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  1. But that is only your opinion, and you cant prove what you say is right (or wrong). That's why I am just cherishing what I have seen through the years, cant really say who is the best ever GB champion, just as I cant say who is the best ever in the world. We all may have an opinion, fine, but none of us can compare across generations of speedway racing. If someone says Woffy is best GB rider ever, then that's fine. I may say Peter Collins is, but not everyone will agree. Fine. I would imagine there are not many on BSF, or anywhere, who have clear memories of, say, the early fifties champions, Tommy Price, Freddie Williams, Jack Biggs etc so very difficult to bring anyone of that generation (and before) into the equation. Who is the best will always be in our minds, and not reality.
  2. Sounds like someone did well to get an announcement into the basket ball hall..... could have been a very long delay waiting for a speedway supporter to clear it. Yes agree was good to see a lot of KL supporters. Sure the happy with the result after a long journey from KL. Looking at the crowd in the main stand (TV cameras focused on them) speedway in the UK is in for a very bumpy ride (as if we didn't know it) in as much most of the spectators were in the age of "concessions". Sure there were younger ones as well but MOST looked concession spectators. Youngsters are definitely need and unless this is addressed, and soon, speedway will be as dead as a dodo. Is it worth getting a petition going, or individuals write to BBC Sport, ITV sport, to let them know that in 10 days time GB could have a 3 times world speedway champion and this is something to shout about. Are both main sports offices (BBC and ITV) based in Salford Quays - does anyone know?
  3. Thanks bill94d for setting me right. You know, as I was typing it I was thinking “was it 20 yards or 3O yards”, glad to be corrected. Thanks.
  4. When trying to determine who is the greatest from the Uk you have to take into account what was going on at different times. Late 50's-early 60's there were 5 riders starting from 30 yard back - Craven, Briggs, Moore, Knutsson and Fundin - the untouchables, the aliens, call them what you will, it was between them 5, but that competition was HOT, but only one from the UK.. They really were a cut above the rest. Go into the 70's and the field was MUCH wider, Louis, Jessup, Betts, Simmo, Collins, Ashby, Kennet, Morton, Wilson, Wyer already been mentioned - throw in some fabulous foreigners and becoming a UK world champ became seriously more difficult due to the spread of talent. Same with the 80's/early 90's. Now, from the UK, Tai has has had no serious competition from a UK rider, and I got to say, a few years when the number of GP riders that could win a GP series has been depleted. Not today though, This all makes determining who is the greatest Uk world champ ever very difficult. I prefer to leave things at that - each era we have had something special, I just treasure that in my mind. We never going to get Craven, Collins, Lee, Woffinden on the same track with the same machines. Just treasure what we have had.
  5. Tonight its a double meeting on BT TV. 5:30 to 7:30 is a replay of the BV v Somerset meeting followed by live BV v Kings Lynn 7:30 till finish.
  6. OveFundinFan

    Leon Madsen

    Some You Tube video from Costa Messa - not the best racing I seen from there, but it shows the track off well. If a GP went there Greg would win it hands down - its a gaters track. Laguta probably 2nd, and put Leon Madsen in the GPs and he would be third. Why do you think they didn't use Costa Messa for the world championship in early eighties? They went to a stadium where they could put in a real speedway track. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Costa+Mesa+Speedway+Motorcycle+Racing&&view=detail&mid=4191A6E311D1F64C25984191A6E311D1F64C2598&&FORM=VRDGAR
  7. What would make that different to it just being another GP ????
  8. Same with me, still don't particularly like the person, though he has changed for the better. I found I was saying to myself "c'mon Tai" more then once tonight...… but some of that was because I like him more then I like Zmarzlik. I did think the meeting was going to be called off after heat 3, especially when it started to rain again. But the track was worked on well, turned it around into a race track and some of the later heats were really good. Having said that, there must be a better track to take the GPs too. I do hope Vaculik gets a wild card next year, along with Nicki.
  9. IMO Leicester doesn't have the room to make their track like BV, unless they knock the main stand down or the stand on the back straight. Track needs to be fatter if to be like BV
  10. At last a decent speedway match on TV (apart from BV NSS showings which are always brilliant)
  11. Not necessarily so, this year there are two less then 2017, Aussie being one of them, so room for two more.
  12. OveFundinFan

    Poole 2019

    Seems like you always are right, and perhaps only you think so.
  13. Saturdays heat 16 episode would be more palatable if 1) the riders were warned (that after such a slack application of the rules) the rule on 2 min and be ready to race is being tightened (they may have been warned, we don't know) 2) the application of the rule was consistent (which it wasn't even in that meeting)
  14. States it all really. Perhaps Saturday nights fiasco resulting in 1 exclusion would have more effect if all 4 had been excluded. I say that because in a later race even more time was wasted and it went unpunished.
  15. The start marshal has taken a bit of flack for being so annoying as "being there" and doing his job - bringing riders up to the tapes. Generally speaking, riders were taking no notice of him (seen it in domestic matches too), but if Heat 16 the start marshal had been taken notice of then perhaps no one would have been excluded. Yes, I hope riders have taken it in what happened on Saturday at Krsko, and learned from it. Too much messing.
  16. Of course a ref should be accountable, but it is probably not race directors job to do that. I would imagine someone has to put a report in to somewhere/someone and appropriate action be taken (even if its no action). Phil Morris handled the question put to him in a correct manner - keep out of it in front of cameras/press. Maybe a John Berry or Eric Boocock would have said something, probably from the position of a layman just like you or I, so no problem. Like you, I would like to see what action would be taken against this ref (and the Cardiff ref) but very probable we will never get to know what, if any, action will be taken. Like I said before, we may only know something has been done if we don't see either of them as GP referees for the next few years. Hopefully that incident on Saturday will get some sort of clarification re starting procedures.
  17. Phil obviously loves his job, you can see the effort he puts in, and full marks for him doing that, BUT, like many others, you can’t go slagging off fellow workers when you on national tv, sorry international tv, as much as you or I may want him to. It’s just not done. Don’t know what your job is (was), Sidney, I reckon you wouldn’t last long if you went slagging off to all and sundry a fellow colleague in a high position - and yes I reckon a ref at a Gp is in a high position, there is only 10 this year. I don’t think even in this day and age anyone can say anything about everything.
  18. OveFundinFan

