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  1. sommelier


  2. sommelier

    Poole 2018

    Would not be surprised if Lambert is a bit below par tonight, 6 meetings on the trot must take its toll
  3. I think to try and explain to you would be a task to far, Philip as tried to no avail, so I have no chance!!!
  4. EVERYTHING Philip Rising is quoting makes perfect sense to me, & lets be honest he's been around Speedway a long long time, a person I always look up to & always will!!!
  5. Sorry would love to debate with you but problem is im watching that little meeting going on at BV tonight!
  6. But apart from Tetetrow you must admit you must have enjoyed the 4 meetings, take it you did go ?
  7. In fairness, I've watched many meetings at the old & the new track & was there Friday & Saturday. Trouble is if Tai had slowed it down, I believe the speed that Emil can generate he would have gone passed Tai, just my honest opinion
  8. Lets not forget Morton on your list!
  9. Bloody hell mate we are going back a bit, but yes would put Oliver well ahead in his time
  10. Whose better than Rossiter, Peter Adams in all departments!
  11. See Skidder1 post, he clearly understands the rules & you don't...…!!!!
  12. sommelier


    Well for my two penneth worth, when I gave my Birmingham readmission ticket for the Stoke match, she had a face like a slapped arse!
  13. sommelier

    Poole 2018

    Only at a weekend!!

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