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  1. Re my post early Tuesday 16 July where I was critical of the Peterborough track, that post was written out of frustration. Yes, the track was rubbish on Monday night against BV, but my words were meant to be against most of the TV matches I seen this year. They generally speaking are not presented as good tracks fit for close racing, IMO. Having said that, from P'borough track going from good racing to what was served on Monday is terrible, and I not having a go at riders there, they can only ride whats presented before them. So sorry if I offended any Panther supporters.
  2. I agree! What a track! Last night it was (I could not find thumbs down)
  3. I always blamed him for Emils huge injuries which could have ended Emils top flight career. Nothing much was said about Miedzinski at the time, dont know why, butI never forgive him for what he did.
  4. Have to admit, that was the first time I seen speedway from Peterborough, heard so much about the great race track......... so disappointed. That was rubbish. From the time Kelvin did the track test with his screwdriver I though “that looks like same material as KLynn”. Complete rubbish meeting. Poor advert for speedway, very poor. How much is British speedway payin BT to show it? After Silverstone, fantastic tennis on Sunday, and England winning World Cup cricket...... then Ultra drab speedway. The ref must have been a Panthers fan, some weird decisions, especially the Scott Nichols tape movement when already on a warning, disadvantaged himself so much at the start, allowed back in to win.... Crazy. sorry for the riders who were injured, hope they all recover well. NOT their fault, especially Bewley. 100% track fault, and that goes straight to the door of Chapman. What he is doing to British Speedway is disgraceful. Not liked the man since he butted his nose into the BV stadium affair/Gordon-Morton. Just one negative re BV, or more precisely Bjerre, yes he got a fantastic maximum last night, probably aimed firmly at Chapman. But, can’t he see the benefit of team riding, just looking after a team mate a bit, just like Fricke did with Lidsey. i really can’t see BT renewing a TV contract with British speedway. Which mean I will be paying just to watch the GP’s - which, generally speaking, are good value. Sad night for British speedway.
  5. That was probably his first crash since last August, the big one. Maybe having a crash will help. Yes he had problems last night afterwards, but the crash was not his fault. (Positive), he was laughing with paramedics whilst still on the track (positive) and he didn’t give up, he was trotting in the pits (positive) and he got back on to try to race (positive). Give him a winters rest (was going to use the word “break”), and his full confidence, hopefully will be back.
  6. I would have put Lambert in the team and Bewley at reserve. I know Bewley isnt the same since his very bad injuries last year, but come next year he will be back on form. Would have been just a brilliant experience for him, that would see him all the better for it.
  7. If you mean the Eurosport UK shown meeting, you didn’t miss much. Just 6 races shown, ht 17-20, semi an final.
  8. It looks more magnificent then todays lay down engine. Bring it back, racing will be just as good but cheaper. Sometimes progress can be a step backward.
  9. When he gets his back wheel to slide out to the right, effectively shutting a door for Bellego that he was more then half way through. I like NP riding, it aways full of effort, but I can see this trait in him that he will do virtually anything to block a rider challenging him. Thats ok to a point, but sometimes he oversteps the mark, and sometimes the referees acts on it. As for the meeting shown on Eurosport UK, 5 races, thats all we got. If you going to do it do it right or not bother. If they cant show it live, show a recording at a quieter time, or if restricted for time, show some highlights from the previous 16 races then show the last 5.
  10. Any comments on the quality of the racing? Did it detract, add or neutral the fact everyone was on 2 valvers? Would love to see that trial at BV, but from what people say IOW is a decent track, just a faff to get to it.
  11. The BV ticketing part of their website allows you to pick a seat in the grandstand, and ther is plenty left and at a VERY reasonable price(£20 & £18 for adult, less for concessions). The standing area is even cheaper (less for concessions) but it doesnt say how full the booking is. I would imagine still plenty space.
  12. Went on BV website and looked at the situ re ticket sales. As I look at the plan there seems to be plenty seats available in the grandstand. Am I "reading" the situation correctly???? If I am, it seems a shame. Poland on paper, look like they will dominate the meeting, but it should be good to see tomorrows stars having a go. I am half tempted to go.
  13. OveFundinFan

    Hallstavik 06/07

    Well, I did say I was guessing, but I nearly got the guess right. Vacukik and Emil tied on top points after 5 rides, Vaculik gets 1st semi (most heat wins) They both come 2nd in the semi so get 3rd and 4th picks , Vaculk still has most heat wins, so Vaculik gets 3rd pick and Emil gets 4th pick (no pick) for the final. Is that it?????
  14. OveFundinFan

    Hallstavik 06/07

    Only got to be a good meeting towards the end of 20 heats, then the last 3 races were pretty good. The winner, Emil, was back to the old Emil. Hope this means he is really back on top of his game and now goes all the way to become world champ. Interesting gate 4 provide the first 4 heat winners, then nothing.....that is until heat 23, the final, and Emil did it from gate 4. How despondent he could have been having gate 4, but his mind must have been focusing on positive, positive, positive. Emil missed out in 2013 when his dad died half way through the GP year. That was a setback, then he was slammed in the fence in a league match in Poland and suffered terrible injuries, some thought it could finish him. Then he went AWOL for 3 years winning a secondary competition (twice winner European championships.) I agree, there should be some racing before the main meeting, to get the track in a condition for top class world speedway right from heat 1. The way it is now, processional for 3 or 4 races, robs the riders and robs the paying public.
  15. OveFundinFan

    Hallstavik 06/07

    I would guess because he come 2nd in the 2nd semi After 5 rides Vaculik and Emil tied at the top on 12, but Vaculik had more heat wins so he goes in semi 1 and Emil in semi 2, then he come 2nd so that puts him 4th pick for the final

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