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  1. flipper11

    NL Fours 7th July

    Not so sure about group B. Kent are without Kemp so it opens things right up.
  2. flipper11


    My take on your ideas. 1. The top 2 leagues run on different nights so don't clash. Im a NL supporter & have to accept that our no1 is almost always going to sign for a league above, not a problem to me, they miss an occasional match but thats progress, to have a guest replacement keeps the match competitive. 2. Not sure there is a problem with the current r/r rules. Rides taken by 1 rider above & 3 below in the team is fair & spreads the rides out in the team. A team can always have a no 8 rider & replace all the r/r rides with the no 8. Very fair as i see & is not in need of changing. Why give an extra 3 rides to 1 rider, guaranteed 7 rides puts massive pressure on him. 3. Why would you take a rider out of a team & then have him sitting around all season in case a rider is injured/missing. 4. How can you have less teams? Who decides which teams cannot ride this season? There are only 7 teams in the Premier league now, having less teams would mean riding against the same team way to often. If this was the case & it released riders i cannot see any rider being prepared to pay for bikes, mechanic, van etc & sit around all season (on the bench) in case of an injury. What happens if the reserve rider sitting around has a higher average than the injured/missing rider, he won't be able to take his place. What happens if the injured/missing rider is a no1 & the only reserve with bikes sitting doing nothing has a 3 point average, almost a certain loss for that team & hardly worth supporters paying to watch a thrashing. The Prem league has 7 teams, if each team had 3 riders in reserve (on the bench) thats 21 riders sitting at home all season with bikes, van etc waiting for a chance of a team replacement ride!! Not practical at all & there would never be that many riders available. I don't know what goes on in Poland & Sweden with the replacement rules, its bad enough trying to understand the British ones.
  3. flipper11


    Injuries etc are part & parcel of speedway. I can't think of anything worse than an uncompetitive meeting when riders are missing, so for me i can't see past having guests to fill in for missing riders. I would be very interested to see some someone come up with some fair & practical alternatives rather than the usual moaning about the use of guests or 'its up to the promoters/bspa to find a solution'.
  4. flipper11

    NL comfort zone.

    Sidney. Not sure if you no, but if you go on the Warriors web site there is a code for discount off transport to the iow.
  5. It is difficult to work out gate at CP, but at an average home meeting there must be around 120 people standing between 3rd & 1st bends. There are also a lot of people who prefer to stand between the top & bottom tiers of seats & several in the top bars. The stand has 2000 odd seats so if there were 600 people sitting down it will still not look like many people. For sure a typical bank holiday will have over 1000.
  6. A trophy at last! Have to say the NT league was a great success with close matches between all teams home and away. Kents injury list grows however, Jenkins now out with a fractured coccyx picked up against Mildenhall, which explains his lack of points on the IOW a few days later.
  7. flipper11

    National Trophy

    Andrews has always been popular with KK fans and his never say die performance a couple of weeks ago reinforced that. Jordan also misses next weeks match against Leicester, i would guess Len/Chris will see how Richard goes against IOW before committing to him or as you say Coles or Edwards in the Leicester match.
  8. flipper11

    National Trophy

    Think it is Richard Andrews for Jordan, r/r for Alex & Clouting for Gilkes.
  9. flipper11

    Cardiff GP Tickets

    Kent are doing a coach to Cardiff, cost around £35. Buy a £20 ticket and you have around £285 in your pocket to spend on more away trips with Kent!
  10. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    Not a bad crowd, not a bad meeting. Kent does have a good fan base & Len likes to keep them used to going every week, so although meetings like this & against Lakeside are seemingly pointless it does the trick. I no Len had it a bit slick because of the number of inexperienced riders. S4S, i think you were spot on with your summary. One of the r/r was supposed to be Luke Clifton who seemed to have just not turned up! If you count Clifton there were 8 unattached riders last night, no-one can cause Len of not giving riders a chance!
  11. flipper11

    Mildenhall v Kent

    Well that was a bit tense. Excellent meeting, fast times shows the track was in good shape. Ayres was untouchable. Fish n chips not to bad. Great result. All in all a great day out.
  12. flipper11

    Mildenhall v Kent

    Kent missing Drew Kemp, Alex Spooner & Dan Gilkes will do well to get anything from this match.
  13. flipper11

    Leicester v BV Colts May 18th

    Record it & watch both.
  14. flipper11

    KENT 2019

    Rotator cuff. I think he has torn the muscles around his shoulder.

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