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  1. OveFundinFan

    Big decisions in November.

    Oooops! However, it does show that there were, and probably still, is ways how watching Eurosport other then Sky and BT
  2. OveFundinFan

    TV new deal?

    Polish sponsors for British speedway..... that would be interesting to see how it develops.
  3. OveFundinFan

    Big decisions in November.

    Maybe or maybe not from next year
  4. OveFundinFan

    Big decisions in November.

  5. OveFundinFan

    TV new deal?

    No pint doing xenophobia camera transmission. Wherever you position that one camera it will be too far away from over 50% of the action. I would not be paying £10 for a one camera viewing. They got to get it right or not bother at all.
  6. OveFundinFan

    TV new deal?

    Probably the only ones worth watching anyway.
  7. Doing what you suggest would make the strength of the meetings weaker, and some are already saying the racing wasnt that good anyway, me included.
  8. But all riders have gone through qualifiers haven’t they ? So go there by right. The argument with the senior GPs is “we want to see the best in the world racing”, but there seems to be an unwritten rule only so many from one country can be represented. So, when the under 21’s work differently, seem to allow as many from a country as qualify, the call from some is to stifle that. Particularly with the younger ones, I think there has to be a free reign, if you good enough and qualify then you can ride in it.
  9. Gust row is live at 5:30 today, but just starting is hightlights from round 1 at Lublin. That is starting nowc4:30 on Eurosport..
  10. OveFundinFan


    I agree. Wembley didn’t always produce the best racing on world final night, but the atmosphere was amazing.
  11. OveFundinFan


    By erection of temporary stands on the 3rd/4th bends (as 2016 for the World Cup) NSS will hold 9000, as much as some of the current GP stadia. The stadium bookings would be full within weeks of ticket release, so TV rights would bring in the extra income. Manchester city centre is short journey away, bus route passes by, train station, hotels in abundance. Nothing else needed.
  12. OveFundinFan

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Ridiculous statement. You got to be in a race to win it. You can’t do that if you dead, and at that point you just a memory to the fans, and memories fade. The “trick” is to win as many races as possible by putting in as much effort as possible but staying on the bike.
  13. OveFundinFan


    The case for a GP at NSS Belle Vue Manchester England must be getting stronger.
  14. OveFundinFan


    Done it, I deleted the recording. Usually I record the full meeting, then record the shorter highlighted meeting (usually 2 hours) and save for the winter months. Not this one, apart from the first lap passing just wasn’t going to happen. Give the riders a race track. seeing how successful Ole Olsen was as a rider, I cannot see how he come up with a track like this.
  15. OveFundinFan


    But when you can receive it, and you watch it, sometimes you wonder why you bothered. Tonight is one of them times. I recording it, but it will be wiped out pretty soon.

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