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  1. Ive watched Drew at every Kent match this season & its true he does not seem to have the fire in his belly he had last year, that may be down to the pressure of riding in the main team at Sheffield more than not liking riding at Kent, he is of course still very young in speedway terms & will learn a lot from this year. I hope he returns for us because i feel the best has yet to come from him (sadly i doubt he will return though), Gilkes will not be going anywhere he is very happy with things at Kent & the supporters would go berserk if he went anywhere else! I spoke to Jordan last night & he is very happy at Kent & seems keen on his racing again. Mulford is nailed on (hopefully). Rowe i think will be No 1 next year, i don't think moving track will make any difference to him, he seems to ride well at every track. As for the others there will always be the end of season merry go round depending on averages same as every other track.
  2. Sings. You imply that none of the Kent riders are happy, what makes you think that?
  3. Sings. If you had realised HGould is an Eastbourne supporter you would have ignored this post like i did.
  4. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    Wow i missed that one! Ironscorpion can you please explain what you meant by Jenkins not being paid. Where on earth have you got that from?
  5. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    That was the way that i read it. Same as Spooner for Clouting.
  6. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    He has got a 28 day ban. Will be back in time for the play offs though. Hopefully that means we have Drew with no other commitments, Jenkins back, Spooner back & Ledwith back for the play offs. Hopefully!!
  7. flipper11

    Sheffield 2019

    Not according to the Kent management.
  8. flipper11

    Sheffield 2019

    Great news for Kent. Kemp has been dropped by Sheffield & its too late for another Champ/Prem club to sign him. Brilliant.
  9. flipper11

    Stoke v Belle Vue 24/08

    I was told by a team manager that in the NL each rider gets 1 tyre & he can only use that tyre in the meeting, he cannot swap with another rider. So if he is in heat 15 he will almost certainly not have enough tread to have an extra ride in heat 14! Work that out. Also i was told if a team has r/r they only get 6 tyres not 7 despite riders taking the r/r rides, this is even more bonkers.
  10. flipper11

    Stoke v Belle Vue 24/08

    You can use a tac sub up to & including heat 14. Heat 8 is protected so no tac sub allowed.
  11. flipper11

    Kent v Mildenhall 26/08/2019

    Yes he has been practising, but not fit enough to ride today so i doubt he would want his 1st meeting back to be away at a tough place like Leicester and if Kent win today they are pretty much guaranteed a play off place. Kent do still have an away match at Cradley & if they can run with a full team for a change i would expect a win there.
  12. flipper11

    Kent v Mildenhall 26/08/2019

    Kent have Stoneman as guest for Ledwith & r/r for Jenkins, Mulford at reserve. Should be a comfortable win for Kent. Next Saturday at Leicester is a problem for Kent though. Kemp, Jenkins, Ledwith & Mulford all missing.
  13. flipper11

    Mildenhall v Kent 18th Aug

    The chances of getting a rider to travel to a meeting on the off chance of getting a ride at no8 would be bordering on impossible,, which is why it is very rare to see a no8 in an away sides team . As in the case today at mildenhall a no8 would not have been used so would have had a wasted journey. Do chattin or Douglas live near mildenhall?
  14. flipper11

    Mildenhall v Kent 18th Aug

    Where will Len get a No 8 from? Kent are struggling to get riders to cover the unattached 2 point position at reserve as it is let alone a No8. Not sure where Len is protecting Ablitts average has come from, he has stopped riding altogether! As for Mulford, he has been riding grasstrack & that includes today. He is down to ride tomorrow against B Vue that will be 4 matches & give him an average, so where the idea Len is not using him to protect his average comes from i don't Know, he would certainly have used him before tomorrow if he could.
  15. flipper11


    He rode in the NL because his grandparent was British, that loop hole was closed the following season, to ride in the NL now you have to hold a British passport. Maybe he can't commit to GB because he is not British? Certainly if that is the case he would not compare to Bailey who is British.

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