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  1. RT @RichGallagher1: David Ervine was right. The DUP are charlatans who, under the guise of protecting the union, will stay in power for as…

  2. RT @AwardsDarwin: Why you don’t go through tiger country. https://t.co/z9VF3Sz9WV

  3. RT @clionamccarney: Jesus take the wheel https://t.co/RLK2Qe3Zvn

  4. RT @dmcbfs: Unionist leaders always do this, they refused minor concessions in late 1960s, they ended up losing the entire show. They loo…

  5. RT @theplathdiaries: Been occasionally checking in to see the absolute state of affairs in NI. Every signpost here in Scotland is in Englis…

  6. @JamieBrysonCPNI If you opened the other eye Jamie you may & I stress may just see the big picture ????

  7. RT @JCKP1966: Peace and Principle https://t.co/HDX32wpEMQ

  8. @JimAllister UK will use NI as a bargaining chip for trade relations. When the Tories consider a deal they can carr… https://t.co/Q3whVzbIs6

  9. RT @magpie839: Your underwear may determine whether or not you see justice done. Your idiot underwear. I'm going to shut down my feelings…

  10. RT @bbclaurak: No pressure at all on May and Cabinet ahead of tmrw..... https://t.co/mUPn8LLgy6

  11. @DENISEJOHNSTO10 Bet he can spell “ dinosaurs “ ????

  12. @DENISEJOHNSTO10 Agreed. Just finished the book I brought on hols with me. Impressive read. However now that my cur… https://t.co/pfQInRMpfi

  13. @10_kingy @LCFC @premierleague Enjoy your football Andy. In your heart we know!

  14. @chrisgray71 @stephen82754737 Giving Politicians time to scramble for cover. Bc if this whole truth comes out it wi… https://t.co/sWq6oDOGTF

  15. RT @Andrew_Adonis: BREXIT REFERENDUM LATEST: Lord Lamont just said, in Sky TV debate with me, that there could be another EU referendum in…