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  1. Dodger Blue

    Kings Lynn v Leicester Lions 4/7/2018

    So are you saying that the takings from the meeting will be given to Lewis???
  2. Certainly hope so !!
  3. Dodger Blue

    Kings Lynn v Leicester Lions 4/7/2018

    Isnt it in the programme - £1 off for every uncompleted heat up to heat 10, so as I see it £4 off with ticket ... WOW!!
  4. Dodger Blue

    Kings Lynn v Leicester Lions 4/7/2018

    True, but cant the promotion remind him of a 10:30 curfew (if that's correct) and say 'Look ref its gone 10 ... we aren't going to get this meeting in. Or maybe an hour befor then with 'Look ref its going to be around 10 before we can start... etc etc ???
  5. Dodger Blue

    Kings Lynn v Leicester Lions 4/7/2018

    Best wishes to both injured riders. My moan is (and I was there) is, there is obviously only one reason to keep everyone waiting until that late at night to restart a meeting that imo should have been called of way before then - and that has nothing to do with public entertainment, it was all about trying to get to heat 10 even if it was midnight so that no money would be lost on a rerun meeting!!
  6. Why you not crapping
  7. Showing your age there .... I came in search of knowledge ... and found it in Norfolk!!
  8. Where would you get enough riders to fill the teams?? You would have to make the teams 5 man only
  9. But the away matches HAVE taken place ..... me thinks you are tying yourself in knots!!
  10. That's the way I understand it. It is always announced at tracks that it is because the paramedic is with the injured rider, same as if someone falls ill in the crowd meetings are still held up while the paramedic is engaged.
  11. Dodger Blue


    Likewise!! Have a programme for every meeting I have attended since I first went in 1976. Stored lovingly in boxes and looked at when the need for nostalga arises!! Would be gutted if they stopped!!
  12. Great meeting, thought Glasgow deserved something from it, fortune favoured Panthers in all honesty. Some great racing in the sunshine
  13. Not easy agreed .... But the only way to win it!!!!
  14. Dodger Blue

    Bt Sport Coverage

    It was in the 70's and I remember a Panthers v Mildenhall meeting with the Hines brothers riding!! I know I had them all recorded on VHS tapes. I think there were around 7 or 8 tracks operating in the region inc Bosotn and Milton Keynes.
  15. Dodger Blue

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Anyone else in the East Anglia region remember the once a week 'Speedway match of the week' which showed local derbies?? Happy days!!

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