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  1. Apart from no 5, 7, 9, and 15 all seems a bit lack lustre compared to previous years. Pity Dan meets Jan Kvech in his first race when the track wont be at its best more then likely.
  2. OveFundinFan

    Corona virus

    Wow ! I must catch up on things,
  3. OveFundinFan

    Corona virus

    I believe tv can be very addictive, and understand we can get more then 4 channels.
  4. OveFundinFan

    Briggs, Fundin, Mauger , Crump, Rickardsson, Roll of honour.

    Gote came 3rd in the first post war World Final away from Wembley, 1961, Malmo,Sweden. First two rides he beaten by Ronnie Moore, then Ron How, then in his last race he was the only one to beat Fundin. He had a season at Belle Vue in1960, then during the 60’s he rode for various.
  5. and Tuesday, no forecast of rain until Wednesday. So all you doom sayers about Manchester....... your wrong (this time).
  6. OveFundinFan

    Briggs, Fundin, Mauger , Crump, Rickardsson, Roll of honour.

    Gote Norden was a class speedway rider. Silky smooth with a nice style. Pity he never reached the very top, he would have been a popular world champ and a class ambassador for the sport.
  7. OveFundinFan

    Briggs, Fundin, Mauger , Crump, Rickardsson, Roll of honour.

    Ove Fundin......... simply the best.
  8. OveFundinFan

    Corona virus

    but worldwide there must be tousands, if into tens of thousands in with the snouts in the trough. Being as there must be so many surely at least one if not more will blow the gaff to tell the world who these unknown uper powers are.
  9. OveFundinFan


    I would have done at a tenner but Thursday evenings are took up by more important things.
  10. OveFundinFan

    Corona virus

    So all the governments around the world must be telling lies cause this bogus virus story is pretty universal and hitting a second time in lots of places. If it’s a load of lies there must be thousands upon thousands around the world complicent to the lie which to me sounds incredible.
  11. OveFundinFan


    If only........ If BVue are charging a tenner for their forthcoming meeting I think that will be it for “top flight” speedway in the UK, especially if a few thousand pay for it this time.
  12. The few are those who not only disagree with what an elected government is advising, but is actively demonstrating with their actions they are ignoring any advice and mix with society in general without taking precautions. Thus, the increase that is taking place meaning the many who want to work along with the advice so restrictions can be lifted and get back to as much normality we can at any point in time.
  13. Nothing wrong in what you saying if that’s how you feel, but not all thinking the same are following the rules, and that’s the problem, too many are not adhering fro the advice and therefore stifling aNy sort of recovery from the situation.
  14. and there we have it.....”more people shopping in a market close to 4 days a week and not wearing masks and social distancing is unheard of”. These are the sort of people that are knowingly flouting the advice and so the virus takes hold again. There our speedway supporters on hear who happily tell they too are flouting the advice, some saying they hope to go to Ipswich and would flout the advice their too. Selfish self centred people who do not care there are others who would love to go to speedway too, but may be vulnerable to infection so are put off going anywhere, never mind a speedway meeting, because they know others couldn’t care less how others feel. A case of a few spoiling it for the many.
  15. Just seen on BBC new app,Boris announced crowds at sports events from October will not now go ahead.

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