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  1. Poole 2018

    Thats bad planning, wouldnt recomend you put in as a team manager. You should have bought the essential loaf first, at least you could have kept eating, albeit not toast. I'll get my coat.
  2. 10 x Speedway books.

    I would be interested at £30 plus postage. Joe
  3. OAP concessions, why?

    The above was Halifaxtiger quoting SCB. SCB, it does say "average", that means the figure evens everyone out. Someone on the National Minimum Rate of £7.50ph will earn £15,600pa. Even the new pension, only recently started to be paid, is approx £8,400pa and that depends on NI contributions. Pensioners before that get much less- and thats what my state pension is....much less. I contributed to a private pension for 23 years which helps me out, many pensioners today do not have private pensions. They will really be struggling. I think you need to learn what pensioners are actually on rather then rely on some "average" figure. If pensioners didnt get "senior citizen" rates I would imagine some businesses would struggle - speedway would probably have folded years ago.
  4. OAP concessions, why?

    I wish I was on that £20k a year pension - fact is I am far below it. If that £20k is some sort of average, it could include those directors who were earning £300k+ and receive pensions of £80k-£100k. Nice if you can get it.
  5. Belle Vue 2018

    Re Tungate..... I was impressed he was the only unbeaten rider at the 2017 Aussie GP He rode well there.
  6. With the number of Australian riders in the Melbourne GP just gone, they may as well have said that was the Australian Championship. And if most riders equipment are in Europe, Orlov, what were they riding in that Aussie GP?
  7. Norwich Stars Remembered

    Sadly Peter Craven was not there, he and Ove Fundin had fantastic tussles at Hyde Road and I am sure similar action at Firs Road - a track I would love to have seen as it was a similar size to the Hyde Road track, similar shape? Don’t know - perhaps someone who saw action at both tracks could enlighten.
  8. Craig Cook Support Group

    But you clearly said “hope he gets as mush stick as CH did” you knew CH got a lot of stick, so you are hoping CC gets the same treatment. If you didn’t mean that you should word you posts more clear. I for one didn’t know the history behind your comment.
  9. Who is the Greatest ?

    Re refs holding the tapes longer to try and catch riders...... agreed that went on in some GPs last year. Easy way round that is let a computer determine when the tapes go up - take the human factor out of it.
  10. Who is the Greatest ?

    On the other hand, Sidney, the public got robbed by someone streaking away into the lead and potentially the wrong rider winning and also being deprived of a better race. The run off between Ivan M and Jerzy S being one that immediately springs to mind.
  11. Who is the Greatest ?

    but it seems some supporters dont mind rollers as long as they dont bust the tapes.
  12. Who is the Greatest ?

    I was "away" from speedway during the Rikardsson era, never saw him "live" so unfair to include him in my list, 1 Fundin, 2 Mauger 3 Briggs 4 Olsen and because I did see him 5 Nielsen Fundin because 1. Five world titles during the time when they were one-off meetings, 2. Ten years on the trot in the world top 3 (at the time they were one off meetings) 3. whilst Mauger was the true professional in terms of preparation, Fundin was the opposite, self proclaimed non mechanic, would ride anything - even the track spare - and win.
  13. Poole 2018

    I thought Starman had gone a bit quiet on this forum recently, Sorry to hear of your ill health Starman, like the others, I wish you well for a speedy and complete recovery.
  14. Best Ever Norwegian Rider?

    Bobbath, there is nothing on Wikipedia re Sverre Harrfeldt,, that doesn’t seem right. Why don’t you start something off, you must know more then a bit about him.
  15. Belle Vue 2018

    Surely Worrall and tungate can only get better.