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  1. sommelier

    King's Lynn v Wolves 13/08/18

    Yes paid 8 from 4 rides
  2. And lets be honest Lynn is on the wash!!
  3. Then explain to me why Workington that's in touching distance of the sea never have a problem ?????
  4. It all ways made me laugh him talking about the tide effect on Poole track, what about Workington, Berwick, Somerset, Lynn etc etc!
  5. Starry will tell us its to do with the tide
  6. Fair play to you, very honest post
  7. Wroclaw poor track ? keep up, been some fab racing this year
  8. sommelier

    Somerset 2018

    Was at Gdansk and Doyle rode very very well
  9. sommelier

    Swindon Robins 2019

    They may need to sell to pay there own riders!!!
  10. Genuine question, do you EVER stop moaning!!!!
  11. sommelier

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Glad you enjoyed it & nice to know it got your British Speedway, regarding the OLD bikes, yes I have a passion for them, I saw loads of um in Cardiff!!!
  12. ONLY this year the track been poor ????

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