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  1. Bit harsh that your disappointed only with Harris. Looking at the scorecard i'd have been disappointed with all bar Douglas.
  2. Without a doubt. Love the big fast tracks where the riders can ride flat out for 4 laps and use every inch of the track. Are there honestly any Speedway supporters watching the Final that when given a choice would prefer their tricky and more technical tracks to either of these ?
  3. I think if you could have a bet on the winners of the semi final over the 2 legs , then the Pirates would be odds on to reach the Final with the Lions well behind. Just hoping that Leicester at least put up a decent effort tonight so that the return fixture at the very least is not a foregone conclusion.
  4. Please tell me that there was nobody gullible enough to pay to attend tonight !
  5. Not only Ekstraliga but Polish Div 1 & 2 meetings as well as various other live meetings throughout Europe. Much better coverage than what Eurosport have served up this season even with it being in Polish .
  6. Without a doubt , watched nearly a full season of Ekstraliga on free streams and Premier Sports and the GPs on BT Sports. Ekstraliga a different class to what's on offer over here. Just attended a single meeting this season over here and can't really say I miss it.
  7. Just seen the Scunthorpe team. Only the happy clappy hard core will enjoy this meeting.
  8. Fullmax

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Been just the once this season and really surprised they didnt have a deckchair attendant ! Is Speedway one of the only professional sports where you have to take your own seat along with you ?
  9. Zmarzlik, Kubera and Laguta again looking at a different level to the rest. Unusual seeing Madsen, Tai and Magic all struggling for speed.
  10. Were intending to travel to Torun for this year's Grand Prix , and as in previous years plan a road trip with various stays along the route from Rotterdam culminating in a 3 or 4 night stay in Poland. Now we are no longer in the EU how will our trip differ from previous years where we have always driven unchecked throughout Holland, Germany and Poland and what changes should we expect to face ?
  11. Fullmax

    Kent v Poole 27/7/21 6.30pm

    I'd be interested to hear your overall opinion as a neutral on both your trips to Leicester and Kent . How do the stadiums ( cost , atmosphere , facilities + viewing positions etc ) , racetracks and standard of racing compare against each other ?
  12. He's getting a lot of stick tonight on his social media page. Looks like the Czestochowa fans have lost all faith in him . And by sitting in 30th place in the Ekstraliga averages they might have a point. I think they expected a lot more , though they all seem to agree that come the GPs , his performances will rise up to another level.
  13. Always enjoy the Ekstraliga , thought that Wroclaw was a good meeting . Lezsno 56 Grudziadz 34 i think was Friday night
  14. Sad but true. All the worlds best riders , the best stadiums , the best racetracks and the best supporters. Can understand why a lot of British supporters resent the Ekstraliga it must be hard for them when you compare one league against the other.
  15. Wouldnt it pay 9/2 for 3rd place. 1/4 ODDS for 1st , 2nd or 3rd ?

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