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  1. sommelier

    Lambert to Robins, Doyle to Stars

    100% correct, lives majority of the time with his GF in a flat in Berlin
  2. Take it you was there tonight ????
  3. I have read some bewilderment posts in my time, but this beets all, he's give up his time to attend a meeting to a rider that as graced us, that now has life changing injuries. Fair play NKI, take a bow
  4. sommelier

    Swindon 2019

    Yep my missus says the same!!!
  5. When the pressure was on, Lambert delivered!!
  6. The reason why engines wont work on anything other than concrete is because 90% of tracks are as slick as a board!
  7. Zmarzlik dirty, nah, no more than ANY others over the years, the list would be endless!
  8. Denmark Odense 9/06/1960 Scandinavian Final CZ Plzen 31/07/1960 Continental Round Sweden 02/09/1960 Gothenburg Final Denmark 08/06/1961 Odense Scandinavian Final Poland 30/07/1961 Rybnik Continental Semi Final CZ 04/08/1961 Plzen Continental Semi Final Poland 03/09/1961 Wroclaw Final Sweden 23/04/1962 Vetlanda Scandinavian Final CZ 15/07/1962 Liberec Continental Semi Final Poland 15/07/1962 Rzeszow Continental Semi Final CZ 29/07/1962 Slany Final Sweden 23/05/1963 Malilla Scandinavian Final West Germany 13/06/1963 Olching Continental Semi Final USSR 04/08/1963 Ufa Continental Semi Final Austria 3/08/1963 Vienna Final If anyone has any of the above programmes please pm me, top price paid, many thanks
  9. Did you watch much racing at Coatbridge ?
  10. sommelier

    13th California-In-England Reunion 2018

    Hi John I always go to the California Reunion, would be most helpful if you know what ex-riders will be attending, just so it gives me time to sort photos off John Somerville, many thanks
  11. sommelier

    Poole 2019

    Yes agree with Cradley Heath & Coventry, could put Wimbledon on that list
  12. sommelier

    Poole 2019

    As yo have NEVER been to Belle Vue its very strange how you can give a opinion
  13. Hi Peter, im always looking for pre 1946 programmes



  14. Best racing ive seen at Swindon this year, very good meeting

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