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  1. OveFundinFan

    Glasgow 2022

    I paid good money to see the event streamed live. I wouldn’t be happy either, if I found it on YouTube within a good three months. land for Nickinho comparing it to SkySports showing “todays” meeting in 5 months time is ridiculous…… you pay for SkySports monthly, so you expect to see them live as in taking place now.
  2. I watched parts. I find ice racing very boring. The bikes generally stick to the track like slotted Scaletrix cars. I know it’s a skill, but it just doesn’t do anything for me. Speedway at all level can be very exciting, but particularly at GP level.
  3. OveFundinFan

    Rye House 2020

    What on earth are you on about?
  4. OveFundinFan

    Rye House 2020

    Bold is not capitals, so what is the problem, what am I missing.
  5. OveFundinFan

    Elaborate Scam Warning

    Amazon seems popular with the scammers. I get a lot, sometimes 3 a day, I have just bought goods for £299, if this was not me then press x to speak to someone. A person could panic and I reckon when put through to this somoene bank details would be extracted. I have a physical red button to block scammers numbers, but this one keeps chaging the number they call from, I block they move on.
  6. OveFundinFan

    People with odd, funny or silly names

    and she was.
  7. OveFundinFan

    A voice of reason?

    Give me a shout when I need to kneel.
  8. OveFundinFan

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Yep, it was a brilliant day, Moto3 as exciting as usual, close racing. Some dirty riders in Moto3, I hope they get rid of that streak before they progress further. Not particularly referring to Foggia. He did wrong, but out of frustrations for what happened the week before when thickly Binder took him down. You just don’t do that when that one race determined who was going to be world champion. Foggias team ought to sort that incident yesterday themselves. I don’t know what Remy Garner was doing, he really needed to be up where he started from, 8th. That’s where I would want to be to be comfortable. He himself only needed to miss a gear, or something as silly, and he could have lost the championship. Will be interesting to see how they go. I think they will both do well in MotoGP, maybe not the first year, but once they settled in. A nice send off for Vale, and he was enjoying it. Good to see the 9 bikes he has won his championship on. The race itself was interesting to see how the three evenly matched Ducatis went. I think Martin was on a works prepared bike. He rode really well seeing it was his first MotoGP season and he has missed a big chunk due to injury. I know Yamaha is down on power compared to Ducatis but I think Quartararo being world champ sees no need to risk an injury for nothing, what with testing next years bikes taking place this week. Nice for Rossi to finish in the top 10 for his last race, but he had rear guard by two of his mates. Good to see Petrucci with a big smile on his face as he said farewell with tears in his eyes. Look forward to next years competition. Any one else see Tai catch up with Rossi and give him a race helmet, maybe one of his world championship winning helmets.
  9. OveFundinFan

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    JRS, I agree, shame Lecuona is leaving Moto GP, not by his will. He is young, but improved a lot this year. Not everyone is like Quartarara and hit the track running. Problem was KTM made a decision early on that Lecuona and Petrucci were to leave at the end of the year. Maybe right decision for Petrucci, he is a big guy for a compact bike. Shame really. Maybe Lecuona will be back in a few years but I fear not, too many other youngsters will catch the eye of team owners.
  10. OveFundinFan

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Same as you HenryW. Followed Vale all the way from his 125 days. He engages with fans unlike any other has, before or since. He gets a big thank you from me. I think there will be a good show after todays finish, plenty of fireworks, and maybe more, it will be a big send off. There is more then Valentino moving on to day though, and they deserve equally big thank you. I think of Danilo Petrucci, Simone Corse, Tomas Luhti, maybe one or two more, who have given good entertainment over the years. Maybe two meetings ago we seen the last from Marc Marquez. Not my favourite rider by far, but that doesn’t take away from his riding ability. Sadly, he has taken a lot of damage to his body and just recovering from that, amd got back to his winning ways. No doubt more to come next year. However, his last fall he suffered a detached retina, a repeat injury of about 10 years ago. It was rectified then, but that may not be the case this time, so it is said.
  11. OveFundinFan

    Old Maps - Speedway Track Spotting

    Thanks for the video, fantastic win by Mort...... it might have set a track record but it was'nt at Belle Vue! I still enjoyed it immensley. Would love to see the video of BV track record if you can link it, please.
  12. OveFundinFan

    Old Maps - Speedway Track Spotting

    66.4 sec is amazing. Peter Cravens time stood for years, and that was on an old design JAP engine. 3 seconds off it on a new high revving 4 valve machine.
  13. OveFundinFan

    Old Maps - Speedway Track Spotting

    Hi Steve. Gundersens name was in my mind, but I really don’t know who finally had it.
  14. OveFundinFan

    Old Maps - Speedway Track Spotting

    Today I was reading the Sept-Oct 2018 issue of Backtrack. 50 Memorable Moments about Crewe speedway says it was 470 years (BV Hyde Road was 418 yard). 1970 March 27 Crewe v Rochdale Heat 5 Barry Meeks set a track record of 70.8 seconds, average speed was 54.62mph. That went into Guiness Book of Records for many years, until Mark Loram did a faster record at Exeter in 1996 (ave. speed not stated). Just to compare the Crewe track record 70.8 secs with Peter Cravens Hyde Road record of 69.8 secs which stood for many years. I can’t remember who the last record holder was, but I know Peter Collins and Chris Morton broke it, but I feel some other rider holds the never to be beaten record.
  15. OveFundinFan

    Cardiff 2022

    Re Hotel prices In all major sixties AROUND THE WORLD hotel prices are always high whenever there is a popular event in the area. It’s not just a speedway thing, it’s everything that’s popular. We have started holidaying in the uk air stays at Premier Inn, good quality rooms, good service, usually next to a pub with food so breakfast/evening meal sorted (extra), clean and tidy. We last stayed in Premiere for a week in July this year in Norfolk and it cost circa £240 FOR THE WEEK. Broken down, some nights were dearer then others. I gather there are nights during the week more popular with reps, and weekends (Fri/Sat) are usually more expensive. Even today Premiere, and similar managed chains, are advertising rooms at circa £32-£35 per night in big cities…… but not when a big event is on. They know sports fans, pop fans, concert fans, major conference goers etc will pay bigger prices, and these make up for the bargain prices to be had during the year, people will pay 3 figure sums for one or two night special events, but don’t want to pay 4 figure sums for a mum, dad, two kids week long break. It’s how the hotel trade goes, and it is generally acceptable (though painful).

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