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  1. OveFundinFan

    SON 2020

    Could depend on what Dan does at the beginning of the season. He is the track record holder, but he would be up against the worlds best. He needs to sort his gating out for sure.
  2. Did they actually buy them or was it a sale or return agreement?
  3. OveFundinFan

    SON 2020

    So, the question is...... why are ticket sales slow this year. Can’t be the track..... unlike last years Togliatti track BV is assured to produce top class racing. What about the format? After 2018 when the real winners of the event (Team GB) finished second a lot of fans expressed verbally their disapproval of the format. Ok, 2019 the format was changed so 2018 fiasco should not occur again, but has the damage been done. I still prefer a 4+reserve competition, but that will only put 4 countries into the final, whereas with the current flavour it’s 7 countries.
  4. OveFundinFan

    SON 2020

    There is school next door, in 2016 you could book tickets in advance, £5 per night I think. I would imagine they will use that again.
  5. OveFundinFan

    SON 2020

    I don’t think 2016 was a sell out. If I recall, some fans standing near the first bend (?) were moved to bend 3/4 temporary seating - presumably for tv purposes.
  6. OveFundinFan

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Ooooohhhh, the anticipation
  7. OveFundinFan

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    What really will be the difference between the Premiership and the the Championship? Will it be just Jason Doyle and Nicki Peterson. ?
  8. OveFundinFan

    Left Handed Rider... Does Anybody Know ?

    I am right handed when I played tennis, cricket, throw a ball, the only exception is that I write with my left hand. I did break the scaphoid in my left wrist in my mid teens, I managed to write somewhat with my right hand but went back to my left as soon as possible. I used to do cycle speedway and always from the start was pushing down on my right foot. Used to be in a motorcycle club and never saw anyone adapt throttle to the left side and there must have been some left handlers about.
  9. OveFundinFan

    SON 2020

    Where to sit, at the moment it’s only the grandstand that has seats, the covered area on the back straight is standing only (£35). So depends where you like to be, right on the start gate (£80), jut a bit towards turn 1 (£65), a bit further towards turn1 (£60), or you like just coming off gate 4, or a it nearer the finish (£60 and £65). Other then that, it’s wait and see if temporary erection on bend 3/4 (yet to be announced), is seats or standing. In 2016 it was seating. I just looked at seating plan, and if I interpreted correctly all grandstand seats at the start gate are sold, and the next section going toward first bend only perhaps 10 seats left. Take a look at the seat plan for yourself, but waiting could see a sell out in the grandstand sooner rather then later.
  10. OveFundinFan

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Unfortunately there was stock cars at Belle Vue Hyde Road, always made a mess of the track, never made it better. Cant imagine any speedway fan wishing any track to be shared with stock cars. NSS is one of the worlds best tracks for speedway. I wonder if any of the other top five tracks in the world share speedway with a sport that wrecks the track.
  11. OveFundinFan

    SON 2020

    I guessing at £50 for the 2 day event in the temp 3/4 bend yet to be released. though the track it raceable when wet temp stand does not cover spectators. But its going to be sunny.... thnk positively.i
  12. OveFundinFan

    Memories of Ron How and Brian Crutcher.

    All time British top 30, wow, that’s some call Sidney. Would give me an headache for sure, not even going to tackle it. Would be interesting to see your 50 that you trying to whittle down.
  13. Isn’t it more that these protesters are into stopping cruelty to animals. Like greyhounds get abandoned when their racing days are over, and horses get injured/killed on fences. That’s what I thought. Anything else you suggest may be an exaggeration.
  14. OveFundinFan

    SON 2020

    That will be £35 for standing on the back straight for one person for the two nights racing ie £17.50 per meeting, but looks like you can only buy tickets for the two meetings. If you stand at either end of the back straight you are coming out of turn 2 or going into turn 3. Most expensive is £80 for the two meetings and that is grand stand seats in the section at the start line for both nights. There are two other options in the grandstand, £65 and £60. The £65 for the sections either side of the £80 start line section, and £60 for the sections at each end of the grandstand - meaning going into first bend and coming out of last corner. There is a link on page 3 of this thread that shows the seating/pricing plan. Looks like only 16 seats at this point in time time left in the £80 centre section of the grandstand, and some of those are single seats.. Plenty seats left in the £65 and £60 sections, but could be majority if not all of those will be gone quickly. I would imagine the sale of tickets has opened up in all countries at same time, so Polish fans etc will be buying.
  15. OveFundinFan

    SON 2020

    If you havnt seen this video, or even if you have, take a look and prepare yourself for what the NSS can give........ https://www.speedwaygp.com/son/news/article/8002/madsen-takes-on-the-aussies

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