the new final date 28th October.
  9. flipper11

    Play-off final

    Yup. I have just been trying to read the planning permission, so far as I can make out they have to give the council 2 weeks notice of a change in race night.
  10. flipper11

    2020 NL Season

    I said PL verses CL.
  11. flipper11

    Play-off final

    They can & they have planning to run until 9.15 on a Friday night but of course they can't run when the dogs are running. Also I believe they have to give the council some sort of notice if they want to deviate from their Monday race night.
  12. flipper11

    2020 NL Season

    Good question. I can make a couple of guesses for you. The expenses of PL v CL are not massively more. There are more southern based teams in PL v CL so maybe more interest from away supporters to travel, of course this may change if Berwick & Sheffield go up as well. Most importantly I think it may give Kent more leverage with the planners to extend the curfew if there is top flight racing.
  13. flipper11

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    I would think for international riders Kent makes sense. For riders traveling to the UK with their bikes after a weekend on the continent Sittingbourne is only a 50mins drive from the tunnel. For those traveling by air Gatwick & Stansted are only around an hour from the track.
  14. flipper11

    2020 NL Season

    Kent NL & Prem.
  15. flipper11

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    If there is a NL next year Kent will run a team in the NL & Premier. The problem with the 8.30 curfew is not completing by 8.30 but completing by 8.30 if there is a bad accident & fences etc have to be repaired. I would expect the promoters to go to the council & try to change the planning to allow an extension of time if an ambulance has been on track & also apply for a 7.30 start for the nights when sky are in attendance. Kent have planning permission to race on any night of the week except Sat & Sunday.

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