    BBC Sports Personality Stitch Up

    It’s a WOW for that statement, but there again shouldn’t be too surprised, seems these telephone voting for whatever are often considered rigged, which makes a mockery of it all.
  19. It’s not a cert he would have come last,Norbold. You had two Poles in serious medal positions, and Hancock fighting for top eight position. Anything could have happened on the first bend, and if tai had not gated he was on a good gate position, 3, for him to do his known cut back on bend 1-2 to snick the lead or second, who knows. i would like to know honest thoughts from riders re the refs antic in heat 16. It’s interesting some poster last night said many Polish fans say the refs decision was wrong. sad thing is,even if the ref is reprimanded nothing can be done about the race result. And if Zmarzlik goes on to win the championship because of that poor decision I would feel sorry for him because it will be said it’s all because of a Polish ref.
  20. BUT, I said “seeing what we see “today”, meaning what is this years form compared to last years, and I see neither is performing this year compared to last year, IMO. Look at the two Pawlicki brothers, doing well in their leagues, stick em in the GPs and they flopped, what do I remember Piotr for in his two years - false starts and dropping his bike on receipt of slightest nudge.
  21. Maybe if you met Phil Morris in your local pub he may express his thoughts to you, but in his official capacity I wouldn’t expect him to say much in front of 10’s of thousands. Tai didn’t even criticise the ref, “it is what it is” he said. I missed the top three being interviewed but did they criticise the ref.? for sure, WE are almost unanimous the ref got that wrong, just as WE think the ref at Cardiff got things wrong, but I reckon we not going to hear much from the higher ups in speedway/FIM, if anything. In time we might notice if Saturdays ref, and indeed Cardiff’s ref, officiate at a GP again. Only then will we know what the official verdict is.. hopefully some sort of official response will be made re starts in general, clarify and adhere to 1 the amount of time between races 2 the amount of time once all four at at the tapes before green lights, this is to cut down on gardening 3 that when the start marshal indicates a rider moves forward the rider does actually move forward 4 transponders 5 random computerised timing for tapes release 6 in case of false start, riders back to tapes without mechanics out on track
  22. Last year on BSF the "in" riders for a wild card were Lebedevs and Milik. Had they got wild cards, seeing what we see "today", would those have been a good choice. I thiok not. There is a massive difference being a good rider in the Polish League, and being a GP rider where you got to be battling away every two weeks. And that's why I a bit iffy about Lambert. Sure he can mix it in top events as he is showing, but has he got it at his young age to mix it in the GPs on a regular basis. Remember Vaculik bounced on the scene a few years ago winning a GP, got a pick for the next year and struggled. He went out of GPs for 3 or 4 years by his own choice… I remember reading he said he wanted more experience and time to mature as a rider. He come back and been hit by injuries which I held him up, but it shows there is a difference between putting 6 or 7 good rides together for a meeting and delivering consistency over a GP season. Laguta is a gater, Emil is way off form (lack of rides cause he does'nt ride Swedish league), if Pedersen can keep some form, Zagar comes back doing well, I can see those getting WC pick, and possibly Holder he he has now hit rock bottom and on his way up again (last night was a v.good performance and he mixed it.
  23. Terrible meeting, worse then others that have been held there. The track material looked peculiar, wonder if that added to a poor racing surface. The organisers need to take a good look at themselves for taking a GP to tracks such as Krsko. Its good to take the world championship to different countries but its all a balance, and tracks that can be raced MUST be one of the top priorities. Really pleased to see Holder back to being in the action, and on a difficult track.. On the other hand, sad to see Emil struggling, ok, when he gated he did what others did - clear off. Its going to be really tight when giving out wild cards. If thins stay the same with Holder and Emil, I can see Holder getting a WC and Emil not. As for the referee, started bad when he gave Doyle a tape warning when it didn't seem he moved. But then to exclude TW. Riders had been messing about all night at the tapes - doing gardening to an excess, yet he takes out Tai in that race under those circumstances. Via Phil Morris he could have given all 16 riders (+2 reserves) that delaying the start will have its consequences. Tai was no worse then many others, including other riders in THAT race, yet he was the one he made an example of.. Bad move by the referee, a Polish ref excluding the leader of the championship when 2 of his closest rivals were in the same race, and worse still those two were Polish. Fortunately Zmarzlik could not take full advantage of the situation and take more points, but some damage was done. IF Zmarzlik wins the championship by 1 or 2 points, everyone will remember the day of poor referring, much to Zmarzliks disadvantage. Like Cardiff, Cookie did not have the best of luck, he should have ended up with more points then he did. Lets hope the last two meetings bring the racing the riders and fans want.

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