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  1. OveFundinFan

    Speedway GP Qualifiers.

    Ah I see. Thanks
  2. OveFundinFan

    Speedway GP Qualifiers.

    Thanks. Isnt there only one Croatian rider of any note? What hold does Croatia have on the speedway powers?
  3. OveFundinFan

    Speedway GP Qualifiers.

    That looks a tough round. How many go through, is it 8 ??
  4. G Laguta missed 2 years is it. Sees his brother in the GPs, if he has any career aspirations then surely he wants to be in the GP too. I thik he is a better racer then Artum (bit of a gater) so I hope he does well this year. Is Gregori in the SGP qualifiers, he should be so he can gain a place in next years GPs.
  5. OveFundinFan

    Sayfutdinov has got some balls

    He needs to do something like that in the GP’s. It’s. Ow three rears since his go return and frankly he is not doing good enough.
  6. OveFundinFan

    Belle Vue v King’s Lynn 16/05/19

    I heard Mort visited other good race tracks looking at ideas. Toruń was mentioned IIRC, and we know what a good race track that is.
  7. OveFundinFan

    Ivan Mauger. Belle Vue. 1969/72

    Peter craven held the track record at Hyde Road for ages, 69 and 4 /5’s seconds (yep that how they expressed it in those days), he died in 1963, can’t remember when he set the time, but it held well into the mid 1970’s. I never thought it was going to get beat, but when the 4 valvers came along in 76ish it was lowered a few times. i got to see Plechanov, Samorodov, Kurilenko, and all the rest of USSR team at Hyde Road as well as the years Igor and Boris did well at Wembley. Very exciting seeing them on their ESO’s with handlebars clipped to the fork legs. And the The Poles came and did tours as well, all the oldies like Pawel Waloszek, Anotoni Woryna, then into the Plech, Jancarz years, all the weird names like Pogoselski, Glucklich. Amazing times, amazing memories.
  8. OveFundinFan

    Warsaw 2019

    I thought it was an exciting meeting. Last couple years Krsko was too early, riders not had a chance to settle into racing. This year starting later and at a good race track worked well. No one rider dominated, which was good. interesting to see the detail of which bike riders were using. Highlighted which riders had there bikes sorted from the beginning. Think at least Tai tried 3 bikes, and not one of them was a winner. There is excitement having top 8 into the semis and then final, but really good to see the cream racing each other. However it’s odd seeing someone win the trophy when it’s only their first win of the night. But it’s points at end of year that matter.
  9. I don’t know how much, or even if there is money to be made. Are there no losses? What about New Zealand, and more recently Australia.? Would some of the current countries not hold a gp? Or would all gps be in Poland and one in Cardiff?
  10. Why? What benefits would that bring to the GP series.?
  11. If I was a GP rider, really wanting to be a world champ, I wouldnt want to be racing on the Friday before a GP on Saturday. I a Polish club "forced me" and I rode Friday I think I would ride safe and instead of riding for a maximum I would go for a safe 6. At £1000 a point thats still £6k, have fufilled the contract to Polish team, and fir to race in the Saturday. I seem to think there is a lack of respect from Polish league to FIM World Championship and that is not healthy. Maybe because Poland struggle to get an individual speedway world champ no matter how many under 21 world champs they get, or team championships. As for the concept of rider qualifying position being rewarded with choice of rider number. Last night was a bit boring, some things were wrong, but I think it will get sorted to something better. Cant see why fastest in practice, Kolodgie, goes last. Obvious track condition goes worse. Give fastest in practice the choice to go first, or first after the track grade. I think it will get interesting as the GPs move forward. Previous history of best gate at a track may well decide what rider number is picked, so getting into the riders mind by interviews may well be interesting. I was watching MotoGP qualifying today, bit like F1, fastest 10 in practice go straight to Q2, whilst the other 12 are in Q1 and only top 2 get into Q1. The track went from dry in practice to damp in Q2. SO tyre choice played a big part. Rossi chose a slick and it paid off, he was 1.5 seconds faster then the next man with 5 minutes to go. You could see the cogs of the minds of Rossi and his crew working out whether to go again or know there will be no challange. Also could see the scramble of the other pit crews changing tyres etc. Once on an outdoor speedway GP track the change in weather conditions could also play a big part. Will be interesting, some mods to be made though.
  12. OveFundinFan

    Warsaw 2019

    Possibly I could say it was alright, but after the next round the novelty may have worn off.
  13. OveFundinFan

    Warsaw 2019

    Jason Doyle was the only one that recorded a fifth lap, and he was the first to go. Think the others realised that after lap one they would be going slower, and apart from one or two I think that was the case.
  14. OveFundinFan

    Warsaw 2019

    The Warsaw speedway show will be far better, no doubt about it. Just cheer for whoever produces good speedway, and I expect there to be lots of it.
  15. OveFundinFan

    Warsaw 2019

    Eurovsion was alright when Katie Boyle hosted it, and the likes of Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr was in it. Gone to pot since. Seriously, I think its time BBC pulled the plug on the show. Surely all the other countries can afford to make up what BBC (thats us) put in. In fact, its about time the BBC licence fee is scrapped and BBC goes commercial. Or at least have a turn off for BBC then dont pay the licence fee. When I wanted to stop SKY I just told them and they "flicked a switch". Thats how BBC should be. BBC showed themselves up good and proper over Brexit. They have their favourite political parties, when really they should be neutral.

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