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  1. Speedway4ever

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    Can't win them all, but the Tigers seemed faster out the blocks tonight. A couple of horrible crashes, but gladly the riders got up. A good nights entertainment and the best team won on the night. Safe journey to any Tigers fans travelling back.
  2. Very well done. Proud of the Bears Now LETS GET IT ON
  3. Speedway4ever


    As a Redcar supporter even i'm not underestimating the Eagles on this one given the win over Newcastle at Brough Park. Even though our team are on fire it's never say never. Close one to guess.
  4. Predictions for this meeting and who's travelling to watch this ones as not only away fans, but we are getting quite a few more fans from different clubs who like the racing around MPA.
  5. Went up there tonight to watch thinking Newcastle were gonna have this given Eastbourne's last two results up North and Given how well Clegg can go around Brough thought he would be up there. What started out well for the Diamonds I think they got a shock when the Eagles kept chipping away and not giving up was some consolation to end their three meeting tour. It was a case of "You snooze you lose" for the Diamonds tonight. The biggest noise was coming from the Eastbourne fans and fair play to them. I too wondered if some riders are dropping back to change their averages for next season and with Newcastle down the bottom are they bothered now. Not good for the fans.
  6. Speedway4ever

    REDCAR 2019

    And Jacob Bukhave from Newcastle.. Just saying.
  7. Speedway4ever

    REDCAR 2019

  8. Not all the time though. If your team is good enough you shouldn't have to be chopping and changing.
  9. Is this official then that Redcar have brought Wallinger in?
  10. You could have Jacob Bukhave on a 4.00 average, but the dinosaurs running the sport would have to look at their tablets to see what the rules are then say "Oh he's a Dane we'll have to have a think and decide" Crackpot rules for what is becoming a crackpot sport run by crackpots.
  11. Every club do it to themselves. This year's Speedway has been like a Merry Go Round with Riders hopping on and off all over. And 1 rider dosn't make a club it's a team effort remember.
  12. Totally different situation with Ben like Norfolk Bear says. He was and is still liked by the Redcar fans, but that was a different situation the management were put under. If they didn't think anything of him they wouldn't of kept him as long as they did.
  13. Dam right there. When you have been involved in helping a rider / riders out with support and financial backing and they get signed into a team and they / you hope this is the one for them after giving up their committments then be fed Bullshtein and dropped it makes you no longer trust anyone in Speedway management, but like they say Karma will pop up.

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