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  1. Pirate Fid

    Is Racing Realistic?

    Thankyou all. Your advice is much appreciated
  2. Pirate Fid

    Is Racing Realistic?

    Ok to use me two piece wulf sport motox top and speedway trousers? Don't worry, got a good helmet! What about licenses?
  3. Pirate Fid

    Is Racing Realistic?

    Alright all. I'm interested in going racing instead of just practising but not sure if I fit in any classes? I'm 33 years old with a 125 pit bike engine in a speedway frame. Are there any classes that this slots in to and anyone else whose as old and slow as me to compete against? I don't want to embarrass myself by getting lapped by the next upcoming british champion! Any need for ACU licenses, full kevlars etc? Thanks in advance. Cheers
  4. Pirate Fid

    Tyre Pressures Please!

    Hello you knowledgeable people. I've got a 125cc in a Stuha frame and have no idea what tyre pressures I should be running. The problem came to light on Saturday at Buxton where on a really dry track, the bike felt skittery and unstable as if it just wanted to let go. Its always felt solid and controllable in the wet. Got me thinking is there different tyre pressures that should be used for different track conditions, wet or dry etc? Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers
  5. Pirate Fid

    Help! Question About My New Bike

    Thanks for the info. I've done a couple of days at Ride and Skid It and was convinced they had solid foot rests on their bikes. That's what threw me when I got mine home and saw a swinging one. I see the point of having it swinging so am going to stick with it. Thanks to the both of you for your sound advice. Cheers
  6. Afternoon you knowledgeable lot. Just bought a 125 for starting out on. Its a full size Stuha frame with a swinging foot rest, which I didn't notice when I bought it on ebay. Can you get a solid foot rest that doesn't swing? Had a look at Joe Hughes International but all the Stuha's are described as swinging. Any advice, recommendations or product links are much appreciated. Cheers
  7. Commiserations to Coventry. Top job by the boys on the night. We've had everything thrown at us this year and come through it all to win another one. Doesn't get any better than that, especially the burn outs in the stand!
  8. Pirate Fid

    King's Lynn V Poole Pirates Mon 29th

    Didn't see that, so thank you screamer for being gracious in defeat. Shame others aren't the same
  9. Pirate Fid

    King's Lynn V Poole Pirates Mon 29th

    Calling Poole a virus. That's also as mature as it comes. Sorry, not. Also very mature!
  10. Pirate Fid

    King's Lynn V Poole Pirates Mon 29th

    HahahahahahahHah (breath)"hahahahHHahahahahaha
  11. Pirate Fid

    Vojens Gp 2014

    Ooooh look what I've started! Wish I'd never said anything now
  12. Pirate Fid

    Vojens Gp 2014

    Didn't say he should face any action. Jeez, was only asking!
  13. Pirate Fid

    Vojens Gp 2014

    I think I didn't explain my comment properly. What I meant was is there any ruling regarding behaviour on tv (ie footballers being disciplined for swearing at cameras in their sport)? Wasn't having a go at Pedersen, it actually made for quite good viewing and shows the riders have passion (something that other sports sadly lack). And I know the Gollob Boyce incident is totally different, it just reminded me of it for some reason. I have a strange mind...........
  14. Pirate Fid

    Vojens Gp 2014

    After Pedersen's outburst on live tv , will he face any disciplinary action? Is there anything in place to deal with that? Reminded me of Boycie hitting Gollob all those years ago

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