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  1. Rocket87

    Poole 2020

    This whole situation sums up the whole "fly by the seat of their pants" attitude of British speedway. If Poole drop down, the BSPA will scramble and try and coax some teams up from the Championship to make the numbers. While they continue to desperately prop up the league. Its short-term, quick fixes all the time, which you can only get away with for so long
  2. Guess it's as good a time to start.
  3. Kyle Howarth the only Wolf who can hold his head up high tonight, as can Luke Becker last night. Other than that, one of the worst performances I've seen from a Wolves team in a big meeting in 30 years.
  4. Swindon are a good side and you can only beat what's in front of you. However Wolves have offered little resistance
  5. Have to say the team spirit looks non-existent
  6. I'll never understand why these promoters continue to play dangerous games by having gaps in the fixtures in the Summer before making a mad dash to cram them all into September and October when the weather starts to turn for the worse.
  7. Cant see the conditions making much difference. Been watching Wolves for nearly 30 years and I've never known us be strong on a wet track
  8. All totally irrelevant if what people go to speedway for - the racing - is utter garbage.
  9. It really was. You can count the number of good Cardiff meetings using the fingers on one hand. The place needs binning
  10. Utterly pointless if the racing -which is what speedway is all about - is boring. Cardiff should have been binned years ago.
  11. Rocket87

    Big decisions in November.

    Bonus point system had good and bad points. It would give you an extra heat if the aggregate was tied (the legendary Mikael Karlsson-Ryan Sullivan run off at Peterborough springs to mind), but one team thumping the other both home and away rendered it meaningless. There again, speedway has much bigger issues that wont be solved by changing the scoring system.
  12. Rocket87

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Wow. That "statement " tells you all you need to know about British Speedway. "This is what's happening" "Why?" "Because we said so". No explanation. No reasoning. Just contempt for the paying public.
  13. Been a few years since I went to Peterborough. What happened to the centre"green"?

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