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  1. No problem with an open British Championship BUT I do have a problem if the winner was a non-Brit then that one gets the GP spot at Cardiff. Cardiff is the British GP and the no 16 spot MUST be taken by a Brit. If a non Brit wins the British GP then it must be the highest scoring Brit that gets the No 16 Cardiff spot. Anything less would be a farce.
  2. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Just what Craig needs what with a gp coming up this weekend. Hope he can carry the form forward.
  3. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Good photos Jacqueline That should be a confidence booster for Cookie.
  4. Fixed race nights... early indications!!!

    If attendance down so much then it perhaps a rethink this year. Once you loose a crowd they may not return.
  5. League Sponsorship - How Much?

    but the government supports (subsidies) sports and we pay tax to the government. I hear the government subsidies advertising English premier football in China! I would have thought the English premiership has enough money floating around to pay its own way. What I cant understand is the lack of any coverage on TV news. You get some coverage for all soughts of sports, but speedway GP has an English rider top the rostrom in Poland and zilch. Doesnt the BSPA/SCB have a press officer?
  6. Cant believe you said that.... or do you want to change your mind.....
  7. Well known that Manchester has 2 of the top football teams in the UK, one of them won the premier league with a record number of points. Tonight, starting earlier then the BV speedway did, Manchester City tem were doing a bus tour of the city centre probably ending at the town hall. Maybe thats where some of the potential speedway crowd were at. I know its been said before, but looking at the age group of the crowd, it must have been knocking on, maybe averaging well over 45. But there again, any young kid who follows football and speedway would most likely want to see the top football team doing a bus tour. Maybe...
  8. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    Front wheel over the white line issue - I see situation where the front wheel will go over the line whether a rider wants it too or not ie a lock up. Could mean there would be more then a few exclusions which is not what I would want to see. Barging an opponent out of the way too aggressively is another thing and using the front wheel over the white line is allowed rule to do it warrants some referee intervention.
  9. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    A good GP, few races strung out, but all that was forgot by the brave riding from those who wanted the win. Laguta had a fast bike, and will need it as there are certain situations he doesnt go into like a few of the more successful riders. This year, like last year, I am rooting for Freddie. I hope he keeps it clean, but he certainly seems to be man on fire and goes for it, and all despite that bad injury to his neck late last summer. I hope he safely finishes the business this year and gets a medal - preferably gold - its in him for sure.
  10. I don't believe it

    I just cant believe some of the decisions BSPA make, its as if they dont want this sport to pull itself out of the doldrums. Its got to the point all I am really interested in with speedway now is the GP's. Truly wanted to "get back into speedway", BV (my local track) has the best racing circuit in the UK, but I still cant get myself to go even on a semi regular basis. I feel sorry for CC, knowing he is a bag of nerves, but can do the right thing on occasions, and the BSPA cant snick him into a Tuesday meeting rather then a Thursday meeting - a disgrace.

    Why dont you expect to see Freddie near the top - he was last year, well in the running for a medal until the BVue crash. I can see him up there, and would love to see him there.
  12. Agreed, very boring, thats why I dont like pairs meeting and wont be going to Belle Vue for the new world cup semi/qualifier/whatever.
  13. King's Lynn v Belle Vue 18/04/18

    Seems a good idea to have pre meeting hot laps. Could help sort potential engine problems and also get the track into race mode (think it’s well known a used track can produce better racing). However it’s got to be for home AND away riders. What I hate to see is any team have runaway wins, I love to see close exciting racing. Giving only the home team the opportunity of hot laps can only lead to a massive home advantage, thus potentially a runaway win, potentially a boring meeting.

    As more then a few speedway riders have also successfully done grass track, and long track, this indicates there must be similarities between the sports. I you ever saw the likes of Peter Collins or Chris Morton on speedway tracks and got excited then I am pretty sure you would have loved them on the grass/ long track.
  15. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Knew he wasn’t doing so well but always a shock to hear, and so sad. One of the true greats.