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  1. Speedway4ever

    Redcar 2020

    Must be two different contracts then And when did he ride for the Bears then last season
  2. Speedway4ever

    Redcar 2020

    in the reserves heat I'd like to see how they would compare against each other as you think Jacob is not a good enough rider. as a sponsor of him seeing him just wanting to race and all this being an asset crap is just a joke. He's never rode for the bears for years and the contract is not worth diddly. If he was an asset of mine i'd be promoting the lad to other teams if they needed a rider and bring some money to him .
  3. Speedway4ever

    Redcar 2020

    you ruled Greaves out of Redcar yourself. Maybe the other are worth a go and if they do good luck to them. If Newcastle offer Jacob a place i'd like to see him there Redcar can have Phillips as I would like to see them two race each other.
  4. Speedway4ever

    Redcar 2020

    Such as?
  5. Speedway4ever

    Redcar 2020

    Scored 7 at one meeting at Newcastle given he's only a 4 average and one of them was a win. Had a good dice with Ben Barker finishing second to him. Underrated rider not given a full chance.
  6. Speedway4ever

    Redcar 2020

    Not with the way they want to try and keep a percentage of this years team I agree, but if they had started again then I would think and know Jacob would do well for them. Regarding silver Helmet I meant by how he was doing before rain stopped play he was controling better than some of the more known riders. I hope he gets a team placing somewhere else 1 to see him ride again and 2 to see him against the Bears
  7. Speedway4ever

    Redcar 2020

    Not good enough eh? scored highest of the individuals at last Julie Lewis 11 points Done better than the doubters thought at Newcastle at the time he was there. Was doing ok at the Silver Helmet while others were failing due to weather and he stayed on. Who would you like to see then Marshall07?
  8. Speedway4ever

    Redcar 2020

    An asset they refuse to use
  9. Speedway4ever

    Newcastle 2020

    Not bad pickings that
  10. Speedway4ever

    Redcar 2020

    Hope not. I'd rather have Wooley, be we need at least one good scorer in reserve
  11. Speedway4ever

    Newcastle 2020

    Jacob said he would ride for the Diamonds. He just wants to be out racing in a team. See who comes in with investment hopefully
  12. THE DANISH BRING HOME THE BACON. This years Redcar Speedway Amateur Open Series has seen two Danish riders Jacob Bukhave and Nicklas Clausen take the top two places in the Open 500cc category. The series run by Jamie Swales at the Media Prima Arena was set up this year for riders wanting to contest a series away from the main leagues in British Speedway. Both Jacob and Nicklas who have their bases on Teesside when over in the UK with the Hall family decided to contest this years series to give them more time racing on UK soil when not competing with their other commitments. The pair who are great friends off track and good rivals on track took on the rest of the competitors and it was looking like a clean sweep until Nicklas suffered a crash in Denmark which at the time it wasn't known if he would be back for the rest of the season and after missing out on round 3 and what would be for the rest of the year knew his campaign was over, but with having scored top points his second place was still there for the taking and it was looking like George Rothery was going to have it from Clausen, but with the cancellation now of the series due to the winter weather and running out of time with the days at the track Jamie Swales has confirmed the overall places after 3 rounds. The winner on 44 points is Jacob Bukhave from Harndrup who is an unattached rider after having a stint with Newcastle Diamonds earlier this season is looking for a team place for 2020. Nicklas from Otterup in Denmark finished on 24 points. George Rothery in Third was close with 22 points. Jamie Swales said "It's with massive disappointment that we have had to make the decision to not run the last round, unfortunately the track is deteriorating with the current weather and with winter preparations needed we have ran out of time." It is hoped with the success it's been this year the series will once again run in 2020.
  13. Speedway4ever

    workington ..

    I sure miss Workington when I used to travel over. It's great to see Worky fans over at Redcar and Newcastle to get their Speedway fix even though it's not the same as watching from Derwent Park. I can live in hope that the Euro Millions comes through
  14. Speedway4ever

    Memories of Cleveland Park speedway

    My friend Ken Hall helped Frank at meetings. He also rode too. Might be worth a trip along.
  15. I bet it was those Burners that left the bottles

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