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  1. sommelier

    Kings Lynn 2019

    So pleased Cookie has landed up at Lynn, I honestly believe he will end up number 1 at Lynn. He will smoke Lambert!
  2. Well you cant have watched Ward & Olsen much at Wolves!
  3. Wolves as Favoured the gater, nope, watched speedway at Wolves from 1968, far from a trap & go in general!
  4. Had a long chat with Roberts mechanic at Belle Vue, very open to talk, said that Lambert is so stiff on the bike & nothing flowing, said nothing wrong with equipment, but he will just not listen to people around him!
  5. sommelier

    Dogs Allowed?

    You are wrong, Swindon always let my missus in!!
  6. sommelier

    Fay Taylour the greatest woman rider.

    I can see why John offered you a £100!!
  7. Yes, you say better at Lublin yesterday, Kurtz rounded him on the last turn, just watch the body language of Robert going down the back straight into the last turn, all wrong! He also looks so stiff on the bike, nothing flowing
  8. sommelier

    Fay Taylour the greatest woman rider.

    Strange how items come about, a couple of years ago I was at the Halifax reunion, they had a small auction & a old autograph book come up, I got for a few quid, full of old autographs, all 3 Craven on one page!
  9. IMO this is a step to far for Lambert at this time in his career, hope im proven wrong. He is getting beaten up on the first turn big time in Polish league, but the bar is set a lot higher in the GPs!
  10. sommelier

    2019 SoN Draw

    And how did Cookie do in the GP QR at Togliatti||
  11. I totally agree with all your points, slightly off topic, but was at Edinburgh last night on a boiling hot evening and must applaud the track man as it was perfectly watered!!
  12. Agree, but Lambert is NOT going to risk it either!!
  13. Lambert was testing in Poland
  14. sommelier

    2019 SoN Draw

    Looking for any advice as I am struggling to find a direct flight to Samara airport Russia any help would be appreciated
  15. sommelier

    Poole 2019

    The big surprise for me is how poor Nick Morris!!

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